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So far this website has paid me over Three thousand dollars and I've been Using it literally for less than a Couple of days and I actually used it The last year and I'm still being paid Every single day to this day from this Platform alone and there are people not Only making ten thousand dollars a month But it but there are people making 50 60 Or 70 000 a month by leveraging this Website I'm actually going to show you How you can literally get everything Done for you inside of this tutorial Plus I'm gonna be giving you some free Resources at the end of the video so Make sure to stay tuned for that anyways Make sure to drop a like down below so We can get through 1 000 likes and let Us begin with this website that can Actually potentially get you paid ten Thousand dollars a month in passive Income just a quick disclaimer here if Someone replies to your comment like This claiming they are me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never tax you For money you can check their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You you asking for money you can check

Their posts the engagement is fake there Are new accounts and just know that I Would never text you like that so just Stay safe and report them all so the Website is being called skillshare This Is skillshare.com and this is a platform Where people come to teach their skills Now as I said everything is pretty much Going to be done for you if you follow The steps from this tutorial so I'm Gonna walk you through the process but Basically what I did is I posted a 60 Minutes long tutorial on skillshare last Year as you can see it was published in May 2021 and still to this day I'm Making money as you can see I made three Thousand dollars off of this off of that One hour long course like yes I have Another one that only got two students But that literally made me two cents or Five cents I don't even know like not Even a dollar from that but all the Three thousand dollars got from this one That I actually did work the last year It was 60 Minutes long tutorial it took Me a couple of hours to film so yeah it Literally made let me just go scroll all The way down you can see that so far we Actually did three thousand dollars you Can see all the break downer from all These mods like every single month I do Get hundreds of dollars in like passive Income from this and I didn't even touch The website so skillshare is as I said a

Platform where you can teach all sorts Of different things you can teach your Skills like whatever skill that might be Whether it's related to animation films And videos graphic design whether that's Like how to be confident whether that's How to film videos whether it's about Business analytics leadership and Management productivity like how to be Productive and stuff like that there's a Lot of different things that people Teach on the platform and if you watch These videos they're actually fairly Simple and easy now you're not really Selling anything on scaleshare.com the Way this works is through the royalties Royalties program so basically when you Post a tutorial a skill is your class on Skillshare every single video every Single view that you get in that video Will actually earn you money and you Don't have to get approved in the Partner program or anything you like Literally anyone can teach and because Of that like the platform is not really Good for those students because Literally anyone can just come in and Post their class and skill publisher and You know with no qualifications or Whatsoever and can teach anything so That's why I really don't like it and I Stopped using it but yeah it's great you Can literally just publish something and Skillshare will start pushing your class

And the more people that watch it for Longer period of time the more they will Promote it and obviously the more Students you will get and the more money You will make and I actually started With a brand new account and as you saw I got some decent results and there are Some people that actually got way better Results with skillshare.com that I did So instead of you like creating a class From from scratch and doing everything Yourself like recording yourself in Front of the camera or creating Presentations and then recording your Voice or whatsoever what you can simply Do is you can just go through a Freelancing platform like Fiverr and Just hire someone to create those Classes for you like you can literally Pay someone 50 bucks to create a full Class and record a full class for you on Fiverr.com or upwork.com and then you Can just upload it to skillshare and in The beginning that's exactly what I was Doing like back when I was focusing Mostly on skillshare not with my Personal brand but like is a side hustle I would just pay a friend ten dollars to Create a 30 minutes long class and he Would just create it for 10 bucks and I Would just pay him over and over again And I would just make money off of the Of the world is in order to follow the Program and whatnot so there's

Definitely a who can make a business Model around it and as I said like those Videos those classes don't really need To be extremely high quality because They're accepting accepting literally Everyone so there's no qualifications That's why I personally don't like Skillshare as a platform and that's why I wouldn't use it if you learn anything From it but I would definitely take Advantage of the royalty program and Make some decent amount of passive Income like I'm doing myself like I Could actively start posting content on Here and pretty amazing pretty decent Amount of money and just by doing it Myself but if you don't want to record Anything yourself as I said literally Just go through some freelancing Platform like Fiverr upwork hire someone And you're ready to go now as I said This is not how I personally make money Right now the way that I make money Online and the way that I generate Passive income the majority of my Passive income is coming from faceless YouTube automation channels those are Channels where I'm not showing my face Where I'm not recording anything with a Camera yet we are making money multiple Different ways including ad Revenue Affiliate marketing brand deals and much More so for example this channel right Over here is making 400 to 500 700 a day

Just from ads showing up on those videos Like without even selling anything at The past year for this channel was 153 000 and lifetime of this channel is About 430 000 just from ads showing on those Videos and then we also have as I said Affiliate marketing which is even bigger For channels like this and we also have Uh brand deals and sponsorships and Print to demand and much much more There's a lot of different ways that we Can modify the YouTube channel but the Beauty is that you don't actually have To record those videos yourself so if You want to learn more about that Business model for completely free I Made an hour-long tutorial that's Available here on YouTube and you can Watch it by pressing the first link in The description box down below or you Can literally just go to the search bar On YouTube and you can type in YouTube Automation and it's probably gonna be The first video that shows up I made That a couple of months ago and it helps You understand what YouTube automation Is and how it works and how you can use It to make money on YouTube and actually Generate passive income for a very long Time without being a Creator yourself But by running your YouTube automation Channels as a business owner and not as A Creator and I said this countless

Times but you're literally just one Video away from completely changing your Life so basically the way I began with For example this channel over here is You can see we were making zero dollars Every single day and slowly but surely We're gonna spend ten dollars and I was Like okay I'm making ten dollars Dave This continues I will be making 300 a Month and then as you can see October 31st 16 a day and then slowly 23 37 30 55.95.65 over a hundred dollars almost Two three hundred dollars right now as You can see it's not even the end of the Year since we started their Channel and It's already 360 dollars a month and now It Contin continuously doing that to Five hundred dollars per month per day Basically 300 400 700 600 then Continuously to four hundred thousand Dollars in ad revenue from this one Single Channel alone or for example this Channel as well and this one in the past Year alone with it fifty six thousand Dollars also just from other Revenue Alone if you go for the lifetime of this Channel it's over one hundred and six Thousand dollars without showing my face And without recording any of those Videos basically you can see we were Doing like 17 cents a day five dollars And then like it was a little like Doubling every single day five dollars And ten or twelve dollars and then it

Was thirty three dollars and ninety Three dollars and two hundred dollars And three hundred fifty dollars and then It went for like four hundred dollars in A single day and just continuously five Hundred dollars a day and as you can see It's been slowing down a little bit but We are still doing pretty decent amount Of money from affiliate marketing and Brand deals and even though like it may Seem like all right but this channel is Generating barely five thousand dollars A month yeah but it cost me less than a Thousand dollars to literally Outsource Everything so that they don't even have To log into this channel like I don't Even create those videos and I'm not Even like logging into these channels I Literally just pay less than a thousand Bucks a month to get a channel to get Like everyone the entire team that Creates the content and also get someone To manage the entire team and the Channel and everything for literally Less than a thousand bucks and I just Collect the rest which is over four Thousand dollars in profit every single Month just from one single Channel over Here or for example this channel as well Like this one is doing 400 through 500 a Day just from ad Revenue alone and if we Go for the last 365 days the last year Of this channel it's 84 000 just from ad Revenue alone as you can see this was a

Really big jump over here from a hundred Dollars a day all the way up to as you Can see 500 a day in almost one week and The lifetime of this channel is about 180 000 just from ad Revenue alone as I said Just one of the revenue sources you can Add to these channels and you literally Don't have to record anything so I don't Know what you're waiting for and while You're still watching this I as I said You can get a free tutorial an hour-long Tutorial that shows you exactly how this Business model Works Linked In the Description box down below so go there Watch it for free and I will see you There

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