How to become a DIGITAL NOMAD?

all it's done is inspire me to walk my lifestyle for myself [Music] hello global locals my name is gabby or as most people like to call me gabs and today i'm doing a little interview for global locals who have kindly asked me through my instagram page girls explores to just do a little interview um for them about my experience here in thailand so i'm originally from poland i was born in poland when i was about seven years old i moved to the uk that's where i grew up that's where most of my life has been spent 24 now and since june 2021 i have been living in and slowly traveling through thailand so i've been here about seven months now and i absolutely love it and i have no intention to really leave anytime soon but no doubt i will probably have to at some point so just to start off i'm going to share a little bit about my story i initially came to thailand in june 2021 for a job and that was to work in an addiction treatment center my background psychology that's my master's in my undergraduate degree so i came here to work in addiction treatment center in chiang mai okay so i've always always dreamed of living abroad outside of the uk outside of poland and when enough job opportunity like this came off obviously it was perfect for me um as i could gain experience in kind of the field that i wanted to work in as well as live abroad in one of my favorite countries back in the uk i was working an average office job nine to five monday to friday i was really miserable did not enjoy it so i wanted to when the opportunity came up i wanted to go for it um i lived in chiang mai for about six months um but my first three months i was working at the addiction treatment center absolutely loved the job however as much as i loved the job i found that it wasn't really giving me the freedom or the flexibility that i really wanted um when living abroad so luckily i had enough savings saved up i decided to quit and just slowly start traveling around thailand whilst looking for an online remote job and that's where i kind of did a lot of research and i discovered social media management and i decided that that was what i wanted to pursue because it will give me the ability to work flexibly from anywhere in the world whilst um you know slowly traveling countries and living abroad i decided to stay in chiang mai for another three months just because i felt really grounded there the community that was amazing i felt so at home i felt independent and i felt safe chiang mai has the perfect balance between city life um that's quite hectic and busy but also nature as you're surrounded by mountains but when i got to january this year 2022 i decided that because bernie season was approaching i wanted to kind of get out of chiang mai and see other parts of thailand so i decided to come down to copenhagen trial it out for one month and live the island life i'm not sure where in thailand i will have to next um i do plan on traveling around a little bit more and i do have a bucket list i want to start taking places off that bucket list i'm still searching for a job at the moment i still don't have a job i know there's plenty of opportunities out there but because i've kind of been spoiled of having my savings there and being able to kind of live off that i've haven't been in like a desperate rush and so the stage that i am out now is searching for a job but my biggest advice to anyone who doesn't think that they can work remotely whether they're living in the uk or living somewhere wherever um and they are stuck in a job that they don't like or whether they are traveling and searching for jobs then the biggest advice is if you don't think it's possible it absolutely is possible i have seen so many people do it i personally never thought it was possible before coming here but because i've met so many digital nomads and so many people that are living this lifestyle all it's done is inspire me to watch my lifestyle for myself my biggest advice is just to figure out your why like what do you enjoy what inspires you why do you want to live that lifestyle and then and then go from that do your research see what sort of remote jobs there are and i can guarantee you there's something out there for everyone the reason i can comfortably live off my savings here is because life in thailand is so much cheaper than the uk um there is no way on earth i would be able to have the time to be able to search for a social media manager job and set up kind of like my own business and still do what i want when i want i would never have that freedom and flexibility to be able to live like this in the uk because i couldn't afford it so alongside me searching for a social media manager's job i have also been focusing on content creation and growing a community of engaged followers on my instagram explorers follow and check it out if you haven't yet um it is very much based it is very much mainly based around thailand there is a lot of plenty of healthy food options especially when you're on the islands i mean the variety of food is just incredible however i'm a big foodie so i just eat what looks good [Music] yes indeed


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