STOP using content calendars. Do this instead…

Okay, so from the title of this video, you're 
probably wondering ummmm, I thought creating   content calendars is what people advise. But in 
this video, I'm gonna explain exactly what I mean   by saying that you should stop using content 
calendar, and I'll tell you what you need to do   in order to create value-added content that leaves 
an impact and generates qualified leads. So hi   everybody, welcome back to my channel my name is 
Laura and I am a content marketing specialist and   I help content creators effectively communicate 
the value through content writing that leaves an   impact and generates leads. So before I go ahead, 
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put out a new video, every single Wednesday. So,   when I say content calendars is a no-no, what 
I'm talking about is the pre-made generic content   calendars that people tend to purchase or download 
from the internet to use as content prompts for   their own businesses.

So I'm sorry to break it 
to you but these content calendars do not work,   especially for high ticket offers and high ticket 
offers, are offers that are above $1,000. When I   started my business, I purchased a lot of content 
calendars because I was horrible at writing,   and I was really really confused when it came 
to me finding content ideas and content topics   to put out content for my own services. 
But as time went on and I got rid of these   content calendars and focused more on putting 
out content organically from my own story,   my own journey, and my own experiences, 
I realized that I started attracting more   qualified clients. So let's get into it, and 
I'm first going to talk about three reasons   why you should get rid of your content calendars 

And the very first reason is because   they're generic and you cannot stand out using 
these pre-made content calendars. So these content   calendars do not target a specific audience. 
They are made pretty much for all businesses   right . They are not made for a specific target 
audience, for a specific type of business,   but just content prompts for you to use when you 
kind of lack content ideas, or to help you with   regards to coming up with content for your own 
business. So it's a general content calendar,   it's not specific to your business.

And as a 
result of that, you cannot stand out, it is just   impossible for you to stand out with this kind 
of content. You're basically putting out the   same kind of content as every other person that 
purchased this content calendar, so you cannot   stand out. It doesn't come from you,, it's not 
authentic right it's not from your story or   from your own experience. It's just something that 
you're regurgitating because someone asked you to   put out this particular content piece on this 
particular day. So it is impossible for you to   convert with this kind of content, it is 
impossible for you to stand out with this   kind of content because you are not talking to 
any specific person, you are not talking to your   own ideal clients, you're not talking to people 
that you want to work with.

The second reason   why you want to get rid of your content calendars 
is because it doesn't go deep to address specific   issues that your ideal clients are facing, and 
because these content calendars are generic, you   only put out content that is very surface level 
at best, or content that really has nothing to do   with the people that you're trying to attract, or 
with the people that you're trying to work with. And again this is because this 
content calendars are created   with no specific audience in mind. They 
are created for the general public, and if   something is targeting everybody and targeting 
everyone on the internet, then you can hardly   ever grab someone's attention with that kind of 
content. So to attract your own ideal clients,   to attract the people that you want to serve the 
people that you want to work with, you have to go   deep into your ideal clients struggles.

You have 
to target specific issues that your ideal clients   are facing, specific issues that the people you 
want to work with are facing this is something   that you really need to think about. Who are 
these people that you want to work with? What   are some of the issues that they are facing? 
What you want to do is you want to actually go   deep into that rather than putting out content 
from this content calendars that you purchased,   which really does not speak to the people that 
you're trying to attract.

And the third reason   why you want to get rid of your content calendars, 
is because what it does is it attracts information   seekers rather than transformation seekers. 
Now information seekers are people who are just   looking for information. They are not necessarily 
looking to purchase, to make an investment, to   buy from you right. These are people who just want 
information. They are just scouring the internet,   looking for information, and those are the kind of 
people that you attract with this kind of content,   or even worse, you're gonna just attract random 
people who really are not interested in anything   that you're talking about, who maybe just want to 
sell to you.

So the more targeted your content,   the more qualified leads you attract, who 
are actually looking for a transformation.   Now transformation seekers are people who have a 
specific end goal in mind. They are looking for   a specific transformation, and these people are 
the people that are more interested and more open   to invest. Those are the people that you want to 
target, those are the people that your content   should speak to. So you want to attract 
transformation seekers because they understand   value, and they know what they're looking for, 
and if you put out content that addresses what   they are struggling with and what it is that they 
are looking for, content that addresses their   specific outcome, this builds curiosity it builds 
interest and it builds demand for your services,   and unfortunately generic content calendars 
just does not achieve that.

Now please share   with me in the comments, what is your own 
experience with content calendars? Do you   purchase content calendars? Do you use them? Is 
that something you're using at this moment with   regards to putting out content online? Please 
share that in the comments. Maybe your own   experience is different from mine. I would love to 
know your experience with this content calendars.   So we've talked about three reasons why you should 
stop using generic content calendars, now we're   going to go ahead and talk about what you should 
do instead.

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So the first thing you want to do is   you want to do your research. You want to know the 
people that you're serving. You want to understand   your ideal clients, you want to understand 
the specific audience, the specific market   that you're targeting right. This is the very 
very basic of your marketing and unfortunately,   as basic as it is, it's really hard for you to 
come to that particular point where you really   know and understand the people that you want 
to serve.

It is a continuous learning process   and it's something that you need to always be 
willing and consistently doing every single   time in order to get a better understanding of 
the people that you want to serve and how they   evolve because they are going to evolve as you 
evolve. Now, the second thing you want to do   is just create your own content calendar. Have 
your own process, have your own content strategy   where you are creating content that targets the 
specific audience.

Again it ties to the very first   point with you knowing who it is that you want to 
target. If you do not know those people then you   will not be able to create a content calendar 
or content strategy that is meant to help this   particular person. So once you've known who your 
audience is then you are going to come up with   your own content calendar and content strategy 
that actually targets this particular people.   So yes, you might get less views less engagement 
less likes, you might get less vanity matrix   altogether, however the few engagements 
that you have is going to be more meaningful   than the engagement you're getting from people 
who really do not care about what it is that   you do.

They're just there to tell you, oh thank 
you for sharing, I love this, or just give you   a like. But if you stop putting out this content 
or putting out content specific to your audience,   creating your own content calendar, you are going 
to start having more meaningful conversations in   your DMs because this content you're putting out 
speaks specifically to this audience. They can   relate with that and they can connect with that, 
which actually leads to meaningful conversations,   which leads to better conversions. So you need to 
focus less on the vanity metrics and focus more   on the meaningful conversations that you have in 
the comments section and in the DMs, because those   are the conversations that lead to better content 
ideas and actually the conversations that lead to   more conversions. The next thing you want to do 
is you want to create content from your story,   from your journey, and from your experiences. You 
do not need to come up with a new concept.

When   people talk about you standing out, you putting 
out content that stands out, it's not about coming   up with something new because that is very very 
unlikely to happen right. But it's by yo using the   same concepts, this thing that people are already 
talking about and giving your own perspective to   that. You're not copying from others, you're not 
regurgitating what any other person is saying,   but you are putting out content from your 
own perspective, from your own journey,   and your own experience, and your own story, 
because your story and your experience is unique   to you. You cannot have the same experience with 
someone else, you can have a similar experience   but it's really never the same. So the way you 
are able to articulate that and to connect with   other people is different from the next person 
in your niche, the next person in your market.   So you have to focus on how you can use your own 
journey, and your own experiences, and your own   story, to really connect with your ideal clients 
and create content that is going to help them get   to a specific outcome, because your own experience 
might just be what someone needs to build that   connection and that trust with you.

So what you 
need to focus on doing and what you really need   to understand with regards to content, is that 
you want to use your own journey, your own story,   and your own experiences, to bring a whole new 
perspective to an already really popular topic.   So you want to avoid only doing how-to content 
content that talks about how to do this how to   get that, how to get to the specific outcome. You 
want to avoid doing only that kind of content. But   you want to go deep into specific issues your 
ideal client is actually facing. So I'm going   to give you an example right, the reason why 
I am talking about this particular topic today   is because from my research, I realized that a lot 
of content creators, social media managers, VA's,   coaches, website designers a lot of them keep 
putting out the same kind of boring topics, or the   same kind of boring content – why you need a VA, 
when you know you need to hire a VA, who is a VA,   why you need a website right, all those kind of 
content topics that everybody is putting out and   you can simply just google to find the answer to 
what you're looking for.

So this kind of content   does not convert. What it does is it only attracts 
information seekers and people who at best want   one-time jobs who actually do not pay very well, 
and it really doesn't attract those quality   or qualified clients who are more consistent and 
who actually find the value in what you have to   offer. So from my research I realized that a lot 
of people are putting out this kind of boring   content, which really doesn't convert, and I 
realized that a lot of them are using content   calendars because again, on this content calendars 
they tell them to put out the same kind of content   on this particular day right. So this topic 
today and a lot of the content that I put out,   is simply generated from interactions that I 
have with my ideal clients on a day-to-day basis.   So this goes deeper into this specific issue 
that I know that my ideal clients are facing   which is the fact that they are using content 
calendars, and this doesn't really help them   stand out with regards to their marketing and 
their content online.

So if you want to attract   premium high ticket qualified leads, you need to 
market yourself and put out content that attracts   the kind of leads or the quality of clients 
that you want to attract. And like I always say,   the quality of your content or the quality of 
your marketing, determines the quality of leads   you attract. So this might seem a lot but don't 
worry, I break it down even more in my four-step   guide on how to create highly converting content. 
This is in the description box below, so make   sure you grab a copy before you leave, and do not 
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