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Look this literally takes less than 10 Minutes and you can get paid 20 again And again without actually selling Anything you don't have to create a Website you don't have to create a Product you don't have to create a Service and you don't have to promote Affiliate offers or people have to spend Money and this also has nothing to do With CPA marketing either and we will be Using one of the websites that we Actually never thought about before so That all of that sounds good now then Drop a like down below and let's begin With a full step-by-step breakdown just A quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never attack you For money you can check their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can track their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so the website That we will be firstly using is called Imgur already thus the slogan of this web Side is the magic of the internet and This is a place where people will come To share different tweets different uh Different memes it's basically like kind Of like Instagram and it's actually Getting over 70 million views every Single month and you can actually get a Lot of traffic coming from ingur all of These pictures are basically free Traffic and I will show you exactly how To leverage it but for now you just want To create an account there's going to be A sign up button right over here or Create an account for completely free it Takes less than two minutes and that Will be the step number one creating an Account for the next step that You want to complete the step number two Is to sign up to short shorted That dot SD is a website they will pay You when someone clicks on your link Without buying anything without spending Any money you will make money off of People just clicking on your link so What you want to do when you come over To shorter.sds you want to join the Platform by pressing on the join button Over here and then you will sign up by Entering your email address confirming Your email address and then create a Password now once you do that you will Be able to log in and if you're Wondering why would even pay

You when someone clicks on your link is Because when someone clicks on your link That has been shortened with short dot St they will be first shown some ads and Then they can skip Those ads and then They will be faking to the website that You're sending them through just like Normal but just they will just have to Skip Those ads as you can see user Wizard your page and click the link they See ads they skip Those ads and you earn Money with every display so basically They're just splitting the odd Revenue With you so what you want to do is you Just want to create an account and log In and once you log into your account You can start shortening your links Right over here click on shorten and Then you can start making money when Someone clicks on your link and then you Can withdraw your money after getting Certain number of clicks so what you Will simply have with you is you will Have to find some viral video on YouTube And there is so many viral videos that You can find because you saw that Imgur People are sharing like memes and funny Stuff and millions of people rush to Even work to find memes and to watch Funny stuff so what you can do is you Can find some videos like for example From daily dose of Internet they have Really good like meme type of videos That are really intriguing and making

People click on them they really grab Attention like for example uh Barber has Customer with a square head and it Really like makes you wonder like is This actually real and then people click To watch the video to see what's Actually happening or incredible rainbow Cloud found in China and a lot of people Actually clicked in this you can see it Has six million views you just want to Make sure that you open up a video that Has gotten more views than others like If all of them are getting just 5 Million views on average then take the One that is getting six or seven million Views because that means more people are Willing to click on those videos so for Example I'm going to use this one uh The Barber of ship the barber thing and then I'm gonna copy its links right click on The video copy link address and then Proceed to the thumbnail Grabber so this Is thumbnail Grabber YouTube paste that YouTube Video link here and download that Thumbnail onto your computer so just Press download HD thumbnail image and This will be downloaded onto to your Computer now once you have the thumbnail Onto your computer the next thing that You want to do is you just want to Shorten that YouTube video link with so just paste that link here Click on shorten and it's going to look

Like this now you can copy this and when Someone clicks on this shortened link They will be first shown some ads they Skip Those ads and then they can watch The video and you will be paid because They clicked on this link and they skip Those ads so now what we want to do is You want to go back to Imgur just go Back to your Imgur account and then you Want to click on new post on the left Side to publish that image that Thumbnail which you previously Downloaded that's going to look like This for me and I will say watch the Full video here watch the full video Here I will paste my my link over there And I will give my post a unique title And the title is just gonna be the title Of this video so I'm just going to copy The same title and use it because it Obviously works for this person has got 6 million clicks so I will paste that Here Barber has customer with a square Head and I will be able to publish this To my computer community and it's going To be public and I can also give some Tags to make sure that I'm getting the Most clicks or I'm just going to type in Barber for example and then I'm going to Click to community and now I'm going to Publish this as a community post and I'm Gonna post it publicly to millions of People to say it on Imgur and every Single click that I get on this link is

Gonna make me money and it's gonna be Intriguing to people as I said because When they open up Imgur and they see This they're gonna be like oh what is Happening right here Barbara has a Customer with square head I want to Watch that they click to watch the video They're redirected through my link They're redirect you to the video if you Watch they can watch it for free and I'm Gonna be paid for each click now in Order to maximize your results you can Literally because this takes less than 20 seconds you can publish 10 20 30 of These in 10 minutes and that way Maximize your results and those posts That you publish on Imgur are gonna stay There forever so maybe we're gonna be Getting clicks over the next couple of Months or even years and every single Click will make you money now keep in Mind that clicks are not gonna pay you a Lot so one click doesn't equal to a lot Of money but if they add up if you're Getting millions of acrylics in a Regular basis that can actually end up Being some really decent amount of money Without actually selling anything or Doing anything hard all you got to do is Find interesting memes and share links To them you see according to similar web Imgur actually has 182 million visits every single month so You have a potential to reach over a

Hundred million people with those funny Posts that you publish on Imgur and you Can get millions of clicks to your short To dot St link and each click makes you Money without actually selling anything And if you want to see how I personally Make passive income online and how I Make money off of my YouTube automation Channels channels where I'm not showing My face and not recording anything with A camera then click the first link in The description box down below and I Will show you exactly how that works and Walk you through the entire process step By step to show you exactly how you can Set up an automation business yourself Without showing your face once again and Without recording anything with a camera And I will not only show you how to set It up but also how to monetize it in 10 Different ways how to grow your channel And how to set up information systems so That you are actually earning a real Passive income from that once again That's going to be the first link in the Description box down below I really hope You got some value out of this video if You did make sure to drop a like down Below and I will see you in some of the Next videos [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you


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