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dear viewers in today's video you can know about digital marketing job scope and salary in singapore which will help you a lot so watch the video till the end and like comment and subscribe our channel in last video we talked about the salary of a digital marketer in australia check the add button to watch more and know more about other countries job scopes on digital marketing sector so let's start [Music] digital marketing job opportunities in singapore most of the residents of singapore use social media websites like facebook whatsapp instagram and twitter on a daily basis nearly everyone in singapore has access to the internet and they are active on social platforms a lot of people in singapore use social media platforms on a daily basis there are many reasons why a lot of people in singapore are active on social media platforms over three quarters of singaporeans 76 used social media in 2017 compared to 60 percent digital marketing average pay scale in singapore if you have been wondering about the pay of digital marketing managers or experts you are not alone there are many people who are curious about the salaries of these professionals a recent study revealed that the average salary of a digital marketing manager is sixty seven thousand dollars annually in hourly rates that converts to fifty four dollars power with around nine thousand eight hundred and twenty six dollars more as a bonus and around four thousand five hundred dollars of optional profit sharing there are several factors that influence the salary of an individual some of these factors include job title education company size location work experience etc digital marketing managers are highly skilled professionals they know how to manage websites or blogs in order to create the best possible customer experiences in addition to this they also know how to manage different online communities and social media platforms digital marketing field there are many job roles in the digital marketing field we can divide these into several categories including seo managers google ads specialists facebook marketing experts youtube marketing experts twitter marketing experts instagram marketing experts content writing expert so today we know about digital marketing job scope in singapore hope you understand all the points if any doubts please comment below if you think this video is informative then please press the like button let us know in the comments which topic you want to watch next for next video please subscribe our channel and press the bell button thank you

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