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What is better than one Trend two and Two put together take a look at this Right now the term Bitcoin has a current Rating of 89 out of 100 very low Competition and tons of demand for this Type of content number two this new Platform which I've spoken About a couple of days ago which you Guys really seem to enjoyed I'm gonna Make a part two of this video and number Three the most famous man in the world Has moved to this platform causing a Massive surge on this website as you'll See over here this website has gone from Between 47 and 50 rating on Which has skyrocketed to over a hundred Percent rating which means the traffic To this website has nearly doubled in The past couple of months so I'm going To show you how we can go and take part In the trend of Bitcoin and tons of People searching for this particular Information you could say and create Hype around that on the new platform Called which there is also a Lot of hype around and there is hardly Any content on about Bitcoin So this video is going to be the Ultimate sweet spot of two Trends put Together which I'm going to show you how You can go and build a business and make Money online without creating your own Content without recording any of your Own videos without even editing or maybe

One or two things that we need to touch Up in the editing software but all of That is really easy to do if you follow With me in this video anybody can Literally do this and scale at this [Music] What's going on awesome people of YouTube my name is Jay from the military Mindset YouTube channel and on this Channel I document my journey on various Ways that I used to make money online in Today's video I'm going to be speaking About two massive trains that are Happening at the moment really Banger of A video and I hope I can provide tons of Value for you guys but if you want to Get daily videos just like this one make Sure to subscribe down below to this Channel with the red notification button So that I can send you a message every Time I upload a value packed video just Like this one without further Ado let's Get straight into this alright so let's Not waste any time and get straight into This the first thing we need to do is is We need to develop video ideas around The Bitcoin Niche so one of the easiest Ways to go and do that is to come over To Google and go and search best Bitcoin Tips and you can go and use the people Also ask section on Google what is the Best strategy for Bitcoin that itself is A topic for your video on its own what Is the most profitable cryptocurrency

That itself is another topic for your Video what is the smartest way to buy Bitcoin another smart idea for your Video content what are the top three Cryptocurrencies what is the best coin To invest in 2022 and as you can see Over here this list goes on and on and On if you click on all of these more Start to pop up over here for example Can Dogecoin reach ten dollars there's Another topic idea for your video so What you're going to do is to go and Make this type of content is to click on Any one of these ideas for example 11 Best places to buy Bitcoin in 2022 go And open up this website and it will Give you over here a simple list by list Format frequently asked questions and a List of the best places to go and buy Bitcoin now I've got a free tool for you Guys called in where we can go And turn our ideas in articles on Google Into done for you videos at the click of A button so this is the part where it Comes in where we don't need to create Any content you don't need to record Anything and you've really got your Topic and content idea from Google this Is not stealing information this is not Copyright you're just getting influence From articles on Google if you go and Copy and paste this article and go and Post it on another article website Without giving credit that is where

Copyright issues fall in but we are Making a video out of this we're not Copying this text for text so what You're going to do is you're going to Come over to once you've Signed in with your free account your Dashboard would look something like this Go and have a look for the text to video Section click on the plus sign over here And it will give you a whole bunch of Templates that you can go and choose From one of my favorites that I always Like to go and choose is either this one Over here it's a nice corporate kind of A look so we can go and click on this Option what I recommend is if you want To go and use any of these that is Perfectly fine because the software Automatically adds all of your pictures And videos for you make sure you've got Landscapes 16×9 selected as that is the Needed resolution for click On use template and as simple as this You need to go and paste your headline Line and your story which you can come Over to the place or the website where You found your title 11 best places to Buy Bitcoin in 2022 or how to invest in Bitcoin copy that title come back to paste this over here and for Your story you can come over down below And literally go and copy this list over Here so go and copy this list paste this In you can go and copy a

Random question for example can a Bitcoin crash go and copy this over here Click on answer paste this over here and You want to go and type bonus tip and Frequently Asked question click on colon And over here you can go and ask people Can Bitcoin crash and just give them More insights into this so the answer Would be Bitcoin is now much more stable Than it was a year ago because many People and institutions have invested in It it can barely crash to zero however It is volatile meaning the price can Vary either way upwards or downwards Please use portfolio management tools That allow you to monitor prices in real Time so this is just another frequently Asked question that a lot of people ask And ultimately you want to give as much As value in your video as possible by Simply answering that question so we can Now click on auto suggest images and Videos important that you select that Click on next over here click on Rearrange text and finally click on next And it will automatically load this into A Done For You video and take a look at This you've got scene one which lists Your title 11 best places to buy Bitcoin In 2022 and then a sub title and below Is a list of popular best Bitcoins or Places to buy Bitcoins and over here Your text has now been arranged into Easy done for you slides or video slides

Which can compile into a perfect Bramble MP4 video which you can upload to the Platform you can also preview a video Just to make sure all your spelling is Correct and the video is as you like and As you can see if I play through this I'm just going to mute my sound it has Created this done for your video listing Each and every platform that you can go And buy Bitcoin once your video is ready Go and click on download on the top Right over here click on export and this Will now export to your PC available for Download while this is busy rendering I Want to show you the part where we're Actually going to make money from this If you come over to a website called or digital you can go and find tons of Bitcoin information courses that you can Go and promote as an affiliate for Example the Bitcoin breakthrough system Which will teach you the lowdown on Bitcoin investing what Bitcoin is how it Works how can you acquire it choosing The right wallet getting ready for Trading avoiding Bitcoin and crypto Scams Bitcoin investing practices and Then more topics in section 2 which is Important things you need to know about Crypto four key areas for developing Blockchain platforms four things you Need to know before investing in crypto And it basically teaches people about

Every single topic that they need to Know in the Bitcoin space and every time Someone signs up for the specific Program you will get 35.72 commission Straight to digital 24 account which you Can withdraw straight to your bank Accounts over here you'll see there's a Couple of other programs as well same on you'll see over here is a Crypto and entity ultimatum which is Another product that will show you how To make money money with crypto and nfts My personal favorite is definitely this One on digital 24 so you can go and Click on promote now and over here you Will get your unique affiliate link You'll see if I go and open this up in a New tab it's going to take me to the Landing page of this particular product Which has already been created for us as Affiliate so we don't need to go and pay For tools like kartra or builderall Where we need to design our own landing Pages our landing page has already been Created for us as an affiliate once your Video is done rendering on go And click on download and this video Will download to your PC finally before We go and upload this to we Need to go and create a thumbnail to go And do that Eric made come over to click on the YouTube Thumbnail template and it will open up a Brand new canvas which will give you

Hundreds of different templates that you Can go and use for your video over your Thumbnail so over here you will see for Example We can go and use this one over here We can go and just change the text Top 10 places To buy crypto We can type here in 2022 and just like That we have a done for you thumbnail we Can go and click on share on the top Right go and click on download increase The quality size to 192 over 1080 and Click on download again and now we have It done for Youth and now we have a done View thumbnail and a done view video Ready to go and upload and our affiliate Product which is what's going to be Making us money on and also Remember also pays ad Revenue So you're going to open up two different Streams of income with this once you've Done all of that come over to Click on plus new video on the top right Over here or upload a new video click on Select video to upload and go and upload That same video that we've just created On and for your video title Simply again you can scroll up to that Original article go and copy that same Title come over to rumble paste it over Here and for your description you can go And type the following Bitcoin Breakthrough system with your affiliate

Link over here so to go and grab your Affiliating just come back to copy that over here by Right click copy and you can come over To to go and shorten your url Into a neat and short link like this Make sure to go and upload your Thumbnail by click on choose your own And go and upload your thumbnail that You've just created on canva for your Tags we can go and type Bitcoin comma Bitcoin Trend we can also go and type Your best Places to buy Bitcoin we can go and type Out how to buy Bitcoin and multiple any Bitcoin tags that are relative to your Video you can also go and select the Channel that you want to upload to very Important that we go and click on upload Over here you want to go and select Rumble only so that your videos will Only remain on the rumble platform so That you will get paid Rumble and Revenue and ultimately your affiliate Commissions in the description of the Video what I like about There's no thousand subscriber and 4 000 Watch our requirement to get monetized Your videos can start getting money from Day one which is really really great go And accept the terms conditions and go And submit and your video will now be Public my second piece of advice for

This video is go and utilize short video Platforms like Facebook reels tick tocks Instagram reels those kind of platforms Are really pushing out content right now And I want to show you a really good Example my Facebook reels page that I Created two months ago and I've only Posted about 11 posts on you my type of Views that I'm getting off of this Platform is absolutely crazy I posted a Simple Facebook reel which I just used One of my tick tocks to repost on Facebook got over 1.18 million views in Its first month this video got 152 000 70 000 views and all of them are over at Least 10 000 views and what you can do Is to hook in people to your channel on to ultimately increase your Ad revenue and affiliate commissions is Leave a comment on each and every one of Your Facebook reels or Tick Tock videos Or YouTube shorts videos or Instagram Reels videos full video and full Webinars on and just leave a Link to your Rumble video that way you Will redirect a lot of traffic from the Short video platforms to your mainstream Channel so what I'm going to do is to Help you out even more with this I'm Going to give you more full free Webinars and tutorials on Facebook Tick Tock YouTube shorts Instagram reels and All of those short video platforms by Giving you an entirely free playlist and

Webinar on YouTube over here with 13 Videos plus that I've made in the past So what I recommend is if you want to Learn more about this scale with this on The short video platforms to grow your Mainstream channel on Rumble I recommend Click on this playlist over here and I'll see you over there

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