Scope of Digital Marketing in Canada- Part 2- All you need to know about the Jobs

Definitely there is a digital marketing project management content strategy Data and website analytics and with the booming of this covid 19 pandemic that is happening right now Ecommerce specialist course is highly Hello guys, welcome to my channel immigrand my name is sagar And finally, we are back with part 2 of scope of digital marketing in canada First of all, we would like to apologize for the delay. It's just our schedule was not working out You're someone who still haven't seen part one go check that out later it was on the education like the type of courses Certifications and the part two which we're doing today will be on the job side of digital marketing like different type of job positions Average salary what are the different job opportunities and more having said that without any further do Let's begin.

Malika, First of all, welcome back to my channel. Thank you so much Sagar for having me It was great doing part 1 with you. No, thank you so much for your time. I appreciate it so my first question is tell us about yourself. What position are you working? , what kind of organization do you work for? So currently i'm working in a finance industry as a social media manager and communication specialist But i'm taking care of all the external and internal communication and managing their social media channels So when you say social media, what do you mean like social media? It's like having fun on social media. No. I'm so sorry Okay, social media is basically, putting updates on social media channels like facebook, linkedin, instagram Whatever company updates and driving an engagement and followers. So there are so many ways if you look at the company pages, you see they're hiring and what's Internally the things that happening in the company or the initiative and they're doing any kind of fundraising events So yeah so managing their company's social media accounts is actually the work of social media manager and when you said Communication specialist.

What do you mean by so by communication specialists? I mean taking care of the internal external communication Participating in events or organizing and events like fundraising events health and safety meetings So all these kind of things that i'm doing right now So Malika, tell us about different job positions one can expect if they're looking for a job in digital marketing in canada well There are so many positions for example seo specialist, digital marketing coordinato,r digital marketing analyst, social media manager, content writer Ppc. Specialist, google ads manager yeah, so there are like so many positions and how would you differentiate between like an entry level position and High level positions? Entry level positions are basically the coordinator And an analyst kind of position for example digital marketing coordinators, social media coordinator And people who have more experience get a position like social media manager Or a digital marketing manager where they handle multiple accounts or a team of people And what are your responsibilities if you're a digital marketing coordinator and digital marketing manager, like what's the difference? so again The manager comes and like for example a manager position Involves like more of handling the team also handling the client or if you are an account manager of a particular account Depends on like digital marketing account you're handling more Client-side communication on a team side like it's a bridge between the client and the team and talking about the coordinator There is no client interaction.

They just work on a particular project. They don't perform the activities and all And talking about the analyst position. They basically look at the analysis of the traffic coming on the website. What's happening? What kind of demographic and what the strategy they need to make? So Malika now tell us about the average salary one can expect like for example If i'm a beginner, i'm just starting my career in digital marketing How much would I be getting and how does it grow once you move up in the organization? So the basic salary that one can expect is somewhere around 35 to 45 And again, it depends on the certification your experience level your skills and your specialization field the salary structure varies as 35 to 45 45 to 65 65 to 85 and then so on depending Again on company to company and also on your experience And well as you mentioned like 35 to 60 35 to 45, these are all annually, right 35 000. Yes, exactly I'm talking about the package, but if you look at the hourly basis like salary on hourly basis it starts from 15 to 17 15 per hour and one can expect that's the basic Yeah that's the basic if you are trying to do a co-op if you're trying to Means looking for an internship position or if you're just a beginner or looking for a part-time work in digital marketing industry So that's the basic that you can expect the minimum that i'm telling you So malika tell us about what kind of organizations or what kind of industry They actually have a demand for digital marketers.

I would say today each and every industry each and every organization are hiring a digital marketer Because they want to have an inbuilt team who can promote them Well and who can make sure that their channels are updated with the recent activities that happen within the organization Before I used to work for the hospitality industry and they used to get it outsourced the digital marketing activities They use to get it outsourced from media agency Later on, they plan to have an inbuilt team within the organization so that they can promote it well so you would say like Yeah, every kind of industry.

I would say whether it's a retail industry, media finance industry, media entertainment industry or a manufacturing Industry each and every industry today needs a digital marketer within the organization Tell us how did you apply your first job? Like what platform did you use? I applied I got my first job through indeed But I applied on both linkedin and indeed And how much time did it take for you to get a job? Oh, I came on an international student visa and I had prior like three years of experience in india still it took me like three to four months to get a job And yeah It was a struggle, but it's fine because you're leaving your home country and coming into a different country Yes So you can expect a struggle for more than like two to three months in order to enter into the market And you had some experience right? Yeah. I had some experience but not the thing not the canadian experience So do you think that was the reason for you not getting a job? I would not really say that because my first organization the first company when I was hired They took me on the basis of my previous experience So I would not really say that it just depends on your job search the way you're searching your resume building or your cover letter Right, right, right.

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And you said you applied both on indeed and linkedin? Yes, what other platforms would you suggest? if someone is looking for a job to be honest, I have always used these two platforms and these two platforms have really worked for me One thing that you can do with your linkedin is make it premium So that you just pay a minimum fees of 35 or 45 dollars I don't know if they have increased but it was something around 35 with taxes And you it makes your account premium and get it highlighted in front of the recruiter Also, you can do the salary range or the person who is posting the job so it becomes easy for you to look at the salary, person looking for the Person actually has posted the job and how many applicants and how many competitors are there with you? Okay, but it was linkedin sorry it was indeed that got you your first job yes exactly it was indeed which got me first job So I have this last question before we wrap up this video it's from one of our viewers one of my subscribers that His wife she's looking for a career switch.

She's currently working as a daycare teacher and she's looking for other options to you know And digital marketing is one of those that she's considering. What advice would you like to give to people who want to do a career switch? Well, I am not a pro in giving the advices but yes, I feel that career switch is something really big And you need to be sure about it. You need to be really interested in the next career that you're trying to step in So I would suggest if I would have been her I would try to go for some kind of a certification or some kind of a small course or read more about it if she doesn't want to spend a little bit money about Not want to spend a little bit money.

Also if she want to explore is she really interested in that kind of field Is she really? what if she takes the course what if she opted for digital marketing course and It makes it really boring or she loses her interest in middle of it. So there is no point of a career switch So I really want her to explore I would advise her to explore That is she really interested in it. Go for some kind of a small certification and see where her interest level is Is it just the industry or just the social media or just? The news helping her to make her career switch or this is the family and friends influencing her to make the switch She will get more clarity Like as in after taking the course like is she is it worth? Or is she really made or if she really had that kind of skills in it? So yeah, so you basically suggest to take a certification not even a course Not even the course just a small certification to read more about digital marketing what actually digital marketing is what? Kind of a field will you be interested whether it's the search engine Optimization should be doing whether it's the social media whether it's the content writing whether it's the blogging or an influencer What actually she is interested in and what she should know she should just read more about it Because career switch according to me is something big Yeah, so this was about the career switch any other advice final advice or tips for our viewers? Yeah Sure, so I would like to advise work more on your communication work more on your skill set find your expertise area Like what are you really interested in? It's not just like a nine-to-five job That is something that you'll be doing on a daily basis and you should be really interested in it So that's the one advice I could really like to give read more keep reading keep enhancing your skills See what's trending see what's in the news nowadays and work on your communication skills.

That's all. All right guys. That's all for today Thank you so much for watching. We hope you found this helpful. Malika, Once again, thank you so much for your time I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for having me on your youtube channel. I really love doing these parts with you And I hope these videos are really helpful for you guys whomsoever is planning to immigrate to canada Also lastly, I would like to apologize as i've been receiving so many messages on facebook Instagram and linkedin and I have not been able to respond to any one of them. Could you please email me at malika0888? email me all your lists of questions and I will definitely get back to you Yeah, that was all for today I wish you guys all the best make sure to subscribe to my channel.

I have lot more videos coming on different professions in canada Give this video a thumbs up share with your friends comment below if you have any questions stay safe Stay strong and i'll see you in my next video.

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