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So I want to show you exactly how you Can set up this autopilot system to Receive payments like this on a regular Basis and get paid every single hour on A complete autopilot and earn passive Income from anywhere in the world as a Complete beginner with no previous Experience and without investing a Single dollar and the best part about This make money online method is that You don't actually need to sell anything So people don't have to buy anything From you in order for you if you get Paid on a regular basis and once again Receive payments like this regardless of Where you're coming from because this is Worldwide available so I'm going to walk You through the entire process step by Step but before that make sure to drop a Like down below so we can get to 1 000 Likes in this video as soon as possible So tap the like button down below and Let us begin with step number one which Is to go over to this platform called Ali just a quick disclaimer here if Someone replies to your comment like This claiming they're me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never tax you For money you can check their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave

Nick people are just creating fake Accounts read posting my photos and Dming you asking for money you can check Their posts the engagement is fake their New accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so you want to Go over to a l dot l y Ellie is a paid Link shortening service meaning that you Can paste your long URL inside of this Box and then you can shorten it and each Time someone clicks on that shortened Version of your link you're gonna get Paid for that regardless whether they Click on anything else or whatever so They click on your link they are taken To like a landing page for ads so they Skip Those ads and they go to the Website where you're sending them Through and you're being paid for it so They're basically just splitting the ad Revenue with you that's why you're being Paid per each click on your link which Is really cool as you can see they have A very low minimum payout which is only One dollar and you can get paid with PayPal Skrill or PESA they have fast Payments they have a referral system so You can refer others they can also make Money then you earn passive income from Whatever they make and so on and so Forth so there's a bunch of different Benefits to using this platform so first Things first you just want to register

An account by pressing on the guest Started button over here and then once You create an account you simply want to Log in so you enter your username and Then you enter your password and then You log into your account or you can Track your clicks you can track the URLs You made and you can track your current Balance how much money you actually made Which is for now going to be around zero Dollars because we just made an account But that should hopefully change really Really soon so what you want to do is Now you want to find different links to Shorten because each time someone Clicks In those links you're going to be paid So I'm going to show you exactly how to Set up a system where you're going to be Earning autopilot commissions getting Clicks and earning passive income so for The step number two you just want to Sign up to get response I'm going to Leave a link to get response in the Description box down below because this Is a tool which we will use to actually Set up a system that's going to be Getting you those clicks on an autopilot And earning you passive income now once You register for get response and you Log into your account which is going to Look something like this you want to Proceed to step number three which is to Go over to CPA grip CPA grip is a CPA Network with thousands of different CPA

Offers for you to promote and CPA stands For cost per action which means is that These offers will pay you when someone Completes a certain action which in most Of the cases is them just entering their Email address and you're being paid for That so you just want to register an Account by pressing the register button And then you want to log in now once you Log into your account on the left hand Side you will be able to go to offer Tools and by the way you can also see All of these people already making money Like this person maybe thirty thousand Dollars this person made sixty five Thousand dollars this person made a Thousand dollars this person made four Point five thousand dollars so people Are actually making money with this Platform so you want to go to my offers Then you want to select United States And then you can see all these different Giveaways which you can promote for Example this is a 750 people gift card a Giveaway where people just have to Submit their email address to enter the Giveaway and you're being paid two Dollars and five cents per email Collected so you just want to find one Of those giveaways where people have a Chance to win something and all they got To do is enter the email address and Then you can just change the tracking Domain for example I'm gonna go with the

Second one and then you copy the URL so This is the link where you will need to Send people to and if they go here and They enter the remote address you're Gonna be paid for it they don't have to Spend any money they don't have to buy Anything you're still being paid for it You'll see exactly why we were doing This so I'm just going to leave this Open like that and then you will Essentially just need to go back to get Response to start building your system And to build your system you want to go To tools and then you want to go over to Landing pages and then you can find one Of these you want to create a landing Page and then you can select from one of The different templates that they have I'm just gonna go with this one because It's the most basic one so I'm just Going to type in basic and we're gonna Click on next steps we're going to give A name that to that landing page which You're building and you will see exactly Why you need this to actually earn Passive income and get those clicks on An autopilot this is a really really Necessary step so I'm just going to Remove this I'm going to remove the Pop-up as well I'm also going to remove The logo because I don't really need a Logo for this website and I'm just going To say enter the 750 PayPal giveaway in Three steps and I'm gonna say this is

Step number one out of three and the Button is basically just going to be go To step number two and then I'm just Gonna remove this and I also don't need All of these other sections so you can Pretty much just delete them with one Click of a button you can of course Customize your own landing page you can Maybe add different things you can maybe Animate something you can add different Designs and colors and play around with Fonts that's like the fun part I'm just Showing you how to actually set up the System and then later on you can do all Of those fun things like setting up Better better callers better designs and Stuff like that so essentially you just Need this and this is going to be the Step number one and then once someone Presses this button what you want them To do is you want to take them to the Step number two and you will see exactly What that does so for now I'm just going To save this go to the next step scroll All the way down click on publish now You want to create another landing page And then another landing page is Essentially just going to be the copy of That landing page that you made so I'm Just going to go back to the landing Pages and I'm pretty much just going to Duplicate that landing page so just Click on duplicate now once you have the Duplication like the copy of that basic

Page that you made you're just gonna say Congrats you're getting closer to the 750 dollars giveaway and I'm gonna say This is the step number two out of three And then I'm gonna say go to step number Three which is gonna be the final step For them and once they click on this Button you will see where that's going To take them so for now I'm just going To click on Save I'm going to click on Next step to publish this landing page As well so to scroll a bit down click on Publish and now we have those two you Will see why this is so important and Then you want to manage your pages and Then you want to basically duplicate That page as well so just go to these Three dots click on duplicate and that's Going to be the final page which you Need for the system and then I'm going To say click the button below to enter So this is the final page and I'm going To say click here to enter the giveaway And then you can maybe make the button a Little bit bigger so I'm gonna do Something like this and I'm gonna place It in between or in the middle and then I want to make sure that when someone Actually clicks this button they're Taken to my CPA grip affiliate link so I'm going to click on this link and then I'm going to select the type to be web Address and then link URL It's gonna be the URL from CPA grip so

Copy that link go back and then just Paste that link inside of this box and Click OK and then just save that and Then click on next step to publish this Landing page and I'm going to call it Basic number three and I'm going to Scroll down and click on publish and now If I manage my landing pages I'm gonna Copy the link for this second page okay So I'm gonna copy the link for that so Copy the link address go to the page Number one click on edit page then just Click on the button double click on the Button and insert the link so you want To click on web address you want to Paste that link here click OK and click On save and exit and then you're gonna Copy that page link so I'm just gonna Call it the basic two and save changes You want to copy the URL of the landing Page number two so copy the link address Go back to Ali paste that long URL Inside of this box and click on shorten Now that's going to give you this Shortened link for that landing page Number two which if someone clicks on You're gonna make money off of this You're gonna make money for that click So now go back to get response go back To the first page and click on edit so The first initial page the main page Click on edit that and then click on the Button double click on the button and Then insert that link so you basically

Just want to paste that shortened link Here and click ok so if someone clicks This link on the first main page they're Gonna be taken to the page number two to The landing page number two which is Like the step number two for them to Enter the giveaway and if they click That link you're gonna be paid for it so You just want to save and exit then you Will copy the URL of the page number Three which is this URL over here so Copy that link address then go back to Ali and then again paste that link here And make sure to shorten it and so I got The shortened version of that link which Once again if someone clicks on I'm Gonna be paid for that so you want to go Back and then you want to open up the Page number two and then you just want To insert that link in the button URL so You just want to basically paste that Here a web address paste that link here So if someone clicks on this they're Going to be taken to Ali a landing page And then you're gonna be paid per click So now you want to click on save and Exit and now your system is completed so If someone goes to that main page They're going to click to go to the step Number two which is your landing page Number two you're gonna get paid for That click and then they're gonna go to The step number three and you're gonna Get paid for when they click that and

Then finally to actually enter the Giveaway they will enter the email Address and you're gonna be paid another Two dollars per email collected so now This is an entire system making money For each click Plus at the end making You money when someone submits their Email address it's an entire system to Maximize your profits and you don't just Have to have three steps you can also Have five steps and that way earn even More so now you're just gonna grab a URL For that main page that first page in my Case this is going to be the main page So I'm just gonna go to it to show you How it looks as you can see this is the Main page where I'm gonna be sending People to so and 750 people give away in Three Steps step number one go to step Number two and if they click this they Will be fake into the step number two And then step number three so now you Just need to start sending traffic to That main landing page the first landing Page so you can trigger the system Earning you passive income on an Autopilot and there's gonna be two Different traffic source courses which You can use for absolutely free the First one is in find a forum you can Find forums that are in the internet Marketing Niche people that are Interested in making money online Business you can start joining forums

That literally have hundreds of Thousands of members and you can start Telling them that they can enter this Giveaway to win a 750 payable gift card And it's absolutely free or the second Traffic source that you can use can be From Facebook groups you can go to Facebook search for make money online or Giveaways or gift cards and you can find Groups with literally hundreds of Thousands of members as you can see a Hundred thousand members 20 000 members 28 200 000 members that's 200 000 people That you can refer to your system where They can literally just click click Click and enter a giveaway and make you Money as well and it's a no-brainer for Those people because you're not selling Anything you don't have to buy anything And they don't have to spend any money In order for you to get paid so it's Literally one of the easiest systems That you can set up to make money online On a complete autopilot without Investing anything and without actually Selling anything so if you got some Value out of this video make sure to Drop a like down below and I will see You in some of the next ones

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