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I literally don't think that there is an Easier way to make money online using Google translate which is available to Literally anyone around the world so it Doesn't matter where you're coming from You can use Google Translate and you can Make money online using this strategy Because this doesn't require any Produced experience it doesn't require An investment and as I said you can do It from anywhere in the world as long as You have Google translate and to access Google translate you all you got to do Is just go to Google and search for Google translate just like this and that Will allow you to translate a literally Any language you can think of whether You want to translate Spanish to English Whatever you want to translate Indian to English whether you want to translate Spanish to Indian it doesn't matter you Can translate languages into whatever Language you prefer now what we'll be Specifically doing for the sake of this Video we will be translating languages Such as Spanish French and Italian into English and I will tell you exactly how That will allow you to make one online Without actually selling anything and Without actually having your own product Or a service so as I said this is Tailored completely for complete Beginners so if that sounds good enough Then drop a like and let us actually

Begin with a complete tutorial so as I Said first of all what you want to do is You want to open up Google the Translator which is available to Literally anyone and before we continue I do also want to give a quick shout out To cam surf which is a website where you Can potentially meet new business Partners friends or even find a date From the comfort of your room so you can Just go over to cam Surf and you can try Cam surf for free available link to it In the description box down below and You can start connecting with people From Aura all around the world so even If you're not in a position to travel Right now you can connect with someone That's across the world with literally Just one click of a button and you can Even see them on the screen so you can Basically connect camera to camera and You can see each other on the screen Meet some friends around the world build A strong Network and potentially even Find some business partners it might Also be interested in making money Online once again cam surf will be the First link in the description box down Below anyways the Second Step that you Need to complete in order to make money Online using Google Translate is to find Some free VP en service now VPN is a Software that will allow you to Basically change your IP address and

Change your location in real time so Even if you're sitting let's say for Example in Spain right now you can just Click one button and your IP address Your virtual address will be sent to Let's say England and then people that See you online will perceive you as Someone who is currently in England they Will see your address in England which Is really good it allows you to change Locations with one click of a button one Of the free shots that you can use for This is tunnel bears you can just go Over to tunnelbear.com you can click on Get tunnelbeer and you can sign up for Completely free and you can change your Locations this is also an optional step Now the step number three is to go over To mangles mangles is a software that Will allow you to get higher rankings in Google so if you were a business you had A website or something you can use Mangles to rank higher on Google if you Go to the pricing place and don't worry You don't actually have to pay for Anything as I said it's requires no Previous investment or whatsoever and no Previous experience and knowing that Investment so if you go to their pricing Plans you can see that that goes as high As 90 dollars or per month for someone To rank higher on Google to get higher Rankings so they can get more customers They can get more clicks and obviously

They can make more money off of their Business now what has this to do with Google translate well what you want to Do is you want to go over to Google Translate and you want to translate Different businesses from English to Let's say Spanish or French or Italian So let's say for example I want to find A barber shop in Spain I'm gonna go to Google Translate and I'm going to try to See how am I actually going to search For a barber shop if I were in Spain so If I search for Barbershop as you can See I say barbaria and let's say I want To type in barbaria barbershop in Spain And it's going to show me barbaria and Espana if I copy that and if I go to Google and I search for barbarian and Espana it's going to show me this Different businesses that are going to Rank high on Google so for example these Are a couple of businesses that are Ranking for me if I click on more Businesses if I wanted to get a haircut Today I would just go with some of these Like I would open up the first one or Maybe the second one or maybe the third One I would never like scroll all the Way down and go to like the seventh page Of Google like no one does that and so These businesses that are on the seven Page of Google lose a lot of traffic They will lose a lot of clicks they'll Lose a lot of customers and they'll lose

A lot of money so it makes a lot of Sense for them to sign up to a tool like Men goals and so what you can simply do Is you can find those websites that are Not ranking High there's different Businesses that are not ranking high and You want to find their contact details You want to open up their website their Contact details are most likely going to Be at the bottom of the website if They're not try to find them around Let's go to the mega menu of this Website if I can't find it on this Website I'm just gonna go to the next One and see if the other websites I have A email address that I can reach out to So I'm gonna try with this one if I open Up their website hopefully they will Have some contact details they do have a Call now button so you can even call Them or I can scroll all the way down to The bottom try to find their email Address and if I can't find it I will Just go on to the next website and then Once you go to the next website you try To find the their contact details just Go to the contact Section and as you can See this person does have their email Address you just find their email Address and then you can copy that and Because most of these people don't Really speak English there's hundreds of Millions not billions of people around The world they don't speak English and

They have some business listed on Google You can just go and you can reach out to Them so you can compose an email you can Email that person and you can write an Entire email in English you can just Translate it into Spanish so you can Basically reach out to them explain to Them how for example Mango's works and You can sign up to mangle's affiliate Program so go to the affiliate program Section right over here that pays you 30 Lifetime commissions for every single Person that you refer to main goals Which can actually be thirty dollars per Month per person that you refer if you Refer 100 different businesses there's Gonna be over three thousand dollars a Month in pure passive income just for Sending out potentially about a hundred Different emails in Spanish or in French Or Italian for literally any business it Doesn't need to be a barber shop you can Search for gyms you can search for Dentists and all you got to do is just Translate and see how you say that in Spanish or in French or Italian so as You can see dentista in Spanish I would Just go and search on Google for that Find it from dentists around Spain and Just email them send them in an email in Spanish because I can use Google to Translate to translate that so if I Start an email Dear Sir or Madam I'm Writing to you and so on and so forth as

You can see it's going to translate my My email into Spanish and I can just Copy that with one click of a button and I can start crafting my email and I can Send it out to those businesses and sell Men goals with one click of a button and I can then copy and paste the same email And send it out to all sorts of Different businesses that are in Spain In France or Italy or literally anywhere Around the world where you have a Potential to get people to click and Actually sign up through your affiliate Link so you can earn affiliate Commissions and incomplete autopilot and Make passive income every single month So yeah that's a pretty easy and simple Way to make money online using Google Translate for absolutely free and from Anywhere in the world and as I said make Sure to check out camsurf.com or click The first link in the description box Down below to potentially meet new Friends dates or even a business partner That's going to be campserve.com or the First link in the description box down Below

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