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This is a completed step-by-step Tutorial on how to generate YouTube Shorts using AI so that you can make Money on YouTube without showing your Face and without recording anything with A camera and if you want to see exactly How I personally make money online with YouTube Shorts YouTube shorts so they Haven't filmed myself and YouTube shorts Where I'm not appearing in front of the Camera then make sure to check out a Brand new training program Linked In the Description box down below just a quick Disclaimer here if someone replies to Your comment like this claiming they are Me just know it's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I Would never tax you for money you can Track their accounts they don't have a Verification badge they don't have the Same subscribers or videos as me and They will just scam you my only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick People are just creating fake accounts Reposting my photos and dming you asking For money you can check their posts the Engagement is fake their new accounts And just know that I would never fax you Like that so just stay safe and report Them all anyways the very first thing That we're gonna do for the step-by-step Tutorial is look at these channels that Are already posting YouTube shorts and Are being successful with it because

According to YouTube now starting from February first 2023 you can monetize YouTube shorts with ads just as you Could monetize long form content without Revenue as well and for example this Channel we're here according to Socialblade is making a hundred thousand Dollars a month just for my Revenue Alone because they're approximately Getting 25 million views every 30 days This is a completely faceless channel It's called ask the Reddit we're gonna Check out their channel in a second but Here's another one over here which is Posting Daily Facts and this is another Faceless channel that is according to Sergeant blade making 71 000 a month and They're getting 17 million views per Month so what we're gonna do is we're Gonna take the strategy That these Channels are using but we're gonna be Using it in a different Niche we're Going to Leverage The Niche that this Channel is using with long form content But we're gonna use the viral method That these channels are using so we're Gonna combine their methods we're not Going to be copycats but we're gonna use Unicorn and we're gonna take the best Parts of these channels and then combine Them into a brand new channel I'm going To show you exactly how to do that but If you take a look at his channel as the Reddit which is according to sourcefully

Making a hundred thousand dollars a Month he will be able to see they Literally just have a screenshot and They have some background video to keep The engagement highs there is something Showing up in the background while They're putting different and they're Basically already script into the Microphone and no one is showing their Face but there is like something going Around in the background just so they Keep the viewer engaged they watch those Captions that they watch the captions That change all the time they hear Someone reading the script and they also Have this video in the background so It's engaging for reviewers to stay and Watch that YouTube shorter for a Whole 30 to 60 seconds so that's what this Channel is doing then if we take a look At this channel we're here it's called Turopia they're basically posting travel Videos where they don't show their face But they showcase the best places that You can visit in a particular country or In a particular City so for example they Have 25 past places to visit in Europe That video got almost 10 million views 25 best places to visit in the US on for Example this one the top 10 places to Visit in Switzerland that this one got 6 Million views so all of these videos are Completely faceless and they're just a List different places that you can visit

In a particular country and these are Like 35 minutes long even though you Could just list it in a one minute long Video if it's like 25 most beautiful Last nations in Europe you could Literally just say this is the Destination one two three four five and So on and so forth so what we're gonna Do is we're gonna use this tool over Here called again more genome which is An AI tool it's a absolutely free app That just launched it's an AI tool you Can go to genmo or ganmo and then you Can just create an absolutely free Account click and get started and this Is a tool that will allow you to Generate a short video short engaging Video from literally just a prompt AI is Going to create it for you and you're Gonna see exactly how we're gonna use This so what you want to do is you want To select this size over here so it Creates like a short form sized video And then you're gonna enter something That you need so let's say for example I Want a video of nature but let's say I'm Going to type in beautiful nature and Perhaps maybe even forest and then I'm Gonna click on generate image and it's Going to generate an image of that Force You can of course be a lot more Descriptive and have something that Whatever is on your mind you can just Put it on the text and it's going to

Generate that image for you so it's Going to be unique image so here we have This image over a forest it's beautiful Nature and what I can do right now is I Can click on yes I want to proceed with This and it's gonna think it's gonna Turn this into a video based on the Edits that they give it so you can blur The background to create sense of depth Then I'm also going to tell him to for Example turn the forest into turn into Let's say for example into a jungle and Once it turns into a jungle I'm going to Click on add another scene and that next Scene is going to be uh turn into a Space with a lot of stars and galaxies Let's say and let's see how they're Going to produce the video so the video Is obviously not going to be extremely High quality and you're not just gonna Post this as a YouTube short but what do You want to do by the way first of all Just click make a video but what you're Gonna do with this is you're just gonna Use these videos as the background for Your YouTube shorts because as you know You need something to is going to be Showing up in the background where you Live while you're talking about Different things and by the way you Don't have to actually record anything With a camera or a microphone yourself So you don't actually need to create Voiceovers for this or whatsoever so

This video is now being created it's Currently seven percent so we gotta wait For the AI to generate the video but You're gonna use this video as a Background and so here we have a very Weird video generated which may not make Any sense but we're just gonna use it as Background so now I'm going to open this Up I'm going to download it to my Computer and by the way if you want to Check out what I also made previously Let me go you can see that for example I Generated like a king flying above the Sky and then he turns into a cat or Whatever as you see space king flying Above the sky replace King with an Awesome run and this is the video that Came up so you can definitely create Something unique and create some really Really interesting short videos just to Use them as background now the next Thing you want to do for the next step You simply want to go over to synthesis X you want to download the synthesis X Which is an absolutely free tool which Is available in the Chrome web store so You can just add it to Chrome and it's a 2 that according to them allows you to Turn any Google image into your own Copyright free image that are going to Recreate images from Google but now you Are going to have full rights to use Them so you don't have to worry about Any copyright or whatsoever as you can

See synthesis X allows you to easily Create your own versions of any image You find online right in your browser And you will own all copyrights to your Finished Creations you can confidently Share it and don't have to worry about Getting any copyright strikes or Whatsoever so just add that to Chrome And then the next step you want to Complete is take a look at the most Popular videos on the list type of Channel that you want to create that you Want to recreate so for example if you Want to create a list type of travel Videos and by the way this works for any Niche you can also create a list type of Videos regarding to sports or regarding To for example business or crypto Whatever it is I'm gonna use travel Niche and then you're gonna take a look At their most popular videos for example I'm gonna go with this one 9.6 million Views 25 places to visit in Europe and I'm going to recreate a smaller video I'm going to recreate this into YouTube Short so I'm going to create it for Example five places to visit in Europe And then what I'm going to do is I'm Going to open up chat GPT which is in a Free AI bot I'm just going to ask him For five best places to visit in Europe And now he's gonna list five different Places and I'm gonna turn that into a YouTube short and he's even gonna give

Me an explanation of why that place is Perfect and so he's gonna list all those Cities or countries and now I can take Everything from this list so let's say For example I'm gonna take Paris France And I can go to Google search for Paris France and go to images and what I can Do is I can recreate these images so Let's say for example I'm going to open Up this one I just need a high quality One so perhaps this one and I'm gonna Right click on it and click on visualize This image because now I have synthesis X and now he's going to recreate this Image which might look a little bit Weird because it was created by AI but I Still needed to be unique and it is Going to grab attention when someone Sees this popping up in our YouTube Short I'm gonna try again because I Really need the Eiffel Tower in the shot So I'm gonna try to create a new one and By the way you can retry and you Recreate these photos with one click of About button again and again because It's absolutely free so let me try to Find a different image perhaps this one I'm going to revisualize this one and at Least let's see what's gonna happen if We're gonna get the Eiffel Tower and so Here I'm gonna use this image over here So I'm just gonna download it to my Computer and I can do the same thing for All these different places that were

Listed in chat jpt so now I can do the Same for Rome Italy so I can just search For that paste it here go to images and Just find one of these cool images and Click on revisualize it and it's gonna Recreate its synthesis X it will Recreate this image and I will have full Rights to actually use it myself without Getting into any copyrighted trouble so I'm going to use this second image over Here so now I have two of them and I can Go back and once again copy and paste All of these live all of these from list And just turn them into Unique Images Now the next thing you want to do is you Want to open up play HD which is Literally the best text-to-speech Voiceover software so you can turn any Text into a ultra realistic human-like Voice and you don't actually have to Spend hundreds of dollars on voiceovers And this actually sounds like an actual Human emergency science psychology and Mindfulness with practical takeaways for Being more focused we had some of these Voice over software in the past but they Did sound robotic this one doesn't sound Robotic at all because they have ultra Realistic voices from relatively not too Long ago so now we can go to the Dashboard of her signing out for free And then you can paste your script in Here from chatgpt so you can go back to Chatgpt and let's say I want them to

Read this I'm gonna go back click on Create audio use ultra realistic voices And just select that and then as you can See I have 14 free audio Generations Left otherwise I would have to pay for It and I could just paste it here and I Can click on generate old previews and It's going to generate the voiceover and It's gonna read this and it's gonna Actually sound really really human-like And you can also change voices you can Change the language you can change Whether it's going to be read by a male Or female you can change style the speed And everything and let's actually listen To this voice France no known as the City of love Paris is a favorite Destination for many Travelers the city Is famous for its romantic it does Actually sound really really good so now I can download this voiceover to my Computer and I will have it in one click Away button now the next thing you can Do is you can create background music as Well with soundful which is an AI music Generator and you will have royalty-free Copyright free music for your videos you Can create them yourself who are Completely free it's an AI tool that Generates copyright free music so you Can definitely use this if you want to But anyways that's an optional step the Next thing you definitely want to do is You want to go over to clipchamp.com

Which is a free video editing software You want to create an account for free And then you want to log in and as you Log in you're going to click on create a New video from scratch and then you can Select a different size so we need this Size over here and we can upload a Medium and I can start off by uploading The voiceover first and once I have the Voice over what else I can do is upload The background video which I got Generated by that new AI bot and I'm Going to upscale it through out the Entire video so just like this and then Above that I'm just gonna add images That will generate these copyright free Images generated by synthesis X and now Of course I can just customize this and Play around uh with these images and I Can also add Auto captions as well so Click on order captions right over here To make the video a little bit more Engaging you can click on turn on auto Captions and then you can change these Images you can generate like five or ten Different images in this case of pair is They will constantly change and there's A background video happening over here And then we also have the captions now Captions are going to show up here but I Do recommend you drag them and put them In the center put them in the middle and You can also customize the font as well If you don't like that one you can

Perhaps put this one if you don't like The previous one and just leave it like That so let's actually watch the videos France known as the city of love Paris Is a favorite destination for me as you Can see we have a short generated over Here so you can now play around and keep On making your shorts with this you have The background music you have these Copyright free images you you can also Create copyright free music with Soundful and you will have an entire YouTube short generated just like that Without even recording anything yourself And then you can just export that and Download it to your computer and can Continue anyway and I can just download This to my computer in whatever quality I want and then I can upload it to YouTube as a brand new unique YouTube Shorter than now that now I can monetize With ad and again if you want to see Exactly how I personally make money with YouTube shorts how to go viral how to Create YouTube shorts in a little bit Better way that you can actually get More views and subscribers and how to Actually monetize those faceless YouTube Shorts in seven different ways make sure To check out the first link in the Description box down below anyways I Really hope you got some value out of This tutorial and if you did make sure To drop a like down below and I will see

You in some of the next ones

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