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so you are running different campaigns you are posting consistently or maybe you've updated your website but the problem is you can't measure your efforts and so you don't know what's working or what's not working and that's where analytics comes into play today we're going to talk about the best social media tools to track your analytics in 2020 and these are my go-to tools that I use on almost every campaign it's important to see what you're doing and how well it's performing and with these analytical tools you're going to stay ahead of the curve so if that sounds good then let's have a chat welcome to the girl in momentum show where we discuss all things marketing business and personal development to help you throughout your entreprenuership journey I'm Adora Girl in momentum and i'm so glad to have you join us today if this is your first time then welcome feel free to subscribe we're here every week without further ado enjoy the show hey guys so today we're going to talk about analytics and how can you use your analytics to really start tracking and making for sure that you're on the right track to meet the right goals for each campaign or each effort that you are doing on your social media and so my number one tip is to install Google Analytics I tell every client this because Google Analytics really breaks down how your website is doing it breaks down the demographics and it can really shows you in detail what exactly is going on on your campaign and is it working what can you change how long are people staying on the website and so let's have a deep dive and look and take a look at Google Analytics from the dashboard ok guys so this is the Google Analytics dashboard so when you first log in this is going to be the first page that you see and so right off the bat you can see that there is a chart right here at the top and it kind of gives you an idea of what is your traffic looking like and so you can see that this is basically a consistent line so your traffic here if this was your website is pretty consistent then as you look at the pie chart it's gonna tell you the percentage of new visitors to your site versus the percentage of returning visitors and this is going to be really helpful information especially if you are an e-commerce site or you sell products to really see you know who is revisiting certain pages and are they purchasing or adding to cart and things like that then this area here just kind of gives you an overall view of what are they doing when they hit your site so how long are they staying so it's telling us that they stay around two minutes here and this is the percentage of bounce rate which is fine it's just an average bounce rate and it gives you specific sessions how many sessions overall so that's anytime somebody hits your website that counts as a session so as you can see this that data is pretty useful then it's gonna break it down a little further as far as languages and things like that my favorite part of Google Analytics is the side panel because you can really look and see the demographics for instance you can look and see especially if you sell a product or you have a service that specifically for male or female you can really see like all the people that are visiting my site is it really going to convert based off of their age based off of their gender and you can look at their behaviors and you can look at their interests and really try to align your content to match your particular audience and so we can really get in a lot more detail when it comes to our websites and looking at Google Analytics it's gonna really help you align further with your particular audience and so that's why it's definitely one of my number one go-to is you can get really nerdy here as you can see with this particular site you can kind of see what the interests are and things like that so if I was in beauty, in the beauty industry I can look and see that a lot of the traffic that comes to the site here they're interested in beauty and business services and things like that so that's Google Analytics in a nutshell so as you can see Google Analytics is super helpful and be for sure that you download that if you don't get anything else out of this episode be for sure that you have connected Google Analytics you will not regret it now my second one is called sprout social now sprout social is similar to HubSpot in which you can really schedule out your post you can decide what times are the better times to post and you can make for sure that that area of your business is automated but what makes sprout social really stick out to me is the ability to measure your metrics so you can really see how many shares you got how people engage with your post what type of age group or demographic engaged with your post the most and so they have a serious reporting area where you can really deep dive into these metrics and so this is gonna be extremely helpful especially if you're running a particular campaign let's say you're running it for a particular launch well you can kind of see based on when you started and you ended how well that particular campaign did and it's really easy to make these reports into something that's easily explainable and you can really see in these charts and graphs and things like that how well you did and so to me that that's what makes them stand out and they're one of my favorite tools and go to tools so if you haven't checked out sprout social be sure to check it out and my third tool and it's one of my favorite tools is called buzzsumo so buzzsumo is a platform where you can find the most popular content and from that content create or at least get an idea for your content so if you're in a specific niche so let's say real estate you can get on buzzsumo type up real estate articles it'll come up with different blogs videos and everything for that niche and then you can use those articles and ideas to create your own content and so what this is going to do is help you better connect with your audience you know that if it's popular on buzzsumo mo then most likely your audience will be interested in that type of information so it really helps you align with what is in the now and what are people actually searching for and how can you align with that and the second part of buzzsumo that i think is great is the ability to test competitors and you can actually see what your competitors are doing you can look at their metrics and you can kind of create your own content to really start matching theirs or really start trying to create more ideas from their content so you get to that competitive edge also and it gives you that ability to just have more ideas that help your audience and connect with your audience and so if you haven't checked out buzzsumo you need to check out it's a great platform it really lets you know what's going on in the now and what's popular and so these three are my main go-to tools that I always use and if I am working with a particular client I'm usually gonna be on one of these particular platforms because they're super easy and I love looking at the analytics for a marketing campaign I'll link the links to these three in the description and I hope that these were helpful for you I hope you enjoyed this episode and as usual keep up the momentum


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