+1000 Forex traders prove that direction is NOT important when entering Forex trades ✔️ Manage them!

Hi everybody Alex du Plooy from Expert4x Welcome today's video This is going to be a shocking and disturbing video because in this video I'm going to show you that it does not matter which direction or when you enter the forex market I'm going to show you that entries can happen on a totally random basis what matters most is how you manage those entries Whether you let your profitable trades run Whether you stop yourself out too early or too late Those are more important than the actual entry now. That's quite a tall task But I must let you know that over 1000 testers have tested this technique already So it's not only me I've already exposed it to over a thousand clients, so how I'm going to do this is I'm going to enter the buy and sell AT THE SAME TIME and then manage them using trailing stops and breakeven stops by positioning those in the best possible positions I Will be able to have a success rate in excess of 70% Now that sounds crazy because you're buying and selling at the same time, but let me show you how this works now How it works is that the market normally moves in a very wavy Fashion so if one had to buy and sell at the same time But the market might move up like this the buy trade will be stopped out profitably by a following stop worth trailing stop And then when the market goes down again the sell transaction could be Stopped out by a trailing stop, or a falling stock.

That's the very basic explanation of why this works so you can in fact have two profitable Transactions at the same time now when the market starts trading you could have the same situation except that certain transactions will have smaller gains and other transactions will be bigger gains the get the Transactions in the direction of the trend will have bigger gains and the directions against the trend will have smaller gains I know a lot of people have a concern about a runaway market runaway market It doesn't really matter because you entering a Buy and a sell at the same time So what could happen here is let's say the the market runs away up. What will happen is that the Buy and the sell? Will be stopped out at the same time and you will be in a hedged Neutral situation so runaway markets aren't really a problem using this particular method But I can see a number of clients or already getting the idea of why this particular technique works So well so to give you an idea of the results that were achieved over the last nine months I are using an account of only two thousand dollars the transactions resulted in a return of Nineteen thousand dollars as you can see there were three hundred and ninety trades that means they were half of their half of those trades were buys and half of those trades were sells and as you can see here the profitability level was 75% What's the success rate and that shows you this concept in action and How powerful this concept can be the testing was done at? 99.9 percent now must race these results don't just happen automatically you have to determine the vibration rate of the currency Which will then determine the size of your following stops and targets and stops, but that is quite easily done using a basic optimization process now as I've mentioned before those techniques been around for a couple of months already over a thousand clients have purchased the EA and tested it on a 120 percent money-back guarantee how that how that works if you test it for a month, and your results are negative, I will repay you One hundred and twenty percent of what you paid for the EA So you actually make a gain on the EA and why have I got this confidence only three people out of over? 1,000 clients Have claimed that a guarantee and that is the best endorsement one can get Interesting enough the three that did claim the refunds were actually profitable two or three days later So it was really just a timing issue that caused those particular Refunds at first many of our US clients were a bit concerned about this trading technique because it involved aging Now what they did was a lot of them used brokers that allowed hedging and what the others did is that they basically just opened two trading accounts one buy account and one sell account processed the Transactions that way so with a bit of creativity they overcame the problems now if you're one of those traders That enters a deal the deal gets topped out and then goes in your direction soon afterwards This type of technique is ideal for you you just enter buying a sell and Both transactions have a good chance of being positive using our trailing stop and break-even stop combinations So please use the links supplied on the screen.


It is a no risk Investment that you're making you will get one hundred and twenty percent of your money back if you are unsuccessful During the test period of one month if you are successful obviously you've found a great, EA and you'll stick with it So I hope you've enjoyed this video And if you have please share it with your friends or so please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and like the video if you found it informative entertaining and interesting So from me Alex du Plooy cheerio You.

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