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Guys take a look at this quiz I want to Show you how you can use this quiz to Make money online with affiliate Marketing you can do this in a Relationship Niche you can also do this In the make money online Niche let me Show you exactly how this works you can See here that you can create anything From five to ten different types of Questions and what happens is when People come over here and answer these Different types of questions it's going To take them over to a submit form which I'm going to show you how to put Together in less than a few minutes once They hit submit it brings them over to This page where he tells them thanks Them for doing it and tells them a Little bit of a spill over here which Then leads them over to a product and I'm going to show you how to put this Together and take a look at this guys This offer over here can make you Anything from 59 every single time Someone signs up the relationship one Can make you 58 and I'm going to walk You through this entire tutorial step by Step to show you how to set this up and Then how to get free traffic so you can Make money online with affiliate Marketing let's get into it what's up You guys Al here again from the smart Money tactics Channel and today I've got An unbelievably easy way to help you

Make money with affiliate marketing guys I go out of my way to find these Different types of tutorials so if you Appreciate my efforts please smash that Like button in appreciation go down There hit it until it turns blue it Helps support the channel and means a Lot to me so we're going to get straight Into it today because I want to show you How easy this is and how you can get Started straight after watching this Video so the first step to this guys is That you need to find an affiliate Marketing offer you can do that on you can also do it on Digistore24 now we're going to talk About two niches today one of them is Going to be in the relationship Niche so If you've got ClickBank available all You need to do guys is scroll go into ClickBank scroll down and go into Self-help once you go into self-help You're going to be able to see all these Different types of products that you can Promote what you can do is come over Here click onto gravity and it's going To show you some awesome products that Convert really really well one of them Is this one over here called his secret Obsession and to promote this product All you need to do is come over here and Click on to promote if you don't have ClickBank available to you guys all you Need to do is come over to digistore24

Over here go into their Marketplace okay And then scroll down and then go to Internet marketing and E-Business this Is if you want to promote an offer to Help people make money online whether it Be through YouTube different type of Online business ideas affiliate Marketing Etc and when you scroll down You're going to find a variety of Different types of offers and if we come Over here to page two and we scroll down You're going to find this offer let me Just come over here it's called the Seven figure Mastery okay this is a 32-part video series it's going to teach Someone how to make money online okay so A lot of opportunity here for you to Promote a really really good product Okay so so once you come over here and You get the links for these products on Digi store 24 all you need to do is Click onto that guys and copy that link If you're looking to promote the ClickBank offer quite simply come over Here click on to promote guys generate This hot link and then this is the Product that you're going to promote so You want to come over here and copy this Remember I'm going to show you how to Get free traffic to this at the end of This video guys so make sure that you Pay close attention like I said if you Appreciate my efforts go down the bottom Guys and smash that like button in

Appreciation it means a lot to me so From here guys what we need to do is you Need to come over to this website which I'm going to reveal to you in a second But I want you to pay close attention Because I want to show you how easy These steps are so once you log into This account and you click on to create One of these quizzes it's going to bring You over to a page that looks like this Now you've got all these different Um sections over here you don't need to Do anything with them all you need to do Is scroll all the way down to the bottom And click onto black blank former case So you come over here and click onto Blank form once you do that you're going To see this section over here then come Over here and select use this template Okay once you do that it's going to Bring you over to a page that looks like This now this is a lot easier than what This looks and you're going to see that This will be done in a matter of seconds So let's just say that what we want to Do now is Create a quiz in the Relationship Niche so we can come over Here and call this something like is he Into you for example with a question Mark okay because we know that the Product that we're promoting over here From ClickBank okay when you scroll down Over here it's called his secret Obsession now if we click onto this it's

Going to bring us over to a page that Looks like this it's got a video okay And basically it talks about how to get Your partner or how to get your man to Be into you if you're a woman okay so This is this product but there's a Variety of different products that you Can choose from this is just the product That we're using today okay so if we Close this guys what we want to do come Back over to here now what we need to do Is we need to start putting this Together and the first thing that you Want to do is you want to put a title For this questionnaire so quite simply Scroll all the way down to the bottom And then what you want to do is you want To click onto this Rich Text Okay and Then what you want to do it's going to Bring that over to you you want to grab It and you just want to drag it and make It to be at the top of this quiz okay And then what you want to do is you want To title this quiz okay so what you want To do is type something like Is Your man into you question mark okay and Then type something like take this Quick Quiz to find out okay something like That question mark then what you can do Guys is double click into this and then Make this a H2 or H1 heading okay so it Looks perfect and then you can put it

Into italic you can even click on to Border level like that so this is the Heading for this quick for this quiz so Is your man into you take this quick Quiz you can even do this okay take this Quick quiz and just do it like that okay All right so from here what we need to Do guys is we need a series of questions And we need to put them as yes or no Answers so what you need to do now is You need to come over here and as you Can see you've got all these different Options the one that we want is this one Over here called Choice okay so click Onto choice and as you see as you can See it's going to bring this up now what We want to do is we want to push this up Because we want the submit button to Always be down the bottom it's so easy To drag this guys push that down and Push that up okay now what we need to do Is we need to come up with a series of Questions okay okay so that this is Going to be question one and you're Probably thinking how am I going to come Up with these questions well it's very Very easy guys what you want to do is You can come over to Google and you can Type in something like is he Into You Quiz again it's going to give you a Whole series of other types of quizzes That are already out there guys so all You need to do is open these up okay so Here's one that I found earlier so if we

Open this one up over here it's going to Bring us over to this page okay so as You can see is he really into you and It's going to have you it's going to Have all these different questions that Are already here you're going to need About you know five to ten questions and Then take a look at this you've got all These other quizzes over here as well Where you can get inspiration from and You can also use okay guys so what you Want to do quite simply is come over Here and let's just take this one so Let's copy this so does he make you a Priority come back over to you guys Let's delete this and control V now over Here as you can see add new so what you Want to do is here type in yes Okay and then add new and then here type In no now in order to create your second Question guys see we've clicked onto This over here as you can see you've got This clone section so just click onto Clone and then just keep cloning okay so Let's do five of these so we've got one Two three four five now what we need to Do is we need a second question over Here okay so we're going to put number Two okay quite simply come back online Over here grab the second one okay does He tell you that he likes you copy that Come back to here now what I'm going to Do guys is I'm going to very quickly And pre-populate these I'm going to do

One to five then I'm going to show you The next step all right guys so I've Just pre-populated these five different Questions over here this took me less Than a couple of minutes guys to do and I've cloned everything and everything is A yes or no answer over here now once You've done this rule of thumb I'll do Anything from about maybe seven to eight Questions don't make it too long because You don't want people to drop off you Wanted to quickly complete it hit submit And then take them over to the affiliate Marketing offer that you are promoting So from here guys as you can see here You've got this submit button now with The submit button you can see here You've got this plus what that means is Once they hit submit it's going to take Them over to this page over here now This is the thank you block this is What's going to pop up just like you saw In the intro once I submitted this it's Going to give them this thank you for Completing this now this is where you Also want to put like a small call to Action okay so they're gonna say thank You your form has been submitted success Then what they're going to say is Relationships can be tricky and there is Always room for improvement I'm going to Show you how to become the center of his World and never have issues again okay So they're going to read this and

They're going to think what's coming up Next like What's potentially going to pop up okay How's this going to happen now see down Here you've got this redirection okay so You want to make sure that you click Onto on for this redirection and then This is where you're going to put in the URL of where you want this to be Redirected to so remember we came over Here to ClickBank what we need to do is We need to get this link over here so We're going to generate this hop link We're going to copy this link we're Going to close this we're going to come Back to this page guys and we're going To paste that link in there now from Here you can see here you've got how Long do you want to wait before this Redirects to this officer quite simply Scroll down over here guys and maybe Give it about five to seven seconds so Let's say six seconds okay now this is How long it's going to take so I've got About six seconds to read this then it's Going to take them over to that offer so From here what you need to do guys is Scroll up to the top and click on to Publish once you click onto publish guys Success your 4 was successfully Published now there's a trick to using This and I'm going to show you how you Can do this because what happens is with This quiz what this allows you to do is

Pretty much embed this quiz you get Embedded on the website different types Of submissions Etc so you've got these HTML codes all these pop-up links over Here but I want to show you how to use a Very very simple link so what you want To do is come back to edit over here and See how you've got this preview option I'm going to show you exactly what this Looks like so once we click onto preview It's going to bring us over to our quiz Now is your man into take this quick Quiz so does he make you a priority no Does he tell you he likes you yeah Sometimes does he show you physical Affection yes is it that do you feel Appreciated no and does he make you feel Special no and then once they come over Here guys and they hit submit take a Look at this what's going to happen it's Going to take you over T thank you your Form has been submitted successfully Relationships can be tricky and there is Always room for improvement I'm going to Show you how to become the center of his World and it's going to bring him over To this page and they're going to see it Is I wish I could tell you I wish I Could tell her about this secret sign so When I come over you guys and they start Playing this five four three two one it Basically takes them over to this offer And once they watch this video then They're going to get another screen

Where if they purchase you can make as Much as 58 dollars so how do you start Promoting this guys well when you're on This page over let me just go back when You're on this page over here guys see This preview dot a r e n g u Dot Page This is what you're going to start Promoting so if we copy this link okay This can be used to promote this quiz so If I come over here and go to an Incognito window over here and I paste This and I hit enter you can see here That the quiz works perfectly okay so I'm going to close this down and now What we're going to do is we're going to Shorten this link and to shorten this Link guys you can use a site like tiny URL so all you need to do is come over Here and paste that in and for the Alias You can type in something like Uh is he Into You and then quiz Question mark and then make tiny URL Okay so Alias format is invalid maybe You can't use the question mark let's Get rid of that and hit make my tiny URL Alias is not available Um let's go and just change this into Just you as an example sometimes you Need to play around with the guys Because some of them are taken click Make my tiny URL perfect so now this is Is he Into You quiz okay and you can

Copy that link now if you come back over To another page guys and paste this it's Going to take them straight over to here Now you can see here how this can be Super powerful with affiliate marketing When it comes to promoting different Types of make money online offers as you Can see this is the one over here that I Did with the make money online quiz it's Exactly the same guys when you scroll Down over here once I hit submit once They go to the display box this over Here now redirects to a Digi store 24 Offer so how do you start promoting this Guy so that you can make money online Well before I show you that guys the Site that I'm talking about over here is This one over here called okay now this will give You a 15 day free trial okay all you Need to do is go on to Google and search For this and you've got 15 days to use This an unlimited amount of times you Can try it for free guys from there what You can do guys if you don't want to use This or you don't want to pay for it Quite simply all you need to do guys is To come over to Google and look for free Quiz generators okay there are so many Of these that you can use or what you Could potentially use do with this site Over here guys when you're creating These is quite simply just sign up with Another Gmail account and then you can

Have another 15 days so you've Potentially got you know an entire month That you can use this phone once you Actually start making money online with This then you can sign up to their Pricing okay have a look and see whether You want to sign up to it otherwise feel Free to come over to Google and look for Other free quiz generators so how are You going to to make money online with This strategy guys how you're going to Convert this with free traffic well There's a few ways guys one of the ways Quite simply is you can come over to Facebook guys and join all these Different relationship groups I'm going To show you a few more ways so don't Jump off now if you don't want to use Facebook because there's other social Media platforms that you can use that Work really really well guys and when You come over here you go to groups you Type in relationships you can see here Guys there's public groups with 1.3 Million members and all you need to do Is share that tiny URL with them say hey Take this quick quiz find out if your Man is into you if your woman is into You whatever Niche or go into affiliate Marketing make money online hey guys Take this quick quiz to see you know if You're ready to start making money Online or if making money online is for You okay and then quite simply guys if

You click onto this relationship quotes Over here you can scroll down and have a Look and see what other people are doing And you can quite simply you know ask The question or tell people hey take This Define it if your man is into you So if you come over guys let's click Onto this one over here quite simply all You need to do is something like this Take this Quick [Music] Quiz and find out if your man is Into you and then come over here guys And then control the paste that in there Now you can get rid of this okay you Don't need to use that you can easily Grab something like this click onto this Guys grab this and it's going to come Out something like this and then quite Simply just hit post okay so I want to Fix up this quiz obviously before I post This on there but you get the idea as to How this can work and people are going To see this women are going to see this There's different types of quizzes that You can do they're going to see this and Once they click onto that link guys it's Going to take them straight over to you It's only five quick questions it's then Going to take them over to an offer so You're not just saying you're not being Too spammy where you're saying hey just Take a look at this product you know get

Your partner to love you Etc get them to Take a quiz then it'll redirect them Onto it they've already answered these Questions and that will obviously take Them over to that offer so Facebook Really really effective when it comes to This because there's so many of these Different types of groups make sure that You read the rules before you post Anything on any one of these different Types of groups guys but another another Awesome social media platform guys that I use a lot in many different areas and I swear by it and that is a Pinterest Okay Pinterest is a gold mine when it Comes to traffic and especially free Traffic guys and a lot of people come to Pinterest to make some really good money Online you can see how many people are Posting pins on Pinterest every single Day and it's not too difficult to start To get hundreds of thousands of visitors Every single month and a lot of people a Huge percentage get millions of visitors Every single month to their pins guys And as you can see all you need to do is Type in relationships okay and when you Go to explore over here you can see all The different types of pins you can use Canva to create these awesome looking Pins guys and if you come over here and Click onto one of these different types Of pins this is where you would paste That the link okay you got the tiny URL

Link okay and as you can see this is Where you'd put in there so find out if Your man is into you take this quick Quizzes what you'd have in there then You'd have that link anytime somebody Clicks onto it it'll take them straight Over to that product guys I've seen this Utilized a lot of times on places like Twitter as well where people come over Here and they will post things up you'll Be surprised with how many people are Taking these different types of quizzes Especially on Twitter guys another Really good social media site guys if You wanted to do this on obviously is Instagram you can see here real Relationship advice all people need to Do is come over here guys again you can Use canva which I'll show you what that Is in a second to create these very very Similar posts here is another profile Over here guys relationship advice guys And you can see that they're using bitly You can use tiny URL you can also use Bitly which is a link shortening service Guys you can come over here and create Very very similar posts and quite simply Just have your link in here people will Click onto these guys especially when You say take the free quiz or take this Quiz okay people click onto it and they Will complete that quiz we'll take them Straight over to that product guys and All you need to do to create these pins

Or to create these different posts on Instagram is come over to canva it is Absolutely free I use canva for a lot of Different things and you can do the Exact same to create Pinterest pins and Instagram posts okay guys and once you Do all this it will definitely allow you To come over here guys and to promote These different types of quizzes Which Is in turn going to allow you to make Some really really good money online With affiliate marketing now if you're Looking to take a break from affiliate Marketing and try something that can Make you tens of thousands of dollars Every single month guys then click onto This video over here right now which Involves using images it is super super Simple guys and people are making an Astronomical amount of money highly Recommend if you haven't seen it click Onto this video over here right now I'll See you on the video until next time Guys you take care of yourselves and Goodbye

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