The Truth About Being a Social Media Marketing Freelancer | 4 Truths No One is Talking About

i started my freelancing career in the beginning 
of the pandemic and it was 100 a sink or swim   situation and it was during this transformation 
that i realized there's a lot of things that   people don't talk about when it comes to being 
a freelancer so in this video i'm going to share   with you four truths i'm talking raw truths that 
freelancers go through and solutions to help you   along the way so if you're excited about this 
video be sure to give it a thumbs up hit the   subscribe button it helps me out a lot i post 
videos to help freelancers scale and grow their   business to achieve financial freedom so the 
four truths about being a freelancer the four   raw and real truths about being a freelancer 
let's dive in the first one is actually a quote   by winston churchill that i live and will die by 
and that is success is not final failure is not   fatal it's the courage to continue that count the 
reason why this is a truth when it comes to being   a freelancer is that just because your business is 
doing so well right now you're in a great season   does not mean that success is going to be final 
at any point in time when you're a freelancer   that could be taken away from you and failures not 
fatal is also an important part of this because   you're going to make mistakes as a freelancer 
but it's important to remember to dust yourself   off it is not fatal and continue to push forward 
it really is the courage to continue that counts   so a tip that can help you get through this 
process if you're overcoming a challenge right now   or you're trying to get more business for your 
business or anything of nature is to really master   the art of showing up master the art of showing 
up for yourself and for your business so every   single day do something that's going to help you 
move your business forward of course not every   day is going to be an amazing day we're going 
to crank out a bunch of content you're going to   sign a bunch of contracts or anything like that 
but every single day figure out a way to be one   percent better for yourself before your business 
the second truth about being a freelancer and   this one is really raw and authentic and that is 
not everyone is going to support you in the end   and what i mean by that is when you're first 
starting your freelance business i'm sure they're   going to be a lot of people that are clapping 
for you and supporting you and cheering you on   along the way but what i've noticed throughout 
my freelancing career is that that crowd starts   to get smaller and smaller and smaller and there 
could be moments in time when you're thinking like   okay well i could really use a pick-me-up or i 
could really use some help but those people aren't   going to be there which is why it's so important 
to remember that if your crowd is getting smaller   and there's negativity around you to really limit 
the conversations that you're having with people   when it comes to sharing your success and doing 
everything possible to continue to move forward   no matter what so just because your crowd may 
have gotten a little bit smaller or sharing   section that you know physically has gotten a 
little smaller does not mean that the people   you're helping online are not still there and 
not still cheering for you so don't forget about   those people either the third truth to being 
a freelancer is that budgeting taxes llc's   the legality of your business all of that is 
ultimately up to you so if you really want to   be smart and plan ahead for the future you really 
have to be savvy with your budgeting savvy with   your taxes savvy with the legality aspect of your 
business and the best way to get through that and   the best solution that i can offer for you for 
that is to remember that at the end of the day   this is your business it's your responsibility to 
figure those things out become resourceful online   interview accountants interview different 
people within the legal fields to make sure   that you are making the right decision for your 
business because the last thing you want to do   is have to owe uncle sam or whatever country 
you're in when it comes to taxes a lot of money   so make sure you're doing the things that it 
takes to educate yourself on the very important   aspects of your business budgeting taxes legality 
things of that nature and the fourth truth about   frina being a freelancer is that ultimately time 
management and work life balance is also up to you   trust me when i say i could probably work all day 
every day like there's literally always something   for me to do but i know that if i were to work 
all day every day i would be losing my mind at   the end of the day which is why it's so important 
to have really good time management and a really   good work life balance and the best solution i can 
give you for that is discipline it is so important   to have discipline for yourself for your business 
for your work life balance otherwise you're going   to be burning the wick at both ends and nothing 
great is really going to come from that so what   i'm really trying to say here is that these 
four truths while they're real and raw and 100   true and authentic it really just boils down to 
you because at the end of the day you are the   one making these changes for your business you are 
the one pushing forward and it's up to you to make   things move forward in a positive way and to 
change lives and to ultimately change your life   so if you like this video make sure you 
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