Small Forex Account Traders NEED To Know This One Thing #shorts

the best advice for small account traders it's 
the mere concept that you're not going to make   a hundred thousand dollars in your first year 
if you have a small account you need to take   profit if the market gives you 30 to 50 pips 
you see this in the market all the time how   many times as a beginner trader have you been 
up 100 and you're just like oh okay it is what   it is if somebody put this on the table for you 
right now to take like oh nice hundred okay cool   okay so my wallet all right i got a 
hundred and that is one of the major issues   you guys aren't patient make sure you start 
taking profits when the market give it to you   you have weekly goals of making a thousand dollars 
and the market gave you 1200 and you got greedy   you wanted 2500 so the market came back down to 
400 and then on the next trade you wanted to get   600 more and then you lost that 400 now you're 
breaking even then you blew the account take   your time when you get to your second year third 
year it'll get better and better and better   but it'll never ever ever ever ever ever ever 
get better if you're trying to skip the process


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