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Watch this right now if you want to make 1260 every single day with affiliate Marketing without having to do the work Yourself I'm actually going to show you How to set up a full passive income System so you can make money without Doing the work for the next couple of Months or hopefully even years so if That's something you want to see then Drop a like down below and let us begin With a step-by-step tutorial so first of All the very first platform that we will Be using is called celix over at the now what is sales celix is a Tool that helps Amazon sellers you know Amazon a trillion dollar company where You can also buy and sell different Products you see celix is a platform That helps those sellers on Amazon make More money get more customers get more Sales grow their business faster and Make more money now don't worry you Don't necessarily need to be an Amazon Seller in order to make money with celix There is a feature on this website that Allows literally anyone to make money With sellings even if you never made Money online before even if you don't Have like a website you don't want to Invest any money you can still use that Feature on Celtics to make money using The strategy which I'm about to share With you in the step by step tutorial so Anyways you want to come to celex you

Want to learn about how it works Basically it helps them with their PPC Campaigns which are paid per click Campaigns and basically helps them set Them up so they can acquire more Customers and make more money the only Thing that you should know is that this Basically this tool basically helps Amazon sellers get a 144 percent Increase in Revenue in just four months Literally just imagine someone making Ten thousand dollars a month on Amazon And they find out about celix they could Be making another like 50 or 60 or 70 000 a month they can exponentially grow Their business in less than four months So this is insanely valuable software And sell insanely valuable piece of Software but you see not a lot of people Actually know about sellings like even You like did you even know that celix Existed let me know in the comments down Below is this the first time that you've Heard about cell links because as you Can see it's not a very popular platform So what I wanted to do is I want to Scroll all the way down to the bottom of and there you're going to Be able to find the affiliate section by Clicking on the Affiliates right over Here underneath the about section so There's Affiliates button and that's Going to take you over to this page Where you can join selex affiliate

Program now this allows you to make Money when you refer someone to sell Like so you find an Amazon Seller who Wants to make more money you tell them About sellix they sign up to sell eggs And you make money and you can actually Get paid hundreds of dollars per person That you refer as an affiliate to sell there's actually a lot of YouTubers as well who are posting Content about Salix and are making money As Affiliates but don't worry you will Not have to show your face on the camera Or anything like that for the step Number two I just wanted to apply to Become a affiliate for so just Click on apply now and create an account As an affiliate on after a Couple of hours maybe it's gonna take Even 24 hours or 48 hours to get Accepted after we get accepted you're Going to be able to grab the affiliate Link and start driving traffic to now the next step even more Important step is to go over to Google And search for how to get more sales on Amazon and how to make more money on Amazon as an Amazon Seller and that's Going to show you all these different Articles you're looking for some blog Posts or articles that give different Tips about how to get sales on Amazon Can't forget more sales and how to get More customers I'm going to open up the

First article you can of course open up As many of them as you prefer this one Looks nice so I'm gonna use it so now What I want to do is I want to copy the Link of that article I want to do the Same thing so find some article in Google that talks about how to get more Sales on Amazon how to make more money On Amazon as an Amazon Seller how to Acquire more customers and much more how To rank higher on Amazon which is also a Thing you know the Amazon algorithm so Now you want to copy the link and you Want to proceed to the platform called Lumen5 This is where the and Lumen 5 allows you To turn those articles from Google into Actual videos so so that's why I said You don't necessarily have to show your Face you don't want to be in front of a Camera or anything like that even though That's a lot better like if you make Videos about celix and you post that Onto YouTube that's actually going to Make you a lot more money and it's gonna Be a lot easier but some people don't Want to show their face on the camera so That's why I'm showing the alternative Option but if you are willing to learn The skill of being in front of a camera Then go ahead and do it because trust me It's gonna pay off exponentially anyways If you don't want to show your face with Go to sign up for free click

On new video right over here then you Will select it you can either start from A fan plate or you can just skip that And then once it loads you're going to Be able to paste the link from the Article so as you can see right in this Box I can paste the article link the Link which you just copied and we want To click import now that's going to Import this entire article into and basically this tool will Literally generate full video out of the Article which you just imported on the Left hand side I will wait until that Loads it literally takes just one click Of a button to import the text and then Another click of a button to get a full Video done for you so I'm going to Unzoom so you can see as you can see I Can convert to video with one button and You can of course customize the text Which is recommended because you inside Of this article you want to add a call To action to selex you want to say if You want to get an increase of 144 in Your sales in the next four months make Sure to check out selects Linked In the Description box down below and basically When you post those types of videos onto YouTube you will attract people who are Interested in getting more sales because The title of your video can be the same As the the article like how to get more Sales how to increase sales on Amazon

Foreign Pro tips for 2022 and then Someone who watches that type of video Obviously is an Amazon seller because They want to increase the sales and they Want to get more money you obviously Want to make more money and it means They have a budget for something like That because they're already selling Something on Amazon they're business Owners so they are willing to invest Into sellix and that's what it's red hot Traffic that is actually interested in Buying sellers through your link and Remember you will make money for each Person that signs up through the link so You will convert this to video it's Going to take some time it's going to Take me a couple of minutes and after a Couple of minutes the full video is Going to be generated on the right hand Side and you're going to be able to Press the publish button here which will Allow you to download a video to your Computer so you don't necessarily want To publish it from lumen5 you're just Going to click publish it's going to Take you to the next page where you can Just download the video which they made For you so as you can see different Slides have shown up how to increase Sales on Amazon 14 pro tips for Beginners different animations there's All sorts of different things with Images as you can see the video would

Look really nice these are different Slides there are different scenes off of This video so I can just press publish I Will wait until it exports and then I Will be able to download a video now you Want to proceed to YouTube Not only that You have the full video you want to just Go to and you want to start A channel where you will be posting Those videos that give people tips on How to get more sales on Amazon and how To acquire more customers and how to Make more money on Amazon and inside of Those videos once again you promote your Your affiliate link and you'll link it In the description you see people who Talk about how to increase sales on Amazon do not get a lot of views like There's like maybe 10 to 20 000 people That would watch those videos but once Again those are insanely targeted people If they're searching for how to get more Sales on Amazon it once again means They're business owners so they have a Budget to buy a tool like sellers it Also means that they're going to get a Return on that investment so it's going To be easier to sell to them because They will be like yeah okay I'm gonna Buy sellers because they know it's going To grow my business and lastly those are Insanely oh sorry there's a music Playing in the video that I just made as You can see this is the full video they

Also added the music you can also add The voiceover and you can download a Video with one button here's a download Button and then you can just upload it To YouTube basically you don't need a Lot of views you just need those Targeted people from YouTube because They are actually going to be interested In buying sell eggs and they're going to Be thankful that you actually shared Salix with them because it's going to Help them grow their business and that's Basically what you can simply do to make Money with celix affiliate program Without showing your face and by getting Those video is done with one click of a Button once again if you want to Actually make more money and build this International business then build a Personal brand around the Amazon order It doesn't necessarily need to beat this Affiliate program you can use the same Strategy for any other affiliate program Just find an affiliate program talk About different tips and give different Provide value on YouTube basically and Just mention the product or the service Linked In the description box include Your affiliate link over there and you Can end up making a lot of money because If you watch some of my previous videos I literally show that some of the Affiliate offers that I promoted made me Over half a million dollars so it's

Insane how affiliate marketing can turn Into something big so quickly so really Hope you got new idea in this video if You did drop a like down below and I Will see you next time

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