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It's crazy how simple this actually is And how this Google app is literally Available to everyone but not a lot of People know about that you can use it in This way if you set up a passive income Stream as a complete beginner without Actually owning your own website without Actually having your own products Service or whatsoever it's completely Beginner friendly and it literally works All over the world and I'm going to show You exactly how to set it up for Yourself so if that sounds good enough Then drop a like down below and let us Begin with a step number one which is to Go over to a platform that's called ClickBank just a quick disclaimer here If someone replies to your comment like This claiming they're me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never tax you For money you can check their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can track their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them off now ClickBank Is not the only platform where you can

Find these offers because ClickBank is An affiliate marketplace with thousands Of different affiliate offers to promote But it's also not available in some Countries so if it's not available in Your country you can use as an alternative but if ClickBank is available in your country You simply want to log into your ClickBank account and then you want to Find offers to promote on the affiliate Marketplace by pressing on the affiliate Marketplace on the left hand side which Is going to be right over here and then On the left side you can select a Category in which you want to promote Different affiliate offers and with Affiliate marketing where the beauty of Affiliate marketing is that you don't Actually need to have your product or Service or website everything is already Built for you all you need to do is Drive traffic through your link and earn A commission whenever someone signs up Through your link so on the left side You can select which category you want To focus on now I personally prefer to Go with health and fitness and these are Like different health and fitness offers If I scroll a little bit down I can also Change the category and I can also align This more towards people that are Interested in diet and weight loss some Interesting people don't want to lose

Weight fast and then we can go and Select a language on the left side Whether it's going to be German English Spanish French Italian alien or Portuguese you see a lot of people focus Only on the English market and the U.S Market the English-speaking audience but They're missing out on billions of other People that don't speak English but do Have money to buy these products so That's why what I recommend you do is Select some of these other languages Rather than English in this case I'm Going to be focusing on the Spanish Language as you can see this offer pays Me 90 dollars per person the competition Is way lower than with the US market or The English speaking market for example This offer pays me 17 a per sale it's Like a wake up lean it's an offer that Helps people lose weight while sleeping Or something like that so I can check Out the affiliate page here and I can Click on promote to grab my link I just Need to type in my nickname here click On create a hop link and this is going To be my affiliate link that I can share With other people and earn a commission Whenever someone signs up through my Link and if I open up this offer you can See that in Spanish it's gonna say these Different things but I can of course Translate that either with one click of A button or just by using the Google

Translate app so I can translate things From Spanish I can just type in Spanish Over here and I can see what the offer Is about by copying this text and I can Just paste it into Google translate so You probably already know how that works It looks like this try this 13 second Metabolic mineral trick before dinner to Eliminate hidden inflammatory enzymes And wake up in the morning looking a Pound off so this is great we know that This is an offer that helps people lose Very fast you have your affiliate link Here now what you want to do next is you Want to open up different different Pages on Instagram they talk about Weight loss and fitness as you can see This is an English speaking pay each Weight loss diet fips this one has 394 000 96 000 followers that are interested In losing weight they're interested in Getting more fit so there is these guys Obviously know that and they're Promoting their own diet weight loss Program over here as you can see they Have the link in the in their bio and You can pretty much do the same thing Just in Spanish or in German or in Portuguese or in French so you can start A page like that and just translate These posts from English picking Pages Like for example if I want to recreate This post over here which talks about How to lose weight instantly in seven

Days I can recreate it in Spanish so all I gotta do is open up which is An absolutely free Graphics design tool And then I can select the Instagram post Template so I can just type in Instagram Post and I can go with this one for Example the portrait and I can even Begin with a blank template and I can Just recreate the same post but in but In Spanish so I'm gonna say lose weight Instantly in seven days to do that I'm Just gonna go back to Google Translate So lose weight instantly in seven days And you say that bajar de peso instante And seven Diaz something like that and Then you can just go go back and you can Paste it so you can just create a text In box and then you can just paste it Right over here and I'm just gonna make It I'm just gonna change the the the Font I'm gonna make it a little bit Smaller so it fits properly so here it Is this is gonna be the headline I can Of course customize the headline I can Add different effects as you can see for Example I can change the background of This text to yellow and then I can just Add these same elements so eight glasses Of water to do that I'm just going to go To the elements section I'm going to Type in water and I'm going to try to Find someone drinking water or I'm just Gonna drag or get I'm going to take the The glass of water

Um from here so this is gonna be the First one just make it a little bit Smaller put it here and just type in Eight glasses of water in Google Translate you see how I'm gonna say that In Spanish so here we have them I'm Gonna copy that I'm gonna go back and I'm gonna create a another text block And I'm gonna paste that Spanish thing Into this block so I'm gonna make it a Bit smaller so eight glasses of water is Going to be the first tip for losing Weight instantly And I'm gonna paste that here so it's Gonna be the first one copy this and I'm Just going to duplicate this text to add Another element and that element is Going to be uh one a cucumber daily so I'm going to type in one cucumber daily Here one cucumber daily is one Pepino Diario and I'm gonna paste that right Over here so here we have it and I'm Gonna go to the elements section again I'm gonna type in cucumber so you'll Probably get the point it's pretty easy And simple to recreate those posts in Spanish just by using canva so you can Just create them in Spanish and you can Build your Instagram page or any other Language that which you might have found On ClickBank and once you're done Creating Your Design you'll literally Just click on share you click on Download and you download it as a PNG

File and you can upload it to your Instagram page and start building your Audience in that Niche and by using Google Translate app which is available To everyone who are completely free you Can recreate posts you can recreate Their captions different tags so if they Say #weight loss you just go to Google Translate you type in weight loss in Spanish that this is how you save so you Can just go hashtag and this or hashtag Something in Portuguese or hashtag Something in French something in German And whatnot and that how you that's how You can grow your audience on an Instagram page in a different language Attract people from that country they Can potentially buy your offers from ClickBank earning you affiliate Commissions on an autopilot and here's An example page in Spanish that is Already doing this so they're posting Different tips about weight loss and Fitness in Spanish and they are Promoting a link over here as you can See they're probably promoting some Program on WhatsApp or whatsoever so They are shy people that are interested In weight loss and fitness that are Speaking Spanish in this case and they Are they critical reaction in the Description box or in in BIO so that People clicked on that and sign up for Their Spanish offer that helps them more

With in this case weight loss but it can It can of course be a different product From a different Niche and it can of Course be a different language which you Can find on ClickBank so it doesn't Necessarily only have to be Fitness and Weight loss on the left side you can Find all sorts of different things Including E-Business and marketing Including fiction games dating love Home And Garden mobile apps like there's a Lot of different things there's a lot of Different categories and niches and of Course you just need to select a Different language rather than English Because it's going to be a lot easier to Grow since the competition is way lower Than with the English-speaking market so Yeah that's how you can use this Absolutely free Google app to set up a Passive income system for yourself as a Complete beginner in 2023 I really hope You got some value out of this video if You did make sure to drop a like down Below and I will see you in some of the Next ones

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