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Hello my friends. My name is Olivia in your watching my YouTube channel so I hope you are already subscribing. And if not, do it now. Keep likes comments too and follow me. So my friends, today I want to bring it back and tell you more about forex trading for beginners like you. If you are a beginner then take your first steps and learn how to trade binary options day by day.

So, friends, watch this video to the end and you will get more useful information. And don't forget I have a good telegram channel where I have a nice community of people learning together how to trade binary options. So come be part of my community. You just have to text me, be a part and you can find the link and description below this video and friends for the day. Grab your cup of tea, make yourself comfortable and let's get started. Seven, five and even two years ago, I could never have imagined how I would become a real trader. But now this is my reality. Well hi darling this is Olivia Trader and I want to take her back to basics and talk about forex trading for beginners. Many of you are asked about special applications that you can use to trade perhaps with currency pairs or you are just interested in the foreign exchange market.

So in this video I will tell you all about the forex market and how I apply my notice to trade here and binary options trading. Let's start with the fact that the foreign exchange market is a global market for the exchange of national currencies. Currency trading can be very risky and complicated since there are such large trade flows within the system. It is difficult for rough traders to influence the price of a currency. And by the way, in this video, I want to tell you what makes currency pairs move. So it will be very interesting and this knowledge you also need to have, even to trade here in binary options. So, as you know, I prefer trading here at Quotex with binary options and here I also trade best trading and the exchange market.

So you see I trade with currency pairs. I have a good list of currencies here at Quotex and I trade in these currencies, but I trade in binary options. It's simpler and more profitable I think. So today I want to show you a strategy that can be applied here and that will give you really great money. Let's start with a set of pointers here. I would like to choose the Alligator indicator with the default settings and the RSI indicator. If you are a beginner, it will be very comfortable for you to trade with the default settings. There is nothing to set up. Just choose these indicators and this combination of indicators will give you really nice profit.

If you are trading with this strategy, don't be afraid to make brave moves. Here I want to go to the first coin and make the first trade here, because now the lines of the Alligator are intertwined. And with the first coin, the situation is much better. Here I want to make my first trade even if I see these short candles, I want to invest about $2000 even if I have much more amount on my deposit. But now I want to invest only $2. So here, friends, I want to make a call option. So let's open it. Well, amazing results. That is why I would definitely recommend you to use these indicators.

As you can see, we have this intersection at the Alligator. So you see these indicators help us see the signals. When this green line crosses two other slow moving average lines. We see a signal to make a buy option. So we see that trading binary options is very easy with this currency. So I choose several currency pairs and I just need to choose which option is a better buy option when I am confident the price will go up or sell when I am sure the price will go down.

This is very simple. And to make this decision, I use these pointers my dear friends. If you're going to steal this moment, please go and subscribe to my YouTube channel and also keep your likes and comments below the videos. Because I am sure this is very beneficial for your trades and your friends. I welcome you to my Telegram channel because you have the text that I am a part of and will add to my VIP chat, to my beautiful community. Altogether we will learn how to trade and become a professional trader and make very profitable sessions. So let's continue. So let's move on to the second coin and here I want to show you how to apply this strategy to another situation. And here the Alligator lines intertwine, but it is a very good opportunity for me to make a profit. So here I want to invest $440 as I see patterns here and now friends I want to open a call option. Let's do it then. Well, friends, again a great reference. So you see how easy it is to trade if you see clear signals from the indicators.


Furthermore, I intentionally chose the second tool that allows me to confirm the signals from my first indicator. This way I can always keep the profit. So if you are a beginner, this will be a very useful tip for you. So I guess I want to go to the third coin, so let's see how it goes there. I want to show you how it applies to different currencies, and there's a very nice situation going on there despite the fact that the alligator's lines are intertwined. I can do trading according to candlestick analysis. It is the most important thing that you must understand. Well, you are trying to trade every type of market. So here I want to invest $800. As you can see, being a trader needs and requires making decisions very quickly. So here, get ready for the put option now. Well, an amazing profit. And I think I want to continue my trading session here again on this chart because it's an absolutely amazing situation going on there.

So if you are a beginner and if you are studying and learn some charts, just make two trades on the same chart. Also it can be a very good idea and here is exactly what I want to do. So I want to complete my trading session here on this chart and I want to increase my investment to $1000. And from this point I want to make a put option. So here's friends, be prepared for the call now option. Well, I have amazing results. And now, friends. Look, I have over $2,000 in my account. This is an amazing result. But I want to continue my trading session. I also want to add a few words about the forex markets.

You see, forex market participants use forex to hedge against international currency and interest rate risks, to speculate on geopolitical events, and to diversify portfolios, among other reasons. But with binary options trading, it is all much easier here. You just need to adhere to the rules of technical analysis. If you are a professional trader, you can also analyze market psychology. But in general, you only have to choose between two options. So let's go to the second coin and see. Do one thing on this absolutely amazing chart. So here I can see signals from the Alligator indicator, which is why I will open a trade here.

Rsi is looking down. And here I want to trade with only half of my portfolio, only 1 dollar, because I also adhere to the money management rules. And from this point, be ready for the put option now. Well, great result. As you can see, in just 10 minutes I was able to achieve such an amazing result, $3100 only in a short period of time because binary options allow me to make my profits easily.

Just for one minute I was able to double my investment, so that's pretty good. Most importantly, I can easily withdraw my money from Quotex and that is why I love to trade in binary options with these currency pairs. If you are interested not only in currency pairs, you can choose other markets. They are also available here, but I prefer currency trading in binary options here at Quotex, so I definitely recommend you to try this one as well. Dear friends. It was an absolutely amazing trading session. I am really happy with my results. I am really happy with the information that I gave you and I know I am really sure that it will be very useful for your trading session. Never stop trying. i believe in you. I think you can copy and do the same.

I can do it and everyone can do it. Friends are following my telegram channel . I am waiting for you there at any time. don't be shy. Send me a direct text and you will get all the answers to your questions. So I'll see you soon. New videos and keep going. Good-bye..

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