I Tested Iman Gadzhi’s $5,000 Per Month Side Hustle! (I Made…$$$)

I tested Iman Gadzhi's #1 recommended side hustle. And this is how much I made out of it…

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[Music] Today I'm going to try to make money Online with one of Iman gazi's side Hustle ideas imangadi 22 years old Self-made millionaire shared some of his Secrets on how to start a cider so to Start making a few thousand dollars per Month remotely from the comfort of your Home and let's see if implementing one Of these strategies is going to bring us Online income or if you are going to end Up losing both time and money so this is Something that I really want to try this Out and figure out even if it's possible Even for a complete beginner to make This work and if yes how much money can This set as a realistically make us Okay so I just watched iman's video About the best side losses to start in a 2022 and I think the best silos for me To try is video editing side hustle Because according to Emon we are able to Potentially earn 3 to 5K plus per month Is a full time and one thousand dollars Is a side hustle we can start completely For free and in just six to eight weeks We are able to get 7 out of 10 level of Editing so we are able to edit most of The videos that we can find on social Media at the moment but most importantly I can pick an easy content type that I Will be able to edit even as a complete Beginner but of course it's even idea so We need to do a monk mode to make this

Work mode is a cool stuff definitely Check it out So by Iman if you want to start making Money online with video editing status The very first thing that we need to Focus on is a skill so the very first Logical step would be to learn at least Basics of video editing so we don't jump Into this by head but I already know how To edit so I can skip this part but if I Wouldn't notice YouTube is full of free Content that is going to give you all What you will need and if that's not Enough for you then you can just go to The skillshare where you can find even Full courses and as a next thing we need To figure out what content we actually Want to edit iman's proposition is to go With the short form content like his Instagram Tick Tock or YouTube short Because there are more content creators On these platforms with equals to more Jobs but as well this short form content Is much more easier to edit than for Example YouTube long form content And now when I know how to edit even a Netflix movies the next step is to find Potential client because we need to get Paid by someone to actually start making Money from this side also and here I'm Going to use three different strategies The first one recommended by Iman that We will just go into the YouTube Understand specific keywords we will

Start looking for different content Creators on the YouTube platform we will Find contact information for its Creators we are going to send them a Message and ask them if they want our Service for example edit some short form Content like for Tic Tac Instagram or YouTube shorts the second one is almost The same where I will go to the Instagram platform I will go to some Specific keywords I will start looking For the content creators and it as well I can check out for some similar Accounts and start sending them messages If they want my service as well and Third strategy we will go to the Facebook look to some specific groups Where people are looking for editors Every single day in this video and in This test I'm going to try the very First two strategies that means I'm Going to use YouTube and Instagram and Let's see how this is going to work I will be using Instagram so at first I Want to look as professional as possible So all the people know from a very first Glance that we are a real deal so I'll Just add some posts into my profile now When I have this photo and video Material ready now I just need to upload This so we can look more professional Right away and we can forget on our Highlights we will just create something About editing results the workflow and

We'll just post it as a stories and then Put it into the highlights so anyone can See this and we can attract clients from The very first glance and then as a last Step we just need to edit and optimize Our bio so you just enter some info About us and some credibility claims Okay now we are all set and this looks Even better than my personal Instagram Account so now only thing that is left Is to just start looking for a potential Client and start playing the volume game And start sending them DMS and DMS and DMS because if we will send 100 EMS the Chances are that at least one two maybe Five people are going to respawn but let Me slow down here a bit this is quite Hard because we have just one shot Content creators or people active online For example example like me I'm getting My inbox hammered by hundreds of Proposals of video editing agency Services and any other services and I Respond maximally to three people out of 100 why because they stand out they are Creative and they do it differently so First we need to think about what are The biggest problems that creators have With their editors it will be definitely Sustainable quality delivery right on The time proper communication and of Course creative ideas if I can cover all Of this I will get clients and I will Start making money from this side hustle

So if you are going to send a message Just like this the only thing that you Can get is a ignore so I spend it a bit And started with some benefits flatter Them and then give them a chance to get A free sample not risking anything so I Can prove myself the competition is huge So we need to start with the free Samples but it's a good thing because When you'll be creating the free samples You will get the experience you build Your portfolio you will actually have Some real job with some purpose and You'll be trying to credit as quality as Possible so there are no disadvantages Now we are all set the Instagram profile Is ready and now I'm going to start so Looking for potential clients on Instagram and on YouTube under specific Keywords I will start sending them the Script and as well commenting under Their videos under their content so we Can get noticed more easier and let's See how many of them will actually reply And how much free samples we will need To create two hours later alright guys So it's been a two hours and I have Already sent 40 different DMS and as Well left the comments on different People profiles and we already got three Replies and I have to tell you that the Potential of this strategy of this side Hustle is incredible because there is 10 Thousands of different creators that you

Can contact and you can provide them Your service and I have to tell you that I'm leaving a huge amount of money on a Table because I'm contacting just people With the Instagram profile in their bio Or in their about information but most Probably I will be still able to get Some customers and as I told you we Already got back three replies after Sending a slightly optimized script this One already asked about the samples and The price so I basically told him uh the What is the price I just made up some Pricing and let's see if he's going to Reply and as well I send him some Samples because most are probably this One won't need any free sample and then A second one basically told me that he's Not looking for an editor because his YouTube is not making as much money as He would like to so he would basically Pass my offer but let's wait till Tomorrow and let's see how many people Will reply and then we will jump Straight into the three samples that we Will edit and send to these people and Hopefully we are going to make some Money 22 hours later alright guys it's The next day morning and I'm excited Because the results are massive from the 39 messages that we have sent and as Well with the comments we get back nine Replies what is showing us that we have 25 response rate and this was all from

Just one message and one comment that I Left on their profile and we have at Least five potential clients for which We can start creating the content very Very soon and get paid for it so let's Check it out so this is the latest Client and you can see that this guy is Not answering to these DMS and you can Said he basically saw motivational post On my profile and he just wants to ask What is the price so you can see that The script and basically the world Profile optimization is working and we Were able to get this client that is Already asking for how much we are Charging so I basically told him that From 10 to 25 dollars uh per short video By depends from the complexity how long This will be etc etc but if you'll be a Complete beginner you can definitely Give them free samples start with a very Low rates and slowly build it up then Another one wants to see some samples so What I basically did I just put into the Drive one of my videos that I was Editing by myself from my tick stack Account and I just sent them to them and You can see that I might be interested In making a couple of videos like this One how much do you charge per video so I basically just copy and paste the same Exact message and we are still waiting For the reply in another client we are Already all set because he was asking

About how much arm charging I said 10 to 25 dollars per video sounds good what About 10 to 15 minutes YouTube videos And I said in 40 to 60 dollars but as Well if you are a beginner you can that Are much much lower and what I believe If he said sounds good then this will be Our potential client on 99.9 but let's See how this will end up then another One basically just want a free sample of One of the videos so I'm going to create It in a few minutes then this one wants To get more info on the email but I Believe as well she will be interested In something so at the moment I need to Create one English sample and then I'm Waiting for four more replies from a Different basically content creators Business owners and let's see if they Will be interested in something and if They will want some of my services and Then I will start working on this as Well but now let's go to the free Samples All right guys so it's been 1 hour 38 Minutes at the moment and I have the Video already it took a while because I Needed to take a video from my YouTube And basically repurpose it for short for Content for example like your Instagram Tic Tac or YouTube shorts and there was A lot of different zooms a lot of Different texts so I needed to go around It and do a lot of different stuff that

You don't have to do if you will have Basically raw video that you can edit Just for tick tock video or Instagram Reels but to show you this is the result We have the video at the moment ready And this is the first sample so I'm just Going to upload it into the drive send It to the customer and let's see if we Will have our first client one week Later so guys it's been a week since I Edited the first free sample video in The meanwhile I managed to move to the New apartment I haven't contacted any New client and I was just communicating With the existing ones and finally after A week we got the very first video Sample that we can start editing and Hopefully we will get paid for it so I'm Super excited this is the very first Client so let's edit this video really Quick and let's see if we will get paid And now the video is ready so I already Sent it to the client and we have set up The payment for forty dollars for this Single video that I have edited what I Believe is perfect for the very first Video but let's see if he will actually Will like it and if he's going to pay us For that and let's find out if Iman side Asses are actually working two hours Later and guess what guys it's a Celebration time because the very first Payment of 40 dollars just landed on my Pay Play account client loved the video

And he sent a payment right away so First online video editing money or in My account and I want to say Iman was Just right and this side hustle truly Works and you can definitely make some Side income doing this but the question Is 1200 hours per month is it realistic Let's check what is the earning Potential from the 40 clients that I Have contacted at the beginning of this Video [Music] The first client for who we are actually Creating the free sample he loved the Video but unfortunately after 4-5 days The communication froze and I didn't get Any message from him but he actually Replied yesterday that he wants to jump Straight into the work and he want my Service and this is a potential client With who we have set up the payment for 30 dollars per reels and if the reels is Going to hit 100 000 views on the social Media platforms then there will be a Bonus 20 what makes it fifty dollars for One short form content video so if we Would edit for him potentially 10 videos A month that he's making from this 300 To 500 per month from this client loan Then the second client for which we have Actually already edited the video and we Got paid from him he wanted to edit YouTube videos Instagram videos Tick Tock videos website videos vsl every

Single video content that he is creating And he is willing to pay me for it from Thirty dollars all the way up to 50 per One single video so as well there is a Potential that we are going to create 10 Videos every single month for this Client what makes it 300 to 500 per Month from the client number two and as Well from the 40 video that I have Contacted at the beginning I have Another two or three clients potential Clients that are interested in my Services but I wasn't contacting them Since then because I didn't have time to Read more videos like for these two Clients but if I would just put it Together it's pretty realistic that I Can make from 600 to 1200 per month just From these 40 DMS that I have sent so to Put it together Iman didn't lie this is Truly a side asset that can make you the Money of course you can expect that you Are going to buy a new Mercedes after Three months of doing this but this is Something that you can start now you can Build this as a side hustle even to do Full-time business and after a few Months few years you can basically end Up somewhere making 3 to 5K plus per Month doing this exact side hustle and Maybe you can even build some agency Stuff from this because you don't have To edit all of the videos if you will Have enough clients then you can find

Another video editors that you'll be Using to edit the videos for you and You'll be just basically communicating With the clients for for example that's Something what I'm going to do with this Clients because I have my own online Business that is making me 20K plus per Month and it will be just waste of time For me to editing these videos by myself And if you want to find out what I'm Doing online then check out the link in The bio so I'm actually looking for Video editors that are able to edit These videos for me for a profit share So if you are a video editor then just Go into the description and send me an Email with some of your portfolio and Let's see if this would be a good fit For you so if you are someone who is Working in a 95 job or studying on a College or you just have two or three Hours a day that you can spare and you Can invest it into some side hustle this Can be a perfect way how you can Actually start getting some nice side Income and even transform this into the Full-time hustle after few months Foreign [Music]

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