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You don't like to wave and you want to See results fast then this is the method That you should be using because you can Literally copy and paste exactly what I'm doing in this video do this from Anywhere in the world for completely Free and get paid again and again with Literally no limits and without actually Selling anything which makes it a lot Easier because if you have to convince Someone to spend like ten thousand Dollars on some product it's gonna be Extremely hard but if you're not selling Anything then it's a lot easier and I'm Going to show you exactly why this Website is going to pay you without even Selling anything but before that make Sure to drop a like down below so we can Get to 1000 likes as soon as possible Just a quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they are me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for Money you can track their accounts they Don't have a verification badge they Don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would

Never text you like that so just stay Safe even report them all and with all That being said and done let us begin With the step number one which is to go Over to this platform that's called Offer World offer vault is a CPA Marketplace with thousands of different CPU offers to promote and CPA stands for Cost per acquisition or cost per action Which means that in most of the cases People just have to submit their email Address and you are going to be paid for That so what you want to do is you want To go to the search bar and you either Want to search for a gift cards or you Want to search for giveaways so whether You search for a giveaway or a gift card It's going to show you all of these Different offers that you can promote Where people can literally win something For free like for example in this case They can win a hundred dollars for free In some cases they can win an iPhone for Free if you type in a gift card in most Cases they can win like 50 bucks 100 Bucks 500 if they actually become a Qualified Elite so what you want to do Right now is you want to find some offer That is giving away something whether That's a gift card whether that's a Giveaway whether that's a coupon code Whatever that might be it just has to be Some sort of a giveaway if you can't Find any good offer on offer Vault you

Can also refer to CPA grip which is Pretty much the same platform you can Also sign up to CPA grip pretty much do The same thing and then you can go to Offer tools and go to my offers on the Left side select the country to be United States because they currently Have the best offers and then select the Category to be only email submissions And as you can see for example in this Case they can win a hundred dollars Walmart Walmart gift card so if you Click on this I can change the tracking Domain because the first one for some Reason never works so you can just copy Or fill that link as you can see they Can just submit their first name their Last name and their email address and They have a chance to win a hundred Dollars but you're gonna be paid 1.37 Cents per person that you refer they Don't have to buy anything they don't Have to spend any money which makes it a Lot easier so you can pretty much just Copy your link and then you want to Proceed to the step number two which is To go over to shrinkme.a IO and is a tool a link shortening Service that will pay you when someone Clicks on your link so you can see they Have the payment process over here you Can see other people making money with It people are getting paid through PayPal paid p.m web money UPI there's a

Lot of different ways that you can you Know withdraw your money from this Platform you have five bucks here 17 Dollars fourteen dollars twenty seven Dollars twenty five dollars twenty Dollars it obviously isn't a lot but It's an additional way for you to earn Money also without selling anything it's Solidly when someone Clicks in your link You're gonna be paid so you just want to Register an account by pressing on the Register button here and then you simply Want to log into your account so I'm Gonna log into mine to show you how this Is gonna work this is the platform this Is the dashboard where you can track Your clicks you can track your earnings You can track your CPM but most Importantly you want to click on new Shortened link to shorten the first link And once you start making money you will Be able to track that here and then you Will be able to withdraw your money by Clicking on the withdraw button over There now the link that we will withdraw Is actually going to be so I'm gonna Show you which link it is but for this Step for the step number three you will Have to go to Google you will have to go To YouTube and you will have to search For some viral videos that have a Potential to get millions of views so That can be a funny compilation that Could be a meme so something that has a

Mass Appeal that appeals to a wide Variety of people so you can just copy That link so for example I searched on YouTube for funny and then I filtered my View count by I still in my view count Here so that it shows me only the most Popular videos that are like funny clips And here we have this this funny cat Sitting on a toilet uh try not to laugh Challenge funny cats and dog Vines Compilation 296 million reviews now I'm gonna right Click on this video click on the copy Link address and what we want to do is We want to search for thumbnail download And just open up YouTube and you want to Download that thumbnail because Obviously if 269 million people clicked On this thumbnail then it means it is it Grabs attention so I'm gonna download This thumbnail to my computer as you can See it has it has been downloaded to my Computer now the next thing that you Want to do right now is once you copy The link of that YouTube video you want To go over to sniply over the And trust me this is is all going to Make sense but you have to pay close Attention to every single second of this Video because as you can see it can Literally get really confusing so if You're not following me properly you Might get confused and lost and it's not

Going to work for you so pay close Attention to every single second in this Video don't skip around don't open up Different tabs or whatever just focus on This video and stick with me so what you Want to do just on snipple is you want To create an account you can register For free and then you can sign into your Account to create their first sniply Link so I'm going to create my snippy Link until login through Facebook Because it's a lot easier and faster Because it requires only one click of a Button as you can see now the link that You will need to shorten is that YouTube Video URL so what you got to do is you Want to paste your YouTube video URL Here click on create a snip and what This will allow you to do is this will Allow you to add your call to action Above literally any website a little Above literally any YouTube video out There so what you want to do is you want To create a new call to action here and That a new call to action is going to be A button City a a message that's gonna Say whatever your promoting from CPA Grip so what I'm going to do is I'm Gonna go back to my CPA grip platform I'm going to click on enter for a Hundred dollars Walmart gift card I'm Going to copy that and I'm just gonna Going to pay paste that message here and The button tags can also also stay click

Here and then I'm gonna copy my Affiliate link which is going to be this Link here so I hope you're following me We are pasting that link here so that When someone clicks on this button click Here they're going to be redirected to That CPA grip link where I'm gonna earn 1.37 if they submit their email address So I'm going to continue with this and Click on finish CTA and now that's going To give me my special sniply link that Whenever someone clicks on they can let Me show you what they're gonna see so This is my simple link copy that you can Preview the link by clicking on the Preview link button and you're gonna be Able to see that they will be redirected To the YouTube video this funny video That I can watch and while they're Watching this video they're going to see A call to action that says enter for 100 Walmart gift card and this also has a Mass appeal if someone is watching funny Videos like they're most likely going to Be interested in getting some free money Because everyone wants that like it's Afraid it's a Mass Appeal it appeals to Literally everyone it's not Niche down To a specific audience it appeals to Everyone everyone wants to get a gift Card or or free money so what you want To do right now is once you've copied Your simple link which is this link over Here you want to go back to

And then you want to click on new Shortened link paste that sniper link Here and click on shorten now that's Going to give you the shortened version Of that snippily link which is going to Look like this so you can copy that and When someone clicks on this link they Will be first shown some ads that they Can skip once they skip Those ads they Can go to the sniply link where they can Watch the funny video while watching the Funny video they can click on the call To action and third email address and You will get 1.37 so by doing this You're doubling your income you're being Paid when someone Clicks in your sniper Link and then you're also being paid When someone submits their email address So now you get a copy or Link from here and then you want to Proceed to the last and final step which Is to go over to maybe com and publish This message which is going to be lol I Haven't loved this marching years you Can of course write your own message I Just wrote this real quick Watch the full video here for free and I'm gonna paste my shrink meal link here So now I'm gonna copy this entire Message and proceed to which is Another social media platform just like Facebook but the competition on this one Is a lot lower and it still has like 80 Million visitors every single month so

There are over 80 million people using This platform already and it's just Steadily growing so you just want to log Into your account once you create it and Then that's going to show you the feed That looks just like Facebook okay I'm Gonna skip the trial here and you have All of these different groups on the Left side now the groups can literally Be about anything whether it's about Traveling whether it's about coffee Whether it's about moms and dads and Parents like whatever it is it doesn't Matter because the offers that we are Promoting have a Mass Appeal you're not Thought of getting a specific group of People so it's not the niche down it Appeals to literally everyone so what You want to do is you want to select one Of these groups you can search for them Here let's say for instance I'm gonna Join one of these travel groups or one Of these make money online groups not Only can I message them but I can also Post in groups cells so I can go to the Groups section here and I can join this Make money online group and post in the Group and I can tell say LOL haven't Loved this much in a while I'm gonna Remove the link and I'm just going to Add a photo and the photo is the Thumbnail which I previously downloaded If you remember so it's it's this funny Cat that sits on the toilet because I

Know that's gonna grab a fashion because Over 300 million people have already Clicked on that thumbnail so I know it's Gonna work now you don't necessarily Have to share this same video it can Literally be any other funny video or Bizarre video something that's kind of Clickbaity that makes people want to Actually open up the link so once you Share that inside of the group they're Gonna see the this funny image or this Attention grabbing image and they're Gonna be like all right I want to watch The video as well because it's free so They're gonna click the link they're Gonna that's gonna make you money when They click the link and then they're Gonna watch the video while watching the Video they see the call to action they Click on that and then you make an Additional income from that and because You're not selling anything it makes it A lot easier these groups have hundreds Of thousands of members you can join so Many of these different groups not Justin movie but also on on Facebook you also have hundreds if not Thousands of groups with hundreds of Thousands of members and all you got to Do is join all those groups and start Sharing this post and start sharing your Shrinkmill link so that's how you can Earn some extra money online pretty Pretty fast and without actually

Creating your own website without Creating your own product and without Actually selling anything so if you did Get some value out of this video make Sure to drop a like down below and I Will see you in some of the next ones

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