10 Ways to Make Money with Canva As a Beginner in 2023

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Kenway is an absolutely free graphic Design fuel with thousands of different Templates to choose from and even though There's probably over a hundred Different ways that you can use canva if You make money online and grow your Online business inside of this video I Will show you the top 10 ways that you Can use canva in order to make money Online as a complete beginner so let us Begin with an option number one and that Is to sell your graphic designs which You create with canva on platforms like Design crowd just a quick disclaimer Here if someone replies to your comment Like this claiming they're me just know It's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I Don't have Telegram and I would never Attack you for money you can check their Accounts they don't have a verification Badge they don't have the same Subscribers or videos as me and they Will just scam you my only Instagram Account is at I'm Dave Nick people are Just creating fake accounts reposting my Photos and dming you asking for money You can track their posts the engagement Is fake their new accounts and just know That I would never text you like that so Just stay safe and report them all so Design crowd is a platform where you can Sell graphic designs for example if I go To the designer section and I go for Example someone who is selling logo

Designs you can see the did some person From the U.S made a 348 thousand dollars Selling these designs the person from India made 277 000 selling logo designs And so on and you can not only create a Logo designs but there's other job posts Like for example business card designs You have all sorts of different designs That you can sell on here that pay 19.90 Per job a hundred dollars hundred fifty Dollars per job if you go to the job Section you can even sell for example Web Design Services YouTube designs Twitter Designs Facebook designs t-shirt Designs packaging designs apparel Designs there's all sorts of different Things like all sorts of graphic designs That you can sell and you know that you Can create all the sorts of different Designs in Canada for example if I go to The logo design section you can see that They do have a different templates for You to choose from and if you sign up For their Premium plan you will have Even better templates it obviously Convert a lot better like these are Premium ones because I personally have The premium and the paying plan on canva But you can definitely start for free With these options so that would be the First one to just create the Professional looking designs which you Can then sell on designcrowd.com and Make money like all of these different

People that I just showed you if you go To the designers section you can see Once again logo designers making Hundreds of thousands of dollars you can See other design and there's also making Hundreds of thousands of dollars selling Different designs like the flyer designs This person from Serbia made 86 000 Selling flyer designs this person from India made forty eight thousand dollars Uh this person and these are also people From India making hundreds of thousands Of dollars selling these designs flyer Designs on design crowds so you can Pretty much do the same thing just use The templates from canva.com the second Way that you can make money using canva Is by using this platform called gelato And gelato.com is a printer demand Platform where you can sell different Apparel like t-shirts mugs pillows but Without actually owning those products All you need to do is upload your Designs to this platform and whenever Someone buys one of those products with Their design on them you're gonna be Paid so you can essentially just create Designs in canva then sign up for gelato For free upload your designs from canva To display from they're gonna print them On these different products and whenever Someone whenever someone buys one of Those products with your design on them You're going to be paid for it so that

Would be the second way that you can Make money using canva the third way if You make money using canva has nothing To do with selling your graphic designs And that is to use CPA grip and CPA grip Is a CPA Network and CPA stands for cost Per action and also cost per acquisition And in this case you can find offers That in most of the cases required from People to just enter their email address And you're going to be paid for it so You're not selling anything or Whatsoever so let me show you how you Can use this to sell designs on canva so All we're going to do is go through CPA Grip create an account go to the offer Tools on the left side click on my Offers and there you can find a lot of Different offers that are going to pay You different amount of money for Example this one pays you a few dollars Per person that you refer and personally You refer will have a chance to win a 750 PayPal gift card by submitting their Email address through your link so all You're going to do is copy your link and Then you can create a promo design in Canvas so you can just go back to canva You can create a promo design which is Going to be of a size 1080 by 1920 and You can select the design here so just Click on create a design and you can Click on custom size and then you can Enter 1080 by 1920 and the reason you

Want to do that is because you want to Create a promo design for Pinterest so You can share your promo design on Pinterest with your CPA grip affiliate Link and people that sign up through a Link by seeing that design what you made With canva will make you two dollars per Email collected so you can create really Nice looking designs a little really Nice promo designs you can even have a Lot of different templates from the left Side to choose from obviously don't make It about Fitness if the offer is not About Fitness but you get the point you Can just change the text and you can Type in whatever you want to if you want To type in that this is a 750 dollars Gift card I can just type in grab 750 Dollars gift card and create a call to Action like change this image I can Instead of this one I can go to the Photos section and I can select for Example something that's related to Money and I can just drag and drop it Over here and this is how it's going to Look like so you can fully customize That you can change all these different Colors if you don't like this one you Can for example use this one Whatever it Is and you can just click or share and Download this as an mp4 file and share That promo design on Pinterest with your Affiliate link on it so we're going to Do is go to Pinterest click and create a

Pin upload your design here create a Title and then paste your affiliate link Inside of this box so add a destination Link over here and you can share it Publish it on Pinterest and potentially Get sign ups from Pinterest and the Graphic design which you made with canva The next way if you make money using Canva is to not create graphic designs But create YouTube shorts so even though You can get really nice looking images Logo designs promo designs with canva You can also create videos you can edit The videos with Canon and actually Create some really good content and post It as YouTube shorts or long form Content but YouTube shorts worked way Better for me and as you can see for Example one of my YouTube shortage Channels has gotten over 240 million Views getting over 100 000 subscribers With literally just YouTube shorts so You can upload YouTube shorts to YouTube And make money in different ways you can Make money from ad revenues starting From February 1st 2023 you can monetize Your YouTube shorts you can also promote CPA grip offers with those YouTube Shorts you can promote your own products Services and whatnot and you can create Those YouTube shorts fully in canva Itself and I made a lot of different Tutorials on this on my main Channel Dave next you can watch that for

Completely free either by going over to Dave Nick or by clicking on some of the Links that are in the description box Down below you can watch that for free And learn exactly how to create a YouTube shorts with canva which you can Then upload to your YouTube channel to Literally get millions of views the next Way if you make money with canva is to Sell different designs on Etsy Etsy is a Handcrafted shop where you can just come Over to here you can upload your Templates and Designs which you can Create with canva and you can make money There's millions of users and millions Of people selling on Etsy across the World so you just want to create an Account if it's available in your Country create a shop and start selling Different resume designs or resume Templates and start making some passive Income from here because the designs That you upload to this platform once Will stay there forever and whenever Someone buys them through the link you Are going to earn a commission and you Are going to make money off of it the Next way that you can make money using Canva is to sell designs and freelancing Platforms like fiverr.com like Peopleperhour.com like upwork.com Freelancer.com guru.com a true Lancer.com there's a lot of different Freelancing platforms like this one

Where you can sell logo design Services Business card services flyer Design Services all sorts of different Graphic Design Services even video editing Services and you can sell all of that on Fiverr upwork freelancer and so on and Make money and whenever someone buys you Can just go back to canva and create and Fulfill the service through canva Because there's thousands of different Templates on canva to choose from so you Can be a complete beginner using this Using this platform and selling services On here the next way that you can make Money using camera is if you post videos Which are creating Canada on a platform Like Rumble rumble.com is a very similar Platform to YouTube and it also does pay A few complete beginners like for Example this person made 97 cents for This video but this person made 7 100 For a single video that they published This is a few minutes long video where They didn't show their face so you don't Necessarily have to record anything you Can just edit your videos in canva like I just talked about previously and then You can share them on Rumble and get Paid depending on how many views you get The next way that you can make money With canva is to sell logo design Services on 99designs.com so this is a Platform that they have like competition So what you can simply do is you can

Click on become a designer or you can go To the design confess right over here And you can scroll down and you can Select the open on the open uh confess And you can see that you can sometimes Get paid like a thousand six hundred Dollars for the logo design of 400 euros For a low design 900 US dollars for a Logo design so you can just open it up And you can see what type of design They're looking for see that the CD Examples and just try to recreate it With can one try to create something Better and submit it over there and if You win the contest you will make like Eight hundred dollars nine hundred Dollars two hundred three hundred Dollars for a single graphic design Which you can can create with canva.com For a completely free and literally less Than 2 minutes the next way that you can Make money with camera is to create Designs for Imgur Imgur is a platform That is being visited by over 70 million People every single month it's a Platform where people come to share Funny images and funny stories so what We can do is you can create a funny Image and then you can link that with Shorter.sd you can shorten a link for Something for like a funny article or a Funny video and whenever someone clicks On your link that is shortened with by Short dot SD you're gonna make money so

You're literally being paid when someone Clicks on your link so you can create a Design in canvar short in a link with Shortcut St and share that in design on Immgor to start getting free traffic and Free clicks onto that link so you can Make money without actually selling Anything or making people sign up to Anything whatsoever they literally just Have to click on the link and the last Way that you can make money with canva Is to start creating promo designs for Your intro and for your Instagram page And then start promoting different Products like for example you can start A weight loss diet food tips Instagram Page where you're creating these simple Designs in canva that they give advice For people that want to lose a wave and Then in your buy or you can just promote Different programs and different offers Which you can find on ClickBank Digistore like different affiliate Offers just place your affiliate Link in Your bio start creating those designs in Canva even in different languages it Doesn't necessarily need to be in English you can create designs in canva That are in Spanish and Portuguese in French in Italian it doesn't matter and Just share relevant products on your Instagram page and that's how you can Monetize it and make money off of the Designs which you made for free using

Canva.com so yeah those are 10 different Ways to make money online with canva let Me know which one is your favorite one And let me know if you're gonna try out Some of these in the comments and down Below I really hope you got some value Out of this video really hope you've Learned something new about canva and if You did make sure to drop a like and I Will see you next time

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