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Office starts at 9 but this started at 8:30. Well, Avya stays here. That's alright. But she came in at 8:30, too. Is she also staying here? No, I saw her arrive at 8:30 today. You did? Do you stay here? No, bro. Don't get worked up.
Go make some tea. He's stressing me out, you know? I can't eat. And he's eating pao with green chutney. It's Avocado Toast. I like it. English! How do these fancy foods make you feel full? Doesn't matter how fancy it is.
Both of them are feeling full. Just look how cute they look! Don't get involved in me.

We're only… What? -What? -What? We're just friends. Madam, coffee. Mr Lahu, where's my tea? Oh, didn't she bring tea for you? Lahu, what?! Lahu, I told you we are just friends. Really? Do you take us for idiots? You think we were born yesterday? You… Don't blush. -Lahu… -I have to be extra careful.
-A cup of tea, please, Lahu. It's been 20 days.

I even sent you pictures. Lahu, please give me another cup of tea.
I'm constipated. Shut up! 'Lahu, I want tea.' 'Lahu, who's in the toilet?'
That's all you've been doing. Tea, toilet, tea, and toilet again. When will you live your life? I sent you so many pictures. No, not you. -Listen, just choose one of these.
-Listen… -I'll lose my job. -Lahu, I've
already chosen a place. Once I get the incentive from the DAFO payment, I'll be able to pay the deposit. Really? For sure. Great. Please do. I really need this job. Hey, Joy… Son… You want tea? You want biscuits? I'll get you everything. Also, there's nobody in the toilet.

Go in and sit, don't worry. Lahu… Hey, please don't change your mind. -It's about my job. -No, no.
I've troubled you too much. So I brought you a small gift. Oh! You want me to serve tea
wearing this fancy shirt? Why not? This is a Cotton King anti-stain shirt. No liquid, whether tea or
something else, can stain it. Just don't change your mind.
Please leave this place. -Yes. -I'm not going to go easy
on you because of the gift. -You have to leave.
-Try the shirt on for me. I will. I'll get sweets for everyone. -But you please leave. -Yes. -Excuse me. -Yes.

Did you get an email or message from someone? Yes. From the universe. Who's Universe? Is it a client? Universe. <i>The</i> Universe! It has sent a message… that
we can't manage to do this. Why can't we? How can we not? We have a son. If we put our minds to it,
we can even make twins. Screw the Universe. Tell me what this makes you feel. You don't have to be so sarcastic! I know what this is lacking. It lacks my directions. -Because to explain my vision…
-Don't block mine while you do.

DAFO press ad released yesterday. We ran it on Instagram and Facebook. How are people reacting to it? -Is no one going to tell me?
-Well, Nalini is here. She will. Please give her the message. And clearly
explain everyone's jobs to them. -Okay. -And send Devika inside. -Okay. Are you going to yell at her? Do you take me for a fire alarm,
to go off at the slightest thing? Someday, it'll be a slap, not a high five. -Calm down. -I know. -I just want to talk to her. -Okay. Devika… Devika. Psst… Devika. -Sorry, sir. -Forget that. -Madam has called you. -Huh? Madam has called you in. I heard you. But why? -There's a good news. -Really? Go. -Andy? -Yes, sir? What are you doing? Call up that client. Take care of the payment and contract with DAFO. Sir, Gaurav is coming over tomorrow. Nalini, come here. We have to do something to increase
our digital presence, okay? Didn't I tell you to get printouts? Have you? -Go on, get it done.
-Sir, what do I do? Get a rickshaw and go home. -Thank you so much…

-Stay put! -You and Zarin…
-Sir, there's nothing between us. As if we don't know it! We ran the DAFO ad on Insta
and FB. What happened? 'Do you have any brains?' I'll give you a tight slap! This is the first comment. -It's a comment?
-That's nothing compared to- 'I'm gonna whip your ass!' That's one of the reactions, sir. People are saying mean things! Sir, we're expecting this backlash
from a certain group because -they don't agree with
the concept of dating.

-Yeah? But that shouldn't bother us; don't worry. Let's quickly delete all negative comments. You are so sincere, and
your brain is extraordinary! Done? How many comments do we have left? Zero. Sir, shall I post a positive comment? I want to talk about this. What is this? Devika, do you <i>not</i> want to work here? Why do you say that, ma'am? I haven't just done it thoughtlessly.
I've really put my heart into it. I'm sure you have, but look at it! What is this? What kind of palette,
what layout is this? Doesn't have any soul, Devika.
This is not you! I think I know what the problem is. You're facing a creative block. It happens. To everyone. You need to start looking into
your own life at such times. Your own experiences with love.

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They should reflect here. Maybe they'll create some magic! After all, love <i>is </i>magic… and blind! So, try to bring that in. That's what is missing. Lahu, what's your lunch? Cabbage. Your wife made? Of course! Here, homemade okra. It's for everyone. Nice, nice! I'm actually done. I'll just
go wash my hands. You guys! Well, have the homemade okra. Not just homemade, it's made with love! -Good one! -Here, cabbage, made with love. -Scramble, with love.
-Some bread, with love. -No, no. -A vada, made with love. -And…
some pickle, made with love. -Give him your love-made
lunch. -Shut up, man! It's the only thing we've been
talking about all day. Love! It's not for everyone! If you're here to console me, please don't.

You know, you remind me of myself. Yeah? -Well, I'm taking it as a
compliment. -No, it's not. -Devika, this… -Please! I don't want sympathy, please. You want company? You know, different people
can have different priorities. And that's perfectly alright. How do you know love
is not a priority for me? I've been convincing myself and
the world, all my life, that it's not. But I never thought my
choices would make me lonely. Aashika just said to me inside, 'Love is magic.' I never felt that magic. My mom would always say, 'You don't have to ignore something
to focus on something else.

You can do both things together.' But I was so engrossed
in building my career that now I feel like the world
has passed me by. And I'm left alone. But you kept doing what
felt right at that moment. We all do the same. Of course, sometimes those
choices turn out right, sometimes not. But we learn a lot from all of this. I just wish I had learnt
this balance in time. Devika, it's okay to cry. Strong people can cry. I know your secret! I know it. Sir, I was actually going to talk to you. -I'm writing it right now. -What? A love letter? To whom? To Nalini. Sir, Nalini? I thought you liked her. Sir..! No, no… Let me tell you this.
You have great choice. But that's not enough, sir. I 'm trying to think of a gift for her, but she has Avocado Toast for breakfast! And doesn't eat Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

I'm glad you brought this up. What a great thing to discuss! Stop this stupid office
work and follow me. Sir, stupid office? Come here. Yes, sir. You know, Aashika and I used to
work in the same agency. Oh! I had a huge crush on her. But how could I say it? -Because I was an
innocent man. -You, sir? -Don't I look innocent? -You do, a little. You think she was in my league? CEO-level men were trying to get her. But I won the lottery. -Ask me why. -Why? Because I dared to speak first. Daring… Daring. She was sitting in her cabin. I went in and said, 'I want to talk to you.' She said, 'I want to talk to you, too.' What are you saying!
So what did ma'am say? She didn't say anything.

She laughed. Laugh. Scratch that. -She laughed at me. -Oh! She said, 'Eventually, you were
bound to approach me.' She looked at me and said, 'Okay.' Okay. I said, 'Okay!' You always have to take the
first mover advantage in a market. Take advantage. Idiot, take the first mover advantage. First mover… First. -Who sets our brand? -We do! Who determines our value? -We do! See? Sir, we will talk to her. We? No, I mean I'll talk to her.

Let me quickly finish the campaign work. It's still pending? Sir, have a sweet. Oh! What's the occasion? -I'm happy! -Congratulations! Avinash got a new… shirt for me, as a gift. Go on. Off. Listen. Talk to her as soon as possible. Don't waste time eating. Think about it. Daring. Thank you! Did everyone leave? Oh, you mean Avinash? Everyone else left.
But Avinash must be around. Ma'am is still in. I'm leaving. -Bye! -Bye! Nalini… Has everyone left? Yes. I wanted to talk to you. Hmm. You are a very nice person. Thanks! I've never felt this way before, but… -I… -Avinash, don't. -No, I… -I know what you're going to say. Please don't. We have to work together. If you say it, it will all get spoiled. Please… Don't try to find
something else in a 9-to-5 setup. It'll get complicated. Avinash! Avinash! What the fuck is this? What is this? Avinash is in the office, right? Why didn't he come for the CTA? Maybe he's hiding. Or he's underground. Put your guesses in the comments. Hang on. He won't go underground.

He'll sort it out somehow. Look at this one. -Defending him even in the CTA. -No! But Avinash has a really good heart. -He gifted me a Cotton King…
-Anti-stain shirt. He gifted me! And if you want the shirts too, go to the nearest Cotton
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-Hey, listen to her. Please, do it..

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