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Printing man is by itself one of the Most beginner friendly business models Out there one of the easiest ways to Start to make money online but today I Want to show you how it can get even Easier because there are two different AI Bots that you can use to get Everything done for you for completely Free just a quick disclaimer here if Someone replies to your comment like This claiming they're me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never attack You for money you can check their Accounts they don't have a verification Badge they don't have the same Subscribers or videos as me and they Will just scam you my only Instagram Account is at I'm Dave Nick people are Just creating fake accounts reposting my Photos and dming you asking for money You can track their posts the engagement Is fake their new accounts and just know That I would never text you like that so Just stay safe and report them all you See the way printed man works is there Are already products that you can upload Digital designs you create mock-ups of Different products and before you even Have them in a physical world before you Actually create a product or a design or You print something on a t-shirt or Whatsoever it first sells you first make The money and then you actually print

The T-shirt or print the mug or create a Product so that means that you don't Need any inventory or whatsoever and Because we're going to be using specific For internet platforms you don't even Need to print anything yourself and you Don't even need to have any physical Products at any point which obviously Makes it perfect for complete beginners Who are just looking to make some money Online from home and you see there are Some people making tens of thousands of Dollars in passive income by selling Printer demand products on etsy.com so I Served for cat lovers t-shirts and I Came across this seller over here who is Selling this super basic Design This cat Work here puke Cube something and this Actually got over 7 000 sales over 7248 Sales at a price of ten dollars and Twenty cents and if you do the maths That's over 73 000 that this person made Just by selling this one single t-shirt And the beauty of this is as I said you Don't actually need to print anything in Advance you don't need these products in Advance or whatsoever you just create a Mock-up you create a design and you may Make money up front so there are two Different AI tools that you can use to Create your printer demand products you Need to combine these two because Otherwise it might actually be hard so The very first one is night Cafe Creator

Studio this is an AI tool over the United Cafe creatorstudio.com which will Allow you to generate art with one click Of a button so instead of you creating All of these cat designs or whatever Design you want to make whether it's a Dinosaur whether that's a monkey whether That's a little it doesn't even need to Be an animal it can be any design either What it's a coffee whether it's for Football lovers like it doesn't matter You just want to go over to night Cafe Creator studio and then you want to Click on this a stable diffusion and That's going to open up the AI art Creator where you will need to log in And then once you log in you will be Able to enter the problem right over Here you will be able to tell them what You want your design could be about and They will create art from scratch that Has never been seen by anyone before so It's plagiarism free so no one has the Same art so you can for example type in Cat drinking coffee and it can be like In the forest on the moon about Literally anything you can imagine and Then you choose a style below I'm gonna Go with a portrait and then you can just Scroll a little bit down and just click On Create and that's gonna cost you one Credit and you have five free credits in Your account but then you can also just Create a brand new account and have five

More free credits and here we have four Different designs so you can just either Choose one of these designs or click on Evolve disk creation you will choose the Image to evolve in this case I Personally like this one over here so I'm just gonna evolve with that one or I Can just use it right away I can just Download it with one click of a button This design is going to be onto my Computer this cat drinking coffee which Looks really good it's gonna be onto my Computer and now optionally you can also Open up this other AI bot called Remove.bg to remove the background of That design what you made so you just Click on upload image and you can just Upload that design in this case it's Gonna be a cat design and now I will Have it background free or ready to be Uploaded through my designs to my T-shirts mugs pillows whatever want to Sell and I can just click on download And I will download this background free Cat to my computer and now you can Either sell these designs as printing Demand on Etsy or you can also sell them On the Redbubble Redbubble is Another Printer demand platform which where you Can also get a lot of traffic and sales Even as a complete beginner and you can Sell it for stickers clothing phone Cases wall art and much more so we're Gonna do is click on sell your art right

Over here and click on start selling and You want to create an account you want To sign up as an artist by entering your Email address by choosing a username and Then by creating a password now once you Do that you just want to click on add New work click on upload new work right Over here and upload that AI design just Enter the title right over here enter Some tags maybe that can be CAD maybe They can be drinking coffee and more and You can write a brief description to get Your audience excited for this product And you can select which designs you Want to sell whatever you want to sell Clothing whether you want to sell phone Cases mugs pillows it doesn't matter you Will just select which products you want To sell and then continue with those so As you can see we can sell stickers and Magnets and more then just scroll all The way down and click on Save work and As you can see my work my AI design is Now being added to redbubble.com and now I'm ready to sell it right away so it's Published under the marketplace and Another very similar platform where you Can do pretty much the same thing is Teespring.com okay this is another Platform where you can sell their print To demand products you can just click on Start creating upload your designs the Same way as you did in Redbubble and Start getting traffic and sales from it

Right away and of course you can do the Same thing on Etsy as well so you can Sign up to as you can start your own Shop on etsy.com and I highly recommend You go only with one specific Niche so For example if you're choosing cats and Coffee or whatever then make sure that All of your designs are related Something around cats and coffee and Stuff like that if your designs are Going to be about phishing if your Designs are gonna be like gaming designs If your designs are going to be curated Towards camping lovers it doesn't matter You just want to Niche down and start a Store with lots of different designs in That specific Niche you don't want to Make like one cat design and then the Next one is like an astronaut and the Next one is a basketball player like That's really random and you are not Gonna Target one specific person you're Basically ruining your brand that you're Trying to build whether that's an Etsy Redbubble or Teespring and thanks to These AI tools you can generate some Really really high quality art and Really high quality designs which you Are allowed to sell on these platforms For completely free with literally just One click of a button so I really hope You got some new idea in this video I Really hope you learned something new And if you did make sure to drop a like

Down below so we can get to 1 000 likes In this tutorial as soon as possible and I will see you in some of the next ones

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