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You're actually pretty lucky for Clicking on this video because the Potential with this app is unlimited There's a lot of different ways that you Can use if you make money online and Also if you save a lot of money online And yeah there are so many different Ways to make money with it but I'm only Going to show you one of them inside of This step-by-step tutorial so if you Want to see more ways that you can Leverage this app if you make money Online then make sure that you are Subscribed to this Channel with Notifications on and let us actually Begin with a step-by-step tutorial so I Can just show you one of the ways that You can use it to make money online you See the app the website that we will be Using is called appsumo and I'm Gonna Leave a link to appsumo in the Description box down below appsumo.com Is a Marketplace for different digital Products you can find different software Companies you can find courses templates And creative resources and this is a Marketplace where those companies will List their products and software and Services so that other people can find Them on here and they can actually get Great Deals they can actually get those Products and software in most of the Cases for cheaper they can get a great Deals with app Sumo because these are

Appsumo partners and so if you were like For example looking for some project Management software or a productivity Software you can just search on it here And you can probably find some great Deal for that software and save a lot of Money but that's not what we're gonna Specifically do inside of this video now You see you can make money by selling on Appsumo you can sell their own products On here you can sell your own software And you can also scroll all the way down And you can even promote appsuma as an Affiliate you go to appsumo slash Affiliates and then you can promote Appsumo itself as an affiliate but what We will specifically do to vape is we're Gonna find it for software and companies That are already listed on appsumo Marketplace and who are going to promote Those as an affiliate so you can easily Find thousands of different products in Software if you promote so what I Personally did is because I was looking For some software that helps people like Get more followers on Instagram like Grow their social media accounts and Grow their Instagram and specific and Then what I did is I just searched and Then I found this hashtags for likes Software in the social media section and If you open up that website you can see This is a tool that helps people grow on Instagram we can scroll all the way down

To the bottom and we can find their Affiliate program right over here so What I do with appsumo inside because It's a marketplace with different Digital products I just find many Different digital products like this one And I try to find their affiliate Programs so I can promote them as well So that's how I browse all the products In one place and then you can see for Example this one pays you 30 reoccurring Commissions which means you refer Someone to pay as long as they keep on Using the software you're gonna keep Making money off of that so you can just Sign up as an affiliate by pressing on The sign up button in this case and then What you can simply do is you can go Through Google and search for Relevant Articles for that particular offer that You're promoting so if you're promoting Some productivity software from appsumo You will search for how to be more Productive or five tips for productivity Or whatever if you're searching if You're promoting a project management Tool you will search for like for Example how to manage your projects or Something like that in this case I'm Searching for how to grow on Instagram And then we have this article 70 Different ways to get more followers on Instagram I can copy the link address For this article and then what I need to

Do is I need to open up brain friendly This is already brainfriendly.com which Is a tool that will allow you to edit Those articles those blog posts with one Click of a button so you're gonna get All of the ads and links removed and it Will be ready for you to turn it into a PDF document and I'm going to show you Exactly how that's actually going to get You affiliate sign up so you just want To paste a link for that article inside Of this box click on preview and now They will generate a print friendly page For you so once again that means they Will remove all the ads and links they Will be ready for you if you print it as A PDF so this is how it's going to look Like in my case it makes it pretty Simple now I can just click on PDF and Then we're gonna generate a PDF file Which I can download with one click of a Button so all I gotta do is press and Download your PDF now once we have this Downloaded to our computer we obviously Need to insert our affiliate Link in it So what you can do is you can open up SATA already sata.com which is if you Will they will allow you to now edit That PDF document so you can just click On edit the PDF document for free and You can start customizing this document So what you can simply do is you can Find the blank space where you can Insert your own code to your action in

This case I can say click here for the Best Instagram growth tool or something Like that and then I can insert my Affiliate link and just click on links And then I can insert my affiliate link There so I can just paste my link here So I would need to go back and if I Signed up for an as an affiliate for This program I will just grab my Affiliate link and I will paste my Affiliate links here so that when people Read this they can click on the link and They will sign up through my link and I Will earn a commission now obviously you Can copy and paste this same call to Action and place it on multiple sections Of this article this PDF guide so for Example I'll put it here or every single One of these pages so that people don't Miss it and people actually click on it And you get those signups and then once You do that you have like 15 or 20 Different of these call to actions with Your affiliate link included you just Generate it so you just click on apply Changes click on download and now you Can download this edited PDF document And that edited PDF document is going to Look something like this you see people Also reading about for example have you Grown Instagram and if they're reading About how to grow on Instagram that's is What they are interested in and they're Going to see this call to action if they

Click on that they will take them to Hashtags for likes they sign up and I Will earn a affiliate commission so now What you can simply do is you can share That PDF document on a platform like Slideshare.net which is a website that's Being visited by 70 million people every Single month and you can simply create An account you see these people are Getting tens of thousands of views on Their PDF guides and documents that They're sharing just click on upload and Then you can upload the edited version Of that PDF that includes your affiliate Link and because you have an affiliate Link in it you will just share it with a Title for example in this case 17 ways To get more followers on Instagram right Above the description select the Category their business marketing social Media whatever and then you can just Type in in the tags whatever the article Is above in this case it's about Instagram privacy is going to be set to Public and now I can publish this with One click of a button to a Marketplace Of 70 million different people around The world that can potentially rate this And sign up through my link now this is Obviously not going to get you millions Of people signing up right away but if You you're publishing 10 15 or 20 of These different PDFs and articles every Single day then you stand a great chance

Of getting some of those seen by Thousands of people and then getting Hundreds of them sign up through your Affiliate link so you can just Leverage The appsumo Marketplace to fund Thousands of different offers to promote As an affiliate and then just use this Method to promote those offers on Slideshare.net or other websites where You're able to share your PDF documents But as I said that's just one of the Ways you can make money with appsumo you Can save money by using their Marketplace instead of going directly to These companies you can also sell on Appsumo you can sell courses you can Sell templates you can sell creative Resources and your own software and you Can also promote appsumo itself as an Affiliate by scrolling all the way down To the bottom of appsumo and then Pressing on Affiliates right over here And then sign up to promote them anyways That's it for today's video I really Hope you got some value out of it if you Did make sure to drop a like down below And I will see you next time

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