Hi there, I'm Marina from and today is Wednesday which means we have a top five in this channel! Yes!
Every Wednesday I'm gonna be here, telling you very interesting top 5 lists
of the app job world! And today, for our top five, I'm gonna be going through a
list of five remote jobs you can do anywhere, everywhere, which means you can work from home, you can work from a trip, you can work and take care of your kids
at the same time, spend time with your dog and work, too, so let's start
with this list already! Number one is Etsy. Etsy is a platform
for crafty people out there, so if you are crafty there's nothing better than
making money with your crafty skills! If you paint, you knit or you do
anything creative, like sculptures or even posters, and you have somewhere like Etsy where you can show your work and also sell it and find your clients right
there! Number two is Mob Rog.

We talked about this one before here and it is
actually very popular. It is something that you think "this could only
be an app job" because it's crazy they're actually gonna make money like this!
You basically gonna have to answer to survey's from companies and brands and
you're gonna be paid! Yes, you're gonna receive a form with questions, you're
gonna answer with your own opinion, there's no right or wrong, and then
you're gonna get paid. That simple! Number three is Freelancer. Because working from
wherever you are, is something that freelancers are doing for quite a while
now. But it is quite hard to find clients working from anywhere, when you don't
have the right platform to help you with that, right? So freelancer is a good solution for that, because through their platform
you can post your portfolio out there, people can look at it and hire you from
what you're working with.

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Just make sure you have a nice
portfolio showing things you can do, the clients are gonna come for you through
the platform! Number four is Lingoda. Teaching languages online is something
new, but at the same time is extremely popular, so a lot of people already know
about this! Are you a native Spanish speaker or are you fluent in English or
you learned a lot of German before? Then this is the perfect platform
for you. Through Lingoda you can teach languages online and get
some money for it. You can teach with flexibility from the comfort of your
home, without having to go anywhere. Before sharing the last job offer here
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If you are looking for ways to make money with your phone, make sure to check our videos! Okay, so our number 5 in our list was actually a pretty recent video
here in our channel: talking about TheONE which is where you can share your knowledge with people and make money with it.

So basically every knowledge you
have, can be used for you to get that extra cash you need! For example: do you
know how to fix a bike or do you know how to solve computer problem or do you
know how to do taxes or you can help someone prepare for marathon, anything like that is useful and people would pay for your
help. You're gonna be answering them through video calls, so that is easy
because you don't have to be anywhere to meet them up. You just need internet connection. Now we're done with our remote job offers list here on this
channel. If you are interested in any of these remote jobs, if you want to work
from the comfort of your home without having to go anywhere, make sure to go to, clicking the first link in the description box, become an app
jobber today and join our community! Thank you so much for watching this
video, make sure to give it a thumbs up if you liked it and I'll see you next
time! Bye

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