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Hello friends and welcome back to my channel. 
today i will probably have one of the very   informative videos because i want to start with 
only one dollar and go for the maximum balance   i can. i will also try to tell you a lot 
about trading and show you which periods   i use on the indicators and what style of 
trading i like. so watch the video to the end.   i think it's a great time to start setting 
indicators. but first of all i want to withdraw   some money i made in the previous video. 
i will withdraw money uh by bitcoin as   it is the most effective and quickest way to 
withdraw money. this amount is 5035 dollars.   i will definitely leave one dollar for trading. 
then i will give the confirmation and that's   all.

then i want to go to the real account and 
show you the indicators and periods i have to set.   so these indicators are three moving average 
and rsi. the first moving average period was   five, for the second one this for 45 and 
for the third one is 13. rsi period is 5. i set the candles at one minute and 
trade one minute intervals and i also put   high percentage currency pairs. 
i'll try find uh to find the best entry point 
and explain why i'm entering the trade. i think uh it's the first wonderful
moment. so the level or position of   the mountain is made from top to bottom 
and at the same time all three moving   average lines cross uh the red candle and 
the direction of the candle also goes down.   also, if you look at the screen you see the 
rsi white line is in the selling position   and this position is best if you want to enter 
the trade in a downward direction. so, guys this   method has various good entry points and in this 
video i want to show you all the good moments.

Also,   on the following trades i will show 
you what you need to pay attention to   to reduce the loss of money. now let's watch 
what happens. and i think i'm going to win. great! so, friends when you see such a strong 
download trend there is a great chance   that this trend will continue again.   of course one or two green candles can be made or 
raised above and then continuing the trend again.   here is a strong rsi signal that sells are 
continuing. also, the moving average red line   crosses the red candle and this is also a 
good signal to enter the trade.

This is also   a good signal when different lines of the moving 
average intersect each other. for example, now   the green line intersect the red line and at the 
same time both lines have a starting correction   in the downward direction. and i think i'm going 
to win this trade too. so the second great win! so, friends i'm so proud of myself. i think it's 
another very interesting and effective moment in   this um moment of what you see on the platform.  
i will try to explain why. so, look at uh the white   line of the rsi is in a strong selling position 
or with the large percentage it's coming down the   red line. you should pay attention to such moments 
because if at the same time all the indicators   give a signal in the downward direction it will 

So, take another look at moving average   red and green lines intersect again and the white 
line also crossed the green line a while back.   and the third great win. so, as you can see uh this particular 
moment is similar to the previous moments   but the difference here is that 
there were obviously strong sales.   two large red candles points to these and then 
a green candle is fixed which has no power   apparently and a large stick is made above. 
so, here we can already switch the psychology   of candles. it's very helpful at the moment but 
remember friends i observe all this after moving   average and rsi signals. we can combine 
these signals and candle psychology together. i think it was an effective win. so, again and again a strong downward trend. 
here i expect an even stronger descent.   because look closely we have intersections of moving average lines and 
also, the rsi white line is in the position   below its red line. this is the first signal that 
you can enter the trade.

But these signals are   amplified by trends. that is how strong the trend 
is. in this case, there is a very strong descent and   i have to use it. in such a strong descent when 
a green candle is made it's almost often replaced   by a red candle. don't be afraid when you see a 
green candle in a downward trend. great win! and now we have a strong upward trend and 
as i talked about in the previous trades   here you have to look at uh the white 
line of the rsi in the first place and   it follows the green line above i.e it 
is in the buying position for a long time.   we also have moving average lines uh going upward 
which don't have a strong signal at the moment but   have a direction from bottom to up. which is also 
important. and one of the highlights is the strong   big green candle. this is an indication 
that the purchases are getting stronger   from time to time. and i think everything is 
going in a perfect way.

Another win. great! so, here friends we have a relatively stable 
market and levels uh that are moving in a   stable direction. look at the long-term trends it 
is quite descending and then the levels are done.   and right now we have uh that moment 
when the next level is done and there   is a great chance that the candle will go 
down and continue to create another level.   moving average indicators also have a download 
trend and the rsi white lane is in   very close to the selling position.

That's why 
i entered the trade in a downward direction.   and i think at this moment everything is 
going in a perfect way. great win! so, i can't count my trades today. so, this moment 
is one of the best moments in this method. because   at this point moving average white, green and red 
lines intersect each other and the red candle at   the same time. and this means that moving average 
gives us a strong signal of a downward trend. next,   i look at the rsi which is in the selling position. 
and you should also observe the places where the   lines intersect each other.


They give 
signals in specific direction and exactly   these directions are conceivable if you 
want to catch a good moment. and i think.. great! it's good i won but i think the 
candles will go uh further down. and that's why   i'm entering in this currency pair again. because 
a better moment was created. in such a downward   trend a green candle appeared and of course as i 
have already told you there is a great chance that   it will be replaced by a red candle.

And as i told 
you we don't have to be afraid when we see a green   candle in the downward uh trend. this is not 
an assumption. this analysis is based on   indicator signals. but this analysis is not 100 
percent and i can be wrong of course. this   is shown by time and profitability. and as you 
can see the candle went down. grey win! great! here we have the same situation as in the 
previous few moments but there was a downward   trend and here the opposite is an upward 
trend. i told you that when there are many   green candles and you see that a red candle has 
come out at this time there is a high   probability that there will be the next green 
candle again. but do not be mistaken by just   this one detail. we do not pay attention 
to only one detail. so this detail will be   negligible if it's not accompanied by moving 
average and rsi signals in combination. great twin! friends, i really feel shocked and i've almost lost my voice.

a strong upward trend. if you observe such um   trend i often enter the trade because it fits 
very well with this method by which i trade. there is a high probability that i 
will successfully complete this trade i would also like to tell you that if 
the moving average lines have a new   intersection with each other and you enter 
the trade at such a moment it is very   good and further increases the profitability 
of the trade. as for the rsi white line is a   better signal if it has been in the buying 
position for a long time. i won here too. of course i want to tell you um friends 
that my videos are not investment advice.   and they are purely and only cognitive in 
nature. how you manage your money is   only up to you and no one else. uh also don't trust 
when people write on my behalf.. know that they are   scammers. because i'm not writing to anyone about 
investing. this is against my policy.

And i hope   you no longer make any mistakes and don't deposit 
your money in scams. now, let's watch what happens. i won but not so convincingly 
and i want to trade here again. i have shown this method in detail in 
a few videos but not all the details have   been discussed there. because physically you 
cannot explain such a method in every detail   uh in a few minutes. that's why i decided 
to record some videos about this method.   also, friends watch carefully 
how i entered the trade and which moments i enter the trade and what details i 
pay attention to. because every detail is important   and i always try to elaborate on the methods i 
show you. because you learn more about trading   and become more sophisticated when trading in the 
foreign exchange markets. and i won hear again.   so, friends i really feel unreal today. this is 
the moment when strong sales started after the   purchases made. the red candles broke the level. 
at the same time, uh as you can see the lines of   the moving average intersecting each other and 
also intersecting the red candles and it's quite   strong signal.

The rsi white line is of course 
in the sell position or below the red line.    if you look closely at the platform when such a 
moment is created there is a very high probability   that the red candles will continue to move down.
let's wait a little bit and observe what happens. great, i won the first trade and looking 
forward to the next one. excellent! i think i should enter the trade here again 
because the red candles have not come down enough.   i think so because the indicator signals are much 
stronger and as i explained in   other moments after so many red candles the green 
candle also came out.

We also have strong signals.   this means that as i told you in the previous 
moments the probability of winning is quite high.   as you can see we are moving quite slowly and 
with understanding. then the candles are going down.   so, i think i will win this trade. so it was a great win. so, now i'm 
waiting for the second one. cool.. great.. i caught a very cool moment and this is 
a really strong upward trend. i also have a   signal from all the indicators that the candles 
will go even higher. and i entered the trade   for a one minute intervals. i say again that 
the losses in this market can be quite high.   i also have losses but i also have gains. and 
the main thing is that the profit must be   more than loss.

and this is what
no one wants when trading in the foreign markets so, i think i'm going to win! great win! perfect! i already exceeded sixteen thousand dollars. 
this moment should probably be called an   uh appropriate name and as they say every download 
trend is followed by an upward trend. that's   exactly the moment now. as the trend reversed 
from a strong downward and began a strong uptrend. this moment is relatively risky for new 
traders and still and such moments should be   avoided by new traders. because i have shown 
you much better moments in this method and   using it is better, i think. but 
everything is going in a perfect way. and very cool, i won again. this is 
the result of a successful analysis. friends, you may think that this or 
that indicator intersect and that is all. but   if you look at my videos you will realize 
that i pay attention to many details like   candles as well as trends, levels and many other 
things that have nothing to do with indicators.   but don't think that the indicators are 

on the contrary, i pay attention   special attention to the signals of the 
indicators and i also do market analysis   as i have already told you. i hope to 
complete the trade here as well. oh my god perfect trade! i really feel blessed today. 
i have no words. i gained a maximum balance of   more than um 33 000 with only one dollar.  
it was not an easy trade. i want to tell you   that i recorded a lot of videos in which i lost 
money and started all over again with one dollar.   i think it was really really great day today.   thanks for watching friends. i want 
to say goodbye. thanks for everything!.

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