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you would think having lots of children would keep you kind of young tech-savvy you know you'd know what's going on but david tennant this has not happened for you you recently found out that you got left behind you know the world of texting and things well yeah I wish I know when you start jobs there's a because of the meter movement and the lots of food you know great straightforward are being made in making sure what places are safe for now so now different companies have different ways of coping with that and I was I had to for a sure I was doing had to sit watch a video and prove that I'd watched this video from start to finish and it very takes you through things that are acceptable and not acceptable in the workplace and then right at the end of this sequence it's talking about how to communicate on your mobile phone and what's appropriate and what isn't appropriate it says and remember the eggplant emoji is not just an eggplant [Laughter] it's that's not what they mean there's a whole and it turns out did I didn't knew nothing about this there's a whole kind of language yes there is usually based around foot stuffs we represent other things asking someone out for a taco the eggplant kind of looks like it doesn't even look like an eggplant that's you know and then you've got the peach if you start adding to that the raindrops and ooh [Applause] filled Kylie do you text do you have a smartphone I do yes okay then I have no idea how that passed you by that's because I thought the emojis were just meant to represent what they represented as it knows this halkan of other language you had to learn can you get explicit but machen what we need yes needs to move forward and just call a vagina of vagina [Applause] there's a an image of you as the doctor aha that the fans are not letting go and it's just this it's a very simple thing it's just you in the streets right now doing that now this meme is called David Tennant in places he shouldn't be right so you must have seen me I've seen a couple of things yeah if you don't know what a eggplant emoji is something the chance to think of me now obviously you're beginners a beginner one is just of course you're at the Royal Wedding [Applause] then we've got you in education you know the answer no one else does you're on it next Oh ice-skating [Applause] then we bought you in film there you are and finally there you are – glossary [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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