Social Media Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

(gentle music) – The game is changing, you
don't need to go to school and get a college degree,
get a fancy salary with only two weeks vacation,
you can take your income into your own hands and one
of the ways that I started out doing this myself was by
becoming a social media manager. This is not an industry
that's dying anytime soon and something that is
perfect timing for you to capitalize on to not only
grow your income but also your freedom and flexibility
for your family as well. My story's kind of
funny, that I started out as a dental hygienist, I
was working in an office cleaning teeth, I know, how boring, people don't even like
going to the dentist, what do you think it was
like working for one? I loved the dentist that I worked for, but it was something that I didn't enjoy, it wasn't something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Now I was kinda bored in between patients so I would do their social
media, and so in between patients, I would be on
the computer, tweeting, writing on Facebook, and I
just did it 'cause I knew how, it was something that I did
for my own personal Facebook, I thought, how hard would it be to do it for this dental office? Well I started getting some cool results and we started nurturing an audience and then their IT guy asked
me, hey, can I refer you to another client of mine
to do this for them to.

And from there, it was
referral, referral, referral, I had no idea what I
was getting myself into. So that's when I started
to actually invest and take some courses to get better at it and before I knew it, I had
more clients that were actually outweighing the income I was
making as a dental hygienist. And long story short, I
decided to take the leap and go all in on the business and it was the best thing that I ever did.

There's kind of different levels of social media management. When I first started, I
was just creating content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, now I've learned a lot
more platforms and actually really specialize in video content. A lot of other social media
managers will specialize in funnels, in Facebook ads. You can do all of the
above but also specializing gives you the opportunity to niche down and serve a specific market and be known as the
expert in that one thing. And if you're like, well
how do I know what to do? I actually have a
checklist and a bonus guide on how to get clients that
you can get in the link below that will help walk you through, especially if you're just starting out or even if you're advanced,
this will definitely help you with finding more clients
and honing in your skills.

How do you get started? Well, do you have an internet connection? Do you have a computer? That's how you get started. Create your own social media platforms, reach out to local companies,
doesn't even have to be local, that's one of the other
common objections that I get is people will say, well I
don't know anyone in my town, great, none of my clients
are actually local. None of my clients even
live in the same city as me or even know where I live. Reach out to businesses that you can see could use help of social media. Is their social media presence lacking? Is their social media
presence not optimized? How can you do this? Again, I have the link below
for how you can find clients and one of the best ways
is I would just look on social media, see the
social media platforms that maybe they haven't posted in months or I'd even go on LinkedIn
and start to network there, that's one of the greatest
ways is because LinkedIn is a networking platform
where businesses are looking for help and how they
can support each other.

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There's also Facebook groups
where people are going and they're asking for advice
or trying to drop value, which you can drop some
value bombs in there, don't be spammy, don't give a pitch, 'cause you'll get booted out
of that group super fast. But you can also join
Facebook groups to learn and excel in your skills. If you're a beginner social media manager, there are tons of
courses that you can take but there's also a lot of free resources, which I'm gonna drop another one for you, I have a master class, it's
45 minutes, tons of value, called How to Create
60 Days of Social Media and Video Content In Only Eight Hours. Imagine if you were a social media manager and all you had to do was
spend eight hours a month on your clients and have all their content for two months, or even for yourself.

So you can click the link below to get that free master class right now. So there are tons of
social media strategies and lots of different
expertise within the realm of social media, whether you
wanna be a content creator or whether you wanna run Facebook ads, build funnels, drive traffic
to them, specialize in video like I do, there are tons
of options and when you have the ability to do a career like this, you have so much more
flexibility and freedom and listen, the online world
is only growing at this point, we're not in any jeopardy
of losing our jobs because of the fact that the
internet's not going anywhere. And every single business needs
to have an online presence so for people who are saying
it's hard to find clients, you're just not looking
in the right places or maybe you haven't positioned
your value well enough yet. So that's why I have the free link below, the social media manager
checklist as well as a bonus guide on how to get your first
clients, and don't forget, that master class is
also super valuable too.

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