Make Money Online In 2023 DOING NO WORK & Make Up To $1,090 a Day!

Want to make money online in 2023 and earn up to $1,084 a day? This is exactly what I am averaging and I want to show you how to make money online by copying exactly what I do the best part is you can do this doing barely any of the work as I'll show you how to use ChatGPT to get started.

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Make money online 2023 take a look at how much this has Been trending over the last few months Why because everybody is looking for a Different way to make money online and On this video I'm going to show you Exactly how I have made over thirty Thousand dollars month to date promoting One of my own products and what I want To do is show you how you can promote my Product because I know it converts so That you can make money online in 2023 On top of that I want to show you how You can get a hundred leads every single Day I want you to imagine that you got a Hundred leads today tomorrow the day After in 10 days 20 days 30 days and Every single time you promote something To these leads you stand a very good Chance to make money online but I want To do one better and I'm going to show You exactly how you can use chat GPT to Promote my product I'm going to show you How to sign up for it and this is going To help you convert your product without You having to worry about doing any of The hard stuff this is an amazing Strategy to make money online it is Super simple you don't need any of your Own leads you don't need any followers You never need to create videos or show Your face and I'm going to walk you Through the entire strategy step by step So as soon as you finish watching this

Video you can start making money online In 2023. let's get into it hey everyone Alan here again from the smart money Tactics Channel Locker just sent you on The intro today I want to show you how To make money online in 2023 by Basically not doing any of the work Yourself this is probably one of the Laziest ways that you can get started Online but it's also one of the most Effective and what we need to do is we Need to sign up for a product to promote Before we start anything and the product That we're going to be promoting today Is my actual own product this one over Here called jet video Academy now I want To tell you that you can promote any Product the only reason I'm telling you To promote this product is because I Know that this product converts as you Can see just this month month to date I've made over thirty three thousand Dollars in sales so we know that this Product converts but you can go to ClickBank you can go digistore24 and you Can find whatever product you want in Order to sign up as an affiliate for This product over here jet video Academy I'm going to have a link in my Description and I'll show you how to Sign up for it in a second but basically What happens when you scroll down with This product is we're going to give you 50 of whatever we're marketing this

Product for at the time at this time It's 177 which means you would get 50 For every single sale that you get and I'm going to show you how you can use Chat GPT to actually promote this so you Don't have to come up with too many Different ideas and this will definitely Convert with the strategy that I'm going To share with you on this video so what We need to do is you need to go down the Bottom click onto that link in my Description it's going to bring you over To a page that looks like this and this Is how you become an affiliate for jet Video Academy you want to scroll down You want to click onto this link which Is going to allow you to sign up to Become a jet video Academy affiliate Once you click onto this it's going to Take you through to this section if you Have a thrivecard account you can sign In to become an affiliate if you don't You can register an account so you click Onto that it'll bring you over to a page That looks like this complete all your Details and once you've done that it's Going to give you your very own Affiliate link this is the link that You're going to use to promote this Product okay it is literally that simple Now from here what we need to do is we Need to get this traffic in order to Promote this product but for those of You that don't know what jet video

Academy is it is my personal course that I created with another YouTuber called Greg kononenko and we have put five Years into this product okay so we help People build their YouTube channels and This is what we've gone and created we Also provide ongoing coaching and Support with this product okay so if you Guys are looking to start up your own YouTube channels you can obviously click The link in my description we'll be more Than happy to help you out with your own YouTube Journey but what I'm trying to Tell you is that there's a lot of good Quality inside this course the videos Are amazing the ongoing support is Amazing which is why it converts really Well and it's priced at a point that we Know a lot of people are purchasing this Corsa and we're obviously helping them Achieve amazing things so if you want to Promote this product you're more than Welcome to promote it or if you have Your own products or if you want to go To ClickBank you can promote that so I Just wanted to tell you exactly what jet Video Academy was now what we need to do Is we need to get these leads and in Order to get these leads what you want To do is you want to come over to this Platform form it's called My I've got a link in my Description for you and basically what This does is this is going to give you a

Hundred leads every single day that you Can email out to and you can send Whatever you want and the conversions on This are absolutely insane they're never Going to be as high as if you collect Your own targeted leads but they're Remarkably high for a lot of these leads Where people where these leads are just Given to you you don't need to do Anything and primarily a lot of these Leads would be cold leads but they Convert remarkably well for leads that You don't need to do any Workforce so What you need to do is you need to go Down the bottom and you need to sign up To this site once you sign up what's Going to happen is it's going to bring You over to a page that looks like this So I've just created another account Show you exactly what it's going to look Like for you when you first sign up if You also want to promote this as an Affiliate it's going to give you your Own affiliate ID now when I made my last Video I asked a lot of people what do You want to see next you want to see Some paid videos or do you want to see Free I've got a lot of people saying no We want paid we want paid we want to see How we can make money with paid Affiliate marketing this is one of those Because in order to get these leads it's Going to cost you one dollar a day to Get a hundred leads I mean I can't tell

You how cheap that is and you can Literally trial it there's a money back Guarantee if you don't like it you can Obviously refund your money get your Money refunded back to you okay but I Just wanted to show you this and be Upfront and transparent with you and You're going to get these leads every Single day so how does it work once you Signed up it's going to bring you over To a page that looks like this now what You want to do is you want to come up to The top and you want to click on to Create a message now once you click on To create a message I'm going to show You exactly how you can send this email But before we do that all glass that you Do if you're enjoying this video up Until this point is to smash that like Button in appreciation and make sure you Go down the bottom make sure you Subscribe to the channel for some more Awesome content I've got coming your way And let me know again do you want to see More paid traffic strategies or do you Want to see more free traffic strategies Whichever comments I get more of that's The video that I will make next so just Go down the bottom and comment right now And assuming you've smashed that like Button let's continue with this video so What you want to do from here is scroll Down the first thing you've got it says Choose by mailing type make sure you

Leave it on mail by date now you're Going to see that when you create a Brand new account you're going to have Two lots of leads so I've got 200 leads Here so what we want to do is we want to Click on to select all so quite simply Click on to select all and this is going To add these 200 so these are the leads That we are going to email right now so What we want to do is we want to scroll Down and then it's going to ask us send From so because I signed up and I put it As Alan sahovic you can say send from Alan sahovic at no reply at or You can select this where it says send From my lead gen Secrets no reply at so it's entirely up To you you can even change this if you Wanted to when you're signing up a lot Of people like to see more personalized Things so I would personally click on to This so that people see a name they're More likely to open up an email and have A read of that as well then what we want To do from here is we want to scroll Down and we want to create a subject Line and this is where you're going to Need to use chat GPT now over here You're going to have these saved emails Now you can load this at the moment we Don't have any because we've just Created a brand new account but if you Had saved emails and you wanted to reuse

Some of them you absolutely can you'll Have a drop down box and you'll be able To select them so now where are we going To get these subject lines for a YouTube Course well let me show you exactly what You're going to do here what you want to Do you want to come over to And sign up to chat GPT once you do that It's going to bring you over to chatgpt Say and what we want to do is we want to Ask Chad GPT to give us 10 clickbaity Titles on a YouTube course for example Let me show you exactly what I did I Said give me 10 clickbaity email titles That get people to click the email needs To be about making money with YouTube And creating wealth through passive Income and as you can see here these are The different 10 email titles that chat GPT has written for me and I mean they Sound pretty good like this one how I Make ten thousand dollars a month with YouTube learn my secret now Etc so They've got all these now what you want To do is you want to tell chat jpt can You write me an email that would go with Point one above so what this is going to Do is it's going to write me an entire Email with this first point now we are Going to need to tweak this email a Little bit and that's fine but I want to Show you exactly how this works so when You scroll down it's created this entire Email for us so what we want to do is we

Want to copy this title because this is The one that we're going to use so and Copy this we're going to come straight Back over to here and this is the Subject we're going to paste that in There now what we want to do is we want To scroll down now when you first sign Up to this it's going to give you an Example of how to write an email that's Assuming that you know how to write an Email you know how to copy and paste all You need to do is delete all of this Okay and this is where you're going to Write the body of the email copy it Straight over from chat GPT so we're Going to scroll down we're going to grab This okay we're going to scroll this up To here and we're going to copy this now Once you copy this you want to come Straight back over to here and you want To paste that in there okay now what we Need to do Is we can remove this and you can write Something like hi there okay you can do Something like It's Alan here again okay so just to Personalize that a little bit and then It's going to go into this email now if You read something where it doesn't add Up or doesn't make any sense to what You're doing because what we're doing is We're selling a course here but you can See here what this is going to do is

It's going to be offering a free ebook Or a free book so if you can see here it Says something like if you want to learn More about how I made ten thousand Dollars a month with YouTube and how you Can do it too I've put together a free Guide that outlines my entire process What you want to write here is I've put Together a free video on the next page That you can watch to learn how I do it As well and then what you want to do is Add the link in here so I'm going to Change this and I'm going to show you How to add the link all right so I've Just gone and updated this and as you Can see in this section all I've gone And said is I've created a quick video That you can watch on the next page that Will outline my entire process just Click the link below to watch it now and Then over here as you can see I've Changed this to click here now and watch That quick video to get started what we Now need to do is come straight back Over to where you have set up your Affiliate ID you want to copy that Come straight back over to this site now What we want to do is want to highlight This okay then you want to come up to This little two little link section over Here and you want to paste that URL in There okay so all you need to do is Paste that in there and then click on to Ok now you can board this you can put it

In italic just so it stands out now Anytime somebody clicks onto this it's Going to take you straight over to that Page now just for those of you that Aren't 100 sure you're not sure what I Was talking about this is the video that I'm telling them to watch okay because When I come over here if you click onto This you're going to see that there is a Video that's going to play that explains Exactly how we do this and make money Online with YouTube okay so this is the Video that I'm referring to that they Can watch that it's going to explain Everything so once you've gone and Filled all that out all you need to do Is come over here and enter your name Okay once you've done that all you need To do is scroll down to the bottom and Click onto perfect timing once you've Done that you want to scroll down here And click on to send email What this is then going to do is it's Going to send this email out at the Right timing now assuming that a lot of These leads are from the US as an Example it's going to send it at prime Time for people that are living in the United States living in Australia or Living in Canada or whatever it might be It's going to be giving 100 leads every Single day so assuming that majority of The leads are from a certain country They know that and this is why the

Perfect timing comes in you can also Have a read of that as well so what you Do from here is you'd come over here and You would send this email the amazing Thing about this strategy is that you Are going to get a hundred leads every Single day so every single day you can Quite simply come straight over to Chatgpt with any one of these different Titles and create another email that you Can send out and you can do this with Any product that you want to make money Online in 2023 from ClickBank Digistore24 Warrior plus whatever it Might be any generic email and just add Your affiliate link and start sending This out if you send 100 leads and you Make one sale it could be anything from 50 to 100 every single day that you get These hundred leads building up and Building up you'll get to a stage where You've got thousands and thousands of Leads there are people that have tens of Thousands of leads with this exact Strategy it's absolutely amazing that They have that much and they didn't need To do anything to work for it all you Need to do is sign up to my lead gen Secrets and start collecting these leads So that was my video for today guys in An amazing way that you can make money Online in 2023 but don't go anywhere Because I've got another amazing video That you can watch right now which

Incorporates chat GPT free traffic and Everything else in between highly Recommend if you haven't watched this Video to watch it right now I'll see you On the video until next time you guys Take care of yourselves and goodbye

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