Simply The BEST Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Strategy To Earn $1,000+/Day

In this Clickbank affiliate marketing for beginners video I show you methods that I implemented to make money with Clickbank utilising Free Ads websites and GetResponse.

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Hey everyone in today's video I want to Show you one of the easiest ways that You can make money with affiliate Marketing and ClickBank in 2023 take a Look at this I use this exact same Strategy to make part of this money and As you can see today I'm already on 1278 I've made hundreds of dollars with this If not thousands of dollars every single Day and I'm going to prove to you that This is 100 legit if I click onto this Earnings over here it's going to take You straight over to this page where you Will be able to see all these earnings You can see that this is 6974.88 and if I reload my page you're Going to see that this is all still Going to stay the same and you'll be Able to see all my earnings I am Promoting some high ticket stuff but as You can see it's 6974 dollars in one day from utilizing a Strategy where you can get free traffic Okay these are free ads that you can run And you can see that they're getting Hundreds of thousands of views and I'm Going to show you how to do this by Creating a very Sim simple landing page Absolutely 100 for free where you can Potentially give something away or Promote that product and this is going To drive views and clicks onto this once You're establishing these emails from There you have the opportunity to make

Even more money you can see either on Another affiliate platform today I've Made over a thousand dollars yesterday Over nine hundred dollars and in the Last seven days over five thousand Dollars this is the power of collecting These different types of emails and Re-targeting this is super powerful Strategy guys and I teach a lot of this Stuff inside my ultimate affiliate Marketing guide which I will give you Absolutely for free this is pinned in The description of this video you can go And grab this I want to show you other Ways that I make money online with Affiliate marketing you can see that This is laid out step by step for you it Is absolutely free for you to get all You need to do is download this book I Go through and show you the best ways to Make money with affiliate marketing on Top of that I'll show you the niches you Get into and at the end of this book I'll will go through it and show you how You can 10x everything that I'm going to Teach you so this is a neat and little Handbook that you can get absolutely for Free where I'll show you how you can Make money with affiliate marketing and Exactly what I'm doing to 10x my Earnings so go down the bottom grab this Guys it's absolutely for free all you Need to do once you've got this book is Just go down the bottom and comment just

Type in I got it so that I know you've Got this affiliate marketing guide now What I want to do is show you how you Can go through and make money with Affiliate marketing using ClickBank so The first thing that you need to do is You need to come over to ClickBank and You need to sign up for a free account If ClickBank is not available in your Country all you need to do is sign up to Platforms like digistore24 it works Exactly the same now once you have Signed up for a free ClickBank account What you then need to do is come up to The top here and click on to Marketplace Once you've done that it'll bring you Over to this section where you can Scroll through and find all these Different types of categories now this Strategy can work in many different Categories what we're going to be doing Today is we're going to be going through The E-Business and e-marketing Niche so What you want to do is quite simply Click onto that once you've clicked onto That what you're going to find is a Range of different products that you can Promote and they will range from certain Amounts that you will earn for example This product over here has a really high Gravity score of 95 so anything from About 30 isn't bad and you can see here That this product will pay you on Average

556 dollars for every single time a Customer purchases this product you can Get paid a number of ways sometimes I'll Pay it straight away sometimes they have A reoccurring commission which means I'll pay you on average 40 to 50 and on Average per customer people will make That amount so you can scroll down and Find different products one thing that You can do is come over here to this Sort results by click onto this and then Scroll down and go to gravity high low This is going to show you products that Are converting really well so other Affiliates are having success with this Product which means that this product Converts and there's no reason why you Shouldn't be able to convert that as Well so what you want to do from here You scroll down and take a look at these Different types of products that you can Start promoting like I said they have Different types of amounts one Particular product that I recommend that You should potentially take a look at is This one over here called Perpetual Income 365. you can see that it has a Good gravity score it's got a Reoccurring rebuild commission and on Average customers are staying on here And you can earn as much as 574 dollars Every single time somebody signs up for This product I want to show you how to Promote this absolutely for free in

Order to get the affiliate link for this Product just click on to promote and Then you're going to see you're gonna Have a few options over here I recommend Leaving it on the default and then click On to create hop link okay now this is The link that you are going to be using To promote this product and I'm going to Show you how you can do that so all you Need to do quite simply is click on to Copy now we have copied that link from Here what we need to do is we need to Get some free traffic now guys if you're Enjoying this video up until this point All I'm going to ask that you do is that You smash that like button in Appreciation we're about to get in some Good stuff if you haven't subscribed to My channel go down the bottom right now Hit that subscribe button turn on the Bell so you get notified every time I Post a brand new video that way you Don't miss out on any of my awesome new Content that I've got coming out in 2023 Because I'm going to be doing a lot more Free strategies to help you get started With affiliate marketing so now that You've liked this video and you Subscribe to the Channel I want to show You how you're going to get free traffic And in order to do that what you want to Do is you want to come over to this Platform over here called free Advertising 24 this is an amazing platform where You can run free ads and I'm going to Show you how you're going to use the Affiliate race sources from the product That we just found to create this ad in A number of minutes you can see here as You scroll down on this platform you're Going to find that people are coming Over here and they're putting up these Ads it's also going to show you how many Views these different types of ads are Getting you can see the ones that are Posted recently this one's at about 456 Views I'm going to show you two ways That you can do this one way works Really well the second way works just as Well but you're also collecting leads Which means you can re-target these People I'm going to show you two ways It's completely up to you which Avenue You want to go through now you're going To be able to see that a lot of these Products on here are products from ClickBank digital 24 some of them are From Warrior plus jvzoo some of them are From independent affiliate marketing Products okay and software so for Example you can see here get paid to use Social media if we click onto this ad What you're going to be able to see is That this is a product from ClickBank Okay this is a product that you know People sign up to where they can get Social media jobs and they can earn

Anything from 25 to 50 an hour now this Product is on ClickBank and this product Is also on Digi store 24. the only thing That this person is doing wrong is that They're not capturing leads they're Driving directly to this product this Can have a higher conversion amount Which means that you could probably Convert more people and get more sales But you're not collecting those leads so You can't retarget people with different Types of products which is ultimately Going to make you even more money so Good strategy but can be improved and I'm going to show you how to do that so That's one product that I found as you Scroll down here's another one custom Keto diet if we click onto this you're Going to be able to see again this Person is driving to a landing page so This person is doing something a lot Better than the first person and what This does this person as you can see Weight loss Made Easy in order to get The product you need to enter your email Address so this person is doing exactly What I'm going to show you how to do Except I'm going to show you how to do It for free and you're not going to need To get pay for get response okay so this Is when somebody enters in their email Address and clicks on to get started It's going to take them over to the Product so these are the two methods now

With this soft with this platform over Here guys free advertising 24 I'm Going to show you also two ways that you Can advertise on this one way is Absolutely for free some people are Paying for this but I recommend that you Can start for free and then what you can Do is you can come over here and then Start paying once you've made some money So you can see submit a free ad the First thing that you need to do over Here is you need to add your affiliate Link so quite simply you would come Straight back over to ClickBank we've Copied this affiliate link you can close This down now then what you can do is Come straight back over to this platform You would paste your link in here and Once you've pasted that link what we now Need to do is we need to come over here And we need to select a category this is Very simple all you need to do is Click Onto the this and then choose the most Applicable category for the product that You're promoting for this one in Particular for me it's business Opportunities for you you can scroll Down and take a look to see what is the Most applicable so once you find what You should select I'm going to select Business opportunities now what we need To do is we need to complete this ad and You can see here that you need to enter In a short title and you need to enter

In a description and submit this ad We're also going to see here is it's Going to show you what your ad is going To look like this is pretty simple so What we need to do before we enter in a Short title or description is we need to Get some information on this product so In order to do that what you want to do Is quite simply come back over to ClickBank and what you're going to be Able to do is see that every single Product has an affiliate resources page This can give you different types of Email swipes banners videos Etc that's going to help you anytime You're promoting a particular affiliate Marketing product so all you need to do Is Click onto the affiliate page that's Going to bring you over over to a page That looks like this every single one Will be different you need to enter in Your name your email address and your ClickBank ID then click on to join now Once you do that it'll bring you over to A page that looks like this and this is The affiliate resources page you can see Here you've got banners email swipe hop Links Etc if you click onto email swipes It's going to bring you over to a page That looks like this now what we're Going to do is we're going to use some Of the email swipes because they're Written really well to promote this Product so I'm going to scroll down and

I'm going to click onto this Perpetual Income Playbook now once I click onto That and scroll down what you're going To see is it's got all these different Types of email swipes and you can use Some of these headlines as your ad or You can tweak it a little bit now what I'm going to do is I'm going to be Saying in this ad that you can get a Free ebook that's going to teach you how To make a thousand dollars a day so you Can see you claim your free Perpetual Income Playbook download your Perpetual Income Playbook Etc or free book and Then what we can do we can copy this so I'm just going to grab this okay and Then we're going to come back over to Our ad I'm going to paste this in here And what you're going to see you see Free book Perpetual income formula Playbook now you've only got a certain Number of characters so you need to be Very creative so free book and I'm going To remove this okay free book And then you can write How to make One thousand dollars Per day okay just do that now here You've got the description this is where You can add a lot more information so Now what you want to do is you want to Come back over to your affiliate Resources page and you can see you've Got name Etc now what you can do is you

Can copy a lot of this stuff okay guys So you can just grab this copy that and Then come straight back over to here Okay and you can paste this in there and You're going to be able to see that You're going to be able to see a lot of That in there now again you've only got A limited amount of space that you can Write this in so you can see here I've Got a brand new book for you that's Going to help you generate an income Perpetually even while you sleep go here To get your non-cost copy worth 97 okay So again that's perfect we can just Delete that and we can leave that there So they know that if they click onto This link they're going to be able to Get this book now as you scroll down Here you can put your name you don't Necessarily need to you don't need to Put your email address now if you want To pay this is where there's two Different options when when you first Start off I recommend that you do this For free you don't need to click into Any of this sort of stuff guys leave it Absolutely blank so it's free all you Need to do is scroll down you can see Here the submit button is at the bottom Of this page so what you do is you'll Scroll all the way down to the bottom Guys and this is where you would submit Your ad you can see all you need to do Is enter this code below and submit your

Ad that's the first way that you can do It and I want to show you the second way That you can do this which is a lot Better than the first way okay so all You need to do is scroll all the way Back up to the top where this ad is and What we're going to be doing is we're Going to be changing this link what we Want to do is we want to be capturing These email leads we don't want to send People directly to their landing page we Want to collect these leads first in Order to do that what you want to do is You want to come over to this side over Here called I will have This Linked In the description for you Or you can just search your you can just Search on Google convert this is An amazing platform guys where you can Actually you can use this to create Landing pages you can use this to send Out email broadcasts you can use this to Send out email sequences Etc and also Collect leads so if we click onto Pricing over here it's going to bring us Over to this page now you can see here That up to your first if I come over Here and go to 1000 okay up to your First 1000 email signups okay it's a It's zero dollars per month free for up To 1 000 subscribers okay that is 1 000 Email signups you can pay if you want to You can see it's 25 a month for the Creator pack or Creator Pro 50 and you

Can see all the additional stuff that You get but up to 1 000 subscribers guys You can see that you can create Unlimited landing pages which I'm going To show you how to do send out unlimited Forms unlimited broadcasts audience Tagging and segmentation Etc and even do Community post what you're going to be Using mainly is the broadcasts okay so You can Target people that have come Onto your email list but more Importantly it's free when you're first Starting out when you start making a Little bit of money then you can start To upgrade and as it starts to go up and You build your email list it's going to Become a lot more expensive Etc but You'll be making money from all your Sign ups so what you want to do is sign Up to convertkit once you sign up to Convertkit you want to come over here Where it says grow click onto landing Pages and forms and then from here you Want to click onto landing pages once You click onto landing pages what this Is going to do is it's going to give you The option to choose any one of these Different types of templates let's just Choose this template over here as an Example and what I want to do is show You how to customize this template okay So you can see get my free ebook this is The actual template and this is the one That I created a little bit earlier it

Says get my free ebook on how to make a Thousand dollars a day quite simply guys The beauty of this is you just click Onto this And you just type so get my free book On how to make 1K slash per day as an example okay so You can see here that all you need to do Is change all this writing you can Change all this here and basically what I did you can see here that I've put This in there I've put this book is free And you will have it within minutes the Book is original 97 in this book you're Going to see the exact methods I used to Make passive income Etc enter your email To get the book and you can see this is What they do now very very important What you want to do from here is you Want to scroll up to the top you want to Click onto settings and once you click Onto settings what you want to do is you Want to click onto this link over here It says redirect to an external page That means when someone sees this Landing page Scrolls down puts their Email address in and clicks on to get Your copy what's going to happen let me Just go back over here and click on to Redirect what we want to do is we want To send them to that affiliate link on ClickBank but not only what's going to Happen is we're going to click their Email address then we are going to send

Them to that exact landing page and in Order to do that what you want to do is Quite simply just come straight back Over to ClickBank click on to promote Leave that on default grab that link so Just copy that okay come straight back Over to ClickBank and paste that link in There once you've pasted that in there You just want to click on to save once You've clicked on to save guys quite Simply you want to hit publish once you Publish this you can now see that you've Got this link and this is the link that We're going to promote on our ad so you Quite simply click on to copy here then What you want to do is come straight Back over to the ad that we're putting Up which is just over here now instead Of using the direct raw link we're going To delete that we are going to paste our Landing page inside here so when Somebody clicks onto this they're going To go straight over to that landing page Once we click their email address They're going to be taken over where They're going to go to their landing Page where they can potentially purchase Use standard good chance of making Hundreds of dollars with this strategy Again you want to go through complete This ad if you want to pay for it you Absolutely can you're free to do it Scroll all the way down to the bottom Guys enter in the captcha and click on

To submit add once you've done this What's going to happen is your ad is Going to appear inside just like these Ads are you can see you can add images If you wanted to add images it's Completely up to you you can see that These free ads anything white like this Is free all these other ones are paid You can see that they don't it's not Like they don't stand out like the other Ones they still do really really well And this is why these people are getting Thousands of views and getting clicks And getting emails and making a lot of Money online with affiliate marketing Now like I said to you at the start of This video If you want to get more Tricks and tips on how I make money with Affiliate marketing don't forget to go Down the bottom right now and grab my Ultimate affiliate marketing guide as You can see guys just now while I've Been filming this I have made even more Money while recording this video I'm now On 1239 for today and this is exactly What I teach you inside the ultimate Affiliate marketing guide so go down and Grab it right now if you enjoyed this Video guys don't forget to smash that Like button in appreciation and like I Said make sure you subscribe to the Channel for some awesome ways that I've Got coming out in 2023 that's going to Help you make even more money with

Affiliate marketing ClickBank and many Other affiliate marketing platforms now Don't go anywhere if you want to know Another amazing way that you can get Started online to make a lot of money Online utilizing AI I highly recommend That you click onto this video over here Right now and I'll see you on this video It's going to teach you so many Different ways that you can make money Online I'll catch you on that video Until next time you guys take care of Yourselves and goodbye

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