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Before we discuss about forex trading 1st of all look at the profits earned by students. This student earned profit of $80.52 in just 18 minutes, then this student earned profit of $237.89 in 7 Hours, then this student earned $141.92 in just few minutes & then finally this student earned $236.4 in just 4 hours. You just need mobile or laptop or both of these to earn this profit & don't miss any point of this video for complete details. Let's discuss that what is Forex Market. Well in forex trading you buy & sell 3 types of things. #1. You can buy & sell Currencies like Dollars & Euro. #2. You can buy & sell commodities like Gold, Silver & Crude Oil in Forex Trading. #3. You can buy & sell shares of google, apple & Facebook in Forex Trading. So, you will pick mobile or laptop, then you will select the forex trading market like currencies or commodities or shares & then You will invest as i'm going to show you! Here students will ask that how much money do we need to invest in forex trading? Well don't worry! You can start earning profits even with 5 dollars (Rs.1000/-).

Here keep in mind this is not a scheme! its real time investment in forex trading. Well after picking up mobile or laptop, selecting market & amount to be invested you will type on google Tradingview. Open this website, then click on chart, select the forex market in which you are going to invest then look at this picture & learn closely. in this crucial part you will decide where you should get entry & where to exit to generate profit from forex trading market.

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Look at this point here is current current share price. Here you have to decide about entry. In case here you go for entry, then when to exit is a big question for earning profit. This is important part b/c if your decision is wrong then you are going to have loss! that's why students should be careful about chart analysis which is called technical analysis & also about news which is called fundamental analysis. If you apply Technical & Fundamental analysis carefully then for sure you will earn profits. You can learn these analysis from anywhere but if you wanna learn from someone known to me then there is link in description go & watch the feedback from students. So that you can know that how that teacher taught the analysis to students. You can learn from him. Well these are complete rules about forex trading. don't forget to subscribe this channel for videos just like forex trading & earnings.

don't miss that feedback given in description. That's all for this video see you next time!.

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