LEARN FOREX TRADING (1 on 1 FREE Training – Session #1) with Moy in DUBAI

Hi there, this is Anne. So this is 
the first one on one free training for Starseedfx members and the first winner is Moy. He is from India and currently living in Dubai. Hi, how are you doing. Hi Anne, how are you? I'm good. Okay so yes yeah okay so Congratulations so you win the one on one training free training with me. Like I said that all my trading knowledge will always be free and obviously that I cannot give   one-on-one training to just about anyone. So every month I will offer three to five members to get free one-on-one training with me. What I mean by free it is not only one time session okay So I will let you know. So I'm going to discuss your obstacles which you have sent it to me based on the questions that I ask you about, what kind of obstacles that you have and then what you want to learn right. So this one-on-one session training will focus on what you need And it will not be only one transition so 
the goal is that I want to help you reach the goal until you can solve your obstacle and any other things here   all right.

So I hope you are excited 
about this alright. Really I'm really excited and I'm really lucky that I am the first 
one actually and I'm really excited to be honest alright. So here, 
you said that you have been trading for one year right and you started with the broker yes and you mean that the broker called you to deposit and you just opened the order as per the broker account manager is that how it worked?   Yes exactly. So by the time you were not aware about the trading…nor have lots of knowledge? No I knew nothing. I mean I just accidentally started with the broker my account manager. He said, it is very simple. Just deposit this amount and open this and that and eventually I lost after some time. Yes starting was tough. Like some trades.. some trades were profit but later on I lose. So basically you make the decision or this broker who made the decision for you? No the broker made the decisions.

Alright you know, this is a very good thing. It was a long time ago that when it comes to trading especially, like in the forex world only people who have millions can trading but right now with the current technology that is thanks to the internet… With the internet, so just about anyone can trade and Well I can tell you that anyone can learn how to trade forex or any financial asset which could be cryptocurrency or stock market but you know many people think trading is like a get quick rich scheme you 
know. And sometimes it is not working that way and some people, it takes them many years including myself. It took me like over five years. I have learned with my husband. So I have been training full time like right now closely for over eight years full time right 
together with my husband. But my husband has been trading for over 12 to 13 years right. Before I became consistent, I kick against my husband's suggestion you see until I got to the point of knowing how to feel the market.


Like for example before the order block my 
husband has uh has been trading about the   uh uh sorry his his his strategy has always been 
the a b equals cd okay that's almost very simple   so yeah uh and and then uh and then he he kept 
telling me this is the abcd is good well he has   been making money uh even though like you know he 
trades like only a winning grade by the time every   month he got like about five percent ten percent 
fifteen percent is always less than twenty percent   but i i personally by the time when i was 
working there must be the one that i want to make   huge amount until i realized it that's impossible 
i think everyone must have been there all right   so now let's focus on your obstacle all right 
you said the first one uh the first obstacle in   trading that you are not confident is that right 
yes right so can you elaborate how what you mean   by you are not confident in terms of entering a 
trade the strategy or or what can you tell me that   in terms of entering the trade and you 
know fear of losing of the risking amount   and then you know you know now i'm working on ftmo 
last four five months so i use the last last month   i use the order block strategy before that i was 
using the some robot some manual trading some   indicator-based trading so i i was not successful 
but yes last month i mean last month i recovered   my ftmo from four uh four percent it 
was like four thousand dollar was uh   minus because of the robot what i used and then i 
recovered around three percent uh four percent yes   and i i got the repeat so yeah so i have now the 
account but i didn't start you know why because   i i was really excited to have this training 
after that i will start all right all right so   now i understand okay so do you mind if i give you 
like suggestion or i mean in terms of if i uh this   is like you can you can see it as a criticize or 
criticism but it is for your own good all right so   don't get it personally but this is for you like 
consider me like as a friend who are helping you   right now so for you to get in track because then 
i also have been there and then you know sometimes   someone needs someone behind them like hey you 
got to do this you got to do that and then so   let's say now i will help you how to be on 
track all right so here's just the first thing   you said you are not confident you know that when 
it comes to confidence right in everything if you   are still not confident it is as simple as your 
lack of practicing your lack of doing that's it   right so meaning in this case you still need more 
practice and from one person to another person   this kind of practice let's say in entering 
a trade you said you do not have uh you know   maybe you are unsure whether this didn't work or 
not so this makes you feel uncomfortable right   so in terms of entering a trade from one 
person to another it it usually different   let's say maybe some people can be 
confident after entering a thousand trade   for the sake of example okay so there's probably 
just a few hundred and many others probably   need more than a thousand trades right so you will 
feel the age let me just put it this simple okay   when it comes to confidence when you enter a 
strategy or when you enter a trade when you trade   a strategy in this case that you want to focus on 
the auto block right so when it when when it comes   to the confidence imagine like this let's say you 
are riding a bicycle and you don't know how to do   it right so to make it this simple and so you 
can uh you can put it in a way later on in in   uh in a forex chart but right now i just want 
to give you an example so you can understand   how to how to be confident okay so someone 
like a kid or or you yourself when you're first   riding a bicycle you obviously don't know what's 
gonna happen right it's like you're entering a   market you don't know whether you whether you're 
gonna fail down or whether you can move along   and obviously obviously you will fall down at 
least several times or many times you don't know   right yes and we always tell everyone in the 
forums find your age find your age right so you   got to feel your age in the market that cannot 
be shared by each trader so each trader or in   this case you have to find your age meaning your 
comfort comfortability and it always be different   from one person to another let me come back 
again to the bicycle what i mean by that is that   sometimes a person for example to be able to ride 
a bicycle by leaning forward maybe one centimeter   or one inch two inch three inch and then so you 
can try to ride a bike more comfortably you know   what i mean yeah maybe some some person have to 
hold the grip that their hand have to hold it like   really maybe first time because they are afraid 
so they hold uh they hold like a steering like   the steering wheel something like that and then 
it's really strong but maybe little by little not   to be strong in this case imagine when you enter 
a trade with with a high risk and then you finally   okay you make a mistake so you lower it down 
and let's come back again now if you feel like   maybe you have to strike the pedals of your 
bicycle slowly or with the big push or slow push   you know maybe your leg adjustment can you imagine 
what i mean yeah i can imagine yes start leaning   the when you lean when you lean your body when you 
try to ride a bicycle in this case i'm so sorry   this that's probably it's a silly comparison but i 
just want i just want you and those who will watch   this video as well to understand what the meaning 
of find your age just just imagine like when you   ride a bicycle you find your own comfortability 
some people probably need to lean only one inch   two inch maybe they need to sit down straight for 
some people we don't know everyone is so different   to find their own comfortability to move forward 
to be able to not fell down to control the bicycle   right so in this case when it comes to trading 
now let's come back to trading how to be confident   you need to make mistakes first right 
so you probably a person probably   will will fell into uh will fell into uh what 
is it over trade that be then be over trade if   that's for that matter you see so sometimes 
you okay but here's the most important thing   when you make a mistake you got to learn so you 
do not want to have a fabric mistakes so you keep   doing that again and again and again now let me 
ask you a question for this okay have you ever   decide whether you are a risk a high risk trader 
or a conservative or uh or a low risk trader   which one are you have you have you consider have 
you find out about that i i i think it's low risk   you are a low risk right let's say okay if you 
if you uh do you know how to measure whether   you are a high risk or or a low raised person or 
conservative you know like in the middle this is   this is how you do it so first you enter a trade 
let's say you started one percent per trade okay   and you will make some losses in a row if if you 
feel if you feel nervous which you're losing in   a row okay then that risk is not suitable for 
you that means you need to lower that mean you   need to lower your risk so maybe you try to make 
it half percent per trade okay and then if you   have let's say another losing in a row and those 
losing in a row still make you feel uncomfortable   that means you need to lower again risk per trade 
until you feel okay so let's say for the sake of   example right now because you are a low-risk 
person you trade point point from point one   two point twenty five percent per trade maximum 
okay yeah you try that we'll try that and then if   you lose let's say the worst day this is barely 
happen okay if you are already really mastering   your order block this will rarely happen if 
you have 10 losing in a row if you risk 0.2   that means you are you are losing 1 does that make 
sense yeah right because 10 trades in a row and   you are losing uh so return trades in a row and 
whisper trade no no oh sorry sorry it's too sorry   well yeah two percent two percent because you are 
risking 0.2 percent right okay so and then so you   have to measure that are you okay with that if 
you are okay with that and you still can continue   then 0.2 is your risk per trade because as long as 
that still make you feel nervous whenever you see   a big loss or especially in a row then you 
really have to adjust you have to adjust   the uh risk reward right so yeah so you already 
find out so what is your risk per trade right now   yeah i i really feel comfortable between point two 
to point two five okay so you already imagine that   if you lose for example ten trades in a row 
you still feel comfortable losing two dollars   something like that right yes i mean it is if it 
is hundred thousand account uh-huh if i take it   to two hundred dollar per trade if i lose ten 
trades two thousand like two thousand two percent   i will be still okay yeah you will still be okay 
because basically with the auto block you just   need one or two trade to cover all those 10 losses 
right yeah correct okay so so right now let's find   the solution for these uh for you being confident 
so right now you already know the risk per trade   right so that will that is one of them risk per 
trade you already do it now the second one is   that you need you need to practice more and i'm 
sorry to tell you right now you are not you are   not i don't know how the word uh it is not that 
not eligible but i do not suggest you to start   uh to start a funding account if you still do not 
feel convertible you only want to start trading   the funding account or problem or even your 
own money or real money for that matter okay   even if it is just a hundred dollar or so 
i really do not recommend you to start that   because you are not feeling confident look this 
is this is works for for everyone you only want   to risk a real money in this case even though 
it is uh uh what is it like 100k from fdmo or my   for expand whatever firms you are taking right 
yeah basically you still have to pay about 500   i guess 500 yes yeah yeah yeah yes right so 
here here's my suggestion okay yeah i i how   many times have you lost in fdm or profiles i 
have lost actually i have lost four times fdmo   yes basically three times by someone else i have 
given for the account management and one one   time by me with a stupid you know multi-angle some 
trading and this is the fifth one which i am still   on uh i got the repeat this one from three months 
okay so you you lose about two thousand dollars   yeah yeah oh that's too bad more than that well 
i know i know it's probably you know for some   people sometimes like you know the amount is very 
subjective right but i mean in terms of the if you   want to trade it wisely for for for your account 
or for your training activity my suggestion like   even to everyone do not ever trade real money 
until you feel comfortable confident in this yes   you know like right now we already discussed that 
you already feel comfortable if you are losing two   percent with 2000 right so you first you have to 
you have to find out what is your risk appetite   and before you go into life account you have 
to test it you have to imagine the worst case   scenario like let's say some people are are 
maybe trading like let's say let's say one   percent and then what about if you lose just ask 
these questions right well which you already did   all right so i mean i'm just telling this like 
to uh to give another uh to give overview for for   for people who would watch this video as well so 
just ask yourself question if you risk one percent   what about if you lose 20 times in a row that's 
very possible in the market right but if you are   already mastering like the autoblog it's a to me 
it's like uh like impossible rather impossible but   i mean like you really have to make sure the 
risk reward no the risk appetite first right   yes and then number two is the tedious 
work which is you need to keep practicing   all right so here's so here's my suggestion 
because you already have all this funny account   right so it's up to you you want to continue 
because you already have it but if no i haven't   started actually still you haven't started okay 
so this i just uh i got to repeat yesterday only   so i haven't started i was thinking to do the 
training with you first okay this one because   i know this is in the first week as you said in 
the last year and i was really hoping this meeting   after that so after your i mean after this meeting 
i will decide whether i should be start or not so   i'm all right all right that's good yeah yeah okay 
so you are not starting yet right so meaning that   you are not entering any trade good no because you 
are not did it start okay look listen to me this   is something like a a bad news for you you have 
one session training with me it will not make you   be able to trade right away on products exactly 
yes yes right of course you know it will need   some several times so we'll need we are i'm going 
to i'm going to give you uh like uh homeworks i'm   going to see you how you read the market structure 
we are going we are going through from a to z   until you reach your goal right so i'm gonna i'm 
going i'm going to to uh what is it to give you a   lot of suggestion and i will see you like how you 
read the market and correct you and everything so   this is not like only one time one time uh session 
okay so there will be another session as as many   as we need because the goal of this one-on-one 
session even though it is free but it is it uh to   me i i i have uh i feel like i have responsibility 
to to uh what is it for you to reach your goal   all right thank you thank you so much for that 
actually really i really appreciate it yeah i i i   hope that every time we record the video so people 
also can learn something even though they probably   cannot have one-on-one training so this is uh uh 
uh what is it the goal is that you are not going   to have only one session from you i will i will 
keep taking one-on-one session with you until you   reach the goal okay because i um you know like 
a lot of training chasing is only one time to   time and that's it but what i understand because 
i was a teacher before it will take quite a lot of   session to make someone truly understand and until 
you feel comfortable with your training all right   correct okay so here okay so now uh a part 
of your pain confidence again you need to   do a lot of practice so i'm not suggesting you 
i'm not suggesting you to ever trade on real   account or joining any prop account until you feel 
comfortable because that will be that will happen   until when i see you and then so we have another 
session and then you tell me look this is on my on   my trial account or demo account and this is what 
happened and i already felt comfortable and do   you think now i'm ready for a live account then go 
ahead and actually my second my second suggestion   to you instead of you uh instead of you uh buying 
prop account like for aha of 500 or something   why don't you just trade this 500 account with 
your by your own later okay this is not not now   after this later after you feel comfortable and 
then see if you can make that become 600 or 700   or even 800 you know maybe you can double it i 
don't know right you know actually this thought uh   in came in my mind uh last from last three 
months you know i spent maybe five into 650   uh which is six thousand five three thousand 
let's say three thousand five hundred dollars   okay i spend in fpmo and i lose and only i 
have now only one okay i i could have been   invested this one in real money and i could have 
been played slowly after learning you know but   mistake i did the mistake i know everyone made 
mistake you know you know that before before i i   tried comfortably for so many times i also keep 
making mistakes and my husband was my teacher my   husband was my teacher he kept telling me you were 
a teacher you know that how how important it is to   be disciplined now i bet again everyone needs 
to make mistakes you know until they find their   own comfortability right exactly yeah yeah yeah 
until they found their comfortability so don't   for those who are new to to forex just 
don't be afraid to make any mistake but   you got to do it on your uh what is it on 
your demo account not your mail account right   all right so so we don't know how many 
uh uh how many tradings uh uh sorry   how many trades that you need to enter until 
you feel comfortable right so now your second   question yes okay so the second question 
what time frame do you feel comfortable with uh i basically i am uh i'm feel comfortable uh 
in a short trade like uh only day trade you know okay so do you feel comfortable 
on maybe m15 no i mean h1 max 2 max yeah h1 then m15 m5 okay i 
mean yeah yeah yeah you want to have a trade   that finish in a day yes all right so 
you are not scalper right you are like me   you are like me then i like to trade uh from 
h1 and 15 or m5 right yeah a scalper i mean   sometime yeah i did last uh last 
week last two two weeks actually   but there was lots of you know stop losses lots 
of after that maybe yeah yeah when it comes to   sculpting obviously you will find a lot of loses 
when it comes to stopping at the beginning so   i think it's better for you to just stick to this 
to this m5 and 15 or h1 first right because you   are getting the alert from us right yes okay you 
are getting the alert from us and so once you get   the alert and then so you go to h1 and then m5 
and then 15 and you manage the trade from there   okay so all right so so the uh we will uh 
for the next time could you make the trial   account uh either way using ftmo or a demo account 
from your own broker of a hundred thousand dollar   because that is your planning for the uh joining 
the challenge account right yes okay so could you   make that is your first homework so you create 
a hundred thousand dollar demo account okay   and then you are going to set up okay all right 
hold on a second let me just make you become uh   i will make you become a host 
so you can share your screen   all right yes yeah all right so 
can you share your screen now uh hold on a second my cat is here so i will let   her out if not she she 
keeps me awake okay go ahead finally i love you hold on all right my cat is out and my husband 
is going for sucker so i'm free now   yeah we have five cats in my home actually wow i 
have one cat and oh my god she's always jealous   when he heard my voice talking with someone she 
would just give me a mirror i'm the most important okay so you can see my screen yes i can see your 
screen now all right so this is ftm or uh this is   demo account right yes is it a trial this is not 
a challenge account no no no no this is just a   demo okay how much is it how much is your demo 
a hundred thousand no it's now ninety thousand   thank you uh you uh you okay uh let me ask 
you again is this a challenge account or okay trial account so you are not 
paying for this right no no no no   okay because because i don't do prop 
accounts you see i'm using my own   capital might be i should try it so anyway so 
okay so this is it's okay can you uh all right   so here is a part of it and you said a part 
of uh what is it not being confident to me   last time my problem i was over confident okay 
so how was the opposite i was over confident   my husband created this uh the star citizex 
tool for me so can you click f7 please can you click f7 and second ff7 so okay all right 
so look at the affirmations and scroll down okay there is affirmation right i 
think it is a little bit at the bottom all right that tried to make it uh true for 
a while show affirmation true okay click okay all right oh it is not really shown right okay try 
to hide panel for a while all right look listen   this is my husband uh made it uh for me last time 
you see i'm following my training plan strictly   i'm very disciplined because i was not disciplined 
last time i'm telling you before i was it later   and it really helped i'm telling you well i'm 
not i'm i'm not uh what is it certified anything   in affirmation or or so but our mind our they 
said our eyes is uh is really looking everywhere   you know right now when you are looking at the 
chart you think you are looking at the chart   but your eyes your eyes is actually actually 
reading this affirmation so before you now   if if your monitor is too small my suggestion is 
that you type this okay you print it out you just   retype this on a piece of paper and put it just 
right in front of your computer or on the wall   anywhere anywhere okay yeah yeah understood all 
right so do this and because you think you think   you do not have to read it literally like i 
foresee them no you do not have to do that   but but yeah you should just see it your eyes 
will read it somehow all right so and then so   you will become one you will become one that i 
i have been doing this and i still have it uh   in front of in front of me i even uh you know uh 
framed it you can do the same just put it with the   uh with the double tip on the wall okay yes 
so yeah because this is this is the monitor   probably like a little bit too small so maybe 
you can just removed it again i just wanna show   it to you you just can add some more here if you 
want like for example you can add uh i'm success   with my fdm or uh trading whatever you want to 
add okay so you just scan all right so let's uh   uh let's remove that again so sorry click f7 again 
f7 on your keyboard so it will call all right   so you just can remove that again please make sure 
okay so this is one of the homework that i give   you okay perfect hold on hold on don't don't don't 
uh close it yet i want to see your risk per trade   yeah okay what a thousand maximum 
amount you lose so this is   maximum amount you are willing to lose per 
trade five that means this one is half percent   right yes so you have to change that you 
have to change that you said 0.2 or 0.25 no 2.5 right okay so 2.5 meaning two dollar 
and half so meaning if you're uh meaning   you are willing to lose two dollar and hull 
for every a thousand right that's the same   like point 25 right yeah right so there's nothing 
that you change again here so just click okay just click okay so now you will you will trade 
these always uh within within uh using this uh   trial account okay so here's the thing now is this 
the the uh what is this this is h1 this is your   own uh this is your own uh order block yeah yes 
okay okay i would like you to see can you can you   see any alert that you take that you get from 
us from star citize can you open one any right   anything yeah any any because i want to see like 
how do you manage let's say uh gold for example here we have received this one today and okay   i i don't see i don't see it it's 
still your chart so let's see okay one minute i will say no one minute let's see the one which is already happened 
in the past because i want to see how do you   how would you trade it even though you did 
not trade it because i want to see like how   you actually see the market once 
you receive the alert from us   so any any uh any pair you want in 
the past which is already happened can you can you open uh uh sorry can you 
open can you show me your uh uh what is it   the membership from starship x the 
alert can i see it yes one minute i can open the uh telegram okay 
oh sure sure yeah you open it   uh right right yeah so choose whichever 
that you want maybe like the last days or so   or let's say yesterday yesterday let's 
see that's you wanna do you trade ethereum   or aud canadian or whatever that says euro 
aussie let me see one minute let's see okay new zealand this one okay you can try 
sure okay can you redraw that on your chart share again your screen okay yeah yeah i'm 
just just take your time take your time okay you can here you can see uh yes right 
now i can see it okay now i'll open the   chat in mobile so i can you 
know i can draw exactly okay so you try to draw again the uh what 
is it the the order that is being hit   by the price and so how are you 
going to deal with it yeah okay oh you did not add the what is it there 
the robot you have to add it first it is added actually is it but why i don't see   why i don't see uh what is it 
i don't see a smiley face here can you try to re-edit again one minute you see now there is this one okay okay this is the boss the breakup structure just draw exactly the same just like the alert 
that that you receive from us okay yeah well   you just yeah you just can ignore the swing high 
swing low so you just draw the the other block   itself where is the other block okay just okay use 
use the not try to use with the uh with the green   uh sorry with the gray one over here because 
you are going into lower time frame right yeah   okay let's do that and then that 
is the other block all right so you   no no you just can click this one it will extend 
it by itself uh okay okay so just click this one   click this no okay click there 
there you go so you adjust it   right yeah okay so this one is work nicely but 
if i were entering this one i wouldn't take it   all right so uh can you can you click this so 
it will not be moved again so it will make it make it unselected right okay all right so now you receive this 
alert from us by the time you use it here   when yeah when this candle hit the other 
block you receive the alert from us okay   so how do you see the market structure of this 
auto block how do you see it whether how do you   determine whether you are going to take this 
alert or not so once it is hit i'll go to mh1 okay so this h1 here it is hit and then i i actually i will go directly to m5 uh 
basically but i will check just h1 uh if   there is a refinement can be done but i mean okay 
so you directly go to m5 and file yeah so this   is where the the market yes exactly right and then 
you go so usually you go directly to uh you go to   h1 or directly m5 yeah i go to h1 and then m5 if 
i see anything here which is interesting after   the breakout let's say this is the break now here 
uh if you see an h1 there is a market structure   there is a pullback here so i i believe this is 
the breakout okay so this is this that is the   breakout okay so you can you draw that so i just 
want to see your stock process in how you will   treat the alert okay yeah yeah this is the this 
is the breakout in one hour and after the breakout   i'm not i'm not sure here which candle this 
one or the this this doji candle this this one   but usually i will take yeah this is 
the red candle right based on my based   on the rule that i use yes right this 
is the red candle yeah correct right so   so i will just uh mark draw one more 
order block okay on that particular candle so this is the refinement 
and then i will go to m5 okay so your entry is usually on m5 
always on m5 or we almost mixed it   no sometimes m5 and sometimes m1 okay 
m1 m1 as i told you there is a lot of   uh you know stop loss always okay so that's 
why maybe i'm losing one for now okay yeah   that's what i'm using for now let's forget 
about m1 okay just because i know m1 is for   those who are already really feel comfortable 
with the market on m5 and 15.

So for now we   just the lowest just do from m5 m5 okay i will 
stick to it so in m5 the market came here okay   and then where will you start looking for the 
audible or which other block that are you going to   mark from m5 in this case remember remember that 
this one is not available yet i know it's hardly   difficult but it's very easy i'm sorry it's uh 
it's what you have to do you just have to decide   which other block that you will start marking on 
this m5 so i so i can see your thought process in   this and then i will help to to fix it later yeah 
yeah so here i will here in this area in this area   i don't see anything i mean here there is a yeah 
here i can see the pullback okay so i mean here this area if this one is crossing one minute sorry i'll delete 
this because it's too big okay so this area when it will 
be it will break this line okay   then i will start looking the order block 
after after breakout the last beer is scanning   so this is where is your order block right now so see this is the breakout i can see how 
small so look i'm not i'm not going to   i'm not going to tell you is correct or uh what 
is it it's wrong or right okay so i will just   let you i will just let you play around with this 
okay so go ahead so where is your uh you already   decide that is your break out and then where 
this is this can be the order block okay but uh   i don't know i'm think maybe here   this is not so clear for me really to be honest 
all right here also two candle pull back here   also and here also pull back all right so 
let me draw then i can understand maybe so this one yeah this can be yes okay 
so where would you mark your order   i think this scandal i will consider not 
this one okay yeah because they are both okay   all right i will just uh mark with 
this so can be visible all right this one all right and that one is still uh losing 
one again okay so it's okay here we are losing   and then it's work well and then so all right so 
is uh is is that it like how do you managed it   so you will only enter one time two 
times or how do you manage your trade   no i'll i'll just enter maybe in same 
pair i usually enter i don't know i   really didn't stick to it i need to decide 
this actually how okay all right all right   so this one i'm going to delete because this 
is not the one actually i thought it was but   later i found this two candle pull back here 
so this is the breakout okay that's the that   is your breakout okay and then this all right all 
right so uh that's it you need to add some more   and then i will enter a trade here i 
believe yes i will pending order on the   if it is how much pip this 
candle uh this order block i'll just measure with this you know 
with the setting let's say like this yeah three pips okay yeah in and then 
that one is uh stop loss right yeah yes   stop here this this market opens stop lossy yeah is there anything that suppose you are and i 
don't think that uh when when market close i think   you are because you are in dubai so it is like 3 
a.m and i don't think that you will got a chance   to do it right exactly yes but let's say with this 
current condition if you are awake or if you're in   front of the computer after after you hit a stop 
loss for example what you gonna do i want to know   what you're gonna do i will put uh usually i try 
it with the uh by stop on the here on the edge   the same at the same level right same like same 
level yes all right at the same level all right i don't know what okay i don't know 
okay so i will put by stop here   and then i think yes once the buy stop 
triggered i will be in a very good in 15   hour or something maybe yeah but what is usually 
your uh how do you take profit target yeah i know so i will mark the one hour i mean i'll go to 
one hour time frame okay and then i'll check the hour high and that will be my like there 
i will i will take the trade if it is   more than five hours as per your you know the 
videos and all right so okay so if it is 5r   then i can track the trade if it is 
below of course uh i will think about it   okay so so you decided first so the last in this 
case how do you decide your take profit target i   it was not really clear how how do you decide 
your take profit target do you have specific   like for example you only want to take 5r or you 
take 10r or it is based on the last high or how   normally i uh once it is raised to 5 hours i 
close 50 percent of the trade okay that's how i   yeah i move my stop loss to one 
hour for the rest of the rest of the   lots and then i will i will target 10r and then 
after that you closed it yeah in 10 hour i will   close it okay normally but uh sometime 
i also you know if i have more patience   then i can wait okay so i will see there are 
something that can be improved in this case okay   so now let's go back again to h4 now it is the you 
can say it like the way i would trade it and maybe   that can help you okay so can can you remove the 
the the uh not all just just your fibonacci and   also your entry from h1 oh sorry from m5 so i 
can guide you so i can guide you how i would   trade it and maybe this can be also your all 
right to remove that and i think also the   that the break of structure because this one 
yes no no no no that one is the from h4 it's   okay that one is from h4 because it is from the 
alert right so you want to remove sorry this one   yes you want to remove that yeah and also i'll 
remove the h1 yeah right and that one also right okay so here i got i got the alert right so 
the first thing i would do or i suggest you to   do when you see the alert like this you want to 
see the overall trend okay so you do not want   to direct me once you receive the alert from 
us you do not want to directly just go ahead   trading you want to take a look at the the overall 
market how you do that can you try to make this a   little smaller just click that one right that's 
enough now you can see okay over all market   right the market is slightly going up right it 
is already going up this just one indication like   this can give you uh uh what is it you can you can 
decide whether you can uh uh what is it you can   take the alert or not in this case i will take 
it okay can you make this uh rather big again i   just want to show it to you so you if you want to 
take a look the overall market you just make this   uh you you just zoom out zoom in right okay 
perfect now now the second thing you want to take   a look if there is this is a buy order block right 
from us so you got it from us uh yesterday so what   you what you want to do you want also to analyze 
uh like not really per candle i just doing it in   overall market okay so this is from h4 and then i 
see okay this is lower low this is already higher   just the obvious one higher and it goes higher it 
goes higher so yes i believe there is possibility   the market to go higher which it did yeah right 
it is not because it already happened so you   want to to see overall okay the market is in a 
trending and then first this one is closed higher   higher higher higher so there is possibility the 
market is going to go higher that's number one   okay that's my way and then what i will usually do 
if i for example have time and i'm going to trade   it on m5 or lower timeframe for that matter i 
usually go first to h1 okay okay now you go to h1 can you click h1 all right so here from h1 
can can i see where is the autoblock again all right all right here on each one 
the same like you did i look left   all right okay because this is the first 
time the first time it hit the hit the uh   the order block right can you scroll 
left a little bit so i can see it   okay stop stop there stop there so i will see 
the first break of structure is exactly the same   like you did so i would choose also this one as 
my order block all right yeah can you can you uh   uh what is it can you put this again the order 
like this yes sorry sorry not the other block   the break of structure so this is i will consider 
this as the break of structure uh okay all right all right so you can put it break up structure 
and and here's the thing okay this is what my   husband is gonna do but i have like i said each 
each of us has different age right my husband   my husband will not decide that this is as 
the break of structure but i would you know   like sometimes i'll hold the mistake that no 
no not that one uh this one okay yeah this one   my husband will not uh put it as the bread of 
structure but i would and also probably this   this one i would do with candle per candle okay 
so yeah in this case there are one okay there   are two there are three candidates for me now can 
you put at least like these two one two four for   this because i consider this like a hidden uh 
block yes so you highlight with the green one   just this one here here here because this 
one eventually it will be below the other   block so i wouldn't do that because i i'd 
like to enter within the other block itself   so okay you just highlight the auto block so there 
are two candles right yeah all right here this one   uh no no this one this one that one the 
the same one like like what you did oh okay   right that is the first order block okay 
yeah and then the second one this one can you highlight that okay so you just click this you just click at 
the extender there it will go and you also can   click the other one other one is not coming 
out i don't know uh i just tried to remove   that first and then so you retried it again so 
i don't know why it should be there actually yeah okay all right so so i have two 
autoblock here if i were uh uh what is it   if i were to see like this condition and then 
can you see the 50 just using fibonacci more   or less it will be here right yes more or less it 
will be there so i will put i will put two uh two   pending order okay i will put two pending order if 
i were like for example if i wanted if i want to   enter from from h1 because this is still uh how 
many pip is that can you see this the first one   this is 10 pips this is 8.8.6 okay 8.6 and 
this is new zealand yen so i would still put 50   on the first one 50 percent on the second one 
that's what i usually do okay so i would put   so the first one fifty percent on this 
okay if i do not go to more lower time   frame and if i see is good okay so there are two 
possibilities either the first one is a losing one   and the second one could be also losing one 
obviously or the first one is a losing one and   i still have a chance with the second one or the 
first one is working and the second one is bye bye   that's not yeah by the other block all 
right but in this instant my first one   is working right so if you put it like 50 can 
you put that 50 because this is me okay it is   not that what you have to do i just want to show 
it to you my process in this kind of market okay   yeah i'll just uh put 50 of the first okay so 15 
on the person you just can remove that because   the the second one it didn't hit right so you 
are not confused so this one you just uh okay   you just remove that and then so the second 
break of structure you can remove that and all right so you just put 50 percent i'll 
just remove the gray color one time uh   uh no need no need don't don't don't move you 
just put fifty percent on the on the green one   and the focus okay right that is my 
entry because i usually put fifty percent let's say okay the stop-loss is supposed to be 
here and the entry yeah okay so here's the thing   what i usually do is that right now when i take 
a look on each one okay i know that the last high   is this based on each one this is 
the first one this is the second one   and most of the time i feel enough with one to 
ten okay so i would just put take profit probably   around here for this one because this is like 
really clear to me on h4 but often time i just   closed at 10 r so this is me again this is not 
something that you have to do i just want you to   see my thought process and after that whichever 
that make you feel comfortable you can adopt it   from me and then you applied it to you okay to 
yours and then so here what i usually do i put   uh i put a stop loss here and then by the time 
the price reached 5r i put my i put the stop loss   using this starship dual moved it into one to one 
okay so if it is break even uh i put it break even   at five r and then the stop loss it one two one 
i do not i do not uh what is it cause partial   it's okay and then if it hit 10r for example it 
will hit take profit and by buying it's okay all   right i mean like it's done done deal to me 
so okay so my trade is always either it hit   either it hit the stop loss or it hit one two one 
or it hit one to ten unless for some reason for   example my trade is active and then it's become 
sideway here unpredictable and i i don't feel   comfortable with the look of the market movement 
sometimes i just closed it at 5r okay okay that's   me but very often i just let it go i don't even 
know when the market becomes sideway or whatever   i just do like that that that's how i do it 
okay now can you please remove the the fibonacci   yeah okay so we remove the fibonacci and 
please also remove this break of structure okay so before i told you that i take this as uh 
what is it as the break of structure a very small   break of structure here the the small other block 
many people always many people will think probably   some people would argue that and this has been 
mitigated right it has been filled by this   one well i don't trade i mean i don't 
trade all this uh mitigation or whatever uh   people call it like you know like there is 
imbalance or imbalanced i don't yeah i don't do   that because to me an autoblock is an autoblock 
it can be hit several times still working   sometimes even those who are not being filled 
are not filled at all right so i just tried it   simple i do not want to complicate everything 
that's me all right so i'm not against anyone who   who thinks like it should always be uh unmitigated 
or something like that so i would just take it now   if you go for example let's go to m5 right now 
like what you did let's go to m5 and let's focus   on the area that i showed to you earlier let's go 
there okay where is it go to the right i guess or all right all right so more more to the left okay more again to the left ah this is the first 
one right this is the first one this is the   first touch okay so what this is i want to 
show it to you what my husband is always   doing he always look left even it is unadvised 
but what i usually do i only look left if it is   big enough at least on 15 or h1 but this is me 
okay when i traded on m5 i just traded weight   when it reached the auto block itself and then i 
would wait for the first break above yes so this   is what i do like the way i see it okay so here 
the market and go up and go down go up go down go   up because the market is here okay so this is the 
first break above for me yeah all right so that is   the first break above i really like to to take a 
hidden one people may disagree why are you making   that's breakable well because i mean like when it 
comes to break up structure i mean like one candle   on for example on one hour like this this is one 
candle i'm sorry it's like ridiculous can go but   i mean it can it contain like a small right so 
there could be so many uh candle among them like   for example if this is a market okay can you see 
my silly drawing here i can i can see so there are   a lot of candle movement right over here so you 
may you may disagree if i tell you uh like why you   put this as a breakup of structure like if you put 
it for example like that okay why are you putting   a break structure over here there is nothing here 
well you don't know if you go to lower time frame   you will see there is a break of structure does 
that make sense to you okay yeah yeah yeah so   you will want to to look at the small break of 
structure i mean it's me okay so what i would do   i would just try maybe you think no i would prefer 
this to go at the breaks after so if you if you   uh zoom if you put zoom over here you know 
that this is your auto block right yeah   so that is your first order block of the dead mic 
okay this is my first order block can you can you   highlight this maybe you can remove the green one 
and then so highlight that that other block yeah so this is the structure here you are saying yes okay so what let's see how many tips is that yeah it doesn't matter how many peep is that 5.4 
i i will usually take it the lowest one in here   right that's the lowest one over there the lowest 
uh week of the candle yeah that is the one i took   okay right i can make little bit bigger i 
mean i can zoom in okay tried it tried it here uh maybe you you move uh this volume first 
because we are not using that for now all right so now we can see we don't know in 
this matter let's say let's say for the sake   of example okay because i usually trade when 
it comes to especially this is new zealand yen   right yes it's not this is not major pair i would 
usually for example what if it is four pips maybe   minimum of five pips but let's say i just use 
this candle alone okay and it hit a stop loss here   all right so what i usually do because this is my 
first entry okay my first entry i usually re-enter   one or two times because i know the market can 
reach one to ten based on h1 last high remember   yes i put it inside based on h1 last high so it 
can take a 1 to 10 so i would re-enter from here   two times if okay meaning for example this 
hit a stop loss i would re-enter again if   so this is one loss and if it is hit another stop 
loss again i will enter again okay so this is two   one two three if it didn't stop us again then 
it's three times then i'm not going to continue   okay so uh but the same level right always yeah 
yeah always at the same level but remember what   i always do only do that on the first entry i 
do not keep re-entering if it is scaled in let's   say i consider uh let's say i consider this as 
another breakout okay so this is my other entry   i'm not going to re-enter three times for this 
usually just one one done deal that's it and   if i were to enter this as scale in okay i 
will make sure this one is on the break even   because i don't want i don't want to have two 
losses like in in one move like that i don't   want that so i usually if i want to scale in i 
will make sure the first one is in the break even   in the in the entry point yeah yes 
i need to move desktop loss to entry   yes that one usually i do it manually 
if i want to scale in if i add another   if i add another look look at 
that basically something like this   i would consider this my other scale in okay so 
if i take this this one i put it in the break even   okay and this one is running this one is running 
for example and then there is another break above   and then here again and then so when i enter 
this one i put this one into break even   i understand that makes sense okay yeah so now 
regardless it is gonna work or not so i usually   scale in like two or three maximum but 
this is like very close to the old to to   the main or the block that's what i'm gonna 
do okay that's what i'm gonna that's what i'm   gonna do in this case regardless maybe all of 
them are losing or one of them are winning but   if you always follow this rule like so far what i 
have been doing like like this getting one to five   one to ten by the end of the month it will always 
be positive okay but you want to you you know the   first thing what you want to do you have to decide 
like can you make this smaller again please yeah okay because the first time so in this case 
mine is working and the second one both of   them are losing right the scale eight i'm sorry 
sorry this could be break even but this one   is uh i don't know if it is one to five so uh okay 
i forgot i forgot to tell you i forgot to tell you   so most of the scale in i often aim only one 
to five so i don't know if this is one to five   so i only aim one two five for the scale 
in i usually just take one to five but uh but as for the main one i can take 
one to ten you know i usually just   stop at one to ten you know people 
in the group call me chick nugget   i miss nugget because i i always feel like okay 
one to ten is enough even though i know that it   can reach one to twenty because yeah you know each 
person that is my age i feel okay i feel obvious   to you know some people always really want to kill 
it they always want to make a score of 1 to 21 to   40.

Well it's it's it's their business right but 
but i feel almost comfortable when i already reach   1 to 10 yeah i'm done for the day that's me so 
i don't know your age some people sometimes feel   enough when they get one to three maybe because 
they risk higher right one two three because there   is higher so that's one enough so you really have 
to find that kind of age what i mean like when you   like when you uh ride a bicycle whatsoever you 
see so you have to find your own comfortability   and in in every corner in every way and then what 
i see you need to learn more about how to finding   because before you took it something like this 
right i know it can be very subjective but the   more the more you are uh what is it practicing 
yeah it will be good all right so so as uh as   for today so you can see how i read the market and 
obviously this is just the first session for you   and and i think that's uh that's for today is 
enough so for the next session okay yes but for   the next session this is what i'm gonna do the 
next session i wanna i wanna see different kind   of market whatever it is without order block or 
anything like something like this for example and   i want to see how do you see a break break of 
structure because that is very difficult okay   like for example like in this market well it's 
better always follow the alert so you will know   later on maybe you would just draw the breakup 
structure like like i would consider this breakup   structure this is break of structure is it the one 
breakup structure no this is not example and then   i will consider this as breakup structure and then 
this break of structure this break of structure   do you know what i mean but it doesn't 
mean you have to enter everything   i just want to see how do you really break a 
structure for the next session okay so maybe   we will work on 10 different kind of uh alert 
5 to 10 and you will just keep keep working on   so later on you please watch again this uh this 
video okay i'm gonna upload this to youtube and   hopefully that you will learn again so it's very 
easy so your homework you already know that you   have a demo account you will only trade on m5 
and you risk only 0.25 and follow as per rule   like when you see uh uh how you would enter 
a trade okay many people are failing to   have difficulties to reach the break of structure 
uh on the lower time frame they are controlling   yeah exactly right that's the main confusing thing 
thing for me for the higher time frame it is okay   when i'm going to load low ltf uh lower time frame 
then i have you know there is lots of candles   right so i need to decide whether which one is 
the correct breakout all right so all right i hope   that you learned something from today and yeah we 
are not going to stop until you reach your goal   okay so we will continue so uh uh you already 
know so from now on you you start trading uh   using the alert from us and also on 
m5 or h1 and then for legitimization   i'm going to test you for how you 
read the break of structure all right   sure okay okay i think that is all for now so uh 
thank you for attending this thank you so much all right thank you so much moy bye bye 
thank you bye bye good night good night

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