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to coast as the first booster
shots and then here in New York, a major new mandate
taking effect today could put thousands of Healthcare workers
are refusing vaccination out of the jobs are going to be the
latest on that and then we're sitting down with the head of
instagram to get his take on the alarming report that was
just released on the apps impact on the mental health of
young people who do not want to miss this exclusive interview
and then gonna be here, you know on a Hollywood legend, but
you know, he's also a comic book author.

Yes, he's here to
talk to us about his latest project and we're taking you on
a field trip to the cafe that will fill your Cup and your
soul. I need to read the I'm ready
it's time for today and 30. >> Nbc's Gabe Gutierrez joins
us now from Kentucky, which has one of the highest covid
hospitalization rates in the country right now hi Gabe good
morning. >> Savannah, good morning this
hospital set up a tent outside in the parking lot when
minister monoclonal antibody treatments because there's just
no room inside even as new covid cases drop in many parts
of the country. Now another hurdle, a complicated booster
shot rollout this morning for millions of
Americans. The rush is on to get a covid booster shot but in
cities like San Antonio are rough rollout. >> We were here about 3 hours,
but it was well worth it we didn't expect the response that
we're seeing today. >> Last week a CDC advisory
panel approved the 3rd Pfizer shots for people, 65 and older
and some with underlying medical conditions but in a
rare move the CDC director Rochelle walensky went even
further opening up boosters for frontline workers that's really
for people who are working all the time with many different
people who might be unvaccinated some states are
now cautious in Vermont, a very limited rollout pending
more clarity from the CDC.

>> Those 80 and above can
register to get their booster >> Another challenge making
sure that Moderna and Johnson shot. and Johnson vaccine, recipients
know that they're not yet eligible for boosters. >> It does appear that while it
may be safe. Not clear that you get at a benefit for mixing and
matching. >> Other places are also
struggling with covid vaccine mandates a federal judge is
temporarily blocking one for New York City teachers that was
set to take effect today, parents are divided. >> Should be mandated one.
Yes, I feel like if the teachers don't want the

That's OK as long as this provided with the mask on. >> On a similar requirement
starts today for New York health care workers prompting
concerns over staffing shortages. The governor is
preparing to call in the National Guard, if they don't
show up for work around the country new covid
cases are down but in many places with lower vaccination
rates hospitalizations are still high. There's also a
shortage of monoclonal antibody treatments leading the federal
government to limit the supply. >> On a national level it's
been devastating people that we would normally be able to treat
this was last week or last month we're having to tell them
now no physician and no health care provider wants to have to
do this. >> We're back with in-depth
today this morning at issue that has a lot of parents talk
you have facebook is hitting back at allegations detailed in
a Wall Street Journal report that it had internal research
documents showing its popular instagram app may be harmful to
the mental health.

>> Of teen girls, a top
facebook executives set to testify about all that on
Capitol Hill this week but this morning we're talking with the
head of instagram Adam mosseri to get his take but first a
look at what the tech giant is saying about those allegations. This morning facebook looking
to set the record straight. The tech giant posting what it
calls a point by point rebuttal to a recent Wall Street Journal
report that said the company knew its instagram app was
toxic for teenage girls, calling that idea and the
suggestion that they're hiding research simply not accurate. The journal article posted
nearly 2 weeks ago detailed leaked internal studies,
including one 2019 slide that read we make body issues worse
for one in 3 teen girls facebook sharing the slide
saying that statistic was beast on girls who already
experienced body image issues not all teen girls adding on
problems such as eating issues loneliness anxiety, and
sadness, teenage girls who said they experienced these
challenges were more likely to say that instagram made these
issues better versus worse the one exception was body image.
Overnight, the Wall Street Journal saying it stands behind
its reporting writing none of the companies defenses have
cited a single factual error and in keeping with our
standards we gave facebook ample time and space to comment
before publication.

The social media company has come under
intense scrutiny since the Journal's piece was posted.
Lawmakers demanding answers holding a Senate hearing later
this week with one of facebook's top executives set
to testify the head of instagram Adam mosseri weighing
in right after the article was posted. >> I don't think of this
article has airing our dirty laundry or anything like that
I'm proud of the fact that we're doing this work. >> Most areas previously pushed
for change to make the platform, a safer space for
users, especially teens telling Savannah last year. >> Do you feel like instagram
is a safer platform, then say a facebook or twitter I think it
has. >> A more positive charge we
want to be the place that supportive letter to the
negative things that happen and so it took absolutely do. >> Adam us as the head of
instagram he's with us exclusively this Monday
morning, good to see you thanks for having me so before we dig
into this announcement would we even be having this
conversation had it not been for the Wall Street Journal
article in the intense pressure and has been over the last few

>> I think it's impossible to
say, but I do think that we have been working on this idea
called instagram kids at least outside in the world, the idea
of being a version of instagram is designed for tweens and it
had a lot of attention and so I think it's very possible.
We would be speaking today we want to talk about how we're
going to work on pause. So firmly believe that it's a good
thing to build a version of instagram is designed to be
safe for tweens but we want to take the time to talk to
parents and researchers and safety experts and get to. >> Well consensus about how to
move forward so instagram for kids is scrapped for the time
being is that because we now think it was a bad idea. >> Absolutely not I firmly
believe it's a good as a father, my the most important
thing to me is the safety of my children.

I have to believe
that a world where there's a version of instagram this
design for tweens one where there's no ads for his age,
appropriate content and when we're parents can choose to let
their child use it and control things like who they follow
when a message is better than the alternatives. >> All right, let's talk about
the kids for second because according to research I
understand it. A 3rd roughly a 3rd of teenage girls who said
that they felt bad about their bodies instagram made them feel
worse how do we fix that. >> I don't believe it's exactly
what the research said, but I do want to be very clear that
if anybody these using instagram feeling worse about
themselves that's an important issue that we need to take
seriously that we need to figure how to address and so
even number of ideas in the world of body image and
negative social comparison.

That's week we announced that
we were working on nudges the idea that if you're going very
deep in one topic you might not due to try another topic
another project that we call take a break. The idea being
that you could put your instagram on pause for a period
of time if you're in a moment of vulnerability if you're
going to break up you just wish high schools.

>> So it, I know the details
being worked out this take a break idea, I mean Powell that
where we see that in our feats. >> So the way it would work is
that your instagram your account, your profile how you
show up but essentially be on pause, so this specific details
were still working through, but you would be he would get
is that you would have to worry about people talking about you
addressing you commenting on your content while you're on
the break you would basically be able to leave and come back
and pick up exactly where you left off.

>> So let's let's let's talk
about the other ideas that that your parental controls
understand of the next few months you guys are open to
controls absolutely so we've been working on parental
controls for a long time. >> Actually as part of our work
on instagram kids but in talking to parents all over the
world, it's clear that 13 isn't a magic age parents of kids of
all ages are looking for more ways to supervise and control
their kids experiences.

Online and so the idea is that we're
going to bring these parental controls as an optional feature
2 teens everywhere by the way these features and even a
version of social media for those under 13 are things that
our competitors like youtube and tiktok have already done
and watch. >> So it will parents be able
to to mirror their kids accounts, how's that going to. So we're still working to the
details but the idea would be that they could see what their
kids are doing okay. >> They could manage how much
time their kids spend on the app and that could possibly
approved things like who they can message into the can

Okay again this is going to some that's rolled out
of the next of the next few months yes, we've been working
on for a long time, but for a few months away from launching
wanted to talk about it I think a lot of folks are watching and
listening are probably wonder you guys have this research had
this information for for some time why not do some of this
sooner. So we've actually working on a
lot of this for years now we do this research to shed light on
problems that's the whole point of the research is why I'm
actually proud that we do that kind of work that work is
inspired lots of interesting product changes for instance,
he announced a couple years ago we went to lead on the issue of
online bullying. Yeah and the research we did when we asked
kids and teens why they didn't. Block people who are harassing
them on instagram was that they were worried about fear of
retribution will because that's his kids in school and also
they needed to track what their what was being said about them
so that inspired the restrict feature which much a few years
ago so over the years were constant during this research
but internally and externally and using it to inspire changes
to the product.

>> One of the problems again
you mentioned 13 of course that's the age at which you're
supposed to be able to get a instagram account you and I
both know there are kids on instagram who are under the age
of 13, I'm not going to put my cousins on blast, but got some
family members or 13 live instagram accounts how you fix
that. >> So that is a very difficult
challenge verifying the age of kids and tweens who are too
young to have I D's is difficult, we rely on things
like reports of parental forms, but it's not a perfect process
which again is why we think a healthier place to not just to
have a version of instagram it was designed for tweens that
parents have the option to give their kids access to as opposed
to letting kids sometimes, steak N and go rogue and then
eventually the parents where we find them and we take them off,
but there's a risk that we want to Medicaid.

So she age
verifications features are coming yet we continue to do a
lot of working age verification. I think we're
doing as much if not more than anybody else in the industry,
but it is a very difficult challenge to unnecessary.
Thank you. Thanks to Tom. Thank you. >> Back now with our series
with NBC sports once in a lifetime. Well this morning,
we're in San Fran. >> The Niners are doing great
things for young men and women in the Bay Area and nbc's Erin
mclaughlin is live this morning at Levi stadium, hi and good
morning. >> Good morning guys it's a
partnership that began just as the world was shutting down due
to covid the forty-niners ensuring a group of kids
specially selected for their leadership capabilities.
We were there for their first in-person event and as we saw
firsthand it was a big win for everyone involved. Inside Levi's stadium home to
the San Francisco forty-niners. >> A very different kind of
huddle you accomplish your individual vote when the team
conferences they're gone star, NFL players, staff and dozens
of specially crafted local >> Discovering the power of
mentorship being kept apart by kids.

Covid they're finally meeting
in person to miss school. But this is even better right
part of the groundbreaking partnership between an
organization called 100 black men working with area, boys and
girls now joining forces with the forty-niners sharing
stories and advice on leadership networking health
and wellness and financial literacy. >> Football is only for so long
but us touching one of those kids that last a lifetime. >> Linebacker Fred Warner and
defensive lineman Arik Armstead are some of the biggest names
in the game. >> Play football on Sundays,
but you know we also have a lot more to give than just playing
football. What you do outside of the stadium is as important
as what you do in sight. >> It absolutely no important
more important or more important why what you do inside the stadium,
obviously gives you the platform, but what you do with
that platform is more important ice more impactful even if you
know you're fortunate to get your name up here. In the
stadium that will go away but how you impact people and how
you know people will remain after you're gone.

>> That support means the world
to 17 year-old Jonathan Martin the mentor somebody who will
have your back a star student with over a 4 point oh GPA like
so many other kids he struggled with anxiety and stress
throughout the pandemic. >> It has definitely been
isolating just not able to have any interaction has been very
tough. >> He said connecting with his
49 or mentors helped pull him >> They taught me to keep going
persevere this is going in one through. day so just having them in
source there to coach me up and something that these teams will
be over within that you will have a good time is just been a
great help.

>> It's an inspiring
partnership born out of one of the most consequential moments
nation's history, the murder of George Floyd and the reckoning
that followed. >> It's all whole world that
was really shifted and changed by that moment. >> Forty-niners general manager
John Lynch was one of those people changed. >> We had up and we said what
can we do have how can we make an impact to make things
better. >> I think through a lot of
conversation, an uncomfortable conversation came we have to do
something to that impact you personally absolutely has this
program change the forty-niners. >> I know it's changed me, you
know, it's safe for Warner inspires me to want to do
better if I could have seen someone, you know who look like
me and you know was somewhere where I wanted to be saying as
a young person and I want to be an NFL player one day and for
the NFL player.

Tell me you can be so much more you know don't
don't just 2 for start does she passed the Stars. That's why I want to do what
we're doing you know it's it's >> Warner and Armstead also
have a message for kids to feel really important. alone might be struggling. >> At times may feel like you
have no one no one that cares.

No one that understands. I may not know you. >> We may not ever me, but I
hear I think you deserve every opportunity to be successful
and and live a great life. I've heard people to educate
themselves just be a good person be a good human being
rather than a day. That's what's going to matter. >> I'm here with Fred Warner
and Eric arm said from the forty-niners in the Levi
stadium. They're talking about a brand new program that
they're participate and it's making a huge impact in the
community have more on that coming up on today all that.

>> Well this morning, we're
catching up with a Hollywood legend has been entertaining us
for decades, now. He added weeks waste and the start and
we back in the 90's. >> But that thriller speed
sense that he's played neo in the matrix movies or roll,
he'll be bringing back soon and of course he's been an assassin
out for revenge as John wick well now County was adding
comic book author. >> To his resume with the
release of Bruiser and he's here to tell us all about it
John it is great to see you thanks for being morning. Good morning, everyone, thanks
for having me on the show the excited. I. >> I'm a big comic book fan and
this series of the thumbs up you've been thinking about this
is 2017. What yeah, what was the impetus to finally get this
thing going why now and and tell us a little bit about it.

>> Well, it's called desert
Kerr and I had the idea for a character in the middle of a
battle, I'm kind of disorder in. And I met with boom
studios, the publisher of a comment that I pitched this
idea to them and they still stay said, we like the idea of
you ever thought of doing a comic book about it and I said
no and they said would you like to and I said yes please or and
then to studios put a team together we have a great writer
Matt can't illustrator on gardening great color is to
build Crabtree letter time Robbins and so we have this
kind of super team and so over the past couple years we've
been developing in and the first 4 issues are arm in an
anthology now which is kind of the origin story of this
character who was born 80,000 years ago.

And he's half human
half God. It's a comic book. He's cursed with this impulse
to virus and kind of how did people react to him how this is
man who doesn't want to chill that is compelled to and how is he used to what is
this person's life and also we have fun was going through all
of covid different epochs and the ages of human history.
So and the U.S.. >> You know, is pretty cool the
fact that netflix has announced his turning the comic into a
live action film in an anime series which will be starring
in what was your reaction to that. >> I thought that was pretty
but if I'm really grateful that really the opportunity I love
the story, I hope people enjoy it and you know, I think it's a
story of you know that's 4 times but also all times just
who we are how we are and so they have the opportunity to
come to just kind of tell the story different versions of the
story in and the mayor live action.

I'm really excited
about the opportunity. >> Karen are almost 20 years
hard to believe 20 years have passed since the release last
major expel the time has finally come for its newest
installment of the matrix resurrections death. It's been
well over a decade since the last movie so what should we
expect from from this one. >> It's pretty astounding.
It's. A beautiful film. It's a love story, it's action and
it's full of ideas, you know it's a and so it's a major expelled
and its mater with Chelsea's director visionary and writer
and you know it was just really something special for me
personally and creatively to be involved and hopefully people
will. I mean there's a lot of lot of
beautiful images and cinema, but you know food on and you
know it's a matrix film so it's kind of confronting who we are
and what's going on I 10.

>> Seeking to the best of
ourselves I can't I I know so many are looking forward to
that and you're in the middle of a year and in these 2
wonderful. Anthologies of many are also in the middle of
filming John wick the 4th John wick and you say that it it's
really intense which I find interesting since the first 3
weren't exactly like wrong. >> Haha. >> For fun, yeah, no there is
absolutely fine. >> But but there are intense.
You know, we're we have we're we're going for there's some
really amazing John wick action, a new characters and
it's been you know it's fun to the 2 to be playing the role
again and to be telling this story
where you know there's new characters and we're opening up
the world and right now we're just shooting.
This crazy fight scene in the middle of a traffic. It's just
for a crash is gunfights too >> It's it's John wick elevate
we're waiting for what the musical haha he honored, thank you so much,
it's so good to see you again we really appreciate you
stopping by the graphic novel is called berserk or and it is
out October 5th.

>> Sometimes we don't realize
how a small act of kindness can totally change a person's day
and that's exactly what they're serving up at the La la land
kind Cafe, the cafe not only serves of smiles, but they're
also giving back to their community by employing young
adults who have aged out of the foster care system, which in
2019 total more than 2 20,000 kids across the United States
said let's take a look at how this Cafe is changing lives
with every town. >> It's made the world a kinder
place every day this is the kind of you're beautiful. Reading kindness is the
ultimate goal. >> Of the tiktok series
drive-by kindness which has racked up over 44 million
light, we believe that when we see so many people on a daily
basis. That kind of from the airing of
love once you get enough that it will change people. >> It all started here at the
La la land kind Cafe and for founder friend soiree Jaime
kindness is keen.

>> We felt like we really are
an army that is fighting for kindness right is it really a
game for us we're serious about what we do right. We say
kindness first coffee, second employees and body that motto
as soon as you walk in the door. >> So we have a place that
serves coffee and demonstrates that that used every Wednesday
it changes their week than they continue to tell other people
and then it just. >> A snowball effect of
kindness 22 year-old Sierra want Lee knows first-hand how
kindness can change your life. >> Absolutely love this place
out what it was not it. >> CRA had almost lost hope
before being introduced to La la land back in 2018.

>> It's not like losing
everything in my life I lost my kid I was Carla Martin I was
homeless and they're not going want to hire I was like they're
not going to want anything to do with me there's a look at me
as another Foster kids. >> But 3 years later CRS
thriving and she recently welcomed baby violet with their
husband, Daryl.

>> They're still just sell. Opening and welcoming and happy
to have me they beat the truly show that they care and I never
had that in my life. >> The cafe supports people who
have aged out of the foster care system by offering an 8
week internship program to teach both job and life skills. >> These kids who have never
done anything wrong that higher lives that have been put in the
work from the world they're not asking for a second chance
they're asking for a first checked just. >> Each of the basic skills of
being held accountable showing up on time gaining customer
service. A lot of Foster kids don't have those tools. No
longer have that support system so they they don't have the
resources that a lot of people have you know their parents to
help them out. >> Interns like 26 year-old
amber Payne already feel part of the law allowing and family. >> And this happy state, you
know we had a job that you know people understand we unfounded
you know they don't get you to try their best to make sure you
feel welcome and comfortable at >> Have a place like la la
land, I feel like him not alone work.

And I feel like I can be
myself. >> And with cafes and Dallas
and Los Angeles they're hoping to showcase the power of
positivity. >> Each and every day if at the
end of the day all we did was serve a cup of coffee, we found
right here to change things and people noticed that from the
first day. >> So the thing I want people
to understand a drastic power of kind of start getting lives.
The amount of people that you touch and see every day the way
to act in the Times that you spread can really do a lot of

>> You're going want to tune in
tomorrow on today. Trisha Yearwood she's going to be here
cooking some easy comfort food for a small Tech talent
situation here where we're going to keep things country
don't miss Jenna interview with Alan Jackson state tomorrow
right nearly a to Z >> A locum today all day over
the next 30 minutes, I'll be sharing some of my favorite
interviews with you these conversations include lessons
from dads across the country inspiring stories of hope.

And a few laughs along the way
as well so sit tight get ready for more today all day. Right now. So what's the secret. How do
you how do you rear a daughter. >> To become a U.S. ally here.
I talked to her a note of the air but the real secret is I
think it's her I think she's pretty natural. She will be the first modern
American to be in on. I am proud to families from on
the community is a problem for. >> 18 year-old son easily or
soon for short secure her spot on the U.S. Olympic gymnastics
team finishing second behind only Simone Biles at trials in
late June. And her biggest to her dad John
is still letting that moment sinking, it's a real you know. >> Because yeah, especially Jim
nothing were you know, there's only 4 spot a bill was a
teammate and that's pretty >> Tough determined resilient
qualities that don't just calm.

Describe soon started to make
me look at teen, but rates she learned watching her dead heal.
In August of 2019 just 2 days before Sunni competed
nationals, John fell off a ladder helping a neighbor trim
a tree now paralyzed from the chest down John is slowly
re-learning how to move. >> Hands again stronger my
ballots, not so great, but I learn how to cope with that
John finds inspiration from his daughter got this thanks. >> So what's the secret.
How do you how do you read your daughter to become. >> A U.S. ally here I talked to
her a note of the air but the real secret is I think it's her and this is pretty natural. >> And from an early age soon
ease energy and talents.

Well hard to ignore. >> Got the first year which
competed she wants state and that second year the jumper 3
levels be just that the push and help them supporting her. >> I understand that when she
was sort of starting now that her dad was so committed
to her success. >> That he actually built of
being in the backyard is that true. >> Yes, it is and we still hear
not affect its impact on right now why'd you do that not
because of Joe Mixon practice, but you know I would be me or
so could a for real key inside the
one small moments that led to see living her dream, you know
what I wanted to do before, I got hurt ice to sneeze at if
you make it to the Olympics are run out there to I flipped but I can do it.

>> Maybe not back to what you
can do some serious half hour right. >> The Lee family also can't
travel to Tokyo because of covid restrictions. So we'll
watch from their whole town in Minnesota. >> Has a watcher. I'll be thinking if she bring
home. A couple of medals, hopefully a
couple of gold. I mean that would be so
grateful earn. The family community and. >> With us. You get nervous
watching Sunni I do inside deep inside me I do get a little
nervous, especially when she does to be because the top ones, very

Top hit its high. >> And what she's been doing
for so many years now, I mean how how can you still get
nervous. >> Everybody gets nervous when
the kids get up on those events once that Don and you you get
relieved. >> You think this show computer
get out of this or do you think this will be your first and

>> She really want to do
college gymnastics. Have to let that you know, John got 3 more
years before the next. I think House opened this you continue
on by that you want to go to college and the P. >> There is one thing that's
for certain we will all be cheering her on as she goes for
gold in Tokyo. >> Jerry prove to the community
and a family or friends in her coach that she is capable of
get in there. So now it's time for it to go in and got to a person.

In the U.S. Army when it was
Reggie Brown, this is captain the deer Bro. >> As I understand why the army
has. >> How difficult has that bit
when one is in the Army family servers. Do you think that as a
society we fully appreciate that I feel like there's a lack
of understanding of certain parts of it like you think
something like a deployment was willing to deploy monies war
zone, bullets flying, the home and the deployment is mental
emotional separation from the things that matter to you most
that can be here stateside that could be overseas. >> Jeremy Hilton has had his
own share of emotional turmoil as the home front dad. >> My wife Renee is a special
agent for the Air Force Office of special investigations Renee
had actually responded September 11th at the Pentagon.
And then we decided to have a child not long after that.
And in November 25th of 2002 Kate was born. >> Kate, their first daughter
was born with a condition called hydrocephalus she would
require many surgeries and years of therapy, Jeremy
decided to leave his position in the Navy to care for his
daughter while his wife Renee stayed in the Air Force a year
later when they deployed to Kuwait.

>> How is the brand-new
caregiver trying to figure out how do I do this by myself OK
when you see the neurologist news to the nursery, you see
the developmental pediatrician all the law, you know, I'm
hearing about what my wife Renee is doing downrange and
I'm worried about her and she's worried about us. There's a lot
of stress involved in that. >> To get through those
difficult times Jeremy drew strength from his own military
service in the Navy. >> I have a child who has these
needs that's my new mission hadn't a mission. The family
mission. >> A 2012 Jeremy lobby,
Congress for better health care and education benefits for
military families with disabilities.

In honor of that work he won a
prestigious military spouse of the year was the first male
spouse to ever receive it. >> My motto since it was born
as I had these experiences, how do we make the system
better for the families who come after us. >> Chris field also knows his
mission as a military spouse and a stay at home dad to for
kids. >> For a male military spouses
out there, my first recommendation is to have a
sense of humor about yourself don't be afraid to say yes, I'm
a stay at home dad and these are my kids and this is my
diaper bag. The driving can swim practice,
the washing dishes the changing diapers creating the conditions
by which she can flourish that's what I feel most proud
of she is an army veteran area.
First and foremost shoes soldier and any did she could
receive orders to go down range and provide animal care for
working dogs in the Heat about she is brave and tough.

>> Captain Brown and her
husband Reggie find solace from army life on wheels, Reggie is
a professional roller skater in dancer in addition to his stay
at home dad duties. >> What's your typical day look
like it's a lot cooking breakfast getting close watched
picking them up from school every day is a different
challenge to the kids appreciate the uniqueness of
the situation. >> I think they appreciate it
because. >> They get to see us working
together as a teen seen us do whatever it takes to get. Our task our daily task our
missions completed. >> How proud of this guy or you
as a as a dad. >> I am extremely proud by everything that Reggie isn't
that what he does for our family.

Proud to be his life. >> I'm proud to be her husband. >> How did you get into sewing.
It started by seen my sister so she would take sweatshirts and
hoodies and replace the sleeves with the Afghan car favor I was
like I think I want to do this and then just decided to just
go for. >> Philadelphia native and self
taught dressmaker Michael Gardner has been sewing dresses
and outfits for his 9 year-old daughter Ava since she was just
3 years old. How did that address me or come
about one day took around several take pictures of you, I
mean she just started doing poses an animal walking.
I was like OK, this can actually be something to it. >> That something was Daddy
dressed me by Michael Gardner fashion content Brandon social
media campaign featuring Michael's daughter Ava wearing
the designs they collaborated >> Is she ever say that that's
not really my style she loves on. everything after a simple
because it's you know it's a dead heat may not make her
goals but there's a difference when I know she put something
on and she connects with the in a certain way.

It is a
different confident different and it too. >> Michael's relationship with
his daughter is much different than the way he grew up with an
absent father. >> I would never want her to
experience, you know the pain that I had growing up without a
father not having the support that you know every kid
deserves but you knew your dad Grandma. So yeah, I knew him,
but he won.

I acknowledge me as his son there are times I was
in front of him saying you know, I would speak. >> The trauma that not feeling
wounding of his dad's acknowledgment has stuck with
Michael into his adult years that he dressed me is a way for
Michael to provide his daughter Ava with a sense of strength
and confidence that he missed out on in his childhood, what
was your reaction. >> When you found out that you
are going to be a girl that the finding is I want a boy for
years, it makes total sense looking back on it now for me
to have a builder with high. >> The rains do this yes,
Michael's created more than 200 outfits for over the last 6
years. His fiance to out recently surprised him with a
poster chronically all of these designs.

>> She felt like I needed to
see on that I had done and I just first it here walk you get
into the habit and the rhythm of just doing it, you don't
necessarily take enough time to fully now is what are you that
you don't >> even Michael we've also
taken the Daddy dressed me brand to tiktok with created
that daughter dance videos. >> What is it about your dad
that makes an makes him special Sly oh no, this is key here is
love. Sometimes when you're out and you guys are wearing a
matching outfit I would imagine sometimes people might ask
about you or I and what you But he told me that he also
does your hair and your meals sometimes to get my nails and
yes, you can remain here too. You've got a Libyan fashion
designer hair stylist and they'll stop us. >> Which is harder respiratory
therapist or father of 3 under the age of one. Option B Sir.

>> Haha. >> You've got quite a quite the
busy House I would imagine how are things right now wonderful,
everybody is doing great. And like you said, you know,
it's pretty busy. >> Busy is an understatement
this month, a respiratory therapist at Chicago's
Northwestern Memorial Hospital found out his wife was pregnant
at the end of 2019 the couple was overjoyed because they've
been trying to start a family for the last 5 years. >> Take me back what was that
like we had a pregnancy that we've been fighting for for for
ever. We had anticipated a June baby but then we find out some
complications early period of January that you know we have
some severe complications that might jeopardize pregnancy.
So my wife Jennifer was admitted to the hospital for
observation somehow some way JD showed up said hey I'm here. >> A little too early a lot too

>> The couple's joint was soon
tempered by the fear surrounding the premature birth
of their son jayden born at just 23 weeks last February
just weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic began you God of a
brand new baby. >> Who has a number of health
complications, that's and at the same time you're on the
front lines. Fighting this virus that we knew very little
about that point. But how you just managing the stress of it
all worked. >> And the family were very
very separated that time what I'm dealing with outside of the
hospital shouldn't really affect how caring for patients at the
hospital, but yes, it was not going to be easy. >> A day visited his son in
that Nick you after his own long shifts at the hospital
spent working with patients on life support and putting
himself at a very high risk for contracting the virus. >> Was I afraid and worried
about taking the virus over that absolutely but I still try
my best to put every precaution in place, a shower, a change of
clothing and even when it gets even if you side of things
extra year just to have some protection to be around him.

>> So we have a newborn with
some health complications. Yes, we have the start of a of
a pandemic and then we find out we're
pregnant again, yes, and by the way it was yes so that they
have haha. >> The Twins jonelle and Jordan
were born December 16th, 2020 just a few months after
their first born jayden was released from his extended time
in the nicu. >> I was elated. This was
ecstasy and this was another set of kids that I have to do
everything in my power to just protect you just cherish. >> Which is harder respiratory
therapist or father of 3 under the age of one. >> Option B Sir. I mean I've
been around here and not the way I can manage myself, but it
kids a screen had been abused a fun time trying to figure out
food diaper what is going on we've got a stomach ache you're
not talking you to stream in.

>> Help me out child fact that
all of this was going on as a pandemic reach the get. >> If that make it may be even
sweeter. >> For me, yes, having people not being able to
come see to family members in the absolute most critical
moments was pretty challenging and watching people die with no
one here for them. So finding out you know that this some
exciting things going on is a smile on my face after the ship
was I leave here and we'll find out what's going on on this end
of the spectrum where everything goes. You know a
little challenging but great this is another rainbow
situation from.

>> And this shows that that
stuff back to when the pandemic hit last spring doctor Michael
tour was just 6 months into his career in emergency medicine,
working alongside his father doctor Paul tour. At Houston's
Memorial Hermann hospital. >> He always kind of seemed
interested in you know pursuing a career in medicine. I never
pushed him, I never pushed to any of my kids. >> So growing up being kind of
a kind of talk about us and here there, you know just ice-cool call as you say things
that this did that was out of school. I started emergency
medicine that we can really talk very specific about what
style we're doing and really you know connect about it. >> But the sweetness of
reaching that career goal turned sour as the pandemic
surged in the Houston area last summer, Philly, emergency
rooms. >> And McCain 6 months into his
career there was a lot of fear might not going to get this
stuff and you know, then you wind up in a boxer's use you
happen to my family.

>> Premature almost after every
shift would call each other by the end of this today is like I
saw this today but you and I think I think that without
really especially saying you >> I know the father son team
was put to the test on one of know. their first chefs working
together. >> There's certain things we
do. There's a state critical people and we've got to work on
someone help them out and you know to the critical care
procedures that we've been trying to do together at the
same time. >> He just said why does was
handed to him before he asked for advice for Sunday to help
you in 7 he was just ready right there medicine in general
is teamwork. >> And when you're in one place
for a while you know, you know your team works and is our
first time working together.

And it just it was teamwork
that they've been doing it for years. >> But we have the doctor Justin Reid a resident
physician at Saint Joseph's Medical Center in mishawaka
Indiana and the father of 5 had a busy life before the pandemic
hit. But it was nothing compared to what his family has
endured this past year. >> If you know I get home
everything was going directly into the washing machine and I
was going to shower, you know my kids are when from when I
come home in Tennessee me want to jump on the other day by not
allowing it. >> Acknowledging the
psychological strain of the pandemic on his team and Justin
supervisor asked him to write a short essay about how he was
coping and a loss for words, Justin decided to make a
drawing instead. >> It's me outside of the glass
window kneeling down region on my hand to my son and then in
the background when you know sticking out of me just kind of
captured the way I was feeling at the time. I think when a lot of us were

>> Tragedy struck the family in
December when Justin's father in law and grandfather both
contracted COVID-19. His father-in-law suffered a covid
induced stroke from which he is still recovering, and his
grandfather fell victim to the disease. The pair said good-bye
to each other the I pass from separate hospital beds. >> Grandpa couldn't speak
because he was on oxygen mask. And the bottom I couldn't speak
because of the stroke and so they just cried and it was a
pretty pretty harrowing touch >> and explaining it all to his
5 kids has been the hardest an part of it all. >> There's been heart moments
but overall they just were willing to go with it and they
wore their mask and even my 5 year-old when we go out and see
someone not wearing a mask or not wearing it properly whole
pointed out and say.

>> A dozen again week against
covid with vaccines rolling out across the country and
hospitalization rates, declining. Justin is planning
on making a new drawing to express the hope he's feeling
now. >> But this time walking
through that door and picking up and holding my son with my
mask, and my hand and said I'm on my face and with a sticker
that says I got vaccinated that's the feeling that I have
now and grateful to be on the side of it. alongside his 15 month-old son
Omar are familiar faces around >> So the mayor occasionally
takes his son to work with them City Hall.

And the city event a move
that's brought praise. >> Also raise questions I paid
the mayor a visit recently to find a little bit more take a
look. A look at you how did the child
care arrangement here at City Hall coming back to remember
out we went to daycare center and that was Stephanie and I
fell in love with the place.

Then at the end that passes the
brochure and was $395 a week. He looked at each other like I
guess not the mayor of Providence, Rhode Island
couldn't afford the care, it's really challenging $395 a
week that's almost $20,000 a year since the coastal region
that is. >> Instead of paying those high
costs the mayor enlisted omar's grandparents who live nearby to
help with most of the care during the week. But every so
often be Omar is spotted with his father during news
conferences while testifying at the State House and in May all
meetings. >> I want to thank you so much
for joining us. >> It's tough you have to make
a trade off.

Are you committed to your
career or are you committed to your family as best as
possible, I try to juggle it so that I can see him and still do
my job as mayor. Has there been any criticism
that in comments that if I was a woman and I was bringing my
child into work that and that would be seen very very
differently. What do you say that I think that's true.
I think there's still absolutely a double standard and you know the extension of
that isn't. Well, let's criticize put head the way
women are criticize its.

Let's not criticize women for
doing it either. >> The mayor's wife, Stephanie
Gonzalez, a full-time law student had some initial reservations
about baby Omar going to work with dad. >> I worried about what people
might say and certainly there are naysayers about whether he
should be coming to City Hall or whether he should be present
at meetings. >> But Stephanie sees omar's
time on the job with his dad has. >> An important life lesson,
it's an opportunity for him to learn that his parents are busy
people but also his parents are people who are doing really
important work all along. >> What do you say to those who
have contended bringing kids into work and it's sure fire
way to pay productivity. I understand that and I try not to bring my child
and during Monday through Friday, normal business hours.
I very often sometimes I do want to in a pinch I'll bring
them into the office.

We have a nice little basket of toys so
he knows his little station and he knows how to play. >> The mayor is not the only
politician taking his baby to work DC mayor Muriel Bowser
takes her daughter to events, Illinois senator Tammy
Duckworth took her 10 day old baby to the Senate floor to
cast a vote last year and Massachusetts state legislator,
Dan kalanick bottle fed his baby while testify for his
district earlier this month. >> What do you want other dads
to take away from from this, it's not just about taking them
and another swing said in the playground on weekends.

about being an active engaged parent throughout more when you
grow up to want to be mayor. You should see his little wave
has little mayor way alright. >> Do you occasionally get a
yeah, it's good to see it. >> It was a long home, I got to
get that all the time and as I walk into places and say I'm
here to folks >> maybe more by the way took
his first steps there inside the mayor's office. According
to the parenting in the workplace since to more than
200 employees across this country offer bring your baby
to work programs. And you walk around and newsroom. The ocean. >> Hey today all day we've got
a great show for you on this Monday morning, including an
all-day exclusive chat you can only see here but let's kick it
off with pop start the global citizen festival brought
together some of the biggest names plus we've got a sneak
peek at season, 2 of bridgerton take a look. >> A pop star with the global
citizen life and raising a minute to play Central Park
over the weekend, the biggest stars in Hollywood and music it
showed up to support the cause before must call play lizzo and
BT has but who else can steal states like your buddy hoda
Jenna for Lopez challenger on the details forms of her big
summer smash.

>> Working at huawei of the New
York to >> Prince Harry and Meghan also
stop by the global citizen State's so-called vaccine,
inequality around the world, here's a little bit of what
they had saved the ways. >> This year the world expected
to produce enough doses to meet the target of vaccinating 70%
of people in every single country. But it is wrong that
so much of the vaccine. Supply has only gone to just 10
wealthy nations so far and not everyone else.

>> My wife and I believe the
way you're born should not dictate your ability to
survive. >> All right next up bridgerton
netflix held as of online fan event over the weekend, what
previewing the streaming service that you don't play
upcoming slate for the region movies and shows including
season 2 of the smash hit. Well, this production brother
Anthony set to take center stage in a first look at the
new season, we see him chasing after series newcomer Kate
Sharma played by Simone Ashley, here's a peek at that. >> And take issue with Mark
when I take issue with any man who views women millions titles
and breeding still none of that was meant to fly counts.
Bridgeton yes, when you managed to find this pardon of that you
want to make you think she will accept you'll see it.

>> All the young ladies of
London to be so easily won by appeasing smile and absolutely
nothing more safe and my spot to find your opinion itself
entirely too high you'll catch watch the yeah. >> Yeah that was popular to
avert sunset to end of next year that she was not speaking
of netflix we've got another first look from the streamers
weekend event this one previewing the highly
anticipated film don't look up get this the all-star cast of
glee in our capital Jennifer Lawrence, they placed raw
numbers who go to the White House to warn the president
chief of staff who by the way played by Meryl Streep and
Jonah Hill about an asteroid headed towards Earth one of the
crazy plot don't come the government does not seem that
concerned when. >> War just tell us what is
this player's and stop what doctor Mindy is trying to say
is that there's a common headed directly and then what happened
to the title with it will be far more a catastrophic there
will there will be mild high tsunami he's so how certain is
that 100% certainty of impact please don't say a 100% we just
call it a potentially significant event but it is
intentionally going to have a 99.7 8% to be exact.

>> Oh great a case, it's a
100%. And that PLA has issue that's crazy. >> It's like asked me to wag
the Dog is going to head the outlook appears in select
theaters on December 10th and on netflix on Christmas Eve.
You can watch that finally ASAP rocky 2 weeks ago the rapper
hit the the carpet at the Met gala looking cozy alongside
breonna now we're learning more about that fluffy quilt it's
like a Cape that he was snuggled up in a woman named
Sarah sharing on instagram that the quilt he was wearing was
something that a great grandmother handmade cheese was
donated to an antique store in California where a separate
designer want to get up and made in the next tape used it
as the base for the Met gala look Sarah writing when I saw
the Met gala Photo I realized instantly the haha Grandma Mary
went to the Met gala where the shared update that she spoke
with a designer who outfitted ASAP rocky and told her
followers don't worry.

I still have plenty of other pieces
homs great Grandma. >> I know that quote like I
it's memorable. >> Up next on today talks our
fresh a space for fall. Stay with us. closet and Craig has an
exciting announcement check it out. As you have to put it put a. >> Well cleaned out the closet,
you know move from from spring summer to winter fall, wow
right in cut back, I've been violating over the pandemic
what is the one in one out so I went through got a loss of them
donating to my church and bottom right, what is that what
was that they can we pull that I recognize that from your
holiday card. That's my. That's my Christmas, Christmas
jacket and you know what let that go anywhere that at
Christmas just a Christmas Day well into the holiday season.
If you don't ever see where they tried to hide that went in
there to see that you know without you know, you know I
got around you have so many and you and I got really was nice.

Like for you is just outside of the couple a little
after 2 vote. Some lunch and his fans as the loan was for
lunch. What I did you. I had a Lancome Bob and you had a
salad. Okay, still judge why they're Lancome obscene want
you to a family picnic this weekend it was really nice on
the edge we lost we lost that he was somewhere that it was a
maybe put on a little Tracker on haha awesome but we still
think it's healthy anyway. The point now I take pictures
of my kids back to bribe the that's so horrible that we
like. So if we take this picture we smile then what do
we get like no we're going to take a picture just because

It room and board this house. >> You're on the cover of
Vanity Fair that he's on the cover issue of guide post just
this week the articles actually written by you know that's what
is your idea I actually. >> I haven't read the article
yet but out that you wrote I did right. House that anybody
on the cover all of the it's a very lovely magazine is a
lovely article and you and your phone your bother doing.
Just a wonderful thing shining his light on addiction and that
there is light at the end of >> And also what about by faith
in the power of prayer. And you the time. know a lot of times people
prefer things we treat God with you some sort of Jeannie said I
want this got it and so I write a little bit about my
relationship with my feet over time and how it's changing the
lives of all.

And a good way I would I would contend, but yes, >> hopefully does that some
good as they clean up things looking up those pictures a
live look great on Thursday we'll get that I'm sure you've
heard from people who I know for sure who your book has made
such a difference I've heard from a number from yes, I'm
just trying just to try to get in the heavens, you know you go
to. >> We'll have a little time
left. >> Coming up and hoda and Jenna
masterclass Monday on a kitchen staple, you don't want to miss. the details about cooking oils
and their help and it's taken. >> Well on our Saturday we
actually planned one thing and it was there so there's a place
called white post farm kind of in our general yeah so I
thought well it's going to be a form of pumpkins you pick some
apples and see a cow and body dot. This place was crate so you get

There are literally our kids
holding carrot sticks with giraffes we really reaching
over and taking it like for like it's no big give a baby
bottles you can buy him for like 3 bucks and you can you
take the baby bottle you feed the go through the thing.
They were like here you can feed that ago or those zebras
thank you. An ice cream Cone look like pellets senator
something and you put that you put the Cohn out yeah, and
these animals are you doing this for your to my kids were
but I was like give me give me Carol I was does it look there
are look I'm talking about >> Reaching the point high wait
why is hoping her home was a like.

Teenager, she's 2 and a half
she's not scared but. >> It was just so look I think
the draft is like in this in the photo like hey, I'm over
here. Gerald from the book is here. But it was so wild and so
much fun, you know what it is, but I first of all you never
went to a pumpkin patch last year and I know because I never
went to us, but they have a job or well they had a whole patch
just walk through and you could pick want the public get some
pumpkins that they had like a magic show and a dog show it
was it so spread out that it doesn't feel Pratt is the years
so nice like I just I'm so shocked about how much but it
was I thought it was going to be one of those kind of you get
place through okay, get the cotton candy, it was a hayride
we did that what the kids road.

They have a train you have to
be 3 foot 3 feet tall or whatever. My 2 girls for
sitting by themselves looking like they couldn't believe it
because it there 2 and a half and for that I was watching
them on that train. I just think to myself like oh my God,
the cap waving a not lost in the weeds in the back again
anyway. Well if you know what I want to meet you. >> Yeah, us Open member us Open
gate, I mean when you're with Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper
and I was okay so home and we've always sort of talked
about pumpkin patches and I live right by that farm, you do
your job are not right buys a little Biden well how about
this next week when we go again because my girls and they will
be a pony rides like it was really that fun, OK, even euro
and a half after you disinfect the end that it was OK brought
Bay Broadway's big no-no out yeah 74th annual Tony awards
honored the best achievement in 2019 2020 season because it was

Well, you know if you're going to pick one, I
mean look there were a lot of Moulin Rouge when a ton of
awards not rush it so good you saw what I saw it before the
pandemic it is I can't tell you how much fun, it is we should
also go see I love the movie I love the movie and I will have
to and I loved the movie I always loved it. But I have to
say I like it even better to be okay, I want to say do they do
all these mash-ups with current music which I know sounds I
love that that's what the show so good I really I saw twice.

Okay, haha okay, I'll go back
again, OK but there was one moment that everybody is
talking about OK you guys know from the if you maybe haven't
seen the Broadway show dreamgirls on Broadway. But you
saw the movie. Jennifer holiday is famous for singing that
song, I'm not telling you it >> This is this is her saying
it from the hit musical is. dreamgirls take a listen. >> Wow yeah, well, you know
when you can feel somebody singing said, yes, they believe
that. So she won the Tony an 82 she she portrayed Effie white
in dreamgirls and she has got a Grammy that recorded version of
the song and a lot of people remember Jennifer Hudson yes
I'm playing a role in the my God, a day that was a maze and
that was the government was in tribute to the musical 40th
anniversary. I mean that's incredible all
right and as we said Mullen Rouge one 10 awards will she go
see it if you're in New York and I want to see that really
really good.

We should go all right so if you are in the
dating world. And we're if you have been
which most people at least have been at that point you're going
to end a possible relationship because of horrible table
manners is that something that would be a deal breaker for you
it really horrible, yes hands on how horrible right have to
be really hard but yeah, but you know when somebody like
like this one e-mail with their fork oh completely around every
who did that someone you dated did they do it dinner and you
just watch the had kind of just like yeah, it's lot into it.
Well. The survey says that 3 in 5 Americans would end a day
early or break up with somebody if they had an annoying food
habit, okay, the biggest bad food habits talking with your
mouth full and now have you ever done it, yeah probably
need to showing loudly.

One time I was on the plane
happily reading all by myself and some Lady next week tap me
on the shoulder and said, I cannot stand where you're
chomping on your gum you need to stop that. Horrified what did you say.
All right, yes, and I was in the windows I was trapped in
there. I couldn't get out you know that the law I felt horrible horrible and I
remember just sitting there and I said do I too loud but I do I
knew I did because my mom always said you know, you got
to stop doing that but I loose when I was into the book I just
wasn't thinking. I was chopping it probably snap and probably
you proud a blowing bubbles yeah, you know what's so
annoying for and is that when you get reprimanded would go
back to basically saying I I know I'm like oh and you kind of what I care
about your guy I did spit out right away, I felt like the
whole flight was and less I was like get me.

Yeah point was the
worst, but that is a big no no for people chopping choppy ice
gross and then also on the list of known as dropping food on the floor and then eating
that it depends where you drop it to
if you're at home. You drop it, sometimes I drop things in
areas like why one or for example like
there's 2 areas on the ground you sort of forget and just put
a because we don't I don't mind our floors usually kind of
clean finish. OK with a survey at I think I think to me also
just how you treat people it's so clear that yeah meal it's a
clear yes are you a good Tipper are you CA are you that your
turn off to me than bad.

Yeah, 80 or I didn't get what I
with you don't get what you want how do you act about it
because sometimes things go wrong yes, life exactly. >> Olive oil is probably a
staple in many kitchens, but what about those other oils
like you see in the supermarket, you Santa Ana CA. >> Oil grapeseed oil Coca you
know nothing about them because we really do. Okay, we are so
happy because today's match across Monday is for all of us
to take note, okay, because of a nutritionist joy Bauer's here
with everything you need to know. I'm seeing joy in person
I knew for since the beginning of our show since its
inception. Many many years ago. >> And I cannot believe this is
the first haha idea we need to it's a fine.

I have let's get
busy because extra virgin olive oil is it's got to be a staple
the every day is like that King of all boils and extra virgin
comes from the first pressing. >> Of loves so as you can
imagine it has all of the good stuff it not only has it's
called model unsaturated heart healthy fat, but it also has a
lot of antioxidants and what's really interesting too is that
like grapes and wine. Let's have a lot of different
personalities so you can get a smooth for him. Extra virgin
olive oil or you can get a robust extra a cold pressed or
whatever yeah or something you're supposed to get it
doesn't matter you know if you get extra virgin olive oil
kisses tight regulation, you know it it has a high smoke
point so it's good for grilling or roasting such. And obviously
salad dressing yeah. >> Eat it like have spoonful
fact that that's kind of a new >> What we like to just dunk
are. Steve fry, but I don't thing.

Know that I would just this one
phone that this because this is because oil and be on the
lookout because this is the new kid on the block and when you
look at the makeup of avocado oil honestly it's it's just as
impressive as as extra virgin olive oil but here's the thing
with a first off it also has I have to say a higher smoke
point than olive oil and it also has a more neutral like
flavor so all of well, you wouldn't want to be with gets a
present the taste but avocado you can only caviar it is it's not so mainstream now so
it's little bit pricey and you don't necessarily know what
you're getting, but I would say jump forward 2 years from now
that's going to be a yes we've got a bunch to get canola oil
saying this is great seed oil canola oil or grapeseed oil is
like a nice versatile oil they have a high smoke point when I
say high smoke point that means if the temperature that oil
will start to break down and cried smoke, so the higher the
smoke point the more versatile it.

These are inexpensive but
I'm going to tell you they do not have the health perks.
Extra virgin, olive oil or avocado what it but you would
maybe use this in your baking kids actually has no flavor it
was change the flavor of us. I always think this is a hobby
okay, yeah, I think this is the healthy has the healthiest
wrong haha now it's a really big myth it's super trendy and
it's very Buzzy but here's the story coconut oil is one of the
only oils that provides a huge amount of saturated fat and we
know that saturated fat and through studies, the saturated
fat in coconut oil elevates LDL that's the lousy cholesterol.
So here's what I would say there's a lot of attributes to
it has something called mct oil, but it also it's solid at
room temperature so it has a lot of integrity and texture to
recipes use it as an accent whale like sparingly what yeah
like what what what I can tell how you would use that so what
I would say it if a recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of oil
use one and a half tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and
actually cap on this and sesame oil sesame oil is fabulous you
only need a little bit it has a haute and delicious nutty young
the flavor, it's for Asian inspired recipes you can get
regular or toasted and again just a little bit is all you
need really delicious this kind is what is best of oil which
yeah we might be exa that's still a this might be to say at
that stubble and vegetable oil is really it's it's confusing
it's an umbrella term for anything that's plantbased
every single oil we just went through is the Vols under the
vegetable oil and because they're usually blends it's
really hard for me to weigh in on the different that for
baking a cake, you have a good one for the yeah, the and here
are the ones we love I made these last night this is extra
virgin olive oil and this one I infused with rosemary and I
just bought it with a little bit of rosemary.

This one is
garlic show I love the girl. So delicious and I'm going to
show everybody on instagram had to make these because there's
so rosemary is due to a great, you know that on some potato,
yeah, it really did get all right joy. Thank you. >> Today talks continues after
the break we have an exclusive chat you can only see here on
today all day. only see here on today all day
I gather, yeah haha. >> We have we have to you have
so many things to discuss some things are upcoming we can't
can we talk about your interview tomorrow with Allen's
yeah we won't say yeah, but there have been a lot of people
who have been curious about yeah. Alan Jackson, he's had
some performances and fans have been curious about what exactly
is going on you know I first of all he's the most kind, humble
yeah lovely human being and I didn't realize what he's been
through over the last couple of years his daughter lost her
husband, whom ballot, their Lake House on they just been
married briefly he lost his mom wow he was so close to so he
hasn't we're court there was like a six-year period where he
has recorded music.

He has a new album out. And he has
something really important to share personal. It's like he
was also kind of none of us and which I love you
know and vulnerable and also was was I think you know so
many times people are like but other people have bigger things you know, it's so it's so
interesting is that first of all Alan Jackson's people in
him called you to do yeah to have this to kind of relate
a story and I was just thinking about
sometimes the awesome responsibility of this job,
yes, sometimes we don't we forget about those kind of
things but sometimes I remember Phil
this a lot when I was working at dateline another times too
but people are trusting you.

Yeah, they're secret and they want it handled with
kid gloves and it's so personal and sometimes your things
they've never spoken about yeah, you're the person they're
talking to and it's such an awesome responsibility when you
think about sitting across from someone and they're saying
something that you like Alan Jackson is about to tell you
something he's never said before yeah publicly and he's
relying on you to take care of him and don't you are you
sometimes all about and that yes in this case, but yeah,
always right, yeah I like I think about that a lot the
privilege it is yeah somebody straight and not just like the
one side that we all know now because I've been I've been the person where I've
sat across from somebody who thinks they know me you know,
and and has sort of preconceived thoughts of what
they think I am do you try to cut that's a good that's a good
point to do you try to convince them are you trying to show
them like you don't know what I say to you know make many maybe
deep down, it's more like I know when somebody is open yeah
to to learning about me and yeah, bring about me and I have
no and this is maybe before you know, I also know when somebody
already thanks why know what she is I know it's a yeah I
know who her family is I know this I know her and really you
know very few people do right, yeah, they don't know it and
that goes for not just someone he might yeah, I'm as you look
at somebody was in the public eye and you think oh I know
that you know, I know them they don't have their life is easy
everything paid for what they have to worry, yeah, but I
think that that is one of those things that I've been thinking
about that in real life to just about not judging someone
because you catch a snippet of them.

Yeah, I see someone
yelling at their kid and that could be yeah yesterday, yeah,
like I don't mean to but at the moment and someone says will I
and I've I've had that look on twitter someone said oh I saw
you know how to do X y and Z yeah, I was like oh is that
when I was dropping on my bag, so I can from my credit card my
kid was running yeah, yeah that was me yeah in that 10 man I
know we all yeah and I think that goes for people that are
in the spotlight and not yeah, we see somebody yeah we think
we know there are some of the bus stop its like oh, yeah, you
know what people are going through yeah, so I think it's
our job in your meeting with whether it's somebody that we
know or somebody we don't to really like less brand-new
people that story out yeah that tricky yeah, because well, this
is all I'm I'm this in a long way of saying I'm really
looking forward to this Alan Jackson interview Tamara I like
flew home think again.

There's days of work where it
feels like you're really fall, and it felt like I loved
listening to okay. >> All right, we're going to
have that and well that's it for this massive today talking
watching what they'll do it. >> So from what I understand
you didn't set out if you will to write a memoir, but your
life story I've heard that seemed to pour out of you is that true, but I want to
write a bunch of policy papers on how to enable the system to
help young families balance work and family that's really
what I started, but people said that's too dry, nobody's going
to be policy because unless you informed with their life.

And so this book is a memoir
but is really telling the story of my life to live the lessons that could
lead to the Moon shot which is how to create a support
structure that have been young family but others balance book
life. Let's take it a step at a time you talk about your story
begins in India. And you paint such a vivid picture of your childhood is so
real was because I felt like I was back home in my ancestral
home when we talk about the swing.

I felt like I was
sitting that I could feel the wind. The wish and it almost
will come into gun bust, calling me you also talk about
the prioritizing of education talking a little bit about that
and how important it was everything was but education is
lows got good grades you are given freedom to do other
things but grades were not amount to
have to do well in school because the belief was a good
education is the foundation for your future and that was a non
negotiable. First when you came home from
school and report caused a checked all the
school was checked down to what mistakes do make a mean why did
you get dictation test wrong.

The divide, the words, you know
2530 times so it was a maniacal focus on education and my
grandfather took it upon himself to be the teacher to guide them into
everything he was a constant force in my life. Balance the cultural tug of war
of making sure as a woman you're going to find someone to
get married or the due to your domestic duties versus
education and academics and career was there at a tug of
war with a tap dance if you will it kind of you know one
foot on the brake one foot on the accelerator my family
believe that go should sort of dream as much as the boy so
that should be no difference between the goals of the boys.
So it was interesting that family felt that way I remember
I was born tails off to India, but independents and those of
the British room for 350 is the British occupied India.

left in 1947 was born in 1955. So it was the only has it been
to India is trying to figure out what kind of country was
going to be and move in the just emerging on the scene I
was among the only group of women to go to college going to
business school so it was like free breaking in so many ways
and in my family was like that the goes dream do not hold them
back. That's what my father, my grandfather would send a
mother to on the other hand should say. I want to find your
guide 18 and get a medal because society expected that
so she had the foot on the brake and for the next rate. And you know that's the
environment, they grew up on the bus we knew that my
grandfather, and my father would never allow us to the
madi Billy and this be wants to be good at it and they would
make sure that if you want to study more work they would give
us a support which is what the men in a family, so that
certainly wasn't typical in all families, how grateful are you
that you have that type of support in those days you can think of
that because just say you don't as we can do whatever we want
in retrospect, I mean all of what my grandfather and my
father and my mother to a large extent because she was part of
the society right you could have been absolutely been a
fine said how can you allow your daughters to go what she
said no that's what they want to let them go do it they want
to start in that the study she never have this back.

So if we
were to fast forward to when you started climbing the
corporate ladder at a time where you probably didn't see a
lot of faces that looked like yours, you are a woman an
immigrant person of color. What was it like sometimes in
those 4 rooms when you are sitting at those tables, when
you didn't see faces that looked like you. I was among the very very the
group of people to come into the corporate books I knew that
wouldn't be doing people like As a woman as an immigrant
person of color in every which me.

Was struck out so it actually
made me work harder and better because I feel like I wasn't a
whole every time I went into a meeting that people look at me
like she must not belong here. So I was in that hole in my
mind and I had to dig myself, the 5th and then on a seat at
the table. So I always came over prepared, you know had
more than that to the mass to to demonstrate my supreme
competency. So the first few meetings I would quickly
established that I was a force to be reckoned with that I
deserve to see that the table it's not the head of the table
so knowing the fact that my mine took me into a hole and
digging out if it wasn't in my performing better than anybody
else on the table in your book you talk about even just the
journey to get to the corporate ladder right and all of the
things you have to do and speaking up even when people
are speaking up you know trying to interrupt you then fast
forward to where the boardroom did you feel confident that you
know deserve a seat at the table and that you could you
know hang with the boys so to speak, yes, you know, you know
it's like a duck that it's very common talk but under the
ruling and so you feel like man, I'm arrived to the ground
and you go.

City of the head of the day both inside and put
butterflies because you know when you reach the top shannan you can be pushed off the top
of the first, he's got to learn that position the top every day
as a sea of the world is looking into people want you to
feel more people want to feel them they want to succeed to
succeed. And so you know it was a little bit uneasy. But after
why we get to and you say you know what I'm
pretty good and until they get that group
which takes about 4 or 5 years and to see you soon I used to have those
butterflies in the stomach, you know we had things but it
plans to good because they keep on your toes before you got to
that point where you said you you know what I'm good I can do
this were there any specific stories are there any memories
that stick out in your head that made you say what was that I don't think said I can be see
you at any point.

I was like good enough to be see you or
you know, let's not think about the seals of this talk about
the job, I'm doing exceedingly well. I think 5 focus on the
CEO job. I might have forgotten the job I had to do. And so I just focused on the
job to do it better than anybody else couldn't just keep
going that way so when the call came to receive it was like my
God, I'm going to be it. Holy cow, you know, I'm going
to be in the center of attention and I have to deliver
and this is my agenda in a home, I'm going to do it.
I hope I have the ability the coverage, the confidence it's
not a question a lot of things about yourself and to develop
that. So the been the coverage to
face the world, what is the secret to that inner courage,
you have to draw on your resume of competence first you cannot
do these jobs and this is supremely good at what you did
the subject matter so then you have to always drawn that
competence fact to first want to have competence courage and
confidence comes quickly, top and the thing that I was
told by one I'm going seal was even feel nervous and uncertain
about something done short is everybody is looking into.

Show covid show confidence show
com. Within the 4 walls of his
office and think through and struggled with issues but
outwardly show com because too much riding on your courage,
your Thomas siloam those kids the great thing is I had
mentors to talk to me all those things were they all male
mentor, all mean. But I was surrounded by then. But the amazing thing is that
took it upon them to reach out give me that advice tell me,
I'm doing something wrong giving experiences that
otherwise I would have sought while the morning and credible
data that what do you think it was about your work ethic or
about you.

That led a lot of those men
back in the day if you will to support you and help propel you
in your career. I never ever was given a job that I didn't
deliver. I was about the most reliable
person and I just I would kill. And tonight in the road for
whether I was working full. Second is where I work for him
and I'm going to I never ever ever let them down
anything and all those that the jobs are how can I make their
lives better how can I make their life easier because I
know what the CEO job just like I had a seat up from watching
it and so I do everything possible to make their life
easier and they saw that they said the muck of item
number one example where I've made present better
presentation for the board and I give it to the sea and said,
here's the big presentation of the work that you look at who
he said have you checked, and they said, yeah, he said
what am I going to find that's wrong.

You've checked it through and
through so I don't see taken away. It sure the level of confidence
in me which I didn't basically was saying you know you always
done in a product that you check recheck triple checked. And I think that's what made them want to meant to me
and into they got mom then. there when you became CEO, so
when I became CEO my kids young one was a teenager going to
difficult is never was entering teenage, so it was difficult
time believe me. But the good thing is my office was 10
minutes from home. The young one school was 10
minutes from the office. So other than that trying to
trying a bubble if you want to call it that trust me a lot of
us can relate to you different, you know, because if there was
a problem the school I was I just ran and I think it would
meeting I was in Iran, if my kids are not better at home. When home during the day couple
3 times to just check on how they were in pain lived in this bubble.

bubble, if you want to call it that between home school and
office amid a huge different had I had to commute from out
to them in a whole different problem. I know so many women
who feel like OK. If I'm asked her what I you know my work
today that I feel like I feel at home if I was all at home,
like I feel that we're kind of like there are a lot of people
who feel like we just can't balance it all it's a real
challenge and I do it even use the word balance and he was
like juggling just have to juggle everything even I feel
like with that I feel that I didn't do enough at home and
then I did a lot of my friends, I know my God I convicted
something work.

So that taught him pull is is a reality and we have to
live with it. I think the best you can do is to say at the end of the day and we'll
do the best I can for my family. Best I can for my job and hope
to God my spot of tickets to. >> Yeah, he knew that my
husband is in your list is. >> Pepsico pepsico pepsico then
it's your kids as it is not as good. Yeah that is is your mom
some read the bottom there's me and I go see just be happy on
that. >> Haha. >> That's good with their time
actually I know there was a time that really kind of pulled
on my heartstrings where your daughter I guess she wrote you
a letter take me back to that time and I think it was about 4 or 5 and I still keep that in
mind this. The note goes oh mom please
come home. Please please please come home, I love you more if
you came home please please please people and to do a cloud
in some flowers and looking up reading for me to come.

that's a reality because there were times moving
transformations and acquisitions I was working
nonstop. I mean I had Raj my husband is was at home. My
mother was at home and on and off my mother lode come in to
help so we have family they wanted Mommy. So when you got
that letter, I mean it's cute now, but when you first got
that letter from your daughter didn't just break your heart big momma's an understatement
so you know my other daughter had engine entry would said
later that the window for mom to come home, it's not 10
o'clock and you know on and maybe see
this as I have to go to sleep, but I have something really
really really really important that money, you know I read those done then
jeez I blew in my room, but that's reality, you know when
you only have so many hours in the day and you're doing 4 or 5
full-time jobs.

So this some sort of juggling
you have to do. And you do the best you can do
that anything differently. Why the certainly and to be
honest. I studied a lot I worked a lot and I love my job
and love my family and love my husband and my kids they
understand that you're trailblazing at the time, no of
course they didn't cause the haha. >> They don't even know what it
is yeah, I was just looking at this when you joined pepsico in
1994. 15 of the top 15 executives
were American men now one Fortune 500 company had a
female CEO we talked about the fact that you didn't get them
all you have to have to stand up for yourself can hold your
ground, you know as as the only woman at the table.

What was that like at the time. >> The fact that I was
different I was used to it because all to my life up to
that point I was always the only woman in the room. Forget the fact that I was in
person of color. I was only woman in the so and I was used to that was a
good environment to be a part of that even though all of
them, you know look the same came from the same back up.
Remember the ideal senior executive those days the plant.

So there was no different and
pepsico but imagine what it looks like
now the face of such was changed so much with come a
long way. >> It's so interesting because
you say that you set out to you know almost like write policy
papers and now you're sharing, you know a very deep and
personal thing us from from your journey are you happy that
you share those things with us. >> Well, I feel uncomfortable
Motley happy it's not easy to write these stories because in
know your life of the whole world to read and talk about
crime and so in some ways it's Tuesday the uncomfortable.

So I had to really make sure my
husband was okay with that thing was saying because he
matters to me more than anything else. You read it he
suggested that the 2 said them with chapter doesn't read about
he was a really good contribute to my kids have been leave it
to them months should be fine should be fine, you know what
are you going to say this new, we know what you're going to
save said it all they're OK with that but for mean even
look at the pictures night. Well got the state to back into
my life and India memory lane my kids growing up I didn't
like kids of these cheetah known since then I've them out
so I go to all of those feelings. But in the day, it's
a story with 10. And why did you want to tell
because talking about what needs to be done to balance
work and family and the support structure we need to build is more credible when you talk
about the 5 and I to run through those troubles it so
that I was born with a support structure was need to saving to

I have to worry about all these
issues there were times I had to juggle there were times
where my kids, you know looked at me and use me as a punching
bag was I wasn't there I've been through all of these
issues and so I understand what people
are going through. The big blessing was moved up in the
corporate clear. I had money to afford my own health lot of
people who don't have it you're able to afford helping us like
your mother that made a huge difference month the generation
that he does problems with the don't think it's a cake will be
a but on balance it's a much better thing to have, you know parents want to know
my kids my mother and my in-laws helped so much how did
she react to mean this is new for her to her daughter who was
working so much and she was home to chairman pull you aside
and say what are you doing.

I know that it's just give up
your job to stay home with enough is enough. I don't want
my kids one has said that this and they will come to school
you don't do this and don't do that and find out that my job
and I stay home and take care of you guys. Last about 10 seconds that
comment may go mom you can quit your job. You've worked so hard for a
moment could son the other kids said mowen said
you know what I really need is 2 of you one of those mom and
whole nother one knows the CEO of this executive so that you
know somehow we can balance boat.

So they're very proud of the
mom but they also love them on their mom I think you're right
I think it was more powerful before you know talked about
the importance of work life balance of what needs to happen
to make that possibility from around the country around the
globe, you share your story. But now is it realistic that
will see change I think we've heard people say this before
what has to change in order to make this a reality for so many
women around the world.

The first thing we have to do
is you talk with future of work, especially post-pandemic
and with all the technology is coming in we have to just stop talking
about technology and Robotics and automation and start to
talk with families family build those women, the jobs of the
future then knowledge economy and a lot of kidding jobs.
For both we need women because the knowledge economy requires
the smartest people women, 70% of the high school by that
owns the graduating College of 10 points higher than the men. They have a whole point of GPA
GPA is better than the men in stem degrees. 40% of stem degrees. 30 1% of
engineering degrees. We need these women in the workforce. We want to give them the choice
to be thing they don't want to that's a choice if you want to
give them the support structure that they can contribute to the
betterment of the country.

I think people now are
beginning to recognize that we have in the war for talent who
we need the best and the brightest, which means all the
women who want to walk down family but doesn't want to be
in a book that should enable that what sounds like for you,
you know making sure women are treated equally and fairly
unpaid uncompensated it's not just the moral thing to do it
just makes good business sense as well. I think of think of it
as an economist not a feminist, this is about I love painting the country's
EU sources it's about drawing the country growing the GDP in
a wall for town and if you don't use all the talent to
have it's crazy. I think the time has come to stop thinking
in those towns as opposed to all God is another female
mission so the fee munitions families we need families we
need children for the future.

We need the brightest people
which also includes women to be deployed in the book there are
men and women were just working so hard to get through on the
table right now they may be watching the story was so busy
just trying to get to the day that they can think about
policy laws and you know what I mean so are you telling them
that right now there are these brilliant minds around the
country who are trying to figure out on their behalf.
How to let them find some kind of balance or better balance
with work and family people are thinking about of people are
working through it. This is not a political issue, this is a
human issue and I'm seeing that a lot of people engage don't we
not have to move from. Tall can pull it to action and figure out how communities
come together, you know families come together how
we're going to take it to the aging people and the teachers
nurses, I mean how to make sure they all come back to a
2 million women dropped out of the workforce during the
pandemic we need almost all of them back in the workforce
because those jobs need done.

pexels photo 4559600

Chair, I feel I could feel when
I read this book you feel like that that your purpose, what is
your purpose, enabling young family believed this to
be able to their families have this choose
to the same time greasing the skids for women to engage in paid work. If they so choose to not have
to fight all the battles they have been fighting in the past. If you think I mean well
obviously it's getting a little bit. I mean you walk into the
border. Now it's looks a little more diverse than that or does
it I don't need us through it does and S whole lot different
are you encouraged by what you see newsday's streaming
coverage to stream. So you're beginning to see the changing
face of the border are seeing better decisions as a
consequence, it's not just the changing face the same better
decisions more innovation using more disapperance I think
is changing a lot of things in corporate America, what would
your message be to women in the next generation who are
following in your footsteps and trying to balance work and
family and a little bit of time for themselves may be a spouse.

Most of the message of doing
that I mean if I tried to done played on the crazy but I was
going to dream big. The economy needs you need your
brains. Work with us to help. Help you figure out how to
balance how to juggle working from it. How do we create the support
structures to help you do and let's work together to figure
this out because they often move told young family build
this. If you have kids, it's your
problem. It's not a problem use like
when you have a kid you're doing so as to the country. You should give another was
says thank you for your service to the country. Think about that you're

The next generation of citizens
and consumers for the country so we have to say thank you to
you but thank you is not enough letters not enough. What does that we're going to
do for you and all of these things look when a child turns
5. The state takes responsibility
and says we're going to help educate the
child to the education system 0 to 5 what can communities
families to certain extent the student we're calling this a
government program that all how can we all come together to
help the young family, let's fast forward 10 years, what
changes do you see here what are you hoping we see that in
the corporate world.

I think in the business world a
lot of government quote the small business everything into
that we have paid leave for every
family. The 4 men tend to put an end to
care and or sick leave can. We have very tuned system for
flexibility of predictability of work hours you can work.
OK you can come into work and we will discriminate against
you because you work flexibly a beautifully set up childcare
system between communities family
state would have to have a works together. The teen. Lots of this can traffic to
looking to get. >> Can you imagine can you
imagine, I mean it's doable is a don't do a book in 10 years
in 10 years is doable if you put our minds to it is that the
hope of this book that's the hope. picture of your child that
India, do you think about those days, especially now that
you're able to kind of pour out for your heart into this book
you think of that little girl in India.

I think I'm going to go in
terms of how far she's come and sometimes a pinch myself saying
how did it happen is it even possible what she looked like
if I saw her Russian down the street a little under what she
looked like she no walks you leave an. She always smiled she always
smiled, and if she could walk in a straight line to avoid it
didn't meant over to Chad and a rock and everything and then
within their I mean nothing was a hood of nothing is the boys country's own can
climb trees that fell and broke my hand to Florida broke my
hand that's good on that coming up this get on. So was one of
these out a tome boys. Who'd just thought life was put
in join. And here she is sitting across
from me >> You know today all day up
next on has take cooking some Dada has the cure your midday
much and he's going to whip up for easy snacks.

So you'll
always be prepared when hunger strikes. First up some of making one of
holder's favorite sweet treat dates stuffed with on the
budget to be said hot or cold, then she breaks up a simple
super maple Allman granola and finally he's making popcorn
that spiced with Gama sala saved bottom bother with this.
I suspect. >> I'll just say this OK you
have a first date with one of these states. You will be having more. >> I can with my cell phone.

>> I cannot go a single day
without setting whether I'm at home or on the go it is simple
hashtag always next time honestly a world without
snacking is simply not what I want to win so I cannot wait to
show you 3 of my favorite weekly that staples. >> Michael let's just update us
warm and those in mind that people can olah and Mike
Phillips just saw a gun. >> I love days and no I'm not
talking about the romantic kind, I'm talking about the
Mitchell kinds. They are my favorite sweet snack to
throughout the day. I'm show you how to make them 2 ways why
didn't stop and frozen and dipped in chocolate. Most states come with Pitt so
I've actually already pitted the is up by about 10 here.
So I'm just going out to them on a little journey for the
microwave for about 10 to 15 seconds just to get them really
nice and warm in.

A first date or second date
when you have 10 date spreading to be stepped on the weather warming the dates brings out
there already naturally Golden caramel flavor and then when
you stuff them with almond butter the Heat actually allows
almond butter to melt it gets really nice and gooey and
delicious I really already 21 right now. Okay we're going to start stuffing them so it got it
creamy almond butter here you can also use a crunchy almond
butter you can use a peanut butter cashew butter if there
are any nut Butters that you're harboring in your pantry this
will be a great time to use them.

I'm pretty generous here.
I would say use of a teaspoon to 2 teaspoons just because I
like a lot of almond butter but you can totally choose,
however, amount works best for your life because we fitted the day's it
actually serves a really nice pocket for the almond Butters
just sit in a little hole, you know. It's like the state was meant
for almond butter here on in. Good form I think and it's going to continue with
the rest of my days. So actually to saw this recipe
on my instagram and has now deemed it to be her favorite
snack. >> You take a date and member I
told you the whole thing, new kid you put in some dark
chocolate and somebody better, yeah, you know, I like I like
the melted chocolate in the peanut butter enough butter
thing with the salt soho to.

>> You're watching this for you
you can kind of see how when I put the almond butter inside
this little pocket, it starts to melt a little bit and look
so can we. It's like a little River of
almond butter that I want to swim in. So lucky days. I only myself up. So for this recipe and a lot of
the other recipes I make using Gates you want to make sure
you're buying the Mitchell kind, I'll just say this OK you
have a first for one of these days. We will be having more. >> I can't with myself. So we've got to hold me back
from making another day job because they will happen again.

>> OK wait this guy needs a
little more almond butter I'm so sorry, I'm going to do for a
second. Okay, I am drowning in on the
matter. All of my dates have been
stuffed with the almond butter they look really nice. The ready to go out and they
say I need to stop them down and then I promise now that I'm done stuffing all
of the dates, I'm just going to top it with a little bit of sea
salt just to bring out that
sweetness and balance everything out really nicely. I sometimes also like to use a
salted almond butter too and that's going to really create
that naturally, salty sweet combination which we love. And there you have it. My favorite warm stuff, dates
my coffee companion. My favorite date. In my opinion you can never
have an update. So I'm the show you how to make another arrest
accusing days.

They're frozen stuffed with almond butter and
then dipped in chocolate. So we've got our dates already
pitted and no we're going to just go ahead and set them
straight with on them better fish feel pain a year. Again we're going to have the
almond butter find a nice home in this pocket that we created
by putting the days. And remember we are going to be
some urging these in chocolate so we want to make sure that we
don't overfill the Allman better so that it gets a bit
messy. Even though we love a bit of
messy chocolate, so sometimes when I look at my freezer and
I'm like where did all the ice cream go I make use instead.
They're also super quick to pull together and use mostly
what you have in the change and if you're not keeping dates in
your pantry now.

Take this is your sign to start
if you have a nut allergy you can even use it to Heaney or a
sunflower seed butter as well and then when you're done
freezing them they seriously taste like a candy bar. I know you think I'm crazy but
they do that promise. Some for dessert item as a
snack during the day, there's so many things you can do with
them. They really are the perfect day
to day for the perfect date. And now for my chocolate all
I'm going to do is melt in the microwave with a little bit of
coconut oil this is going to help get nice and smooth and
glossy we're going to do this in 10 to 15 2nd increments and
we're going to keep stirring throughout so gets really nice
ones. The facts straight in there.

Got my spoon at the ready for
stirring and I'm going head to the Mike right. Now it is time to take our
dates for a little swim and chocolate. I think they're excited about
this I'm not sure. Here's what we're going to do. Every day just drop it straight
into the chocolate. Soriot likes this. Roll it around so that the
entire day is coded make sure you get that residual
chocolate to kind of drip off the size of the spoon like
this. And now we're just going to
place it back on to our pressure papers. And now we're going to chocolate swim and repairs. This is like a very luxurious
that I have to say for the days because we've stuffed the
states with almond butter we want to make sure we're rolling
in the chocolate a little bit gently just so that the better just
come out. It's okay, you got a little
messy here. It's part of the game. It's part of the dates. So I wasn't good. Serve this year next state.

Those that are those good those
get will it ever stop making the
folks for this. No mistaking the stopping of the summit. It's part of my brand now. One final say. now just for good measure, a
man at a little drizzle of chocolate on top, it's going
make it look really pretty. I don't believe in less is more
when it comes to chocolate. I think we always need more
chocolate. If you don't like chocolate, I
want to Anderson. These drop me a line. But also if you'd only talk
about my life and so okay, now I'm just going to top them
with a little flaky sea salt this is really going to bring
out that sweetness balance out the chocolate is the perfect

I'm using a flaky sea salt as
well so it looks really pretty and a little fancy. Okay, we're salted and now we're ready for the
concert. Can we take a moment look at
how cute they look. Tuesday, it's ready for their
day. Stop making just okay. These are honestly so good
because of the chocolate because of the almond butter
and that little flaky sea salt they seriously he's like a
candy bar, America's here anywhere, you know I left in my hot days. The pros and AIDS. We're going on a lot of states
today. They honestly look so good. We love them, you know what I
need to take a picture of the suspect. I know it's a
favorites not she's going to love the chocolate wants to. The states are fully ready for
their close. It's almost unfair. Got the shot. I think it's time for you to

It's so good. The dates are so sweet aman better worked so well. That's all it's making everything come to
life. And you there's a reason why
these every day. Now that my dates are done I'm
going to let you in on a little secret, let's keep this between
us for NOAA is super easy to make it home and get the
ingredients I can show you out. And all is one of my favorite
things to make at home, it's super versatile safety that
solo this much fun as you're going about your day or serve
it with your favorite yogurt and the show you how to make my
favorite 90 people to know for any and all the rescue like
to separate my what in trying to break we want to make sure
that all of the ingredients are thoroughly incorporated so
that's why I'm going to do I've got some melted and cooled
coconut oil here and I'm just this, going to add the rest.

And so my almond butter. And this is going to serve as a
really nice mixture for the oath and nuts and seeds and
whatever else we're adding to this you know what's really
going on to get those really crunchy clusters and clusters are why we're all
you know on the first place anyway, right. Almond butter is in to sweeten it up we're going out to maple syrup
this is the maple fortune of might not be able to Noah maple has this really nice for
the richness of the tunnel. It's so good, it's really
lightning speed so it's not too sweet. I got all my when 3 D and in my
bowl and not just whisk it into its nations. Be careful here where neighbors. I don't do it, but you should
where whisking and where whisking and I just wanna with this
until it's nice and smooth making sure that all the
ingredients are thoroughly incorporated.

Okay, but in 3 D and it's going to
set them aside they're going to hang on for later a nominee get
to work on my right because I like to maximize the
presence of Custer is in my very first and I'm gonna crush
minus before that into my notes so in order to do this all you
have to do. As you're not into any sort of
that. It's a rolling pin or even a
bottle and just get your stress out. It also role that if your more
delicate, but I'm really going for it today. That promise, I'm a very
patient person. We want them to be coarsely
crushed, but it's okay if we have some bigger or smaller
pieces, it's nice to have some structure with a granola like
the crash. I've got my bowl of Oats right
here. And I'm just going at all my
drive Mixon CIN my constant here.

I stressed the Cannes result. I should also say that if
you've got any nuts or seeds that have just been hanging out in your pantry for
a little too long this is a great opportunity to use them
up. I'm adding some mins and now. It's going uses sentiment here
you can also use that may get to play really whatever you
play it. Looking at a little pinch of
fall. And now this unfold in all my
drying things together if everyone to know each other. Very friendly been around. That makes all my dry
ingredients together and it's going to add my wet ingredients
and mix everything together.

If we go. This wet mixture is really
what's going to help this going to have stirs play like to make
sure when I am mixing both the wet and dry ingredients
together that everything is really nicely coated. Okay listen closely the really
important thing when all of this to make sure that everyone
has some first one to make sure that all of the in knots in
this entire mixture is spread out very even layer so everyone
has room for 3.

By spreading everything out for
also going to make sure engaged in a very even Chris Blair. And we're just putting
everything down really gently spreading it out nicely we
don't want to pass anything too hard to question any of the
nuts. Now that everything is spread
out and just to go bacon governor at 3.25 degrees for
about 3040 minutes. Well if your goal is making me
want to make sure that we're stirring it every 10 to 15
minutes. So we can ensure even in this state. Spread it out evenly again. And then back in the oven week. >> The secret to super crispy
crunchy blustery granola is actually letting it cool
completely before you break it apart servant, I know it's
tempting but you still have time for a
little bit of it.

This bill is for people to not
just going to break it apart and that's with that. I mean you just can if you can't say no to this
this is crazy look at how crunchy the clusters are what I live
for only reason I can like this is the most
satisfying thing he ever. I will break it apart though,
just a little bit we want to maintain those clusters though I'll take run all over and all
of our day. And did you see how easy it was
to throw this together and that is fine but when you've got
this Super Bowl one.

And look at this peak, it so
even so Golden in this heat. We need to dig into this
cluster. Lightly sweet from the maple
syrup not too sweet so it's perfect breakfast companion. Honestly this at any time of
the day you could even top A really nice Chris called in a
layer on top of some vanilla ice cream. you know what my dad loves this
recipe and make it all the time. And some of the pictures so it
can be a little bit dollars in her life is you know haha he's going to be so dollars. >> Speaking of mind that this
next recipe is inspired by him something he used to make all
the time so the grab ingredients and stir up the
pot. This is a variation of a pop
for St. That my dad, this make all the time for a guy my mom,
my sister and I would always steal some before you could
even have a single for all. So I guess this is redemption
for him, I'm going to show you how to
make your popcorn really delicious really flavorful with
this spice and is also a mixed So I've already got my popcorn
and now on to the left hand on medium-low heat from out a
little bit off.

Well. You can use your favorite
places here. But I mean he's one of my favorites, which is
some garments Allah this is a really common blended Indian
spices and it's really delicious really warming.
It's a very savory flavor the mine. In the streets while oil. Along with some high and
covered this is going to take it up a notch the Spice
department I like things very spicy finally. >> I'm going to add a little
can just saw.

And now all we need to. >> It's just our spices now the reason that we're
heating the spices here in the oil is because nobody likes or
spice spices are not to the east. So we want to cook the
spices with the oil still to come for a grant to become
aromatic it doesn't use a lot of flavor in trip-hop fine. >> I was so obsessed with
copper in college. I'm pretty sure it's the only reason I
made it through I would just knock on it like all the time. >> It got me to write sans thank you hop on.

Stone so much for me my life. And you want to make sure you
continue to stir your spices in with the oil, so it doesn't
burn. We're only doing this for about
a minute or so until you smell that delicious aromatic spice
Mel you don't want to smell to rock. When you allow the government
solace to cook in this oil you can really smell all of this
individual spices 2 men cry and or it's also free man. So my spices and the oil small
really aromatic up cook it for about a minute now it's time
just a little bit more profit. And it's going to shake it up
so everything's going for it and here now is just one of my
friends. It smells so good. >> That is going to toss it so
that everything is well incorporated. This is just a really great way
to make a flavor infused popcorn so that you're not just
playing with the plane, Sol you're not just for the plane
butter there's a little something extra going on. Now that my spices are fully
incorporated in my popcorn and then add a little bit
nutritional yeast this as a very cheesy and savory flavor
to the popcorn without actually It makes that in a little bit.

And then it finished with a
little pinch of salt. I have to show my dad that I
made this a little bit better than it is. it smells so good I seriously
wish you could still I cannot wait to begin. So I'm just not going to wait. He pointed a gun. Oh come on. This might be dramatic. >> But I don't think need
regular popcorn ever again. It's so good. And again you can use your favorite spice
this year, you can even do a little salt and pepper little
garlic powder really making your own but just know that I
have a feeling you will not go back to regular salt in. It's so good, it's really good
to us. >> The next time you get a
snack attack all I have to say is don't panic because it is
the rescue there so delicious and the best way to keep your
day going.

>> Guys super busy cooking up a
storm, but I have something exciting to tell you cooking
it's back to tune in to today all day. Okay got some the oven I got to
go see later. >> And this morning on Sunday
food, the great Padma Lakshmi is here what is right not only
is she the host of bravos any winning top chef currently in
its 18th season. Heb is also filming season 2 of her pool
series taste. The nation to show that explores the cultural
roots of food.

>> Yeah, and with so much on
the plate, we're happy that she has a little bit of time to
hang with us. It's got one of her favorite summertime meals.
It's a cool show on hulu that you do in public just give us a
little quick synopsis of it. >> Thank you, it's called taste
the nation and we're nice second season, it's really
looking at the immigrant communities in our country and
getting to know the people through the food. So it's more
cultural show with the spy covers being a food show it
went to 10 cities in the first season and this season that
we're back on the road it looks beautiful and colorful, we know
we're big top chef fans around here as you well know what are
you going to make this morning. We're going to make some
scallops this is a beautiful summer dish that so easy so in

Bowl right here. I just have some regular bread crumbs
some flour some kind and a little bit of salt and some
dried mango powder to give it some tightness to balance out
the sweetness of this cops if you don't have dried mango
powder to see that out and still make this recipe you can
use lemon pepper pursue Makar just again, you know really you
know you can still be beautiful and then you just taking
scallops and using see scouts today because in a bigger and
heating some olive oil in a frying pan and just tossing
these lightly in that picture showing a a.

>> How do you know what you put
your piece in time. The scallops are done it seems like
that's a protein that you don't want to undercut or overcooked
get the mail it, you know. >> It depends on the size where
they usually just take about 3 or 4 minutes on each side, you
want them Golden, I tend to cook them on one side almost
all the way and then just flipped them over to brown the
other side for about 90 seconds some chefs don't even with them
over, but I think it's the caramelized you don't want to
crowd the pan so basically like the bigger they are the more
time they take, but they shouldn't take any time it out
which is why I love shellfish gala Titian they're done in
minutes and wants to be by a like hot so in the summer time are

So all we're going to do is let that Triad and we're
going to make this salad or the middle relish that those on top
of that and in this poll you can see that I have peels diced
cucumber I can English version he's not somebody can't they're
less seedy unless watery we have send. Cherry tomatoes.
Some chopped fresh dill a little bit of salt a tiny pinch
as brown sugar again, I love the combination of sweet and
salty and some lime juice and that is all that in the ballot
is you know. Yeah, it looks which is that if super light
and healthy and delicious and especially after they come home
from the season's top chefs. >> And I want to racist >> family game fight and you
show here on NBC.

>> That's right and I get got
to catch up with one of America's favorite couples to
discuss the venture that's pitting the Stars against each
other in what may or may not be the best thing for a healthy
relationship. Well guys, thanks for being
here really appreciate it the name of the show. Family game fight. It sounds a
little aggressive. >> Good name that's what I
wanted to a lot of flaws in the show. Yeah, this is but one of
many it's a battle. Yeah, the word fight we're still
mulling over whether that was the current dock with it.
Yeah now this we painted ourselves into a corner here we
are. >> So so what's the premise
what constitutes.

>> The fight the battle lots of
games. I'm so sorry that's a great piece. Do this it's
happening. You guys is it a whole pie rollers were
losing family gets a pie to the face after that. >> Well if they get begin
multiple, I yeah what makes this game show the much
different as a it originated from person, I'm doing I'm a
bit on Ellen called case but taste buds were blindfolded and
I'm tasting a banana yellow they grow on trees monkeys Eden
yes, you let's and you go to a second how not not it was just
an unmitigated disaster within it are really fight its
objective lead the funniest thing we've ever been a part of
together we're left.

It's pretty hysterical watching how
frustrated we are with each other. What if this was a whole
yeah, it would seem. And correct me if I'm wrong but
that you're tempting fate as a couple, you know what you're
dead right ha ha has to leave aisles of the 6 year-old in a
you're already getting kill each other and then we need
right well that is or just do it for another 16 hours
straight. Yeah. >> So here you are squished
together during this pandemic with your kids and many of the
drive in each other, not so you get out of the pandemic the
first thing you do is get into even smaller space in an RV and start driving so
what you explained that choice >> For some reason our family
the 4 of us have learned how to to me.

Cooperate in a small space
better than a large space you make different choices when you
can't escape, you choose, wisely, I feel like we got
along great girls like barely thoughts. I think we've had
like a lot of little compartment one of them is not.
They know the aisles all done. We're on TV right now we're on
the news and said OK. >> And this ensures about the
dolls birthday to its I'm sure dolls birthday and now we have
to order okay, she's taking it very seriously anyway, how that
you mentioned different sites, different smells speaking of
that I understand there is the issue about bathroom hygiene.

>> Were what was the intention
was it was it to be in the toilet or in the trash can
prison. They should play nor shoes with the tragic and it is
within 9 inches of the trash can for her, that's a point of
this point. There's like there's a huge around the I
mean there's a price to pay to America's sweethearts. >> And before we go if you
circle back to family game fight what was it like we did
you enjoy working together. >> More than ever on this one
it life. Every day that is 9 options for
us to disagree, we don't have a common goal.

We don't have the
same place we are not in the mood is watching TV show.
We don't have the same opinion on what we should do the kids
as parents. It's is a nonstop waterfall of compromise when we
work together this is rare bubble. We have the exact same
goal we want the show to be great and it's rare right thing
for partners in a marriage to be the benefactor of their
partners genius.

>> Your partner is an
accountant you don't get to go to work and see them to us
pressure had. >> Yes ashes spread she some
people go late like nice hotels for a week to rekindle and we
go shoot for 90 hours. And we come out, I think the right
one. >> I had to I love talking with
these guys the heart bonkers but you can see how
close yeah that took the total that they don't understand what
is the mar.

The you know she just doesn't quite get your
rushing. >> Our next guest again is
Hollywood journey when he was still in his teens, Garrett
Hedlund played Don Billingsley in the 2004 sports drama Friday
night lights and went on to star alongside Mark Wahlberg
and Andre 3,004 brothers. >> Well now Garrett returning
to our TV screens in the second >> Of the hit show modern love
it's based on the New York season. Times column of the same name
this season proves even after heartbreak, you never know when
love will come knocking again. Excuse me. >> Are you the wife or the God,
my wife is having an affair with.

>> We're not together anymore. I'm Isabel. >> Thanks for the at the barbecue. >> I'm not sure you should be
thinking that. >> And there's the set up.
Carrie good morning just when we thought your hair can get a
I know now can I please get up please give you the vocabulary
where that I just learned out what's the vocabulary word.
I say his hair is luxuriant. Yes, yes, that's very good
because don't want to have too much of a spoiler may the
peace. Well let's begin so you started episode alongside Anna
Paquin and the way your characters me obviously kind of
unique to say the least can you tell us about it. >> Yeah, it is wonderful that
so it's you know said that you may hear
just man and a meets. You know really and death and the
waiting room a therapy session so on. Yeah, maybe maybe that's
happened some of that there was no yeah.

>> So it's interesting says
reading your notes this morning. And you say that this
show actually brought you and your girlfriend, Emma Roberts
close together how how was that. >> It was the pandemic and then
you know we weren't exactly holding hands wash and a
client. Haha it's just wonderful when they
asked me to be a part of this we sat down and and this
Washington and so one for its it's beautiful pulls at the
heartstrings John Carney who created it directed was so
obviously there's you know there's there's you can see where all of these
episodes were going is.

You know just was a lot of that
beautiful situations of people finding them and losing Levin
around New York. >> Well talk about beautiful
situation UNM are welcoming a baby boy into the world.
In December. Look for everybody it's different but I how is
young roads change your lawn. >> Yeah, I snapped awake. Every morning to see his first
mile. Smile so big 26 point that's really. I think it
really dives into to acknowledging certain power
appreciation of change. You know how I look forward to
every day it's changed how it looked forward to to to work my
job and every situation, you know instead of you know, especially some days
of work when it gets longer it has been long system and he
said, and I you know, sorry guys like
Canada have to do this.

I have to work with this great
director and I got to do this big model and I have to it
really makes me think of I get to do that and it's
really changed my life, you know for for every better way. >> Can I just tell you how
special that is and I hope that we say this tape and we play
this for him when you get older because of his father say that
will just be so special so there's a pretty interesting
story about how you later on his name is James Rhodes tell
us about that.

>> It was you know, and that
said if they should said you know if it's a girl. I gets
named her and it's a boy you get to name them but she was 9,000% sure that.
So of course you know she she landed me that you know privilege not wanted
to be some some slightly metaphor call. I love travel
and I love road trips. I thought there were some
wonderful within the churning in and the anticipation and
then always hold not your want to read about something and you know my father before
that's the way we've got to have one too we had a 3 week
road trip in.

And so it saves roads. And my
grandfather and I used to go on road trips are oh for sure and
then why not and readers a Rhodes scholar, but really it's
just room, you know so how. >> Gary has dropped the Mike on
all of that that was so good. Thank you so much. Roads is like a lucky boy all
right well again modern love season, 2 is available tomorrow
on Amazon prime video and he also has a has a look at those,
I mean there's this dreamy haha haha okay, we want to
absolutely yeah. is on TV in season, 8 of
Brooklyn, 9, 9, the final season which premieres tonight
on NBC talked a good show of >> Also keeping busy as the
host of America's got talent course Terri. which is in season, 16 right
now he's also an author and Perry recently celebrated his
53rd birthday by. >> Getting a star on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame. What did you do in your bra. Happy
birthday Terry Terry.

>> Great to big huge. No really
good to see you go. >> And talk about this day you
got a star and you turn 53 on Monday was an awesome. >> It was a dream come true,
you got no when we first moved to La in 1997 my wife and I
used to walk Hollywood Boulevard and just dream about
like well, you know what what would happen what's going to
happen to us what's going to you know and little did I know
that I would be among the greats that are. >> On that sidewalk. It's
really not forever. That's the beauty your your family can
visit generations can go see it so part of the reason you got
that stars because of how great you are on Brooklyn, 9, 9,
final season begins tonight on NBC. How much fun as that show
been for you. >> Oh man for first of all
you're talking about 8 years a 153 episodes. It was so much emotion because
I've never played a car. Longer than Terry Jeffords,
right and also it's also a dinosaur because you don't have
that comes that get that many episodes anymore, I mean the go
8 years, it's so rare at this moment.

And it's just it's very
emotional for us right now tonight, I'm just going to be
watching with the rest of the world. I just feel all these
goals but I don't want it to and I really I'm in denial
because I don't really want it. >> Part we're going to play a
little game with you are dying to play this game but before we
do any chance any chance there's going to be a movie.
There's rumors come on now all the Peacock it. >> There there's a brand new
system, there's new ways to enter by all open to it I think
would be great and we get to >> Haha I think you and Sam are
key to cook that up to and cuss too. we're going OK so now we want
to play this game, it's called tear crews or false you're
going to affect and we're going to try to guess at that.
Crews are false already OK.

>> All right here we go, here's
the first one. I was once a courtroom sketch
artist. >> That's true all false false. >> That is true no I was sketch
artist way back into a what I would call it a or something
sticks and that was my job, it was my first real job and
entertainment. >> That's what we're looking at
your sketch of Sylvester Stallone we should say for
legal reasons he was not important. Who are convicted of
any. Next. >> And the next question are
you ready. Yes all right, but I don't. >> Okay well listen. We are
earlier did something where we were really regret it. We ate
this hot dogs, apple pie and now I sort of hate doughnuts.
So I'm going to say true. >> I think it's false nobody
hates a doughnut.

>> And nobody hates don't.
And I got to have happen pressure haha good passing
glazed doughnut got to and don't you got to like a Hall
right, okay. He did all that but I was in a Katy Perry music
video true. Do you know the video. >> What's your guess that is a
true because you said it so decisively. >> Yes, yes, it's true. It's
true I was in a Katy Perry up to a lot of music video for the
things that I love to do a lot of commercials that all the
other stuff. You know my my head exploded in this video to
so awesome Terry we love you around here, thanks so much. first studio guest back in the
studio you better believe numero uno would be the Lady we
have. >> And Tina Fey yes we made the
list she's on it. He is a nine-time Emmy winner and while
some of us were catching up on old shows of a quarantine team
that was working on new ones, including the whole air is very
favorite show of all time the girls find that much about a
one hit wonder took probably from the 90's to reunite for
second chance if and we are so happy that you're de la.

A teen. It started we don't
have a bus but our budget. The 4th hour. Yeah, we're going
to get you a cab, but how do you. We want to congratulate
you first and foremost we've got a second season because a
100% she actually is a producer, I know that I feel
like the way yes. Yeah, we have season 2 was announced
yesterday call sign of a bull be doing a season 2 which is
fantastic news mostly for hoda they sent me. The first 5
episodes and she actually is your number one fan. >> Banking Jenna to watch as
she didn't have to yeah haha best part is that.

She's also
says you relate with this part for example when Paula Pell
sweat so I went through her clothes and out throws water.
But yes, the writing is so funny and it is really double
even though it's about something that most of us will
not experience which has been in a one year. Even though it's
about women or in a band, it's super reliable Meredith
Scardino is the writer creator and she is one of the funniest
humans ever and yeah, it's really about kind of like you know you were when you were
20, are you now in your about 40 and and what friendships you
bring with you and and you know I think also let in terms of
pop music and culture are looking back now I don't like
some of the stuff we thought was normal was. Yeah, yeah,
that's very true.

Well it was >> It's funny the writings,
funny, the singing is fine, all. but it also has a real soul to
it. I like that part of the show. And it's kind of cool to
watch these girls find their voice in their 40's 50's. >> When I was just curious like
when did you feel like you know what actually I'm saying what I
think now now, I'm stepping up. Should I think you know
somewhere and after 40 what you just feel a calm about like no
I I know what I know, and I know what I don't know. Yeah, I
think that was a good a good turning point for me
personally. Yeah we we were talking earlier, you have 2
girls an and one of them is in the show stars is busy philipps
daughters, what's it like to watch them come into their own
because you know so many times as moms we want to hold their.
Yes were you a stage Mommy on the one side.

I only stage one
thing I did that I was like wow, this is not great was my
daughter healthy was on set and she was doing a great job and
then let you know you takes a long time to shoot things that
it's getting to be when you kind of try to finish up before
we break for lunch, there. She is and and I had a mower
she's I thought she's getting all tired and I was like. >> A snake haha stage one thing
to be like should I give our best hers by the way I have to
say these women singing so beautifully and I'm convinced
that one of their songs is going to wind up on the charts
because I was a Brady bunch fans. I think I'll go for a
walk outside now the summer sons call at 09:00AM I mean it
is possible there. I think I think it can be possible you
guys do have a saw out essentially right now we have
this album out what happened was that you know there are I
think something like. >> 31 songs or tiny pieces of
songs in the first season and some of them you just hear a
tiny snippet but then we realized because it was Peacock
that we could have and credit sequence that Jeff Richmond are
composer and Meredith were like we should finish the songs and
so it was so funny to hear, you know we hear like a little
bit of dogs, I'm afraid song about all the anxieties and
then Meredith wood send the rest she would write the rest
of the lyrics and Jeff and we literally handing them to Sarah
in the booth thing like.

I think now and people were
just crying laughing in the >> These new jokes and and also
at her beautiful boys people booth that. should listen, I'm afraid but
do it when your kids in the room, but it is sad areas do
you have a favorite 90's girl band or girl group that kind of
inspired that I mean I I think.

>> Stott Spice Girls, yeah, but
and like salt-n-pepa but I think that is not quite the
same kind of manmade girl. Yes, yeah, all right. We do
have a couple of rapid fire questions that quick quickly do
that okay to have a calling Tina Fey said and then take it
yet we may need you to help this. with the right. Yeah we use
call that one a haha okay is it OK to eat and this asking for a
friend, potato chips first thing in the morning because
they matched her dress 100%, thank you very much OK do you
think women say I'm sorry too much yes, I do to you yes, I do
I do I don't know I I think Amy Poehler I say it more than Amy
Poehler. >> I think I did pretty well do
you say to you come to a moment where you said known or
unknown, sorry. Yes, and you try you try to you hear
yourself and try to stop do you think that kids should be on
social media.

>> I think not little kids,
yeah, no, but I think there's no. It's a part of our what I
think I think you know private social
media until you're 18 private, yeah, it is, but I do think
social media is part of the universe and it's in this case
I think we have one last one only and this is a for the
$10,000 is Jenna crazy to go skydiving on Friday, I'll tell
you what there's just a normally I would say yes, but I
know that you're doing it because your advice and yes,
and so I would say you're not crazy.
I think it's going to be a really epic experience for you.

>> I'm on right now thank you.
Thank you so much and welcome to day all day all day today
all day all day. >> It's right there that look
sorry to disturb your day, everyone's mad at you. >> Make this past. When I see
why we think I wonder what his quote would be given 6 minutes
the last many questions and welcome to call that took a
call out which means that still may be said it's called
parenting. >> And often I don't think this
is my paid for with what I do best. >> You don't know how much work
it really does take. This little baby to come home
to you. >> You know, Nick, you, yes, if
that place behind both thought they can go to I just didn't think you know I
would end up there.

>> And I think this is 40 weeks
so the girls came by 60 family. In the first couple of days, I
thought nothing because there's no way 24 weaker and survive.
I knew the chances were slim to 0 to not. Morgan with for 93 days and
Madison was in 97. My stories like to leave that one to
300 million dollar lottery by herself. I think my story by the time it
doesn't work out it's great to work out for me. Is that even a high being we
think this is why God put my girls to me this way because
have to be here million hungry. I always I have a great job in
the world. You're basing your baby's advocate your baby's
voice. >> And Cindy he's us yes, any
other problems now I'm getting time. So that's pretty much
what we want to come to the okay. Thank thank you.

In. >> You have to know you may be
90 getting a little bit on the side, sometimes just holding
hands, sometimes just swallow and sometimes they don't want
to be how some babies just want to be of a street in. I know them feel you go through
anger. You go through except is go through denial, you go
through all the emotional roller coaster, you know why me why my second is that you know this is never in the
90's plan. It's very intimidating. The
scene. I put myself in in addition.
I explain as best as I can McCain is what we're doing and
why we do what we've done.

And realize how lucky I am
because every day when I come home, I got in whoever gives me the attitude
and I'm thinking I'm so blessed to have to add to coming from
that little girl. So what. >> I'm Ami graduations entered
Michael's going home today and find the money you're ready for
more than a 100 years there >> That's not what I love to
see them go and we need to because I know how how
rewarding it is to be a parent how hard it is to be a parent,
but it is the best thing in the world, I mean you had a hand in
doing that and given his parent this beautiful baby when they
get to go home.

It makes you feel often it make you feel
like you have a superpower might not everyone can do this. >> Yeah, thank you so. quite a story to tell they will
indeed it will be about how they survived hurricane Laura.
Thanks to a team of heroic nurses who stayed behind to
care for them. While the fierce storm raged outside we're going
to speak with some of those nurses in just a moment, but
first nbc's Morgan chesky has the story.

>> One week ago, it was a
desperate race against time hurricane Laura on track to
become a dangerous category 4 with forecasters predicting an
unsurvivable storm surge. Top of the Fossett was in the
lake Charles women's Hospital recovering from a difficult C
section her 2 day old daughter Whitley tethered to a
ventilator. >> The nurses just came in and
were like hey, you know, we just got an update due to
the anticipated storm surge and the the whether it's you know
we have to get you out of here. >> In an hour's long operation
the neonatal intensive care unit team transfer the fragile
newborns to a hospital on higher ground along with the
crucial equipment to keep them >> Transferring 19 babies,
critical and fence, even just alive. across town is a big ordeal. >> That night as lawyers,
fierce winds howled outside a team of nurses, respiratory
therapists and doctor huddled inside and watched over the
tiny infants, the whole building is moving you can feel
it you can feel the building shaking in cease to fly in a
fair and in the middle of the terrifying ordeal.

>> You're in the room and the
windows were rattling and the building shaking it was a
little bit disturbing. >> Updating worry parents on
facebook all night long. >> That we should runs right
there that really helped me get through the night for sure
everyone surviving unhurt. >> Besides being afraid and
distressed we didn't go without anything in the baby's didn't
even realize there was a storm going on to movie high. >> The parents, eternally
grateful without the it would not keep our sanity it was a
rough, but because of the you know we were able to really
pull through. >> To those who help their
precious newborns whether the first storm of their young

For today. Morgan chesky NBC News. >> We've been waiting for you
guys joining us now the staff from that Nick you at Lake
Charles Memorial Hospital for women we've got Lea Upton the
Nic U director Christie is a nurse practitioner with the
unit, welcome guys were so happy to see you I I just I
want you leave just to give us a little bit of a play by play
if you wouldn't mind that when you were trying to move those
tiny babies, some weighing up a couple of pounds or less that
300 pounds of equipment for each child across town that
must have been very taxing in and of itself. >> Yes, it was pretty
exhausting for our staff, but I tell you what could have
done it without all the help from the women's campus and
pediatrics from getting everything set up here and
helping us move it up there. >> Christie first of all bless
you bless every last one of the incredible job he did you
really are saints. But what was it like inside that hospital
you get to Lake Charles Memorial. The hurricane moves
and you're there with all these babies, this tiny babies don't
even have their own moms there with them what was it like to
be inside as that storm came through.

>> Sure it was is pretty
terrifying this the wind and the water coming through, but
our focus was these babies we wanted to make sure all of them
were taken care of and just like we would take care of them
at the main campus whether other cases whether there was a
storm or not so that was our main focus so it kind of went
fast from there and such. But so many basic care of. >> Christie has kept their
spirits up that night you had to somehow the ball that fear
had begged and as I understand it some music playing a small
part to me about that. >> Yes, one of our nurses
Allison had a play list full of just like praise and worship
music. And we just Blair that we were all saying it was kind
of trickling down the hallways and it just kept some common
piece for us during this time. >> And you know, I know what's
difficult in a situation like this, I know a lot of you guys
are moms, you have kids of your own and you're probably
concerned about wow what what are they doing at home.

tell us a little bit about what that part of the story was
like. >> Well, no one wants to be
separated from their families during a time like this, but my
4 children evacuated with my husband it's under that they
are in safe hands. I just couldn't imagine what
these children, the mothers of these babies felt during this
time because their babies were here. They had to put a lot of
trust in us to take care of >> Chrissy had the babies
themselves do you have these 19 them.

Precious newborns how did they
do through the storm. >> And they did very well
probably better than us whole thing that we maintained, you know
their equipment. The respiratory said they needed
and they they did find I slept through the whole thing. >> How long did this whole
thing take guys from when you started the transfer process
through the night things calm down you get the 19 babies back
to other hospitals with running water when you finally got home
how long was your day at work. >> About 48 hours for me some a
little bit shorter because we let some Gaal want some of the
babies were gone, but 48 hours for some. >> Well thank you guys that is
not yeah, you guys are incredible, I mean the stories
you guys put mattresses up to protect so that the windows
would shatter on the children you all did it all you went
above and beyond like we knew you Bud. So thank you guys so
much we want to thank you Leah and Chrissy and when you give a
hug to that whole Nick you department behind you because
they're all incredible people thank you guys so much of guys
that you work everybody.

The age of one. Option B Sir. >> Haha. >> You've got quite a quite the
busy House I would imagine how are things right now wonderful,
everybody is doing great. And like you said, you know,
it's pretty busy. >> Busy is an understatement
this month, a respiratory therapist at Chicago's
Northwestern Memorial Hospital found out his wife was pregnant
at the end of 2019 the couple was overjoyed because they've
been trying to start a family for the last 5 years. >> Take me back what was that
like we had a pregnancy that we've been fighting for for for
ever. We had anticipated a. >> June baby but then we find
out some complications, early areas of January and you know
we have some severe complications that might
jeopardize pregnancy. So my wife Jennifer was admitted to
hospital for observation somehow some way JD showed up
said hey I'm here and little too early a lot too early. >> The couple's joint was soon
tempered by the fear surrounding the premature birth
of their son jayden born at just 23 weeks last February
just weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic began you God of a
brand new baby.

>> Who has a number of health
complications, this and at the same time you're on the front
lines. Fighting this virus that we knew very little about that
point but how are you just managing the stress of it all
worked and the family were very very separate at that time what
I'm dealing with outside of the hospital shouldn't be the

How caring for patients at the
hospital, but yes, it was not going to be easy. >> A day visited his son in
that Nick you after his own long shifts at the hospital
spent working with patients on life support and putting
himself at a very high risk for contracting the virus. >> Was I afraid and worried
about taking the bars of that but I still try my best to put
every precaution in place, a shower a change of clothing
and even when it gets even if you side of things extra year
just to have some protection to be around him.

>> So we have a new board with
some health complications as we have the start of a of a
pandemic. >> And then we find out we're
pregnant again. Yes, oh by the way it was yes so that they
have haha. >> The Twins jonelle in Jordan
were born December 16th, 2020 just a few months after
their first born jayden was released from his extended time
in the nicu. >> I was elated. This was
ecstasy and this was another set of kids that I have to do
everything in my power to just protect you just cherish which
is harder respiratory therapist or father of 3 under the age of

Option B Sir. I mean I've been
around here enough to where I can manage myself, but it kids
a screen had been abused a fun time trying to figure out food
diaper what is going on we've got a stomach ache you're not
talking huge a stream in help me out child fact that all of
this was going on as a pandemic reach. >> The debt did that make it may be even

>> For me, yes, having people not being able to
come see to family members in the absolute most critical
moments was pretty challenging and watching people die with no
one here for them. So finding out you know that this some
exciting thing going on is a smile on my face after we ship
once I leave here and we'll find out what's going on on
this end of the spectrum where everything looks you know a
little challenging but great this is another rainbow
situation from. >> And this shows a vast effect
when the pandemic hit last spring doctor Michael tour was
just 6 months into his career in emergency medicine, working
alongside his father doctor Paul tour that Houston's
Memorial Hermann hospital. >> He always kind of seemed
interested in you know pursuing a career in medicine. I never
pushed him, I never pushed to any of my kids.

>> So growing up being kind of
a kind of talk about us and here there, you know just ice-cool call as you say things
that this team that was out of school when I started in
emergency medicine than we can really talk very specific about
what style we're doing and really you know connect about
it. >> But the sweetness of
reaching that career goal turned sour as the pandemic
surged in the Houston area last summer, Philly, emergency
rooms. >> And Emma came 6 months into
his career there was a lot of fear my my going to get this
stuff and you know, and then you know wind up in a boxer's
you because you happen to my >> Premature almost after every
shift would call each other and family.

The end of this today is like I
saw this today but you and I think I think that that really
especially saying you know. >> I know the father son team
was put to the test on one of their first chefs working
together. >> There's certain things we
do. There's a state critical people and we've got to work on
someone help them out and you know to the critical care
procedures that we've been trying to do together at the
same time.

>> You need to set of ideas was
handed to him before he asked for advice for Sunday to help
you in 7 he was just ready right there medicine in general
is teamwork. >> And when you're in one place
for a while you know, you know your team works and is our
first time working together. And that's just the U.S. team
or that you've been doing it for years.

>> But we have the doctor Justin Reid a resident
physician at Saint Joseph's Medical Center in mishawaka
Indiana and the father of 5 had a busy life before the pandemic
hit. But it was nothing compared to what his family has
endured this past year. >> If you know I get home
everything was going directly into the washing machine and I
was going to shower, you know my kids are when from when I
come home and try to see me want to jump on it on another
day, but not alone. >> Acknowledging the
psychological strain of the pandemic on his team and Justin
supervisor asked him to write a short essay about how he was
coping and a loss for words, Justin decided to make a
drawing instead. >> It's me outside of the glass
window kneeling down reach out my hand to my son and then in
the background flaming arrows sticking out of me just kind of
captured the way I was feeling at the time.

I think a lot of us were
feeling. >> Tragedy struck the family in
December when Justin's father in law and grandfather both
contracted COVID-19. His father-in-law suffered a covid
induced stroke from which he is still recovering. >> And his grandfather fell
victim to the disease. The pair said good-bye to each other the
ipads from separate hospital beds. >> Grandpa couldn't speak
because he was on oxygen mask and father, I couldn't speak
because of the stroke and so they just cried and it was a
pretty pretty harrowing. >> Touching experience
explaining it all to his 5 kids has been the hardest part of it
all. >> There's been heart moments
but overall they just were willing to go with it and they
wore their mask and even my 5 year-old when we go out and see
something not wearing a mask or not wearing it properly whole
pointed out and say. >> Doesn't again week against
covid with vaccines rolling out across the country and
hospitalization rates, declining. Justin is planning
on making a new drawing to express the hope he's feeling

>> But this time walking
through that door and picking up and holding my son with my
mask, and my hand and said I'm on my face and with a sticker
that says I got vaccinated that's the feeling that I have
now and grateful to be on the side of it. >> 17 years now I've been put
in the suit on this time of year. It always reminds me of the
first time I saw Kyle. 2 and a half pound baby in the
nicu so it's always a a positive reminder of how the
outcome was a great accomplishment.

Happen to be around Christmas. >> Becoming a parent is one of
the greatest gifts life has to offer. But sometimes they're a good
start sooner than expected and the neonatal intensive care
unit is a baby's first home. >> He is in case to Danny. >> When you have a baby, it's
the best day of your life, but the babies that come here
that best day of their life, it's also intertwined with one
of the scariest and can even be the worst day of their life so
we see elation and joy is happiness, but we also see
just people being terrified of how sick their babies are and
what the outcomes will be in the long run.

>> 21 years ago, this politics
periods, these emotions firsthand. >> All right looks good when
you find out you're expecting a baby you're obviously very
happy. >> But joy turned to panic when
baby Kyle's sport 3 months early, he came into the world
weighing 2 pounds 9 ounces spin 98 days in the nicu at
ascension Saint Joseph Hospital in Milwaukee. >> It was a shock and an absolute chaotic events throughout the entire ordeal.
I was overcome with anxiety and the fear, the unknown what's
going to happen to my baby. >> But in the midst of came one
act of kindness made all the difference for Greg and his
family. >> A few days before Christmas
that year. A man came in dressed as Santa Claus and took
pictures with all the babies so for a few minutes. It helped to
bring some hope and some joy and brought a smile to our face
that we have a picture of Kyle with Santa Claus on his first

>> Kyle graduated from the Nic
U but that moment was never forgot when that Santa retired
brig took over and has been bringing joy to the same excuse
for 17 years. >> What's the little one's name
when William merry Christmas William so. >> Even though I'm dressed as
Santa Claus and I'm there to spread holiday cheer. I can
legitimately tell parents that I was right where they were on
or about this day. >> But Greg doesn't spread joy.
Kyle joins is that every year >> We'll pack around 20 to 30
stuffed animals all of them have my story attached to them,
I'm from and I was in the nicu for the parents I like to think
that I am an example of help and hope that they can see
their child is in the queue to grow up to be.

>> The 2 have never missed the
year even when the family moved from Wisconsin Oregon. >> We lived 2000 miles away in
2 time zones away we never forgot the importance of the Santa
Claus visit to the neck, you we don't know these parents
but we walked in their shoes and we know exactly what
they're experiencing. And despite the volatility of
that environment. We hope they have a merry Christmas. >> Merry Christmas. >> Things like today. They're
also because that it just makes you kind of feel more at home
and that is I think the hardest part of being in the Nick, you
is that you're not home and have them meet Santa for the
first time really kind of just normalizes the experience for
us and makes us feel are connected as parents instead of
just we had a baby and now he is in the hospital for a long
period of time. >> The last straw and and the
Siri in the new Q for 119 days with their daughter lily. >> I think the biggest part was
just fear of the unknown.

You want to make everything
right and make her feel comfortable and know that
everything's going to be okay but nothing's guaranteed. >> Santa entire brought them so
much needed joy. >> Thinking that your child
second home with you on Christmas. It was a really hard think too to deal with and having Santa
come in and get those pictures with him for the lands first
Christmas is really special. I want great to know how much
it means to the parents for what he does because it did
give us a lot of hope. >> Most of us with new kiddos
take them to see Santa it's a passage of childhood. And it's
something you keep forever in memory books and baby books, N
things you want to share on social media and so red gives
that back to our families so they can feel normal with their
new baby. >> This experience has been
great for not only me but for Kyle
and for our family when I seen him.

>> Going to the nicu just a
Santa Claus as silly as it may look being able to take photos
and talked to his parents were in this exact situation it
shows a lot of what my dad. It does how he can just relate
with the struggles that these parents are going through this
very proud >> But she is seen as this
really large scale. Brute force thing and that takes a lot of
physical strength, but a lot of it is also really intricate and
small kind of meditative moments sausage-making be one
of those things. >> Looks beautiful. >> I'm kind of glad he I'm a
4th generation with chair and co-founder of Seymour meets. I won't put years in the future
to not. They scared of people eating less meat I just think that we need to
get a little bit more creative about our job. The food is ready. The mission really is to make it easier and more fun
for people to eat well it turns out that adding vegetables
making that need stretch further democratize is good
news if you will and makes it more available to more people
there's your show.

My family's history and but
restarted, I'm with my great great grandfather, he was a
cattle march in Russia that was where my great grandpa started
working in the meat industry and then he opened a shop in
the north end of Boston in the 1940's with some of his family
when Mike gravel is 13 having his brother Bobby started
working in the shop and eventually took it over.

>> Is that you that's me and
mom. I'm seeing more Celeste and I'm a retired butcher. Both of us went to work,
helping my dad in the mid my brother and I
were partners until they passed away coming is going. >> It's still a 65 sailors. >> I have 3 daughters, I never
thought that the Mike goes will be interest and they weren't my
daughter is used to bring the children into my obvious to me
to take care of them why they went out and did things and a
car or always wanted that go into this my way long. >> And I was out of my sisters,
my cousins probably the most curious about what they were
doing in the shop growing up I always want to sort of like
peek behind the curtain and see. I graduated in 2008 the
economy. I was working at a restaurant
as a Baker and one of the owners who also had a
grandfather was a butcher was like if you're going to do some
of the light but rework breaking now chickens and pork
shoulders and stuff.

Let me know so I started doing
that and it's sort of like sparked an interest in me so I
started a practicing for free, I did that for about a year and
then left to go put your full time. I remember calling in I put of Seymour when I got my
first apprenticeship I could tell that he was hoping that it
was something that didn't >> Well, I said it this is the
funniest or the family's joke. Given your Joe King with me in
that sense. He said no I really have my entire working life
work of my hands and I enjoy that much more a trusted and
believed in.

It's a matter of fact they gave
us some of my tools. >> This is Papas Seymour's
putting steel, he gave me. As soon as I started butchering
full time I grab to divert sausage-making immediately and
I realized pretty early on that. I like hit on an idea as
much as I believe in regenerative
agriculture know that there's just no way to sustainably beat
me every single night. So I started sneaking a lot of
vegetables into my sausages I had set out to make 40 pounds
of sausages after a mix it all together I wait out the mix and
it was like 70 something pounds I had essentially double it
might need it by adding vegetables do it. When I was working at Foster's
and just like physically keep up with the demand was when I realized that it definitely
was a scalable idea it's been the last 2 years of working
nonstop trying to get this to market I want to close 200 co
backers asking them if they would help me and every single
one of them said no because what we're doing is more

And finally sounds one Kodak
are outside of Kansas City, Missouri event as as and flew
out to go see them and they're like sure that right. >> I really owe everything to
them because they saw something in me and they saw something in
my idea that they thought was worth taking a risk on. >> I was making a Lu and Mario
like it will be its and dice them in
thing that makes a little bit.

>> I believe was the challenge
I would never done sausage with vegetables and meat combine the
amounts. And she was looking for. >> Immediately saw a drive she
had a passion she had a >> We've always wanted to work
with us also haha. If you want to help me put some
vegetables in. >> When you went back and forth
and back and forth about the need for a long time we had a
few different iterations that I just didn't stick and I
always wanted it to be seen. >> He's a cooking of fanfare and just looking up, >> I love her and I said to
her, I don't see why it's that's really I want to call it
something light Congress kitchen, because it really you know it's her and of course
I am humbled by what you did and I'm very emotional about it.

>> We are all obsessed see
more. >> I love him and use him as a
model of. So this is it. >> About honoring my whole
family. >> The truth of the matter is
car revolution, aisd the sausage businesses. >> Make no mistake. This was
not an easy process and I almost quit. Many many many times. >> Copper went to whole foods
and they bought her product. Immediately, I mean. I can lie awake at night
thinking how remarkable. It is that she was able to
achieve that and I'm very proud >> which ring is a really
really difficult job with very little a financial payoff, but I would
not do anything differently.

Women make really good butchers
and really good cooks really good chefs I think the more of
us that are in this industry better. >> I understand what it takes
to accomplish what he's accomplished and let me tell
you it is no easy feat and it didn't happen overnight for
cover and it's just the beginning as a. >> Every business is closing

I have to do whatever I can do to celebrate and
showcase my heritage, my proud, Asian black Jewish culture and
eventually touch different people to my food. My name is busy bar need to
honor of C an Cafe Ethiopian Mediterranean restaurant in
Harlem New York, the cuisine we serve it and cafes a home age.
So my diverse identity and culture that I was broadcast
and it's celebrating my Jewish Mike Yeo bee yin and the New
York aspect of me as an immigrant, it's very important
to empower people within the community and really to have to
paved the way and make it here in New York, I have great
respect for no immigrants they just want to go and contribute
to the committee weighed in we often tend Cup in 2014, it's
establishments where you can not to show by the and song
it's a place for healthy eating a community gathering and
making a connection what different people. It's a place
where we can come and listen to great use it. >> This just to be defame us
Jimmy's chicken shack where and the high day of the hollow
Renaissance musicians such as I take in.

Hazel Scott Billie
holiday use to football here different people wore can hear
such as that Charlie Parker Redd Foxx the comedian then leader of Malcolm X, the
live music. And I've shows from La County are does look an
addition that's how I honor the legacy of the Harlem
Renaissance. >> I was born in 1976 to get I
bet opm going up into guy is very happy childhood memories.
It was a surreal beautiful country delicious food that and
the mornings I recall my mom roasting the delicious coffee
in the House. I left Ethiopia when I was 4
years old and then lived in so that for a couple years, we
never really said that we and you lose we had to hide our
religion we didn't want to create any problem on travel
arriving eventually too Israel and was at dream comes true
integrated to society and in some point in my life I wanted
to live in a kibbutz people is a co-operative whale living
sharing in a community growing up in isra and was a place
where I was exposed to all a lot of them diversity within
the Jewish cuisine, going to lie Georgy in was new friends
and getting some delicious food going to Miami night friend
getting some allow and Jack Nowell so I grew up really in
mask on all dose.

Diverse cities have cuisines. >> And that can you know him or
did need to appreciate what from all over the world. to know your I myself didn't
know anybody. I guess so come back back and came here.
My parents did come to your a couple of times loved it.
The plan was for her actually when I decide it's often see an
effect to come and help me here and guide me. >> I'm fortunate he and my mom
passed away by that.

4 years ago from cancer. >> It is a great influence to the person who I
am today and picture is right there in honor of her and I
would do. >> You know whatever I can to
make sure that I continue with that rich legacy that my mom
engraved in need. I have 2 kids. >> I am is my eldest daughter,
she is at 15 years all that and I signed better had is 11
years old they take part in helping if necessary hair and a
cafe. >> If you haven't finished by
grew up on the spices and flavors everything is like it's
so white second things you back to my childhood and I love
using it to my friends and they actually love it is all so it's
really exciting.

>> It's showcase all the
different people different cuisines different flavors that
I counter throughout my life. You won't find anywhere in a
menu where you have she actually got to get out of the
day to invite you come ball, all are my laois on John a
price with voter. That's. And number 8. Join a price
before when going up in Israel but coming here to your and not
having employees from Nigeria. Open me to that beautiful
cuisine. In the neighborhood, it has a
lot of fast food, it was very important for me to bring
something wholesome that is not rushing the community is a
healthy option. There is a high rate of diabetes obesity. And I wanted to address those
issues by opening of annual where we can provide locally
source. Vegetables organic ingredients. We make fresh and
you're out here every day about a 100 a day. It's made out of an Asian grain
that it basically has a lot of minerals and hit him in 2024. Asif the on-campus ended
very well, January was great. February was good and then out
of the side in March ham in and the pandemic hit new yor.

>> The unprecedented changes
took effect in 2 of the nation's largest and most
densely populated Metro areas much of New York and San
Francisco now shut down. >> And it was a disaster. We started heating frontline
workers, anybody needs has the end of March and then mid April
for the security of everybody for the safety of my employees
of myself we really decided to close shut down everything. The city providing this
opportunity to open a roadside a sidewalk Cafe. It's of course
it's very helpful. I didn't you know depending on the on take
out on deliveries.

From 3040 tables now you have
about 10 tables is a big difference in terms of revenue
intake and but are we going to give uno we going to still
keep fighting and make sure we are feeding our community. >> Wiens of peaceful protesters
marched on bigger than ever before. >> After the killing of George
Floyd full me as a black mother it was very troubling to see of
murder of the innocent and a lot of people want to suppor
minority owned businesses not on businesses and that helped.

>> In this pandemic ey've
really made an effort in a real obvious commitment to this
community, not just question. They're wonderful gift of food
and culture but by being very open minded and inviting people
like me and my friends and artists to common share our
gifts in our town. >> Highland his home Highland
is the mecca of black culture. >> Harlem is part of me and
this pandemic. >> Haim high time if what can
happen if people spirit if his music healthy food, r job is
done. >> Meet 6 year-old Sam white
his ABC wrap with more than 2 million views teaches kids
about fure career possibilities. >> a shock when he's inspired
thousands and even caught the attention of a former first

>> But Sam isn't the only
azing kid that's caught the eye of someone in the White
House. >> You inspired me my Capitol
Hill and at 8 years old. same way that I so so I made it
my mission to make sure a huge >> Kavangh embarked on a
joney to end bullying, but also wanted to sprealove
and positivity to all he used hiown savings and donations
from a go fund me to create care packages for the elderly
and eventually oped his own community food.

Pantry. >> Yes, maybe a feeleautiful
sight. Actually each able Hopi people in the first place it is
absolutely havthe issues aside OK Angie that 00
people. >> Another youngntrepreneur
is using her Limon business to help save the planet.
MS. McKay look over anI'm 16 years old. At 4 years o she into her
lemonade recipe and a kid's entrepreneurship competion
and was inspired to launch her own business since then she's
landed aeal on the show shark tank and become the proud owner
of me and e bees lemonade.

>> have a book called be
fearless in other part of at title is home to my kids,
they're real good at 2 of e like I came up with a oteposss when Ias going to be challs don't beiscouraged by license
themespreading li. up in I'm quite honored. have so
muchupport and so many people I want to make sure that I
representi like Isis is whyike is pressure me to make sure
that I'm dng well and sang is goi on. the world to see. Theyn >> Wn I nt to get to kw
is that you' never too you make an impacso get
started now. >> I always just dad summer
liket just gave me so much anxietthking about it. I walike I don't want to do
this like dot want to get beatg.o I don't on thebeach,a shirt once upon a ti there
weren't evenathing suits that can fit by. I go to a few difn and my boddoes not get that
grt of a reacreal en I saw >> think everybody nmatter
theisize h body image issues and that wjust wanted
everodto come togeth and whh is our body potivee're at part.

We'vea New York Cit someone had one
Ptsburgh a ttleit closer thome a tn shrill
cameut we were likwe have to h a huge just likthat
community come o of co the Colums obablyaunch
oabout moh before the eveabes immediately 50foowers and 're o pre sa tkets just g an
idea howany peop actually w thatidnight on a Fday and by 11. b party for cite people.
It bn so long since ve actuallyeeto sool like
wiout feeling like'm not >> It'super importanhe of
the likehi I like taing people who paedy life
just makg w friends d no about e ndlord didn't spd likee experice i >>e joke about le e thick
Clif b I think tt en u roll likbe with
communit is safer.

You hav wharprotectingouust a ffer ou keny other aomnity
ju ce so that they caneelty. Wt mftable, but alsto come
so ty n meet new peopl And maybe if they wt
come ta blic pool next comeiteven if yoreaving week. Bo I injust takinbabyte oubl. ifou want to go to aubc
pool like gog el it out d maybthnext day, they'lge
p in. haveo feel uncfoable for
somedylse just becau somebody fee uomfortable
oundou and youhotake ur shirt o her and put on a
ki. >> Just ke live your bes
life and it's nnIsles thisI enjoy the out eresng uwe.

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