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Worry fast video because I want to show You exactly how you can use these two Different websites in order to get paid Without actually doing affiliate Marketing without actually selling your Products or services or anything like That and there's two different ways that You can use them in order to make money Online and this is something that we Never talked about before and as I said It's gonna be very quick one so buckle Up drop a like down below and let us Begin just a quick disclaimer here if Someone replies to your comment like This claiming they're me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never tax you For money you can track their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake there are New accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so the website That we will be using is called player Up and player up is a platform where you Can buy and sell and trade at different Accounts games logging details you can Also trade the different services but

Most importantly if you go to Playerrod.com and you start browsing Different Services you can actually find Different Instagram accounts not only Instagram is a massive social media Platform that a lot of people are using For business so basically the way they Use it for businesses they grow an Instagram page they grow an audience on Instagram and they promote it from Product services and whatever they want To promote but if they have a thousand Followers in their Instagram page about Let's say weight loss and fitness and They're now selling a 30 weight loss Program if 0.1 percent of Their audience Actually buys the product they will Still make hundreds of dollars just from 1 000 followers on their account so it's Very very useful for people to have Their Instagram accounts and if you go To the Instagram account section over Here you can click on Instagram accounts Buy sell and trade and you can look on Instagram accounts for sale you can see That some of those accounts are selling For a quite a low amount of money now I'm going to show you exactly how to Even get started for free with this Platform but if you scroll a little bit Down you can see that for example some Of these accounts are selling for 88 Dollars and they have like 20 000 Followers as you can see this is a

Female model page for selling for 88 Dollars over here instant delivery so You can get instantly 20 000 followers Account what you're gonna leverage in Different ways but what I wanted to show You is this is another platform which is More mainstream and is seen by more People more people actually use this Platform it's called social tradia it's A platform where you can buy and sell Instagram accounts as well but you know Last people but more people know about It and while player up less people know About player up and if you go to Social Trademe and you select a follower range To be let's say from twenty thousand to Fifty thousand uh followers you can find Accounts selling for at least 600 Dollars if they have around 20 000 Followers so you can see the same amount Of followers are here here are selling For six hundred dollars five hundred six Hundred dollars well if you go back to Player up they're selling for 88 dollars And not a lot of people know about this Old marketplace where you can buy and Sell and trade different accounts so What you can actually do there's two Different things you can either Buy Accounts on player rub for a lot cheaper And then just list them for sale or Maybe even grow them a little bit even More basically like real estate like Renovating the Instagram page make it

Grow even more and then sell it for a Lot more on social trading like even if You buy it for 88 and you don't have to Sell it for 600 like these guys you can Sell it for 400 you're still gonna make Profits in literally less than 10 Minutes of work I mean all you got to do Is go to social go to player up find the Account of what you want and then just Select it and just buy it like you Literally just click on this you click Buy now and you can get instant delivery You can instantly get access to the Account where you can then instantly List all the entire process can take a Little less than 10 minutes you'll have It listed in Social trading I know if You don't want to risk your money Because maybe you're not going to be Able to sell the account maybe it's a It's a bad account it has bad engagement Or whatever you're not able to sell it So if you don't want to risk your money Up front what you can do is you can Start an Instagram page yourself and Grow an Instagram page to let's say two Thousand or three thousand followers and That is actually selling on on this on Social radio for a pretty decent amount Of money like 150 dollars for 30 000 Followers so if you can grow your page To 3000 or real followers you can sell It for a hundred and fifty dollars on The social tradia then use like eighty

Dollars out of those 150 to buy an Account and on player up and then you Can try to resell it for more so either Way you're gonna be in profit either Hundreds of dollars or at least 50 60 Bucks from this and it will not fake you That much time and effort so it's Basically like digital real estate as I Said people use those digital accounts Those Instagram accounts for their Business to promote something to sell Something and if you make money so They're willing to invest in it and They're willing to buy different Instagram accounts and different niches So they can grow their business and That's another way that you can actually Make money off of those Instagram Accounts you can maybe buy them on Player up already have ten thousand Twenty thousand followers in the Specific Niche and it'll just start Promoting something to that audience to Those people that are following that Instagram account if you pay ninety Dollars for that Instagram account and It has 20 000 real followers then you Can make quite decent amount of money by Either selling shout outs or either by Promoting some affiliate offer from ClickBank or digital store or some CPA Offer regardless you can definitely Monetize it in different ways pay off Your Instagram page and pay off your

Investment after some time and then all Of the other all of the other sales you Get are basically going to be profit so Yeah that was a very quick video where I Wanted to show you how to use these two Different websites to make money in Literally less than 10 minutes of work Whether that's going to be by flipping An Instagram account from player up or Whether that's going to be by building Your own Instagram page which will take More than 10 minutes but either way you Can definitely make decent amount of Money with this digital real estate and By flipping Instagram accounts even in 2023

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