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It was 2013. I
couldn't sleep at 4am.
That's when it occurred to me that something is missing in Switzerland: entertainment in Swiss German. I thought
I'd just start, then it just exploded.
I have 500,000 followers on Swissmeme.
I have over 200,000 followers on Swissmeme.tv.
I have over 200,000 followers on Zekisworld. I have a YouTube account
with almost 90,000 followers. It all adds up. If you add up the numbers
, you get 1.2 million followers. * Rock music: "Children of
the Revolution" by T. Rex * We, as content creators or
influencers, as we are called, make the whole thing a little more human. That's what people want: they want real faces
behind the scenes.

Overall, I
've only found it positive so far. * Rock music: "Children of
the Revolution" by T. Rex * [ __ ] them, dude!
Do you laugh? You loose. Hello my loves,
welcome to my new video. The world of influencers
is the internet. They film and
photograph themselves, post the pictures
on social media platforms and earn money from it – lots of money. Influencers will make an estimated $5 to $10 billion
this year alone. The new stars are no longer
celebrities from music and film – but normal people.
Your fans are followers. The larger the following, the
more valuable a post. My name is Julia Graf.
I'm a YouTuber, content creator and social media personality.
We are also called influencers.

There are people who only post about food
or only about fashion. I try to combine everything that's
fun for me. I take a photo that I
'll post on Instagram later. I'm tagging a brand that
owns an Instagram account. Because I share these impressions
with my followers , I get money. In the USA, the
most successful stars on the Internet earn up to several $100,000 for a single referral,
a single post .

It's my own personal Krave! Young customers are no longer
reached through classic advertising. Instead, companies
rely on influencers who use recommendations to influence the buying behavior of their
followers. Those are the two smells… So what is influencer marketing? Shameless surreptitious advertising? The latest, efficient
strategy of the advertising industry? Are followers nothing more
than uncritical consumers, mere recipients
of advertising messages? Or is it all just hype,
a phenomenon of our time? To others it may
not seem like we work because that's how we sell ourselves, how we present ourselves
as if it's the dream, as if everything is created with zero
effort, but it's not like that. There's a lot of planning behind it. I often have to do things
even though it's super cold, for example, just because we
need this picture now. Then I have to do it anyway, even if the location and temperature are
n't perfect. I have to smile and
pretend everything is great. Zeki Bulgurcu from Basel is one of the busiest
Instagramers in German-speaking Switzerland.

Zeki works
as a social media manager at a Swiss private broadcaster. More
than 1.2 million young people follow him on his own accounts. That's more than
the number of copies of Switzerland's largest free newspaper distributed every day. I am originally
from Turkey.
I came to Switzerland when I was three years old. I have now
been in Switzerland for over 25 years. I like it in Switzerland.

I now speak my
own mother tongue less well than Swiss German. super card? No, I do
n't need a card to be super. No receipt, ca
n't deduct it from tax. 4 fr. does it cost?
But I only have 10 Fr. Adieu.
I'll give you the receipt. I did my apprenticeship
in retail. I was pretty dissatisfied,
it was like being on a hamster wheel.
As a hobby, I liked entertaining people and making people laugh. I wondered
what I need to do to reach more people. That's how I came across Swissmeme. I started the account,
started posting pictures and videos. So it became more and more. David, don't look in the
mirror or you'll ruin your day! What is Mark writing?
"Checked it out." Yes, in your ugly face.
Swissmeme actually came about like this: Before the whole thing even started
, I was constantly looking for jokes in Swiss German, jokes in Swiss German
that also appeal to young people.

I thought
I'd just do this now. To some extent it
came about completely spontaneously because I couldn't sleep at 4 a.m.
Then I just posted
a picture in Swiss German. Then things
escalated, people took notice because I
was the first in Switzerland to do it. After five years, I
now have 1.2 million followers. Hello, I'd like
a Leccese sandwich. Do you want it cold or warm? Warm, but only a little. Do you want a sachet?
– No it's okay. Thanks. Do you know him? Yes, of couse!
Who doesn't know him? Who is he?
– Zeki! He does brutal
Instagram videos and stuff. I always crack myself up laughing at that.
Totally! what do you find funny Everything about him: his demeanor,
what he says, that's all true. It's really
very realistic. He's really got it. Understood?
– Yes. And with you? I saw you
photograph me from afar.

Yes I have. Do you want to take a picture?
Or a selfie? Come on! Where do you know him from? From Instagram, Facebook,
from social media. do you think he's cool
– Yes, he's a correct guy. Quite often, when I go into town , I get
stopped for selfies and small talk. And I like doing that,
it's not a problem for me. It becomes problematic
when I visit a restaurant and then five young people
are standing around my table with their mobile phones and want a photo of me.

That's when it starts to get uncomfortable. Shall we take photos?
– Very good! What's up?
– Hey, horny you! Bye! Understood?
– Shall we take a picture? Yes No problem. Horny you, bye! Take care!
Julia Graf has her sights set on a completely different target group. The graduate
political scientist has turned her hobby into a career. Since 2008 I've been making
videos on YouTube about beauty,
lifestyle, health, from time to time also cooking videos,
just such different topics. In 2008 I started this as a hobby.

I would never have thought
that a business would emerge from this. I was then able to make it my
job, which is of course super great. Julia Graf now has
800,000 subscribers , making her one of the most
successful YouTubers in Switzerland. I film these videos
in my own home studio, which I built myself.
I really do everything myself. I film, take pictures,
use an editing program.

I taught myself all this
I worked on it in the evenings and weekends. I
then put that online on YouTube to see what happens. It
actually went relatively well from the start. And the viewers immediately gave me
feedback, their comments. Of course, that
always spurred me on to keep going. When the channel grew and companies became
aware of it, they suddenly noticed: "Aha, there are people on YouTube who
show products or make videos of themselves." Then it started with the fact that I was initially written to by rather smaller

They were indie brands because they didn't have the budget
to do traditional advertising. For example, I received a couple of
eyeshadows for free. It's only become big business in the last few years
because then the big companies,
the really well-known brands, started to take notice. I now have just
under 800,000 followers on YouTube. Then I
have a second channel on which I have almost 100,000,
97,000 or so followers. On my second vlogging
channel, I also have videos that not only relate to beauty,
but also completely different topics. I have 250,000 on Facebook. On Twitter there are 57,000. I
have around 55,000 followers on Instagram. My name is Martin Faltl. I am a psychologist and I work in research
at the Institute for Customer Insight at the University of St. Gallen
. Anyone who
can build up media reach these days has changed fundamentally. In
the case of a band, for example, it used to be the case that you made music as a hobby until a record label
started promoting it. The record label decided who was
worthy of having viewers. Today anyone can try to
build reach and distribute their content.

That has changed radically. As a result, there are many more smaller
transmitters in the social networks and, of course, an
incredible number of recipients. Compared to before, there are
many more medium-sized stations. In his research work
, Martin Faltl examines interpersonal relationships
on social media. and their impact
on consumer behavior. What influences a purchase decision
is a very complex
psychological phenomenon. There are no answers that
can be given in one sentence. But it is important
that we trust the person who gives us a recommendation, that
's what influencer marketing is all about. That's an important factor. Telephone bill, reminder. What is that?
I'm making a raffle video for my fans. I'm going to EuropaPark with the winners
. I'll put it online at 12pm today
on Instagram. * Weird electronic sounds * Wow! Where have I ended up? Isn't that EuropaPark? Okay, I can raffle ten tickets
for one day at EuropaPark. And everything is on his
account, i.e. everything is free of charge. You can participate by
tagging your companion. I
expect hundreds of thousands of views , thousands of comments because
everyone wants to be part of an experience like this.

My name is Manuel Nappo. I am head of the Center
for Digital Business at the HWZ, the University of Applied Sciences
in Zurich. Social media
is so successful because it satisfies a human need
. People want to be
connected to other people, want to know
what other people are doing, what their network,
their friends are doing. That's what social media provides us
with, simply in a digital form. And of course that's
easier to consume than the live version. Influencers in marketing –
that has always existed. They used
to have a different name. E.g. Roger Federer
or George Clooney, who do advertising,
are also a form of influencer. They are not chosen
because they have specialist knowledge, because they know something
about coffee machines, but because they
represent something: their claim to quality
is believed. You can break that down
from testimonial to ambassador, which has also been a topic in the last ten years
. Now it is the influencer
who is promised that he can represent the brand on social media,
in his community that he has built himself,
where he enjoys a credibility, that he can advertise for this brand

That's why it's
been attracting so much lately. If
a new clothing store is opened today, influencers
from the lifestyle sector will of course be invited. In return , they then report
on the event on their social channels. Swiss actress
Zoe Pastel is invited to fashion shows
around the world. The 18-year-old has 162,000 followers
with whom she shares her experiences. When I was 14 or so, I started
an Instagram account. Before that I was on
Facebook and other platforms like ASKfm where people could ask me
questions and I would answer. It started super early. Then Instagram came along.

also created a profile there and posted private photos
from the holidays, whatever. I started
posting more and more things that I just enjoyed. And then there is always
a perfectionism behind it. I
want it to look super perfect. Because it's kind of
fun for me to create a world in just one picture
. bon jour! I have a problem
that you all probably know: dry lips.

You may
think I'm crazy because I use coconut oil
for practically everything, be it removing make-up, cooking, putting lotion on my face, lotion on my
legs, everything. And I forgot to mention that with my
discount code you have 15% on the entire range. Yes, that's how it started. I didn't know
where it would take me. I started posting every
day because I realized , "Okay, it's good to post
every day." "It does something." So I integrated it
into my everyday life. And I
only really started working on it about a year and a half ago
. In most cases
I work with the brand that organizes an event, be it a breakfast or
a shoot or whatever. I want to spread
different messages. One of them is: You can dream
, but you have to do something for it.

Do that!
If you want something, do it! And believe that it will work. Don't copy! Get
inspiration from different things, but don't copy. What I'm hoping for at the moment, which can
be completely different tomorrow, is that I
've gained a foothold as an actress. I don't really care where,
but that I still… still have the opportunity
to have a community. The virtual community
is the actual currency.

The more followers,
the more influence. The influencers
with the largest following are also ensnared by agents
and placement agencies. There is a gold rush atmosphere. There
is a fight for the most lucrative business areas. We invited influencers
from all over Switzerland , those we
work with but also others. The goal of tonight is for these people to get to know each other outside of
social media channels. to build a bridge
between digital and real life. Anyone who
wants to buy a product or service today first gathers information on
the Internet and is increasingly using their smartphone
for research. While it used to be
personal recommendations, today it is
the posts of influencers that influence our buying behavior. A good influencer is someone
who is authentic, who simply lives their life, who integrates products,
services and messages into their everyday lives, and who reflects
and communicates externally through their channels.

After all,
people will only follow you if you bring exciting content. This means that you
have to cover a topic very precisely and that good things can be played out via this
channel – day after day. Once you have followers,
you need to keep them entertained or they'll unsubscribe. There is not only great pressure,
but also a responsibility. Once you have
100,000-200,000 followers, there is also a responsibility. You have to be aware of that, especially when young people are given so much
responsibility. You have to get used
to dealing with it. That – and that cauldron there.

There is little sign of this social pressure
on kite surfer Manuela Jungo. The former marketing
expert enjoys her success, or as surfers would say: she rides the wave
and makes good money with it. It looks nice there. I started my journey in 2010. In 2012 I rode
the World Tour in kitesurfing. Since then this has been my life: being outside, kiting,
stand-up paddling, biking. And now
I'm generating more and more content for different brands. Equipped
with professional equipment , Manuela and her partner James are looking for a suitable location
for today's shooting. It's not possible up there.
– From the top.

How are you going to
photograph me there eating salad? But if you're on the top,
you look down on the … Do you think that looks good? It's way too windy. We have now found
a location, but unfortunately it is a
bit windy and cloudy. But we hope
it still looks good. Now I have to set everything up. Then I prepare
a small picnic. I hope it looks good. A few years ago , an agency would have been hired for an advertising shoot
. Thanks to the latest
technology, the pictures are now created less laboriously in a team of two. * Electronic pop music * I have sources of income
in different places. I have sponsors with whom I work
very closely. I know a lot about the company,
about their new products. I always have
a few watches with me that I place depending on the activity. Or a watch alone –
I don't always have to be in the picture. Often it's just my hand that
's in the picture. I also work
with agencies. The brand goes to the agency and says: "This is the product, this is
the idea that we want to represent." Then the agency makes various
influencers available to the brand, i.e.

To choose from. Then they choose:
"It's cool what Manuela does." "She is outside." "We want this
active fitness lifestyle." Then they give me a product,
tell me what hashtags I should need
and what the photo should look like. Sometimes I also make suggestions:
"I would like to do that." "Are you okay? Is that okay?" "Would you like me to send you the photo
before I post it?" There are different forms
of cooperation.

If Manuela and James have
staged a good picture , it is uploaded to their
Instagram account and tagged with the appropriate
hashtags. These in turn are
linked to the sponsors. If followers click
on the corresponding link, they automatically end up
on the sponsor's channel. The advertising circle is closed. The secret of success is simple: If Manuela shows her around 27,000 fans
a product in an Instagram picture, she makes
a subliminal recommendation that her followers perceive as a
tip from a friend and not as clumsy advertising. However,
recommendations that are not clearly declared are considered surreptitious advertising. Of course, it's more interesting
when your colleague says: "I find this product cool." This has a different quality for the recipient of
the message than saying: "I was paid
to recommend this offer to you." In that sense, I see the temptation
to try to make such recommendations appear non-

pexels photo 6953934

We as content creators or
influencers, as we are called, make the whole thing a little more human. We're just normal people
like everyone else. That's exactly what people want: they want real faces
behind the scenes. This is how they
get in touch with me. You can chat with me, write to
me on Twitter, follow me on Instagram and
see what else I'm up to. That makes it more real than
getting a referral.

It's like getting
a recommendation or tip from a friend. This is the reason why this influencer
phenomenon is growing so strongly and is also so successful. The Swiss
Fairness Commission already has a principle. She has written her practice, her
interpretation of fair trading law, in so-called principles. Within the framework of this booklet there is a principle of
separation and clear identification of commercial communications. And that is
formulated in a media-neutral way , so it also
applies to social media channels. I
started transparency a few years ago because it's very important to me
that my viewers know whether it's a purchased product
or not, whether it was sent to me
or not. Because it was important to me
to share that, I started making these unboxing videos, in which I show
everything that is sent to me. It's not necessarily to
make a big deal of: "Wow! I'm so cool.
Look what I'm getting!" Rather,
so that this transparency is there. An interesting group:
pearls of influencer marketing. On this portal, somewhat
superficial or artificial posts are made fun of.

And the question is always asked what value
it should have for the advertising company, which after all paid for it. Anyone can file a complaint. The Integrity Commission does
not check whether you have an interest. You don't have to
be directly affected. It takes a complaint for
the Commission to judge a case. In that sense, anyone can
file a complaint, you don't even have to be
personally annoyed by posts. You simply have to fill out a complaint in
full, and then the procedure is set
in motion. My name is Francesco Giammarco. I'm a freelance journalist based
in Hamburg. And I tried to become an influencer for an article
in "Die Zeit" . For four
weeks I took pictures of myself or had my pictures taken . Used my
girlfriend to take pictures of me , borrowed my sister's dog
to gain popularity on the internet
. I tried to become an influencer.

didn't all work that well. The self-experiment
of the 32-year-old journalist was not meant to be taken seriously. The goal of his experiment: to become famous
and rich quickly without talent. Then I went to the hairdresser and said, "I'd like a hairstyle
like an influencer." Because before that
, the hair was something like that, so not very suitable. But the poor hairdresser
didn't understand that at all and asked:
"What does an influencer look like?" I didn't really know either. Then she gave me the hairstyle that everyone, every member of the
German national team has: a little more on top and less
on the side. This system
of following and being followed follows its own rules. For example, there is the hashtag
#followforfollow. That is, if you provide your content
with this hashtag, then you communicate: "If you
follow me, I'll follow you back." Because the number of followers is –
at least in theory – the currency, you exchange
the currency against each other: Then I have one more follower
and you have one more follower.

The system only works
for the dregs of Instagram, but then I was
at least in the dregs. Before, I was
n't even on the food chain, and then I was at the bottom. Once I
had bought 1,000 contacts , I was able to
register on this platform and
apply for various products. But didn't work. I had an offer:
a company responded positively to my application to become an influencer. They made sex toys. They wanted to market vibrators,
but when they… They first said yes, but then they analyzed
my profile and saw that, as you can clearly see
from the follower numbers, I obviously had
bought followers. And then they withdrew it. They probably didn't want to tarnish their
high quality product, which I think it was,
by using a fake influencer
for their vibrator. I can understand too. The price. You tell us
how much you want to earn. We can actually only give you
a recommendation as to what the market is willing
to pay for your profile.

But I think that's
where we usually find each other. Yes, anyway. The first metric is
usually the gross reach: how many followers
does an influencer have on all of their
channels? We can show the customer
how many views this post had. When a follower stays
on an influencer post for a long time , it turns into engagement. The greatest feeling
in Switzerland is when a follower shares
the influencer's post, i.e. continues to share it on their own channels
. I kind of get the feeling that the whole influencer topic
really came up last year. Because five years ago,
when I started , the "artists" were
n't really noticed, on Facebook and Instagram
and I have no idea where else.

It was more the celebrities that
got noticed, more newspaper,
radio and TV commercials. It's only
really taken off since last year. I still find the fact exciting that for the first time
in media, a private person has the power to spread something –
and has his own channel for it. With all other media, with the conventional media
, this was not possible. Before there was social media, that
wasn't even possible. That's a super exciting fact. We influencers are discussing
whether this will still be the case in five years. I may remember a time
when people said, "Social media or Facebook
is hype that's going to go away." Unfortunately not. There will be social media
as long as there will be people. People are interested in
what other people are doing. Many people have
an urge to perform per se.

This means that these platforms are
not so easy to kill. So: influencer equals virus?
There will always be us. Can you say that in a way? What jobs do you have? What is your next,
bigger project? Now I'm doing with EuropaPark… I'm going there with ten fans.
– Yes indeed. It's a pretty cool thing to give back to
the fans. Yes, that means
you visit EuropaPark with them and they can spend the day
with you. – Exactly. I find it super exciting
when there are offline components and interactions with
followers. That sounds great. Now I've shot
a raffle video for EuropaPark, which I'll
put online at 12 noon today, about Sunday afternoon. Right now I'm sitting
here in a restaurant, not
at home on my laptop as expected, but really outside,
on the move, I'm putting my posts online. Read quickly to make sure everything is correct. Most young people are awake by 12 noon on Sunday
. The first thing they do is
look at the phone.

And then it starts with liking
and tagging and commenting. Now I share it. After 30 seconds I
already have 100 likes, you could say. There! It's working now! After 3
minutes I already have 160 comments. After 3 minutes! Now I'm putting
a pre-produced story online. Now I'm putting it on Swissmeme
where I have 500'000 to tease it. This competition
is about tagging a friend who you would like to have with you for this
experience. Now I
already have 1'000 comments. This is overwhelming,
really awesome! After 7 minutes 1'000 comments! That's one of the possibilities instead of raffling off things
like three skin creams or something, I
'd rather take them to EuropaPark. Then everyone really
There is some pocket money with these posts. I could use this post to
pay my rent, for example. I could afford something,
buy clothes,
but I always have one thing in mind: I still live in Switzerland.
I want to work. And it should remain a hobby. That's why I do
n't want to rely too heavily on it financially. And for my part, I
do it on the side. I do this as a hobby
because I enjoy it.

As soon as fun and pressure come
together, something is wrong. Now, after 30 minutes
, I have 24,000 views and almost 5,000 comments. It's crazy
how people go there. That's great. In Switzerland
you hardly ever see that, that someone
in Switzerland can do it, only with Swiss followers. If I know the fans privately
, I usually write them back and try it. But responding to comments
sometimes takes forever. After that, someone
else asks another question, and then you get
an answer to the answer, and then… Yes, and that
's life as an influencer. Science calls the relationship between a follower and their social media star
or influencer parasocial.

This means that the relationship is
one-way, information is
only distributed in one direction. Influencers
are reasonably accessible for followers, sometimes followers get
a comment back, but usually
the influencer produces the content and the follower follows it. This phenomenon is
called a parasocial relationship. Whether social media and the consumption of ideal
representations of the lives of others makes people happy
is a hot topic of research. Studies indicate that it
can make you unhappy, especially if you are not in
good mental health.

We only see idealized
snippets of other people's lives, but
we don't see their stumbling blocks. * Driving pop music * * Music stops abruptly. * We launched the
Real Life campaign two years ago. That was sort
of the topic. We wanted to point out
that life is not just lying on a beach
with a crystal clear sea with a jet ski and
getting a tan under the palm trees in summer, but that life is
much more. For most young people
and for adults, life means:
going to school, working, taking care of everyday life, certain things don't work out, certain failures
are also part of it. The influence of social media
on our lives is of equal concern to research and business
. Parents and teachers,
on the other hand, are wondering whether social media,
whether too much internet consumption, endangers today's young people. Laurent Sedano from Pro Juvente knows how
young people behave in the media. These are the people
with whom we tried to artificially put the youngsters
in this situation, what it's like when you have
obvious success. If you're on Instagram
or other social networks every day, you can always see
how others are doing and make
comparisons all the time.

Depending on the
situation, this can have the effect that you value yourself less, that you fall
into depression and things like that. The pressure
to always show your best side is also enormous for influencers. It
was all too much for the Australian model Essena O"Neill. She made her breakdown
public and withdrew
from social media. There was one who canceled her profile in a
very lavish way in the media and also took a position on it. She showed certain photos
that she took, a beach photo was also included. She said she
ate almost nothing for three days for this photo, so that her stomach
looks as flat as possible.

And her sister said
they took 2,000 photos before they got the photo ,
of which they found: "You can post that. " All the work behind it
is not made visible. * Rock music: "Children
of the Revolution" by T. Rex * The intensive consumption
of social media has many influences
on the psyche of young people " New studies show that this leads to more
superficial thinking or more superficial
social behavior. On the other hand, this can
also be very inspiring. You can
find good role models on social media. You can acquire a lot of
knowledge Find the right topics and learn at a different
pace than was previously possible. Which one of you has a mobile phone
with which you can access the Internet? So a smartphone. Children grow up in the world
they grow up in. They only get to know that and develop accordingly
… accordingly
also develop strategies how to
deal with this situation.

And for us adults
, it's often like, "Okay, that would stress us out." But they may have
learned to deal with it naturally. Maybe they can
even use it positively. I think
some people have a problem with that, but that was the case with us too. With the situation we
faced as youngsters , some coped better
than others. Which one of you has Instagram? All but two students.
Okay, you can sit down again. Can any of you explain
what that is? Jeffrey. Man uploaded photos to Instagram.

And your friends see that. It's a way of saying, "That was cool."
You want to show what you've done. How can you show the others
that you think something is cool? By sending a picture. Send. And then you can
also comment on Instagram.
– Comment and… Melissa? Like.
– Like, right. We are at a media workshop
called Medienprofis, offered by Pro Juventute
. As part of this workshop,
we will address various issues that concern the children
who employ them.

This can be the Internet,
social media, YouTube, actually various things
that we pick up and discuss with the children. Which YouTubers do you know? Rotpilz, Rewinside,
Felix von der Laden Paluten. – Katja Krasavice, Bibis Beauty Palace
. PewDiePie
– PrankBros – Spinus. Laurette, Leon Machere, and Mert Matan. Do you also know
a Swiss YouTuber? Aargau memes,
foreigners memes, Swiss memes. Raffa's Plastic Life.
– And Zekisworld. Who of you knows
what an influencer is? Someone who
influences small or big children. Yes, that's
actually an influencer, translated it means influencer. Influencers are people
like Lisa and Lena who have become famous through their music
. They influence children. Mostly they are sponsored,
e.g. by Adidas, then they present
Adidas clothes. If a picture has a lot of likes
, they get money for it. You must
also identify advertising. When you see hashtag ads,
it's clear they're ads. Transparency is a big issue
in influencer marketing. We
sometimes underestimate young people when it comes to their sensitivity
to advertising.

Numerous studies show that
even children of primary school age are very well able
to recognize attempts at persuasion. Government regulation is
lagging behind in practice
, but is gradually catching up. This is shown by the fact that
the labeling requirements are now much stricter
than at the beginning. Treasure? – Yes?
– Please come! Look how many views
I have on this video I posted yesterday:
160,000. Wow! And how many likes?
– 21'000. Yes, I struck again. Not bad, right? Yes that is great. How far are you with the food?
Should I help? It's still 20 minutes.
I put the rice in too late. Is it actually still possible?
No, that was just fun, easy. cook yourself You won't let me.
– With your views.

Me and my views.
Unfortunately, you won't get enough of that. Babe, are you alright? You
could really help me now. OK. What do you need? You can see
what's coming next. I can do that. Read the instructions? That's the funny thing: It's always said that
men don't help in the kitchen. But she won't let herself be helped
because she knows that if I help, it will degenerate. This can
lead to disaster. He once wanted to make me
a coffee. After that, the coffee maker
broke. Just a coffee. This is no joke. It's not a joke,
it really was like that. He managed it within 2 minutes.
And the coffee machine
really only has two buttons: for large and small coffees. So I can't help you? Yes, you can read the instructions
and tell me what's next.
Where is my mobile? – There. I'll read them myself and
see what's next. Let's chill outside in this weather
! And how was your day today? Good. And with you? Great.
– It wasn't anything special. I think it can be good or
bad, it depends on how you use it.

I have an account myself
and I try to post a little bit,
but it's not that important to me. It's not my job,
my main job. Honestly, if I hadn't started the whole thing with
entertainment , I wouldn't have Instagram either. I don't care if Jessica or Sarah eats rice today
and posts it. I also
hope you don't care what kind of stuff Jessica does. Or if Thomas had two beers today
, that doesn't bother me. When I see ads on Facebook,
I don't react to them at all.

Totally. That is very individual, but what
happens is of course crass. That they steal our data. And then
activate advertising according to our information. Totally. Yes, what is there to say about that? It's also a bit scary
that the internet knows exactly what we like to do, what we
like to eat, what we like to drink, what we are looking for,
where we would like to go, what our dreams are.

That's incredible. We reveal so much. We reveal so much. Everyone has to decide for themselves how much they want to be online
or not. I set myself limits
and said: "This is private. I
don't have to share this with the big world." But other people think
that the more they post, the more successful they become. Maybe that's
why they can't switch off.

A new world has opened up. Certain things are still the
way they probably always were. And certain things
have been added, e.g. how to film everything. Yes, there are positives
and negatives to all of this. Oscar Wilde said fashion is so ugly you have to change it
every six months. Ditto for marketing,
which is so boring you have to come up with something new every six months
to get customers excited again. The next hype
is already waiting in front of the door. * Rock song: "Children
of the Recolution" by T. Rex * The product placement
or advertising measures that now give the term
influencer marketing almost a
negative connotation will change in such a way that they are more confidently
embedded in content that attempts at persuasion are
no longer so are clumsily designed. There is
good and bad in every job. Influencer – sure,
you can make big money, but the question afterwards is:
at what price? "Youth" doesn't exist. But there are adults who
forget what it's like to be young. It's funny
that 18-year-olds are already talking about today's

The distances are getting shorter and shorter. You always look back. Very often this has
to do with a lack of understanding. The task of the adults is
to imagine what the youngsters are doing. Then they realize that it's actually
still the same, that the youth we
have are okay..

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