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I made over 1.4 thousand dollars using This absolutely free app and I'm gonna Show you exactly how you can do the same Using chat GPT AI bot get everything Done for you for completely free Combined with this app and make money Online from literally anywhere in the World this obviously requires no Previous experience because all you Gotta do is install this app use it with Chatgpt where you can pretty much get Everything download for you and make Money online without actually selling Anything so you don't have to sell Products you don't have to promote Affiliate offers or anything like that You can get paid without actually Selling any products which obviously Makes it perfect for complete beginners Everything that I mentioned in this Video including this app will be linked In the description box down below so Let's begin with a step-by-step tutorial For the step number one you obviously Want to open up this chat GPT AI bot Which is an AI bot it can do a lot of Different things for you and you can Actually write in different instructions In this bar right over here and you can Ask me to write a poem for you you can Ask him to write an assignment for you Write emails this chat repeat AI bot can Do a lot of different things for you but There is one specific use case that

We're going to be using if you pay in Order to make money line using this Absolutely free app so after you've Opened up check the gpv before you Proceed with using chat jpp you will Proceed to the step number 2 which is to Install this absolutely free app called Tap mob I'm going to leave a link to This app in the description box down Below because in order to actually Access this app you need to have a Special invite code without that code You're not going to get accepted into The app and that invite code is going to Be 90495 I'm also going to leave that Code in the description box down below As well and this is basically a CPA Marketing app where you can find a lot Of different CPA offers to promote it Will pay you anywhere from five six or Seven dollars per email that you collect Which is obviously perfect because You're not selling anything people have A chance to win something in in most of The cases they're like giveaway type of Offers and all they got to do is submit The email address and you're going to be Credited for that as you can see the Offers that I'm promoting are paying me Six dollars five dollars six dollars Five dollars six dollars on a regular Basis I'm being paid basically every Single day from these offers which in Total results in in to me making over

1.4 thousand dollars in earning so what You want to do is you want to go to the Offers section after getting accepted For this app and you want to find Different giveaways to promote like for Example this is a door Dash 100 giveaway Which pays me five dollars per email That I collect and a person that enters Their email address has a chance to win A hundred dollars gift card or here is Another 750 gift card which I can Promote so what I recommend you do is Find a list of three different offers You promote so I found one door Dash 100 This one 750 and maybe I'm also gonna Promote the iPhone 14 giveaway which Also pays me six dollars per email that I collect now all you're gonna do is Pretty much just click on copy link and Start sharing that link with other People which will take them to the Giveaway page where they have just they Just need to submit the email address For a chance to win something in this Case iPhone 14 and I'm gonna be paid Five to six dollars per person that Enters their email address now once you Find at least three different giveaways And you grab those links for those Giveaways you want to proceed to the Step number four which is to go over to Get response I'm Gonna Leave a link to Get response in the description box down Below so you can sign up for free and

Then you want to log into your account Over here and then you want to create a New list so you want to go to the Context section over here you want to Click on create a new list in this case The list is going to be called tap mob Giveaways and I'm going to click on Create once we have the list in the Context section you want to go to the Tools and you want to create a landing Page you want to build like a bridge Before you actually take people to those Offers and giveaways the reason for that Is because now this will allow if you Actually earn passive income you're Going to set up a viral system it's Going to be earning you commissions on a Complete autopilot and I'm going to show You exactly how so you want to click on Create a landing page right over here And then you can choose from one of These different templates that they have For you I'm just gonna go with this one Because it's the most basic one enter The name and click on next step now you Pretty much just want to use their drag And drop Builder to build your own Landing page like a bridge for those Offers I'm just going to delete this Because I'm not going to insert my logo Or anything like that I'm pretty much Just gonna tell people that they can win In this case an iPhone 14 and then you Can of course customize this stack so

You can customize the font you can also Customize the colors as well so if I Want this to be let's say green I can Easily do that and then below that I Prefer to tell people that they should Enter their best email because otherwise They're not gonna win in the giveaway so I'll tell Andrew your best email where We can contact you if you win the Giveaway and then I'm also going to Customize this as well so I'm going to Use the same font here as well now I'm Going to remove this button and I'm Going to remove this image over here and I'm just going to add a form so here on The left side you will be able to find These different forms and I'm going to Use a static form and I'm just going to Place it here now you can change the Text for the button as well and you can Also change the font to match everything Else so instead of sign up I'm going to Type in enter the giveaway and then you Can remove all of these other sections Of the website because you don't Necessarily need them you can maybe Write something related to the giveaway Over here or you can also just remove That as well once you've completed that You want to click on Save and then you Want to click on next step and you want To proceed without a mobile version and Then that's going to take you over to This page where most importantly you

Want to enter the page title you want to Choose the list over here so you want to Opt in them into the list which you Previously made so in my case it's Called tap mob giveaways and now the Most important part is that you want to Change the thank you page where they're Actually being redirected once they sign Up once they enter the remote address so The thank you page is going to be a Custom thank you page with a custom URL And that URL is going to be the URL for Your TAP mob offer once you enter your Tablet referral link you just need to Click on finish and now you can view Your landing page online and it should Look something like this you can of Course customize your landing page you Can change colors you can customize Literally everything that's the fun part But I'm just showing you how to actually Set it up now the reason you're Collecting their emails is because you Don't want people to just sign up to one Of those offers and make your six Dollars but you want to add your email Address you can send them more giveaways In the future and every single giveaway The design number or through your link Is going to earn you money so you're Gonna grab your landing page link and Then you want to go over to the Autoresponders section on the left side And then you want to create an

Autoresponder right over here you're Going to select the list in this case It's going to be tap mob giveaways you Can give it a name to your autoresponder You can select when you actually want to Send this email so let's say for example I'm going to send it one day after they Actually enter the email address in that Box so tomorrow after 24 hours they're Going to receive an email an automated Email with a subject line win a 100 Door Dash gift card and now we can just write That automated email so you can just go To the blank templates section you can Select a completely blank template and You can either write an email yourself Or you can just go back to chatgpt AI Bot and you can ask him to write a short Email for your email list something like This so you can just give them an Instruction and then he is going to Actually write an email for you which You can use for your list so here we Have it he's even writing a subject line That we can use like new giveaway alert When a hundred dollars doordash gift Card we hope this email Advanced well We're excited to announce our latest Give away 100 doordash gift card who Doesn't love a delicious meal as you can See it's writing a full email that you Can just copy and paste into your get Response account so I'm just gonna copy This paste it in here customize it a

Little bit and I'm going to say click Here to sign up I'm gonna make that text Bold and then I'm gonna just insert a Link and that link is gonna be a web Address to the next affiliate offer from Tap mob which in this case is going to Be a hundred dollar door Dash gift card So you just want to go back to your TAP Mob application and then you want to Find that giveaway and you just want to Insert the link from that and then You'll just assign yourself off right Over here best regards and then your Name once you're done you just need to Click on next and then this email will Be sent to anyone who signs up to your Initial landing page to enter their Email address after 24 hours they're Gonna receive another giveaway so you Can then write another email and then Send that one in like three days in the Next one in five days so every other day You can set a brand new giveaway from That mob and each time they sign up for One of those giveaways they're gonna Make six dollars and it's fully Automated to earn passive income from That so now you obviously just need to Start setting traffic to this first Landing page which you made so people Can enter their email address click on Enter the giveaway then they enter the First giveaway in this case iPhone 14. You make six dollars from that and then

They receive another email they receive Another giveaway via email after 24 Hours and after three days another one And then another one so first of all you Need traffic to this landing page and One of the easiest ways that you can Start driving traffic to this landing Page without having to invest a single Dollar is to use chat GPT and you can Ask them to write a brief article that Talks about let's say making money Online or how to save money or something Of that so you're basically interested In finding people that will read an Article about money whether it's making Money whether it's saving money as long As it has something to do with money or The offer that you're promoting maybe Can you also be like five facts about Doordash if you're promoting a doordash Gift card or I can write an email or I Can write an article that's going to be About iPhone 14 so I'm going to talk About different facts about iPhone 14 Because if someone reads that article Chances are they're also going to sign Up for our giveaway they're gonna go to Our landing page and sign up for the Giveaway because it's absolutely free And it's something that they're already Interested in so here we have a brief Article that we can use so I'm just Gonna copy this you can of course ask Him to write a longer article I just

Didn't want to do that because it would Take longer but once you have a full Article you can then just go over to Medium.com which is a platform that's Being visited by millions of people Every single month you can share your Stories and articles and blog posts with One click of a button you just click on Right over here after signing up and Then you paste that article here and you Can also enter the title I'm gonna type In top three tips for saving money and Then in between these lines I'm gonna Say click here to enter the free iPhone 14 giveaway and then I'm gonna highlight That part I'm gonna make it bold and Just insert my landing page link so that If someone clicks on this they're gonna Be taken to the landing page where they Can actually enter the giveaway and I'm Gonna make money off of that so now you Can pretty much just copy and paste this Same call to action between these lines So that while someone is reading this Article about saving money they can see That they can actually win something for Free whether it's a gift card and win Actual money or whether that's an iPhone Or whatever it is that you're promoting And then you just click on publish and It goes live on medium.com where it can Be seen by millions of people from all Around the world and you're just like That you're going to be building your

Online business collecting emails which You can then Target and set up an Autoresponder to get new sign ups on a Regular basis maybe every other day and That's how you can make passive income And make money online without actually Selling anything once again a link to Everything that I mentioned in this Video will be in the description box Down below I really hope you got some Value out of this video if you did drop A like and I will see you next time

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