Using ChatGPT Make YouTube SHORTS In Minutes ($10,000 FACELESS METHOD) Make Money with ChatGPT

I'm going to show you how to use ChatGPT to generate YouTube SHORTS video scripts and then how to turn that script into a YouTube Short video using A.I software really quickly that can make you money on YouTube with affiliate marketing and if monetized with shorts Ad revenue.

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Hey everyone on today's video I want to Show you how you can make well over two Thousand dollars with every single YouTube short video that you put up Using chat GPT and another AI software That's going to do all the work for you So you don't need to show your face and Even use your own voice if you don't Want to utilizing chat GPT and this Amazing AI software you can get tens of Thousands of views if not millions of Views with your YouTube shorts and I'm Going to show you how to choose the Right products that convert so you can Make a lot of money online with YouTube And YouTube shorts you see something Exciting just recently happened with YouTube shorts and that is that YouTube Is allowing you to monetize all your YouTube short content what that means is That you can start to make tens of Thousands of dollars with your YouTube Short content with ad Revenue but on This video today I'm going to show you How to make 10 times more than that with Affiliate marketing utilizing chat GPT YouTube short and an amazing AI software That's going to do all the work for you And I'm going to have an amazing offer For you all I ask that you do is make Sure that you watch this entire video Because I'm going to walk you through Everything step by step smash that like Button and make sure you subscribe to

The channel for some more awesome Content I've got coming your way so the First thing that you need to do with This strategy is you need to come over To chatgpt and you need to create an Account for yourself if you don't have Access to chat GPT or you can't get it Go to everything is going to Be linked in the description of this Video and create an account for yourself To get access to chatgpt now what you Want to do is you want to come over to This software it's called in video dot IO I'm gonna have a link in my Description and this software is going To allow you to create amazing AI videos Really really quickly for YouTube short They've even got their own AI Voice or You can record your own voice and put it On this software and it's going to Create these videos for you so that you Can put them up onto YouTube and you can Start promoting these amazing products From there once you've come over here And set up your in video account what You want to do is then you want to come Over to and you want to Create yourself an account so you're Able to promote these different types of Affiliate marketing products if ClickBank is not available in your Country then what you can do is go to Other affiliate programs for example you

Can come over to this platform called More Niche and they've got a ton of Different types of products that you can Promote in the health and fitness Industry the best part about this Strategy is that you can promote any Product that you want so the first thing That we want to do is we want to find a Product to promote so once you're over On ClickBank and you create an account For yourself what you want to do is come Over to this section where it says Affiliate Marketplace you want to click Onto all and you want it and you want to Basically choose a product to promote so You can scroll down and you can choose For example health and fitness if you Know any particular product that you Want to promote then you can quite Simply just search for that product what I also recommend that you do is you come Over here to sortresult by and select Gravity high to low once you do that You'll be able to scroll down and find The whole range of different types of Products the product that I want to Promote today will show you how to Promote is this one over here called the Smoothie diet the 21 Day rapid weight Loss program there's a couple of reasons Why you want to promote products like This number 1 the gravity score is Really good and number two they've got a Reoccurring commission what that means

Is that because this is a product that People drink they're going to continue To purchase this and you're going to Continue to make money passively for a Long period of time so if your video Does well and gets a lot of views and You've got a lot of people to sign up They're going to keep buying again and Again so in order to promote this Product all you need to do is come down Here click on to promote and then what You want to do is you want to generate This hop link and then this is the link That you're going to be using to promote This product so that's the first thing That you want to do you want to get this Link from here what we want to do is we Want to ask chatgpt to create a script On this particular product so what you Want to do from here is you want to come Straight back over to chatgpt remember Go to unlock our bot if you don't have Access now I've saved us some time I Already asked chatgpt this question Create a 60 second YouTube short script On this smoothie diet highlighting all The main points so what happens you can See it's given us an intro then it's Given us the body of this content then It's given us an outro now what we need To do is we need to quite simply copy This the entire script so we're going to Copy this now what we want to do is we Want to come over to now

Before you sign up to Nvidia I've got a Link in my description I've got an Amazing special for you today where you Can get in video with 25 off for the Entire life of this program the good Thing about in video is you can actually Make short form content and you can make Long form content it's one of the best It's one of the best softwares at the Moment that can do everything for you Using AI so quite simply when you sign Up for NVIDIA if you come up to their Section where it's got pricing you can See here that if you apply my coupon Code Smt25 you're going to get a 25 discount If I remove this you're going to see That it is going to cost you a little Bit more and you can also see that with These different types of plans the first One is you can sign up for free you've Got 6 000 plus video templates that you Can use you've got free video sharing You've got 40 minute video durations and You've got three million plus standard Media what I recommend that you do once You sign up to Nvidia and you start Playing around with this because you're Going to be promoting products and I'm Going to show you why these products are So good and how much views you can Actually get with them paying off this Amount of money will not take you a long Time you will start to get money coming

In constantly so you want to use all the Features of Nvidia which is IHOP why I Highly recommend that you either sign up To the business plan or the unlimited Plan maybe start off with the business Plan and then move up to the unlimited Once you start making a little bit more Money say in order to get that discount On the business plan you just come over Here type in smt25 then click on to Apply and get that discount so the link To in video is in the description of This video click onto it now and sign up Now once you've created your in video Account what we now need to do is we Need to get in video to create this YouTube short video for us so what we Want to do is we want to use text to Video because we've already got chat GPT That's created us a 60 second short Script that we can use in Nvidia and we Already have our affiliate marketing Product so this is all very very simple And happens very quickly so what we now Want to do is Click onto text to video What in video now is going to do is it's Going to ask us to choose one of these Different types of templates it doesn't Matter 2 too much all these templates Are really good it all comes down to What type of writing you want Etc as you Can see they're all different types for The purposes of this video Let's just Run with this one for now so I'm just

Going to pause this and then the option That you have over here is you've got Three options the first one is you've Got your landscape type of video which Is your standard video for Youtube now You can use in video and create long Format videos as well what I recommend That you do is maybe create five to ten YouTube short videos and then maybe do a Longer video and see which one gets you The most traction and which one makes You the most money but to start seeing Some subscribers coming through and how You're going to get a lot of clicks on Your videos maybe start off with shorts And then maybe make some longer videos As well but I'm also going to show you How to rank these videos which is coming Up so don't miss that if you got to this Point go down the bottom right now and Comment I got to this point and let me Know if you're enjoying this content and Like I said don't forget to smash that Like button and appreciate education Means the world to me so what we want to Do is we actually want to choose the Portrait size the portrait size 9 by 16 Is the standard size for all your short Form content the amazing thing about When you create this video is you can Upload this to YouTube shorts you can Upload this to Instagram you can upload This to tick tock you can upload it to Twitter Pinterest Etc you can go and

Have a look at my Instagram account at Smart money tactics and see what I've Been doing recently to get hundreds of Thousands of views even millions of Views and you can do the exact same Thing utilizing in video so once you've Selected portrait 9×16 you want to Select use a template now what Nvidia is Going to do is it's going to ask you for This script and what we want to do is we Want to come straight back over to Chatgpt we want to copy this script and Then we come straight back over to in Video and we can paste this script in Here what we want to do is Maybe break This up you don't want to have too many Sentences in the one paragraph so you're Going to break it up to make it nice and Easy for you in video to create these Scenes for you so now once you've gone And you've fixed up this entire script All you need to do now is scroll down The bottom and click on to create scenes Now before you click on to create scenes You're going to see three options over Here it's going to ask you do you want To use free images do you want to use Eye stock images and premium images Because I've got the paid plan I have The ability to click onto all of these If you're still using the free plan Obviously just make sure that you untick These two if you do have the paid plan And you have upgraded your in-video

Account then all you need to do is Click Onto these now what you want to do is Click on to create scenes and in video Is going to create this video for you so Let's just click on to create scene and See what we come up with so now what Nvidia has gone and done is it's gone Out and created this entire video for us It's just still loading for me but you Can see exactly what scenes it's used And this writing is going to be used as A text overlay which you're going to see In the final product as you can see it's Just come up there but what you want to Do is you want to make sure that these Scenes correspond with what you have in The text I'm going to show you how to Change these scenes and how you're going To add a voiceover so as you scroll down What you want to do is you want to make Sure that these all fit like this one Does because you can see that somebody Is creating a smoothie they're creating A shake Etc but with the first one it's A little bit different so I'm going to Show you how to modify this first scene And you'll be able to do the rest of Them very very easily now the first Thing that you're going to find here is You've got this option of setting up a Logo within video which that basically Means that if somebody else takes your Video you've got rights to that video You could potentially copyright strike

Them or you can just ask them nicely not To use your videos just lets everybody Know that these are your videos so you Can add a logo you can create one and Upload it or quite simply all you can do Is just remove that if you don't want to Have that in any of your scenes now what We want to do is on the left hand side Part of here is you can choose videos And images for your scenes but very very Important something that I should have Pointed out already is if you scroll Down here and take a look you can see That this video is 55 seconds long which Is a perfect for what we want to do Because we want to create a video that's Under 60 seconds long because we want it To be a YouTube short video then you can Upload it to all the other platforms Other platforms will allow the videos to Be a little bit longer but if you want To be able to upload it to all of them Make sure that it's under 60 seconds Along okay so now what we want to do is We want to change this scene so if we Come over here and we click onto videos You can scroll up to the top and what You can do is you can type in something Like Smoothie Shake okay and just hit enter And then what Nvidia is going to do is It's going to find one of these types of Shakes so it's going to show you people

Creating these and people drinking them And you can see all different types of Stuff so what you can do here's a 10 Second video we can grab this we can Drag it and we can drop it over the top Or you can click onto this little plus Icon once you click onto that it's going To say add add section now what you want To do is you want to trim video to fit Scene you don't want to add the entire Video because then the video is going to Go longer so you want to click onto trim Video to fit scene and then click on to Add once you've done that in video is Now going to download this video over The top instead of the picture that They've got there or the video that They've got there so that might take a Couple of seconds to upload all right as You can see this video has just Downloaded onto there so now you can see That we've got a proper image to use With this writing now with this writing Guys you can grab this you can move it You can drop it down below as well You've got a whole heap of options with This you can make the text board you can Change the color color of the background Use all these edits and fonts throughout The top but I'll allow you to play Around with that yourself now what we Want to do is we want to add a voiceover To this video now in order to do that What you want to do is you want to

Scroll up to the top and you want to Click onto editor and what's going to Happen is it's going to bring you over To a page that looks like this now you Can see here at the bottom that it Allows you to add a voiceover now once We click onto this you have a few Options for a voiceover number one you Could pay someone to do it if you really Wanted to number two you can record your Own voice so you can record it into your Mobile phone or if you have a simple Little microphone already that's Connected to your computer you could Potentially even use Sometimes some of The laptops that have already speakers And stuff that allow you to record you Could use that but I highly recommend Using your phone and basically what You'd be doing is just reading out scene By scene and then uploading that voice Recording for every single scene that You have created added for this YouTube Short alternatively the other thing that You can do is you can select their Automated text to speech so once you Select that what's going to happen is It's going to give you the option of Using in videos Text-to-speech software and as you can See it's already brought up the first Scene because our cursor is at the front Of this first scene over here it's going To give us that first section so what

You can do now is if you scroll down You've got different types of voice Servers that you can use so if you click On this little drop down box you can use Someone like Sally or Matthew and you Can just click onto this little play Button to sample the different types of Accents and different types of voices That you can use I'm going to leave it On Sally and what I'm going to do is I'm Going to hit generate voiceover but Before I do that I want to let you know What's really important is that you want To make sure that you've got commas and Full stops everywhere where you need Them because that's going to break up The actual sound so if someone's talking And I need to pause it's going to make It sound a lot more realistic and a lot More pleasant to listen to so what we Want to do now is we want to click on to Generate voiceover what this is going to Do now is it's going to generate this Now what we can do is we can play this To hear what this sounds like Hey everyone today we're talking about The smoothie diet and how it can help You lose weight and feel great okay so That doesn't sound too bad now what you Want to do is you want to add this to Your scene now you want to make sure That this cursor is at the front and Exactly where you want to add this scene So you're going to click on to add and

As you can see that's been added to There now what you can do is you can Grab this you can drag this up a little Bit to make sure that it fits that scene Okay so once you've gone and lined up That audio with the clip what you now Want to do is you want to play this so You can hear it now I just want to let You know that this music clip over is Probably going to be a little bit too Loud for it but we're going to hear this To see what it sounds like And you can see that we can't hear that Voiceover at all so what you want to do Is you want to click onto this music Scene come up to the top and you've got This volume and fade you want to click Onto that and you want to bring this Right down to about say 30 to test that So you want to bring this over to the Start again and then hit play hey Everyone today we're talking about this Movie so you can hear the music in the Background very lightly you might not be Able to hear it because my microphone's Trying to pick it up but I can hear it Here and other people will be able to Hear it but it is really really low so I Could probably even come up to if I Click back onto the music probably bring This up to a little bit more maybe 40 And hit play now And now I can hear the music a lot Better so it sounds really really good

Now what you'll do is you just go over And repeat this process you'd come over Here and you would complete the second Scene with the voiceover Etc and you can See that all the transitions are already In place for this video to look really Really good the other thing that you can Do as well as you can see here we've got This text and this sort of highlight in The background now if you come over here On Nvidia they've got so many different Options when it comes to changing this You can click onto text you can scroll Down you can change all the font you can Choose different types of animations you Can see the one pops one sort of Scrolls Across and when you scroll down there Are a range of different types of Animations for text that you can use if You don't want to use this one so there Are plenty of options within video when You scroll up over here as well guys What you're going to see is that you can Change the music as well so if you click Onto music you've got different moods And different genres have also got sound Effects that you can choose from if you Wanted to add or change the music that You currently have or you can just use Use the one that you found with this Scene it's entirely up to you and we've Already discussed that you've got Different types of images and videos as Well so what's left to do now once you

Have gone through and completed this Scene don't forget as well that at the End of this video you want to make sure That you've got your call to action to Tell people to purchase that product That you are reviewing in this short Video because this is how you're going To make money with affiliate marketing That's a really really important I can't Stress how important that is now what we Want to do is we want to come up to the Top and we want to export this video so Once you click on to export I've got two Options for me when it comes to Exporting this video I can use the 1080p Because I have the premium version of in Video when you do get that you'll be Able to export at 1080 if you you don't You'll be able to do it at 720p I highly Recommend that you go down the bottom Click onto that link in my description That get in video and use my code Smt25 get 25 off because all you need to Do is put up a handful of these videos And people will start buying to cover The 11 a month cost after you get this With my special coupon that I've given You and you get the discount it's not Going to cost you much at all so what we Want to do now is we want to download This video so you're going to come over Here and you're going to click on to Export once we do that in video is now Going to start creating and downloading

This video what I want to do now is show You what you want to be doing to rank These different types of videos while This video is downloading now what I do Is I use a software called vid IQ for Two reasons reason number one is you can Get an extension which is going to show You the different types of tags that Other people are using inside their Videos and the second reason is that you Can also use vid IQ to find out which Products are getting searched a lot with Low competition let me show you exactly What I'm talking about if we come over To YouTube and we click onto any one of These videos you're going to see here That on the right hand side I've got This vid IQ extension if you scroll down It's going to show me what thumbnail They're using but more importantly if You scroll down to either video tags It's going to show me what tags this Particular video has used when they Created these videos so it's really Important that you use the right tags Now this person's use the smoothie diet Review and smoothie diet review if we Scroll up to the top also really Important when you create these videos That you're using that product at the Start of your title because that's going To tell YouTube how to rank this video And who to push this video to this is Going to ultimately give you a lot more

Use that's the first reason I like using Vid IQ now I'm going to have links to The description for everything that you Guys need in this video now the second Reason guys that I use vid IQ is so that I can take a look at and see how much This particular product or a review of This product is searched on YouTube Every single month now you can see I've Typed in the smoothie review diet review If you scroll down you're going to see That this particular search term is Searched 4922 times on YouTube every single month And the competition score is medium if You're a brand new channel then what you Can actually do is find an even better Keyword that you can use as an example You can see here the smoothie diet Reviews is searched 2382 times but its overall competition Score is really really low so what I can Do now is I can click onto matching Terms and it's going to find me a range Of different types of keywords that have Real really low competition score Anything in the green is really good Like for example 21 day the smoothie Diet review is searched 4664 times and it's very low very low Competition score meaning that if you Create a good video and people watch That video you stand a very good chance To pick up a lot of these views meaning

They're going to watch your video click On your link they're going to purchase Your product and you're going to make Money with affiliate marketing and the Best part about this is like I keep Saying guys you've used chat GPT to do All the heavy lifting for you you've Used Nvidia to create the video for you And all you've done is put it all Together and you're starting to make Money if you're agreeing with what I'm Saying if you're happy with the way you Are so far smash that like button in Appreciation so now that you know what Tool that you can use to potentially Rank these videos what we now need to do Is come back over to in video and once This video has finished rendering I'm Going to show you how to upload it and Then I'm going to show you exactly how You're going to shorten that link from ClickBank and exactly where you are Going to place that link then I'm also Going to show you how I can help you Build and grow a YouTube channel so that You can hit the ground running and make A lot of money online with YouTube ad Revenue and affiliate marketing all Right so as you can see now this video Has been downloaded onto my computer now You've got a couple of options that I Really like within video and that is That the first one is that you can Connect your in video account to YouTube

Where you can grab this video and Directly upload it straight to Youtube Okay so you don't need to go to your Computer and all this sort of stuff you Can just transfer it straight away makes It very very simple for you the second Thing that I recommend that you do once You download this video before you Upload anything to YouTube just make Sure that you double check everything Click onto this link take a look at it And make sure that everything that You've done on here is working fine and That you're happy with the final product Now what you want to do is you want to Get this uploaded onto YouTube and you Need to shorten that link so that people Can start clicking on it and you start Making money with affiliate marketing With these short videos so let me show You how people are doing this if we come Over to YouTube and you click onto any One of these videos like this video over Here as an example that's doing the Similar thing to what we're telling you To do I'm showing you what to do now if You click onto this video it's going to Bring you over to this page and you can See here if you click onto their Description over here you're going to be Able to see that it says click here and It's got the smoothie diet link if you Click onto this it's going to take you Over to that product also really really

Important that in the description of Your video just like in the title of the Video you have the smoothie diet weight Loss in there somewhere right at the Start of your description again this is Also going to tell YouTube and their Algorithm where to push your content and Allow it to rank for that keyword really Important stuff so how do you go about Shortening this link well the first Thing that you need to do is you need to Come back over to ClickBank you want to Click onto this promote button what this Is going to do is it's going to bring This up and then this is the link that You want to copy so you want to copy This link so you can highlight it right Mouse click copy or just click on to Copy then what you want to do is come Over to the same product or the same Company that that person was using which Is you can scroll down okay This is absolutely for free if you don't Need to customize your link or you're Not worried about customizing your link You can use bitly for free you can paste That in there so that's the ClickBank Link click on to shorten this is going To give us a nice short bitly link you Want to copy this and then all you're Basically doing is the exact same thing Like these channels is you're adding Your link inside the description of your Video Once you upload that to YouTube

Now what you want to do is you want to Rinse and repeat you can go on to ClickBank you can go on to Mantra you Can go on to digistore24 find these Different types of products get chat GPT To create a very short script for you Then come over to in video and start Creating these videos don't forget to go Down the bottom and when you sign up to In video make sure you use my code smt25 So you get 25 off when you sign up this Is going to allow you to use all their Amazing videos all their amazing images And everything else that comes with Being on the business or the unlimited Plan I highly recommend that you do that Now I know creating videos isn't that Easy and you may need more help than Just this tutorial and if that's the Case what you need to do is you need to Go down the bottom I've also got a link To my course jet video Academy this is What I've used now to make over twenty Thousand dollars a month for five years Consistently all you need to do is come Over here and watch this very very quick Video which is going to show you exactly What I do to make money on YouTube which Includes this exact same strategy that I Just showed you using chat jbt using in Video and especially using affiliate Marketing using programs like in video Just make things a lot easier using Programs like GPT just make things a lot

Easier and what we want to do is show You how to set up your channel properly With jet video Academy from there you're Going to see exactly how much money We're making and how we're doing this But most importantly we're going to walk You through everything step by step so I'm going to take you by the hand and Show you exactly how we do that on top Of that we've got a Facebook group where People are asking us questions every Single day that we can help you out with If you ever get stuck with anything that We've taught you inside this course now If you want to know another amazing way That you can use chat GPT and in video To create long format videos similar to This strategy then I highly recommend That you click onto this video over here Right now for a full detailed tutorial On exactly how you can do that I'll see You on that video until next time you Guys take care of yourselves and Goodbye

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