How to Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners in 2023 To Earn $20,000+ Monthly!

How to Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners in 2023 To Earn $500+ Daily, is what you will learn in this affiliate marketing tutorial as this is one of the easiest affiliate marketing strategies that you can start in 2023 to make serious money online. Just follow all the steps outlined and get started today.


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What if I told you that by the end of This video you'll be able to go out and Make anything from 300 to 800 every Single day with a simple affiliate Marketing for beginners a strategy using 100 Free traffic and all this involves is Creating simple before and after videos Where you don't ever need to show your Face you don't ever need to use your own Voice and you don't ever need to have Your own camera and the videos can be Created in a number of minutes while I Don't blame you if you're skeptical Which is why I went out and tested this And I want to show you my results after 48 hours if I log into digistore24 I Want to show you exactly what I made Testing this before I show you how you Can go out and do the exact same you can See that I made 434.60 on a brand new digistore 24 Account with this affiliate marketing Strategy but this isn't the first time I've done this and I've made tens of Thousands of dollars in affiliate Marketing using very similar strategies And what this involves is using a free Video creation software like this using Before and after images which I'm going To show you where you can get legally so That you don't have any issues and then At the end of this I'm going to show you How you can make these videos go viral

And then how you can promote an offer That can make you a lot of money with Affiliate marketing you see here when You take a look at these videos they get Millions of views on different social Media platforms and when you're getting These kinds of views and you're getting As much as 146 dollars for every single Product you promote this is going to Turn into tens of thousands of dollars Every single month so all you need to do Is watch this entire video step by step Do not skip ahead because I want you to Go out and test this and then come back And tell me how much money you have made With affiliate marketing even if you are A complete beginner if you skip ahead You're going to miss crucial steps now Before we get into it all ask that you Do is to make sure you subscribe to the Channel because I come out with amazing Videos to help you make money online and If you end up enjoying this content Smash that like button it means the World to me and helps the channel out a Lot let's get into it so the first step In this strategy is we need to go out And we need to create one of these very Simple before and after weight loss Videos so what you want to do is you Want to sign up to this platform over Here called you want to create an account For yourself and you don't need to sign

Up to the Pro Plan you can sign up for The free version for what we are going To do with this strategy once you have Created yourself a canva account then What you want to do is you want to make Sure that you click onto videos once you Click onto videos you want to select Mobile video and once you click onto Mobile video this is going to bring you Over to a page that looks like this and From here we are going to create this Port before and after video that looks Something like the one that I have Created over here as you can see it's Going to have a title and it's going to Have all these different types of images So what you want to do in order to make Sure that this is a hundred percent Legal there's a few options that you Have the first one is what you need to Do is you need to come over To Google and you need to type in for Example before and after weight loss or You can just type in insane before or Crazy if you want to get something that Looks you know really good results okay So you can put really good before and After weight loss photos and then what You want to do you want to scroll down And you've got these Options under Tools And once you click onto tools you want To come over you want to click onto Usage rights and then you want to make Sure that you select Creative Commons

License what this is going to do is it's Going to give you a range of photos that You are allowed to use and there's so Many photos guys that you can find on Here which you can use so what you want To do is you want to come over here and You want to copy some of these images so Let's just click onto this image over Here as an example so let's copy this Click on right Mouse click onto that Scroll down and click onto copy image Once you've copied this image you want To come straight back over to canva onto Your new page so I'm going to move this Over and then you want to quite simply Click on to paste once you click onto Paste you've got two options you can Expand this to show the exact image of The person so both of them like this Which is exactly what I did with my Video you can see here that the first Video I did I used both of them or what You quite simply can do is you can Expand this just like this okay so you Can move that like that and leave that There and then what you can do is just Close this off just to show that it's Just this one person then from there What we can do is we can just move this Over and then you can see here that on My video what I did is I put need to Lose weight question mark and you can do Something very similar so you want to Come over here on the left hand side

You've got this text field click onto That and then I just use this font okay So I'm going to click onto that I'm Going to get rid of this bottom writing Delete that and then quite simply I'm Just going to write the exact same thing And then once you type that in you want To move this up and then you want to Stretch this out okay and once you move This up to the top you're going to have This option where you can click on the Alignment and then you want to put it in The center now what we we have the Option of doing is if we click onto this And we go to effects you can change the Background of this if you wanted to it's Completely up to you can leave it plain And you've also got animate so you can Make these words rise pan fade wipe Etc It's completely up to you so let's say We'll just select that you can also do The same with this image so you can Click onto the image you can go to Animate and then what you can do is you Can see that you can also move or slide In this is really good when people are Looking at any sort of images for it to Move over like that so you can quite Simply choose the one that you like they Don't matter too much you can use Something like pop so what you can do is You can type that in so need to lose Weight and then have that there then What you can do is Click onto right

Mouse click onto this and click onto Duplicate page this is going to Duplicate this page now what you want to Do is you want to slide this over and You want to expand this okay and then You can just make this a little bit Bigger and okay and then you can Completely get rid of that person there So it's going to look something like This so need to lose weight and then It's going to move from this person to That person okay so as you can see it's Going to move over to that person and All the effects that we add out of there Now what we want to do is we want to Make sure that these scenes aren't too Long because when you're creating these Videos on these platforms you need these Scenes moving over very very quickly so What you want to do is you want to come Over here and you want to move this over To two and a half seconds Okay so stop there and you want to do The exact same thing here so two and a Half seconds okay and this is going to Be moving a lot quicker then what you Can do is exactly what I've done here if I move this over so the first one I've Got need to lose weight it moves over to Here then you've got do you want these Results or do you want results like this So again what you want to do is come Straight back over to Google and you Want to look for more before and after

Images so you can quite simply scroll Down and maybe find something that's Amazing you can use obviously guys you Can use women it's completely up to you So what we can do is we can maybe grab This because you can see that that Literally says before and after you can Maybe use something like this so let's Just take this one I'm going to copy This image we're going to come back over To our slide over here what we're going To do is we're going to duplicate this Page again Then what we're going to do is we're Going to come over here we're going to Delete this and we're going to paste This image okay and then we're going to Expand this okay we're going to close This off and I hope that you're getting The ID as to what we're doing so I'm Going to show you my slide in a second Because you get the idea of what we're Doing but then I want to show you how You're going to promote the product That's going to make you this money even If you're an affiliate marketer as a Complete beginner so you can see here With mine I put do you want results like This okay so quite simply you can do the Same thing over here all right so what I've done is I've just typed up do you Want results like this now again what We're going to do is we're going to copy This guys so you can see we're going to

Duplicate this page now we've got the Second page now we're going to expand This because what we want to use is we Want to we want to use this okay so you Can see here that now we have this image And as you can see all this is going to Be in line do you want results like this It's going to move over to here and this Looks amazing what I did with my one if We come straight back over to here you Can see here that I've got one two three Four five six seven eight of these Slides so I did one two three four five So one two three four five so I did a Few more of these before and after Images and you can do the same so the Next one I did I put this could be you And then what I did if you slide over Here I put you two can look amazing so You can do something very similar Because these have worked really really Well for me now what we need to do is we Need to come over here and we need to Give these people two options option one You can see that I've got I've written Down this is option one and then I've Got 10 steps as to how they can lose Weight the trick to this is you can see That this slide is not that long this Slide is only four seconds long it takes You more than four seconds to read this And the reason for that is you want People to come back and read this slide Again and again what that's going to do

Is it's going to ensure that whatever Platform you're showing this on and I'll Tell you which ones are the best ones to To do this on when people go back and Re-watch something and re-read and pause It means that that platform is going to Show this video to more and more people The more and more people that see this The more and more opportunity you have To make money with this affiliate Marketing strategy so how do I create This scene so what we need to do is we Need to come back over to you we need to Click onto this fresh scene then what we Can do is we can click onto elements up Here and you can quite simply search for Background images or background scenery So you can type in Background Scenery Hit enter and what this is going to do Is it's going to give you a whole heap Of different types it's just loading a Little bit slowly you can see here that There's so much you can scroll up to the Top you can click onto videos and you Can see it's going to give you a variety Of different types of videos and from There you just need to choose one the One I chose was this one over here and I'm going to choose the same one again So I'm just going to click onto it and I'm going to expand this so I'm going to Stretch this out now sometimes they can

Have you can see that this one's got Audio so I'm just going to mute that Audio and this also goes for 47 seconds So quite simply you just want to come Over here you're going to grab this and Bring it over to the back this is just So it's got something in the background Then what I did on my one you can see Here that I've got this is option one so Quite simply again you want to come over Here to text grab something like this And you can just double click onto this And just type in Option one Okay and then get rid of any other Writing that you don't want okay and Move this up to the top now what we need Is we need to find all these different Options that you can use as to how You're going to lose weight but again we Don't want to plagiarize number one Number two we want to use articles and We want to use information that we're Allowed to use so quite simply what you Do is you come back over to Google and You type in how to lose weight once you Type in how to lose weight this is Really important you want to come over To this settings icon click onto it Scroll down click onto advanced search Once you've clicked onto advanced search You want to scroll down you can see here Usage rights you want to click on to not Filtered by license scroll down free to

Use or share click onto that and then Select advanced search from here what You do is you scroll down and find an Article that you are happy to use you Can see here that there's so many Different articles once you find an Article all you need to do click onto it That's going to bring you over to a page That looks like this all I did from There is I quite simply took for example First Option over here or the first one Over here is number one get seven to get Seven to nine hours of quality sleep a Night so quite simply copy this so grab That copy that come straight back over To this option over here guys and what We're going to do is we're going to Click onto this as an example I'm going To double click onto this now I'm going To paste this in there and then what We're going to do is we are going to Highlight this we're going to click onto Bold as an example and then we're going To minimize this and we're going to Stretch this out okay because we want it To look like exactly like the one on the Other page now as we put this on to Number one what we need to do from here Is we want to click onto effects as we Click onto effects we want to click onto This background option then you can Quite simply choose the color that you Want just like this you can double click Onto this and then you can select the

White so now we have number one all you Need to do now for the rest of them is Repeat the process so quite simply you Can just grab this copy paste drop this In here so now for number two all we Need to do is come straight back over to This article so scroll down grab this Okay just copy this I'm going to show You this very quickly so you know Exactly how simple this is now you Double click onto this Paste that in there and then you've got Number two if it's too long you can just Rewrite it in your own word so for Example log your food intake in a Journal or app okay or what you can do Is just do this I mean people can figure Out how to log their own results okay so You don't need for example to have a Journal or any sort of computer so I can Just do this okay log your food intake For three days and now what you want to Do again is you can copy this paste it In there and then repeat the process and What you want to do is you want to end Up with something that looks like this So this is option one and it goes Through here now what you want to do is You want to create option two for them And this is where this is going to be Your call to action so that you can make Money with this affiliate marketing Strategy if you're following up until This point and you're enjoying my

Content don't forget to subscribe to the Channel and make sure that you've Smashed that like button in appreciation Also don't forget that I do have my Affiliate my marketing guide it's in the Description of this video so make sure You go down the bottom grab that it Shows you other ways that I make money Online with affiliate marketing it's Yours absolutely free to keep just grab It from the description of this video All ask in return is that you smash that Like button so now what we need to do is We need to create this second option so Quite simply come straight back over to You guys and as you can see we're going To click onto this next slide once you Click onto this this next slide what we Want to do is we want to grab this we Want to copy this as an example so just Copy this and then come straight back Over to you guys we're going to paste That in there we're just going to change This to option two and as you can see What I've done with my one is for the First one option two is I've got an Image of a product and as you can see I've got some information on this Product now in order to find the product There are several affiliate marketing Platforms that you can go to ones that I've used is digistore24 and ClickBank Dot com so what I'm going to do is you Need to come over to ClickBank as an

Example and you need to sign up if ClickBank isn't available in your Country quite simply just go over to Digistore24 now once you have signed up And logged in to ClickBank what you want To do is come up to the top and click on To Marketplace once you've done that This is going to allow you to have Access to all these categories quite Simply all you need to do is scroll down And for the purposes of this video Because we're doing health and fitness We need to Select Health and Fitness Once you've done that I highly recommend That you come up to the top where it Says sort by a result select that and Then click onto gravity this is going to Give us the best converting products and These are the ones that are also going To be converting for yourself especially If you create the videos like I'm going To show you so what we need to do now Come over here to the title of this Video you can see here where it's got That and you want to click on tour once You click onto this a lot of the time You're going to get all the information That you need on these pages so that you Can promote these products the other Thing that you can do is you can scroll Down and click onto their affiliate page And you can find a lot of resources in These affiliate Pages as well different Types of images and Banners Etc that you

Can use all I did is I came over to this Landing page that they have or this Information page and I grab a few of These images and also the writing that They have if you are on a PC you can use What's called a Snipping Tool or if you Are on Mac all you need to do is press Command shift and four I'll just show You this and as you can see I can now Snip out this image so I'm just going to Grab this image I'm going to grab that You can see that this image is going to Save on to my computer once that's saved Onto my computer all I need to do is Come straight back over to canva and Then quite simply grab this image and Just drop it inside here as you can see That has now gone there so all I need Need to do is just bring this over to Here and stretch this out and then bring This up you can see here that this is Exactly what I did here and then I also Put this more info on the next slide Because you want people to get to the Next slide because you want to have that Call to action now all I did is again I Came straight back over to this product And then I grabbed this section over Here so again all I need to do is Snip This out so just grab this Okay and as you can see that's there Then all we need to do is come straight Back over To our slide and just drop that straight

In here just like we did with the other One and then just stretch that out Because what people are going to do is They're going to see this what this is And then when they see this they're Going to be wondering what this is so You want to tell them just like I have Here if we copy this you want to tell Them that there's more information Coming on the next slide now really Important again that this slide isn't Too long you have to keep you have to Remember that people's attention spans Are not that long you need to be keep These slides moving Every two to three seconds if you're Going five to six seconds you've lost Them really important as well is that These videos stay under 60 seconds okay And I'm going to show you why depending On the platforms that you upload this to Okay so some of them you can go way over 60 seconds but if you want to upload to All of them that I'm going to recommend On this video try and keep it under 60 Seconds now what we need to do is we Need to complete this video you want to Come down here and you want to click Onto this plus sign and now we are going To create a call to action that looks Like this okay so click on the link in My bio to get access today so the first Thing that I did is I came back over to This product I scroll down and I grab

More information so I'm going to do this Right now again just to show you so We're going to come over here We're gonna snip this out Okay so we've Just snipped that out we're going to Come back over to you we're going to Grab and drop that in here okay and We're going to stretch this out okay and We're going to drop this down the bottom Now what I did is I wanted to make this Background the same color as this so all You need to do is Click onto that Select this background color Then click onto this little plus sign And then you've got this pen icon this Is pick a color so you can click onto That and you want to grab that that's Going to make that roughly the same Color then all you need to do is you Need to write in something like this Click on the link in my bio so you can I'm just going to copy this just to show You for the sake of this video I'm going To paste this in here but basically all I did was I came over to text I chose This text and I typed in click on the Link in my bio to get access today and Then I've got a bit more information Over here on this product and again what I'm going to do is I'm going to bring This over and put this at about three Seconds okay so maybe end this off a Little bit longer now what I want to do Is I want to add music to this because I

Want to make it entertaining now canva Does have music a lot of their music is Paid now I know a lot of you do have YouTube channels so if you have a YouTube channel a trick to this what you Can do is quite simply come straight Over to your back office of your YouTube Channel and when you're in your Analytics if you scroll down and you Don't need to have any videos or do Anything like that what YouTube has is They have their own audio library and What you want to do is you want to come Over you want to click onto that then What you want to do is you can search For different types of music for example You can search for something like Motivational Music as an example okay so search for Motivational Then all you need to do is come over and Hit play And then you can see here that there's Different types of Clips that you can use Okay so quite simply let's say we wanted To use this one I'm going to download This video download this song so you can See that's downloading now what we need To do is come straight back over to here I want to grab this guys and I'm going To download this I'm going to hit this You're going to see the little green Plus came on you can see that's

Downloading now so once this downloads I'm going to show you how to add this to This clip shortener so it doesn't go too Long then we're going to play this to See exactly what this is going to look Like then we're going to go get an offer So now we want to grab this we're going To drop this down here guys and now what You're going to see is how long this Video is so if we move this over you can See that this is now going to stop where This video ends so if we bring this over To here what you're going to be able to See is exactly what this video looks Like and what it sounds like so if I Play this very quickly It'll come up we need to lose weight and It's got before and after you can also Add before and after so with the first Image for example you could come over Here with this you could have something Pop up he's saying before then here you Can have a pop-up saying after as an Example okay so people know exactly what They're looking at So you can have before you can have After And it's got do you want results like This And then as you know that's going to Come up now with my one obviously as you Guys know that I created over here it's Going to have all 10 points then what's Going to happen is it's going to come

Over to this page it's got and then it's Got option two people are going to come Back and read this so many times it's Going to push this video I guarantee You're going to get a lot of views then It's going to come over here option two The tropical secret to healthy weight Loss people are going to see this more Info on the next slide they're going to Come over to here click on the link in My bio to get access today they're going To read this if anything they're going To want more information now what you Want to do is you want to scroll up to The top once you're happy with what you Have and you want to make sure that this Isn't over 60 seconds long you want to Click up to the top you want to click on To share and you want to click on to Download and you want to download this As an MP4 video guys so quite simply Scroll down and click onto video Once You click on to download this video is Now downloading onto my computer from Here what we need to do is we need to go And we need to get an offer so that we Can start promoting this to make money With this affiliate marketing video that We have just created so what we need to Do from here as you saw we need to come Over to ClickBank and we need to get one Of these offers now the offer that we Obviously found and we used a lot of the Images from was this one over here

Called xcpr so quite simply you can Click on to have another look but what We now need to do is we need to click on To promote we need to get the affiliate Link for this product so we can promote It so quite simply come over here and Click on to promote click on to generate Hop link and what this is going to do as You can see it's going to give us this Encrypted link this is what we want to Use to promote in order to get paid so Quite simply copy that once you've Copied that what we now need to do is we Need to shorten this link and there's a Few ways that you can shorten this link Because we can't use this entire link if You wanted to go out and promote Multiple products like you could promote This product you could scroll down and Promote this product over here you could Promote Java burn you can promote all These other products as well because People can quite simply click onto these As well and potentially purchase other Products that are 140 134 dollars what You want to do if you want to promote Multiple products is you want to use This software over here called link tr.a I've spoken about this many times on my Channel if you don't know what it is it Is a link shortening service where you Can link many different types of Products this is what it looks like on My back office of MyLink true profile

You can see here that I'm promoting one Two three four five different products And what that basically looks like if I Was to click onto this link it's going To bring you over to here and this is What you'll be able to see so quite Simply if once you create your own Account you're not going to be able to See any of this All you need to do is click on to add New link And then it's going to allow you to add A link so the title can be here how to Lose Five Kilograms we use kilograms in Australia How to lose five kilograms Quickly as an example now over here you Can't just go and paste your ClickBank Link what you need to do is you need to Come over to a platform like bitly so Scroll down okay you can use this for Free paste this in here click on to Shorten copy that link come back over to Your link tree profile and then quite Simply paste that in there double click Onto this twice and now this is going to Come up over here so let me just click Onto that one more time You can see he's come up with how to Lose weight how to lose five kilograms Quickly you can write whatever you want To make a sound a lot better use the Guide use the sales page that they have

To get inspiration and to get ideas Because there's many different things That you can write but people will be Clicking onto this no matter what so This is what you'll do if you want to Promote multiple products you can or you Can quite simply just promote the one Product and basically all you're going To do is just see this one product if I Remove all these you can see that it's Just one product on there and that's Fine so now that you've got the product That you want now what you need to do is That once this video downloads and as You can see it's just downloaded over Here we can now go and we can start Promoting this video and there's a few Platforms that you can do this on the First platform guys is quite simply Tick Tock now with Tick Tock I do want to Give you a disclaimer I've got several Tick Tock profiles and when I went and Made my 434 dollars on Tick Tock I did It on a profile where I already have Over 1 000 followers I'm not going to Show you my account because everyone's Going to go and copy exactly what I do And I don't want people to do do that my Smart money tactics one is linked to This Channel and I don't mind showing That everything else unfortunately due To scammers copying everything I'm also I'm doing like if you go and have a look At Instagram please make sure on that on

A side note that if anybody messages you From Instagram telling you to buy a Course it's not me these are the Scammers that are doing this if anybody Goes and comp messages you in these Comments telling you to join their Telegram group telling you to buy a Certain course then that's not me I just Want you to know that I do not DM Anybody telling him to buy anything and I'm definitely not telling anybody in my Comments to join some telegram group That's a scam my telegram group will be Linked in the description of these Videos so this is why I like to share a Lot of this stuff because scammers are Attacking my audience now in the reason Why I'm saying I've got over a thousand Followers is because once you hit a Thousand followers you can paste your Link tree link inside the bio of your Tick Tock profile Nothing is Stopping You from still creating these videos and Putting them up there to get followers Because you can very easily get Followers on platforms like Tick Tock And when you take a look at Weight Loss Before and after videos on Tick Tock They get millions of views and hundreds Of thousands of views I mean 3.5 million 235 000 these are just still images 835 000 views guys so quite simply you can Start doing the exact same thing that's Platform number one platform number two

Guys all you need to do is quite simply Come over to platforms like Pinterest You can see here that if you select Before and after weight loss you're Going to be able to find a lot of people Putting up these different types of pins You can use the images or you can use The video that you created and it's so Simple guys if you go to create and you Click on to create pin you just grab That video drag and drop and there is Your video there guys you see this video Is already up and running it is super Simple to upload this stuff okay guys And then all you need to do is get Inspiration from all these other people That are doing this and see exactly what They're putting in their title when it Comes to the destination link over here All you would need to do is come Straight back over to your link tree Profile like this one over here click on To share copy this come straight back Over to Pinterest and then just paste That in there and as you can see you are Allowed to link that people are going to See these videos they're going to see Exactly these before and after images Which you are allowed to use which Google has said that you can use and Share both the images and also the Information that you got as well you can Use and share so once you did this all You need to do is repeat the process

That's platform number two platform Number three guys is obviously Instagram Okay with Instagram you can very easily Upload these reels it is super simple to Do this all you need to do as you can See when you take a look at this people Are doing before and after weight loss Images all the time once you have Downloaded this very simple video all You need to do is create a profile Before and after images on Instagram you Can paste your link in your bio straight Away and you will absolutely crush it on Top of this I made a video the other day Where I showed you how you can link your Instagram profile to Facebook reels Which I'm going to show you where you Can watch that video which means that Platform number four is going to be Facebook reels and in order to watch That video and to learn how to do that All you need to do right now is Click Onto this video so you can learn that Process put all this together and start Absolutely crushing it with affiliate Marketing as a beginner in 2022 and 2023 And Beyond I'll see on this video until Next time you guys take care of Yourselves and goodbye

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