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hello viewers okay long session here i'm coming 
back today so today i'm going to show you some   technical analysis as you see from my one person 
mercy strategy you have came to know how to take   entries and exist and today i'm showing you 
how to analyze the market with right effort   and make the right decision and how to combine 
your how to combine your indicators on proper way   so here i have taken indicators so first 
of all i'm showing you the indicator setup   so here moving average that is 20 
exponential applied to close violet color other indicators non-exponential and then finally you have to take a 50 exponential 50 smooth moving average it is 
and 50 exponential so that's it so 50 small is a red color and then 
you have to take rsa that is 500 rsi   and levels are 10 20 18 90 and 50. 
and you have to take 200 a small   moving average on rsi window you have to 
take nine a small moving average that is   orange color and 50 small moving average that is 
green color and then finally volume indicators so that is the by different setups so your window 
looking like this so right at this moment i'm   showing you some of the analysis how you can 
analyze the market on proper way so here we go so as you see it is a zoom level two so this 
is the zoom level zero we showing you the   gbp velocity and here the zoom level zero and at first you can 
look for zoom level zero to eagle light watch of   whole market scenario and then for the indication 
for the signal you can zoom in for zoom level 2 so as you can see here it is a downtrend okay 
so if you want to catch this downtrend then   zoom in okay here to to catch this downtrend after zooming level 
two you see here a signal what is here   some level two indicates you that entry 
signal so whenever in in this situation   you see that the so what is our signal rules 
whenever you see that the orange or yellow in this window i have taken you orange 
on my previous video it was yellow okay   that is okay so whenever you see the orange 
across the blue so blue is the base line   whenever you see orange crosses blue and heating 
down from 80 or just touching 80 or crossing 80   then it is a sell signal as you know 
so before taking the cell intra cell   entry you have to analyze what's happening towards 
the market so from this point why i am taking   i'm gonna taking this entry or why this entry is 
valid uh so before taking that entry you have to   take a little bit analysis and this analysis 
is very very easy and very cool so let's see so this is our entry point here is the crossing   and this is the volume bar as you 
can see from here volume going down   the green volume here green volume down down down 
down down and down and as you can see this is the   blue line that is the indication of indication of 
uptrend here price going up when the whole price   is above the blue line this is the blue lane when 
price is ever blue line then it is up trend it   indicates uptrend so when you get here the entry 
signal that is the sell signal but before taking   this signal you should analyze that 
price right at this moment on upwards   and as you can see still the price is above the 
blue line so it is uptrend but here in the volume   volume going uh constantly going down 
so volume going down price going up so here you can expect the end of this 
trend so here this uptrend going to be end   here the uptrend going to be end so right at 
this moment if i repeat the whole thing again here it is a blue line when price is above the 
blue it is the uptrend and here you get the signal   of downtrend so should you take the signal okay 
yes you should take the signal because price is   hitting upward and price is ever blue line 
but here from volume william going down so whatever you see volume going down it means 
the strength of this market this uptrend   is going to be end here it is end so now price 
should coming down from your signal level so that's it so that's why we could take this   entry so and have a look if you take this 
entry how nicely priced going down how nicely and how much pips if we count the pips here 
if we take entries from from whenever you see whenever you see that the order is coming down 80   here and then you have taken entries 
from here so this point is uh   this point is oh okay we can take entries from 
here so if you take entries from one point one point three nine double zero so how 
how long it goes have a look one point so this is the last peak here so 
whenever you see this this point   have a look your signal swing 
this is up trend from here   so you can take profit you can take 
profit here in this point so this point is one point three eight zero seven 
five so how much 1.38 and here and here you see 1.39 so lot of pips taken okay and right now if you want to 
take this signal here on the same way   you have to analyze the market so what 
do you see here here price is uh below blue line price is below blue line so it is a 
downtrend here it is a downturn and here is the   signal but you can your signals show you uptrend 
so here is a downtrend and here volume also down so it means that direction going to be changed 
why because when you see volume is increasing   on a trend it means the continuation of trend 
whenever you see volume changing and it's downing whenever you see volume is going 
upwards and price going upwards   it is means it means price is continuing and when 
you see price going down volume going upwards   it also means the downtrend continuation but 
whenever you see somehow price going one direction   but volume not increasing or volume 
decreasing it means the trend going to be end   so that's why here if we see that the price 
going down that volume also going down that means   the trend going to be end so we can take entries 
from here from here so what's happened see okay price going a bit little here and so from this point so from this 
point from this point uh 1.38156 press green here 1.38 27 how many pips so that is cool okay and again here 
another indications of cell as you can see as you can here here the signal uh orange cross 
blue here and this is the crossing point and here   you see the blue there is the blue this blue 
uh prices above the blue so it is the uptrend   indications here is the blue blue line price 
is above blue so it is a uptrend and whenever   you see the volume here the volume you see 
when it went down so from this part it means   if we see that the volume going up and then we   can consider the this trend is continuing 
to the uptrend but whenever you see that the volume is going down here but price 
is going up but here is our indication of down   so it is we can take this entry so let's 
see what's happened here price going down   down and a bit little at the moment then 
it is continuously falling down you see   so someone can ask that if we take this entry from 
here uh price also going outpost so if you take   interest from here it is 1.39370 here nine three 
seven zero so after taking entries price may okay i'm wrong if you take entries from here as a 
as i say previously if you take entries from   from this candle then price is here is uh 
from this kind of prices here is 1.3938   1.3938 okay so if you can hold 
your trade towards here 1.39   three eight and four three if you can 
hold your trade here then after waiting   you see the continuation continue mission 
of this downtrend it's a heavy downtrend and here again a signal uh you see here that it is 
a cell signal as you can see orange crossing blue   and heating towards and here prices above the blue 
lane it means it is uptrend can continuing uptrend   but we get signal downtrend so should we take 
entries because volume going down it means the   uh uptrend signal weaker here so we can take this 
trend so here you see price going down nicely okay   huge so when you get out from 
your entry whenever you see that   again entry forming here from this point 
you see here that orange heating upwards   from blue lane and crossing 20 to hear another 
signal so you can you can take profit from this point and this is also valid the signals valid as 
you can see here if i draw the price down the blue   so it is a downtrend but here we got signal for 
uptrend and for a downtrend uh volume should be   down as you can see here volume uh volume should 
going up for any trend volume should be going up okay i repeat for a downtrend volume 
also going up it is a downtrend here   but volume also going down you see here volume 
is going down so the price is below blue   line so it is a downtrend and volume also going 
down means the downtrend is no more it is end   so taking entries from here for uptrend is 
valid so here you see the price is going up okay so have a look on the signal here another 
example why you shouldn't take this   you see here a crossover from 80 and 
across here so signaling a downtrend   but price is above the blue 
length so it is a uptrend as you can see here the volume is flat because 
volume have a very very flat movement and they   don't show you any downwards or any airports 
that don't show any downloads or of course   to here as you can see the volume have no chance 
no change so so this uptrend is not end here   so you can't take this downtrend entry because 
here volume have no significant uh down movement   or no significant up movement 
so as you can see here   our volume is increasing after after some 
times here you see volume is increasing so as you see volume is increasing here so this is a half trend and volume increasing 
volume in prison means this uptrend is valid and   it will go much further so that's why that's why 
this entry is not valid this entry is in the lead from here so don't take this entry because 
as you can see here if if you take this entry   the price if you take this sell 
signal price will be much up   as you can see high screen match 
job see i swing much further so so i wish you could analyze the market like 
me as i showed you how to analyze using volume   and using your outside window so mercy strategy 
is still powerful if you can combine the price   action and price action could be con combined by 
volume volume burst so i'm if i'm repeating the   whole secret whenever you going to take entries 
from your our sub window you have to look also the   volume bars if you see that the price is down blue 
line then it indicates the price is going down   but if you see if you see volume 
is increasing then it indicates the   downtrend will be continuing so if you 
see a uptrend indications then you don't   need to take the entries because 
the downtrend could be continuing so what i'm talking about if you see that signal 
creating here it is indicating going up but here   you see the blue line here and the price is below 
the blue line so it is a downtrend indication   so and and then we have to watch the volume verse 
if you see the volume verse is here a lot of   volume verse and volume is enough so it means the 
power of this trend so the price uh trend will be   continue here so taking uptrend from this signal 
is not valid so you shouldn't take this signal   and so what i'm talking about because before 
taking any kind of entries from your rsi window   you have to look forward for the volume where if 
you see price going up and volume also going up   and you see a sell signal from your indicators 
then you shouldn't take it and whenever you see   price going down and volume also going up it means 
the continuation of the downtrend and the time if   you see that i was a window showing you a buy 
signal then you shouldn't take that bicycle so   i hope you understand that video keep practice 
with your gold a good health and applying this   rsi mercy strategy that one person mercy strategy 
will be more more profitable so keep practice and   question here comment below subscribe like 
and share my channel so i hope everyone make this video available for the other other 
part of the world so everyone can get freedom   from the finance and that's why i'm making 
this channel to make it easy trading trading is   easy .


So keep practice on demo and then apply 
your knowledge to the real account thank you.

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