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This video is going to be slightly Different than what you usually see on This channel because we usually talk About how to quickly make money online And how if you just make money online as Fast as possible but inside of this Video I will show you how to actually Establish a long-term online business Without actually building your own Website without investing a single Dollar and with no social media Followers so you don't need Instagram You don't need YouTube subscribers or Anything like that and I will walk you Through the entire process step by step But you have to stick with me all the Way until the end of the video and watch Every single second because if you don't You will probably get confused and lost And this will not work for you so if you Actually want to establish a long-term Online business over the next 10 minutes Then make sure to pay close attention to Every second of this video just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they're Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never tax you for money you can Check their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick

People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never text You like that so just stay safe and Reward them all so with all that being Said let's go through the first step Which is to go over to Kitco this is Already kit dot a CEO and this is a Platform where you will be able to build Your own store with products that you Don't actually own that you don't Actually have in your your apartment Your house it doesn't matter you you Don't own any of those products and it's Not Drop Shipping I'm going to show you What this is all about but for the step Number one you also want to choose a Niche because you want to focus on one Specific Niche and just go all in on That one you don't want to be focusing On Fitness and then focusing on gaming And in business and crypto then suddenly You hear nfds are a thing and then you Start with nfts like you want to focus On one specific Niche if you're let's Say into fitness then go with Fitness if You're into camping then go with camping If you're into fishing that's a great One you can go with fishing for this Particular example I'm gonna go with Fitness because it's extremely easy and Simple to explain it with this Niche but

As I said you can go with literally Anything that you're passionate about Maybe that's basketball maybe that's Football maybe that's hockey whatever it Is so what you want to do is you want to Sign up to KidCo for the step number two Click on the sign of a button over here And create an account either with Twitter Facebook or email and then you Can just sign into your account I'm Going to continue with Facebook because It's the easiest option now once you Create an account on kitko what you Simply want to do is you want to start Your own store and the way you start Your own store is like these different People that are doing that like for Example this person has a PC gaming Store if you open up his store it has Six different products and we can browse Like all right if I'm into PCS and Gaming then I will come to here and I Will buy everything I need for my gaming Setup if I'm into like you can find top Creators here if I'm into let's say a Technology then I can open up this store Over here I can see what this guy has For his setup and as you can see we will Have all of these different products That we can instantly buy I can buy this In Amazon I can buy this on Amazon as Well I can buy this in different stores So if I want to have the same setup as This guy I will come over to here and I

Will buy all the products from his store So what you can simply do is you can Start your own store by pressing on the Plus button and you can click on create A new kit and then you can answer the Kit name in this case I'm gonna enter Like Fitness Gods like let's say for Example that's gonna be my store name And this is all about Fitness you will Write a description about what your Store is all about and then click on Next and then as I said you don't Necessarily need your own products Because what you can do is you can just Search for the products here and then When someone buys those products from Your store you're just gonna earn a Commission so basically you don't Actually have to ship the products or Whatever you just create a store and That's it when someone buys you just get Paid and then the the vendor actually You know creates the product ships the Product does customer support all of That all you gotta do is just drive Traffic to your store and I'm going to Show you exactly how so you can just Type in here let's say if I want to have A fitness store if I'm gonna have like a Gym related equipment I will tell typing Like dumbbell here I don't know how to Spell dumbbell but I think it's like This or something like that uh dumbbell Yeah I did that correctly so I'm gonna

Add this product here I will add this to My kit then I will think about what else Do people need when they want to create Their own gem or when they want to do Fitness let's say for example I'm going To search for a fitness related products So I'm gonna add this mattress here this Is for yoga I'm gonna add something else I'm gonna all stop in Fitness here let's Say for example I want to add this one This is a really cool product that I can Also sell whatever is related to Fitness Whatever is related to gym and stuff Like that I'll just search for it and I Will try to find some products if I want To add this I can easily do that and Then once I have these products into my Store I recommend you add at least 10 Different products because the more the Products that you have the higher Chances are that you're gonna make more Money because there's more available Over there but also you don't want to Add too many products because then People are gonna get confused they're Gonna think like do I need this or this Or this and they're not gonna end up Buying anything but if you have like 10 Different products that are all related To each other they're gonna think like All right I probably need all of this Stop for my camping equipment or I'll Need all this stuff for fishing or for Gaming and so they're gonna buy all of

Those products and you're gonna maximize Your results so somewhere around Time Products would be perfect now once you Have them you can click on view kit and You will share it later on so just click On share later this is my own store that They have over here it says Fitness Gods You can of course customize it for your Own needs and then when someone comes in And they can see these products they can Buy this watch they can just click here To buy it on Amazon they can buy this They can buy this so now what I gotta do Is I gotta share this kit with other People so there's gonna be a button Where you can copy the link for this Particular store that you just made so Now that you have a store that's related To one specific Niche and when someone Comes in just remember you're gonna be Making money when someone buys these Products you're gonna earn a commission On this platform what I want to do next Is you want to open up Instagram and you Want to search for a Instagram page in That particular Niche that gives tips Tips about fishing tips about camping Tips about gaming tips about Fitness in This case business crypto Finance Whatever that might be in this case I Search for fitness tips and I just found A small page that posts valuable content About Fitness and then what I can simply Do is I can just go through their posts

And see what is actually performing well What people are mostly interested in Like posts like these that are kind of Valuable I can basically copy them so I Can just open up this I can see like all Right they gave some useful data about Peanuts and and almonds well now what I Can do is I can just open up canva.com Which is a tool that will allow you to Edit different images for a completely Free so it's a design tool and then you Can just click and create a new design And you want to start with a Pinterest Pin design that's going to give you this Template here and what it will do is in This case I will search I will go to the Photos section on the left side I will Search for almonds and then I will add These boys here on the left side so I'm Basically recreating the post that I Found on Instagram and then I will also Search for peanuts and I'm perhaps gonna Use these boys on the right side and Here we have them so we have peanuts and Almonds left and right now I'm also Going to add the useful beta which is Like how many grams of protein they have And stuff like that so on the left side I'm gonna type in whatever these guys Say protein 2 grams carbs 2 grams fats 5 Grams all right protein carbs and fats And then you can customize the text in This case I will just add something on The background I can customize the font

As well if I don't like this one I can Just go with for example this font over Here it looks a little bit better and Then I will just paste it here I will Copy paste this and then I will type in Whatever it was about the the peanuts it Was protein 2.6 grams carbs 1.6 all Right I will try to remember that so Protein 2.6 and then we also have 1.6 Grams carbs and also 4.9 grams of fat Comparing these two all right now once I Have the design that I've copied from One of those Instagram Pages like Obviously we're not just stealing your Account you're not just downloading Their content and reposting onto other Platforms because that's not necessarily Legal but if you recreate them or you Add your own value you can actually go With that so this is like a brand new Brand new design that I just made myself So it's Unique and I can click on share And I can download it to my computer by Pressing on the download button now the Next thing that you got to do with these Designs so once you know that you can Create them in literally less than three Minutes you can create as many of these Different designs and then you can start A store on Pinterest you can create your Own account in Pinterest your profile on Pinterest it's going to be all about in This case Fitness or whatever that might Be for you that might be fishing through

That might be gaming for you that might Be camping and then you just click and Create a pin here and then you will Start a new board I'm going to create a New board which is in this case gonna be Fitness Gods where I'm gonna be posting All about Fitness I'm gonna be giving Fitness advice and I'm gonna drag this Here and I'm gonna type in uh almonds Versus peanuts and this is gonna attract People that are actually interested in This and then we'll maybe Write a brief Description and tell people that if they Need equipment related to Fitness if They want to check out my fitness store They can click on the destination link And destination link is going to be this Link Creator so you just want to go back To your store and then you want to copy The link address again so copy the link To share for your Kitco store and then You can paste that here and then you can Share it on your on your board it's Related to that specific Niche and if You do this regularly you're going to Start building an audience on Pinterest That is related to that specific topic Because it's obviously going to be Easier to get people to click on your Store go to your store purchase some Products and make you money like that And that's how you can establish a 500 a Day affiliate marketing business without Actually building your own website

Without actually posting any YouTube Videos and without investing a single Dollar so I really hope you got some Value out of this video if you did make Sure to drop a like down below and I'll See you in some of the next ones

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