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Hello Boss babes and Bosses out there! In this video, I'm going to teach you
how to build your portfolio even if you still have zero experience
or even if you still have no clients yet. So, if you want to learn how to do that,
just keep on watching. In this video, we will be having two segments. The first part is that I will share to you what you should be doing when you are building a portfolio and the second part is that what are the things
you should not be doing if you are building a portfolio. So, if you are okay with that,
let's dive in. The first thing that you can do if you are still enhancing,
if you are still improving your skills, if you are watching tutorials,
either it's for free or paid, always apply it on your own.

Try it and then screenshot your work,
the outcomes, the results or maybe do a screen recording
while you are practicing it, while you are still familiarizing yourself with that software, that tool or that app, record your screen and then after that,
you can upload that to some online storage platforms like for example, Google Drive,
or maybe OneDrive or maybe Dropbox, and such. There are still many other online storage platforms but those three are the major platforms that I know. You can upload your files to these platforms and
you can send the link to your client if ever they asked, "Hey, have you tried using this tool,
or app or software?" And you can say, "Yes, I've already tried that and
I'm already familiar with it.

Here's my progress or here's the screen recording that I have while I'm doing that, while I'm familiarizing with the tool or
software that you have just said." So, you can just send the link to your screen recordings or maybe the screenshots of your works. So, that's a plus point and you can use
that as part of your portfolio. The next one is that if you are attending
masterclass or training, paid or free, you can ask your coach or mentor for
their feedback. For example, if they don't have hands-on or actual training, if it's just a masterclass wherein
they are just lecturing the whole time, it's okay, but maybe you can ask for a certificate as proof
that you have attended their masterclass.

And that certificate or maybe the feedback
that you would get from them, you can put that as a testimonial from
your coach or mentor. You can save it or maybe you can screenshot it. If it is a certificate, maybe they can send it to you
by hard copy or soft copy. If that is a soft copy, you can just download it
and then save it to your Drive. The third tip that I am going to share with you to build your portfolio online is to show up on your social media accounts. It is up to you whether you like to focus on showing up on Facebook, Linkedin or maybe Instagram. Those three platforms are my really go-to
when it comes to building a portfolio online. Especially when it comes to social media portfolios. So, those three are really good to use when
it comes to portfolios. You can share there about your services,
you can share there about your processes, about how you are helping your target clients, just something that can help other people.

Any content that gives impact to other people,
it's really a good content. And the more they can see that
your content are so helpful for them, it would be easier for you to get their trust. And by that, it is easier for you
to convert a sale. Just be yourself when you are showing up online. The more authentic you are,
the more people can connect with you. So, that is one of the top secrets when it comes to showing up online and creating your portfolio
using social media platforms. So, maybe you are asking now, "Okay, Sui, I want to start creating my
online portfolio using social media accounts but I really don't know how to create graphics,
I'm not an artist. I am not that so creative. I also don't know how to put captions. Basically, I just don't know where to start. Even what content to put, I don't know what content
would be great putting up online.

Don't worry, I got you guys. We just launched our
first digital product at BossedUp PH. It's the 31-day Minimalist Template. We already provided the 31 topics that
you can share on your social media accounts. We also provided minimalist graphic templates,
that is for feed and including the stories as well. But not just that. There is already a caption template so that you can have a guide on what to share regarding the topic.

So, we also have a caption template and
we also have suggested hashtags if you want to use Instagram for your postings. So, you can just use the suggested
hashtags that we have provided. So yeah, I can really say that it will really help you practice your social media management skills, content creation and as well as showing up online. Not just that again! Because you can use this for your clients as well. So, for example, you have a client and you still don't know yet what graphics to use, and you still also don't know the topics and you still don't know the hashtags, everything is already provided in our first digital product, which is this one. So, if you want to avail the product,
just message BossedUp PH so that you can get a discount. By the way, the discount for Boss Up Fam
is up until November 17 only. So, I hope you guys can grab the discounted price so that everybody is happy.

I would highly encourage you to avail that
if you want to show up every day but your problem is that you are
still learning how to create graphics, and you still don't know what content to post, what to say in the captions, and what hashtags to use. So, it is really complete. Try to browse our Instagram
accounts here. They are the ones who joined the campaign.

You can try to browse their page as well so that you can see what we do and how they are using the templates that they have purchased from us. I hope that is clear
but if you still have further questions, please feel free to message us on
our Facebook page, BossedUp PH. The fourth tip that I'm going to share with you is to look for beta or task clients where you can use your output as your portfolio. When I say test client or beta client, this is basically a client and you work for them
for free or at a discounted rate.

pexels photo 6913709

This is where you can actually test your skills. Having a test or beta client is really one
of the best ways that you can build your portfolio. Because aside from doing the actual work,
there is also feedback from a real client. The more feedback we get from a real client,
the more we will know how to do that project or work. All of their feedback, good or bad,
always take note of it. So, if the feedback is good, you can publish that on your social media accounts as
social proof so that other people or other prospect clients can see that you have a good result
on your previous clients.

But if the feedback is something
that you can improve on, it is not necessary that you upload it on social media, but always take note of that and always make sure that you
improve on that aspect that the client has mentioned. So that, with the next client that you would handle, you could receive better feedback that you can use as social proof. And also, don't forget that anything that you would do for your beta or test clients, use it as your portfolio. But ask their permission first if it is okay
to use your work output as your portfolio. And if it is okay with your client,
you can ask for a video recommendation because that is also a good social proof. Some clients would be interested in working with you as well because they can see a video from your client recommending you as an expert
in the service that you offer.

The last one but not the least that I'm going to share with you on how you can build your portfolio online is to create even just a simple website. To be honest, it is not really necessary. You can still land projects even if
you don't have a website yet. You just have to send a link to your Google Drive, OneDrive, or any links where you store all your social proof and sample works. Yes, you can still land clients through that
but you know what? You can get their trust even more if they can
see a website where they can view all your works, all the testimonials from your clients,
how to contact you and what's your work process. So, by that, you can easily get their trust. I have a video here. Even very beginners
or non-tech savvy people can follow this tutorial. It is an easy way for you to build
a site using Google Site.

There are a lot of platforms where you can build a website
but I guess this one is the very, very easy way on how you can create your own. And then, one thing I like about
Google Site is that it is mobile-friendly. It adjusts on a mobile. Some platforms are not that mobile-friendly. You still have to install something
for it to become mobile-friendly.

And then, maybe you still have to set the mobile view. It's just a lot of work. This one, Google Site, it automatically adjusts on a mobile. So, those are the things that you can try. Do it for yourself so that you can build your own portfolio. But guys, I want you to know that
there are also things that you should not do if you want to try building your own portfolio. First is to not use other people's work as your portfolio. That's a no-no. You are just grabbing their work and putting it
as your own, as if you did it yourself, to have a portfolio. That's a no-no because you know what?
You will just be in trouble when it's time for you to do the work
and you can't deliver the same results. The client can notice that and
you will just be in trouble.

So, we don't want that to happen. Just do your own portfolio. Practice your craft so that you can show
a good portfolio to your client. And you will not be in trouble as well. So, that's a no-no. The second one that I don't want you
to do is to create fake testimonials. Do not create fake testimonials. If you can't have any testimonials yet,
don't put anything yet. Just show some samples of your works and outputs.
Show only those. But if you have already got feedback from your mentor or your coach, if you don't have clients yet, that is already good. You can use that as part of the testimonial. But please, do not ever create fake testimonials because
it will just hurt your business. We don't want to lie to our clients.
That is a no-no.

Anything unethical, just don't do it
because you will not get any blessings. You could have had so many clients if you are just going to do the hard work, if you are just going to be persistent
and dedicated to what you do, you could have had many upcoming clients but then, you are also doing something unethical,
then it won't be given to you. So, please I would highly encourage you
to do everything the right way. The very general tip I can give to you if you are
now trying to build your own portfolio is that while building your portfolio,
try to apply for jobs as well. Try to communicate with prospect clients.
Try to pitch your service to them. Don't wait for your portfolio to be so nice and perfect. You can build your portfolio while
you are still looking for clients. So, yeah, that's my main tip. If you are still trying to build your own portfolio,
please also look for prospect clients. I hope that this video gives you an idea on how to create your portfolio and what are the things you must not do.

Before I'm going to end this video, I would like to flex the works of my Boss babes and Bosses inside my group. Check this out. If you want to join our Facebook group, just research
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