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Hi folks, Maedren here. And today I bring you a kind of analysis of each class from the point of view of a starter class in Ragnarok zero, a little more focused on ragna0. As the server is about to open, I will take into account the fresh economy of the server along with custom mechanics that it has. At least the ones i remember, know about or are relevant. It's not about builds or anything like that, it's just a count of some aspects of each class that will probably help you if you don't know which character to start with. On the screen I will add additional information so as not to make this video so extensive.

I leave the time steps in the comments in case you want to see a particular class. Let's get started. First on the list is the Alchemist. As a starter class, the truth is that it is very bad. The merchant is not particularly strong, unless you use mammonite, which is absurd in a starter class since you don't have zeny. Changing jobs can be tricky and you don't have skills that benefit solo or group gameplay.

Acid Terror is quite strong and it is not very difficult to farm immortal hearts. The problem is that you have to create the acids and for that you need a completely different build. On the other hand, if you level up this character as an alternate account, the truth is that it is quite useful. Mainly because of the blue potions since the Syrups are quite expensive and the cooldown has disadvantages in some classes. Condensed potions aren't as useful for WoE as they are in pre-renewal, but bathorys is an over-farmed place so getting witched starsad is a breeze, which will help you rank quickly, and the potions are good for PvE. If you are one of the first you can handle the price of the starsand. Or you can level up alongside a Knight and cover both from the beginning. My recommendation is to lvl up as an alternate account with brewer stats and sell your services.

Things changes at rebirth. Acid Demo is very strong and useful for hunting big MvPs. If you plan to switch to Acid Demo make sure you have a good stack of acids and bombs before reborn your character. The blacksmith is a similar case. He's a bit stronger solo and a bit more useful in groups due to his buffs. But as an alternate account the truth is that it is very good. Its main attraction is forged weapons, as they are very powerful.

And the first 5 positions in the ranking are usually quite competitive on a server with a high population. The most common is for a guild to designate a blacksmith and forge all weapons with him, thus raising him and keeping him in the ranking. It is possible to do this alone, but keep in mind that it is quite expensive. It is sustainable since the services are in high demand, but you will need a considerable investment or be among the first to offer the services. As Whitesmith he is quite a strong character and can do much of the content of the game. Cart Termination has great dps but it's going to cost you zeny. Critical with Meltdown is quite strong on basic attacks and you can use cart revo to mob. The Crussader is an excellent starter character. As a solo player, holy cross is very strong and parties that want to rush usually need Devotion. In addition, it has access to Providence, which while it is not a widely used ability, with the right equipment you can create a character immune to demons, which is very good for some early MvP’s.

The last time I played in Ragna0, Providence was "self only", that is, it could only be used by the crussader on himself. I don't know if it was a bug or not, but if it was it is not important since any Acolyte class can achieve immunity with this ability. As a paladin he is stronger but things do not change much. It has a wide variety of builds and its easy access to the holy property makes it an easy character to lvl up. The Knight is king when it comes to starter classes. As a swordman you can lvl up very fast by spamming Magnum Break at orcs. And as a knight you have two very strong area skills. Bowling Bash and Brandish Spear. In addition, you move quickly with the peco, you have more carrying capacity and it is very easy to play. You can level up quickly both in party and solo and you don't need a lot of equipment to get started. You can literally buy a weapon from the npc and start mobing harpies with no problem. From an economic point of view, the knight is a producer of zeny.

You are going to farm junk items and sell them to the npc to create zeny. On the other hand, he is a consumer. If there are consumables on the market, the knight will make use of them to increase his productivity. Upon rebirth you have access to spiral pierce and some additional buffs. And there is not much to say, it is one of the best classes in the game and you can start the character from something very cheap to something extremely expensive that can do almost any MvP of the game by solo. The Hunter is another very good class to start with and very easy to level up.

You can spam arrow shower in orc dungeon and fast forward. Another good thing is that it has a variety of builds. Double strafe, traps and blitzer. They all work as starters, although each has its own pros and cons. For example the trapper deals area damage but is dependent on stats. The blitzer has a great single target damage but it starts to be useful at job lvl 41 since it is when it executes all the hits of the skill and of course it is dependent on stats. And the strafer is dependent on sp, although if you see my guide to sp sustain you will see that it is not difficult at all to sustain and does not require a lot of investment. In case you are interested, I will leave it in the description.

From an economic point of view, it is similar to the knight.
And upon rebirth, you have one of the strongest classes in the game. Sharp Shooting is absurdly strong and can do much of the content solo, though of course it requires some investment. Performers on the other hand are not a great class to play solo. They have great sustain and their abilities are no longer stat dependent and affect the performer, which is great, but damage wise they don't stand out. As for team play, you are probably always quite desirable at a large party, especially because of the experience ensemble. Upon rebirth you have access to Arrow Vulcan, which does good damage, but still does not stand out too much since the performers' weapons do not compare to the sniper's bows and buffs. I'm not saying it's a useless class, you can actually farm comfortably, but compared to other classes, it lags far behind. The Priest as always, is a support characterand in high demand in parties. You can of course play solo with Magnus or Turn Undead but he's not particularly good at farming.

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Obviously there are areas where it can shine in solo play, but the class itself is very support oriented so the best option would be to play as a team if your main character will be the priest. When reborn does not change, you have more utility skills, but that's it. There is not much to say about this class. The monk is very much like a hunter blitzer, but melee. He doesn't have access to area skills, but his dps is pretty good. If you accumulate a little flee and attack speed you can spam chain combo. This class has the great advantage of being self-sufficient since it has warp portal, bless and agi. Chain Combo does not consume much sp so the sustain is not bad at all. As an alternate account I personally like to combine it with a blacksmith to take advantage of its buffs and increase the dps even more.

The class does not lvl up that fast on its own because it has no area damage, but with this class you will be able to kill the cursed swords the first days of the server and get their loot. Also, the "Fists" are very cheap to craft, another reason to combine it with a blacksmith. And since blacksmiths usually craft tons of these weapons to climb the ranks, precisely because they are so cheap to craft, you will probably find a great variety on the market the first few days. It is worth mentioning that large parties usually look for a monk with a Steel body, so if you want to go up fast, I recommend you go up this skill. Upon rebirth, he is quite strong, some combos do a lot of damage, and the asura strike build is a bit more viable, albeit heavily dependent on gear.

It is not as strong as in pre-renewal, but it certainly causes great damage. Assassin is one of my favorite classes, mainly because it is so good at solo play. Unfortunately it is not requested at all in groups beyond mober. He has a very strong single target ability, Sonic blow. And a strong area skill, venom splasher. You can create a hybrid build, although you will have to sacrifice some skill points. And the gameplay of venom splasher is not to everyone's taste.
But he is a very good Farmer. The knight's area damage is better, but the assassin's is not bad at all and makes up for it with single target damage, which is where the knight falters a lot.

From an economic point of view he is a good Farmer and access to steal gives him a great advantage against other classes since you can steal optioned gear, zelstars and any type of valuable loot. And when you are reborn, you have one of the characters with the highest dps in the game thanks to the enchant deadly poison, in addition to meteor assault that can compete with Bowling Bash in some areas of the game, like in magma 2 where you can do one shot and do a lot of zeny . The Rogue also has an area ability and a single target ability. Raid and Backstab. With a moderately decent weapon you can mob or one shot some areas. It has the benefits of Steal and a bow build has easy access to elements by simply changing the arrows. This class scales very well and has a variety of builds and equipment at its disposal, but it requires some investment. Is one of the strongest classes in the endgame and probably the character that best scales in terms of power due to the vast variety of weapons and abilities available thanks to plagiarism.

The Wizard, is the king of the parties. Has a wide range of AoE damage abilities and good sp sustain. IF you like party play, this character is ideal for you. And if not, don't worry as it can also be played solo, but you will probably require basic equipment. As a Farmer he is very good, although, like the Hunter, he has problems with not being able to carry too many items. And reborn is pretty much the same, it has some extra abilities and more damage, but the gameplay and utility remain the same.

The sage as a starter is a bit weird. From an economic point of view it can be useful for elemental converters, but obviously, the more players follow this strategy, the less effective it is. In party play, beyond being a useful class, it is a mandatory class for some instances. Mainly by Land Protector and Safety Wall. As a solo player, bolts are very powerful, but they are single target. And as area skills it only has two elements.

Like the wizard, you can create a flee-based build and level up this way with autospell, but it requires basic equipment. Upon rebirth he has more utility skills, but the gameplay is the same. And finally the Ninja. As a starter class I don't like it very much, but it's not bad at all. As a solo player you can spam throw kunai until you have a decent humma shuriken and start mobbing. His defensive skills are excellent and you can make him practically immortal if you know how to play with them.

As a Ninja starter I think the most viable option is a physical build, since the magic one requires a lot of investment to compete in dps with other classes. And upon rebirth, the Oboro is very strong in her magical build. The kagerou is more focused on the physical part but I don't know how good it can be with these new updates. I would need to review the content after old glast heim, if there is nothing to help you considerably in the latest patches, it is not a build or class that I would recommend. But I am not an expert on Ninjas so it would be best to ask someone with more experience.

I just remind you that this info is based on a fresh server, obviously all classes can become very strong with the right investment. And a starter character is not the same as an endgame character. In Ragnarok Zero there is a wide variety of equipment, strategies and play styles that adapt to each player. And all content from the Old Glastheim update onwards doesn't trivialize the old content like most previous patches. I really hope this helps you choose a good starter character and above all that you enjoy the game. And so far the video, consider subscribing if you like my content, so you help this small channel to continue growing. Thank you very much for getting here and see you in the next one..

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