Up to ₱1500/hr for Social Media Manager Expert? 😱 | Job Hunt with me inside Upwork [CC English Sub]

Hello Boss babes and Bosses out there. In this video, we are going to look for job posts for social media managers or marketers You will find out how in-demand social media management
or social media marketing services are. Let's see how much the
client's budget is for that position and what are the job responsibilities. So, if you want to see
and know more about it, just keep on watching. I have here my laptop. Let's see. First, let's visit the platform where
I always get projects as a Social Media Manager or as a Social Media Engager or as a Social Media Marketer or as a Digital Marketer. Let's go to Upwork. Let's look for jobs. Let's put "social media manager". Let's see if there are many. So, as of now, there are 1418 clients
looking for a social media manager.

I put a quote and unquote so that we can make sure that the results
include the word "social media manager". If you don't know that, if you want a very specific
"social media manager" post result, just put quote and unquote. And then, let's open some. This one was posted 4 hours ago. This one was 10 minutes ago. Let's check the tasks and the budget. So, we are just really randomly checking here. So, first, we will look at the rate. In this post, they are also
looking for a social media manager. The client is from Hong Kong. And he/she has almost four stars. He/she has a budget of $3 to $18. So, he/she has that budget. The task is to communicate
with and grow a community. The accounts to be handled are Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook,
Twitter and Reddit. The candidate must
know how to communicate in English and must know how to use Canva. If you offer social media management skills, you will really have an edge
if you know graphics designing. Canva, that's already good.

They need someone who can work
more than 30 hours per week. This is probably a full-time project
since it requires more than 30 hours per week. And then, they need an intermediate level. A lot are already sending applications. Imagine, the applicants are
not just from the Philippines. The applicants are from
all over the world. So, for now, there are 20 to 50 applicants
for this job. This was posted only 4 hours ago. There are a lot in the market but there are also a lot who
want to hire a social media manager. Imagine, just from the
word "social media manager" there are already 1400+ companies
or clients looking for a social media manager. And then, let's go here to the second post. This was posted 10 minutes ago. This one, Social Media and Marketing Manager. There are so many requirements. You must know how to manage
social media accounts. You must have good writing skills. You must have knowledge of ORM. I'm not really sure what is ORM. Maybe Online Relationship Manager. I'm not sure. And then, they want someone who is an expert.

So, the budget could be high. It really depends. For entry level, the budget could be a little lower. For the intermediate level,
it could be around $10 to $15 per hour. And then, for expert level,
the budget is more than that. You can see here the project type,
it is a complex project. So, they really want an expert. For 10 minutes, there were less than
five applicants who sent in a proposal. And then, we also have here, they need someone to do SEO and promote
on different kinds of social media. For this one, you must know how
algorithms work on each social media platforms so you can implement your own SEO strategy. Most of the time, SEO works on YouTube,
Pinterest, I think TikTok as well. I am not so updated on TikTok nowadays.

I don't use TikTok that much. My TikTok videos are just reposted
from my Instagram reels. Their budget is from $6 to $18. That is already good. They want an intermediate, not a beginner. This was posted 34 minutes ago. So, there are already around
20 to 50 proposals. The rate is already good. If you can close it from $15 to $18, then, that's good.

We will check more. This one, the hourly rate is from $5 to $15. That is just the range. It will depend on your experience
and how you can help their company. So, in this one, they are looking for someone
who can manage their Instagram account for wedding photography business. This is just for 2 to 3 hours per week. And then, you will just schedule
the stories and reels on Instagram. This is good. This is a one-time project. If you could close this project, you can get some other projects
because this is just for 2 to 3 hours per week. There are many applicants,
there are 20 to 50 proposals for this one. And they are looking for entry-level. So, they don't need an expert. They don't need someone
who already have an experience.

And then, let's look for another here. Social Media Manager as well. A sales rep who knows how to handle customers,
manage an account, and deal with clients. They want an intermediate-level for this one. This is less than 30 hours per week. Therefore, this will fall as a part-time job,
not full-time. And there are 5 to 10 proposals. You can see it here below. So this one, social media manager position, the client is willing to pay $10 to $30 per hour. But they need an expert who knows how
to handle accounts, generate leads, create social media strategies,
grow social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram. Must know how to run ad campaigns,
the paid promotions for Facebook and Instagram. They need an expert, that is why they are willing to pay
$10 to $30 per hour. For this one, there are already many
proposals, there are already 20 to 50. So, let's also check this. This is also a part-time job because
they require only less than 30 hours per week.

pexels photo 267363

They want an intermediate. $6 to $13 for these tasks. All supported tools are provided. So, you really don't have to
pay something or acquire something to use for marketing or for your work. As what we can see, the hourly rates for most social media management
projects range from $3 to $30. It depends if they are willing
to pay for experts, or if they want a beginner
or intermediate level of skills. Let's see posts that are not per hour. If we want job posts that are fixed price,
we can set it here. For the fixed price, there are clients who are willing to pay
those who will manage their social media accounts for $750 $189 $250 $50 It just really depends on the
company and the tasks.

So, the rates really differ. If you want an hourly, just also check this one
to see the hourly job posts. If you don't want a fixed-rate,
you can also do that. Based on my personal experience, even if they will put here that
their budget is $3 up to $18, if you are going to bid more than that and they see what you can do
for their social media accounts, they can hire you with the rate
higher than their budget. But I have also experienced that
there are clients, no matter how high their budget is, once you get hired, and you already agreed that
you are going to work with them, as they send the contract,
they will negotiate for the price. So, let's say the budget they
stated here is $10 to $15, once you agreed that
you are going to work together, and then, you are about to ask for the contract, they will try to negotiate
for a lower per hour rate. I have also experienced that. At first, as far as I know,
the rate I indicated is $15 per hour. But as they send the contract, they persuaded me if
we can start at $10 per hour and we will increase to $15
if they really want my service.

So, just be aware that
this is only their stated range. This might not be the actual
amount that they will be giving. And it just depends on your negotiation
with the client during the discovery call. Always ask for what you think is
the worth of your service. On any platform, there are many clients
looking for social media managers or social media marketers. As what we have seen, there are clients who have a budget for the
beginners that starts at $3 per hour. But there are also clients who are
willing to pay as much as $30 per hour for the experts. For the job description, of course, part of it is
content creation, social media management, sometimes they look for someone who knows how to
do Facebook ads or Instagram ads. Some clients also need someone who knows
how to handle Shopify and WordPress. There are side tasks that is not
about social media. But actually, start-up companies
that are not that big yet, they really look for someone
who can do many skills.

They prefer to go for someone
who knows more or can do more. If you are being hired by
big companies or brands, they are willing to pay for you as an expert
with one specialized skill, So, I hope you see that there are
still a lot of projects that you can apply for. Though I know a lot of you are
messaging me that you feel like there are already
so many social media managers and you feel like there is no more
projects left for you.

No, actually, there are many businesses now
looking for social media managers. There are still a lot of third-party platforms,
agencies, and direct clients looking inside Facebook groups
and other platforms. If you want to grab our list of
third-party platforms, message us on our Facebook page. And also, if you like to grab the list of agencies
who are also hiring social media managers, you can also message us
so we can send you the list of agencies. If you have other questions when it
comes to social media management, or virtual assistance, or freelancing, comment it down below so that
we can create a content for you.

So, yeah. Join our Facebook group,
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