How To Make Money With Canva: EARN $10,000+ For FREE With Canva (Step-By-Step)

How to make money with Canva and earn $10,000+ using free traffic and affiliate marketing!

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So I'm sure by now that a lot of you Have heard about canva but did you know That you can make money online with Affiliate marketing utilizing canva by Promoting its services I mean when you Take a look at canva you can see here That a lot of people need this site Because they're looking to for example Create Flyers create their own resume if They're on social media they may want to Look at creating Instagram posts Facebook posts Twitter YouTube create Different types of videos and what People are doing is they're promoting Canva by creating an affiliate link just Like this and I want to show you how you Can do that on this video to make money With affiliate marketing this is super Simple it is a huge Trend at the moment That is taking off you can do this Without a website I'm going to show you How to do it without a social media Following and you don't need a lot of Skills and the best part is the content That you're going to create only needs To be 50 15 to 60 seconds long I'm going To show you three traffic sources that Are absolutely taking off so you can Start with this and start to make Thousands of dollars every single month I'll show you how to do this it's super Simple and you can get started today and I'm talking about this is Something that I use in my business

Every single day and people are signing Up to all the time the best part about Canva is the price that it costs it is Extremely cheap of a service to use for What it does this is why so much people Are signing up and why so much people Are making money by promoting canva as An affiliate and that's what I want to Show you how you can do starting today So for those of you that don't know Canva is an online design and Publishing Tool that does so much so the first Thing that you want to do is you want to Sign up to Canvas it's up to you you can Sign up absolutely for free and you can Still promote it as in a affiliate I use The canva pro version because there are So many more things that you can do as You can see guys a lot of my thumbnails Recently I've been creating on canva a Lot of my Instagram posts my Pinterest Post as you can see I do a lot of things On canva because when you come over here On the top left hand corner you can see Here when it comes to design you can do Logos you can do resumes if you wanted To do resumes you can do video intros There's meme makers when you scroll over Here guys you can see here that you can Do whiteboard presentations you can Create websites you can even create Landing pages so the use for canva is a Massive especially for people that are On social media which is why you can

Make some really good money online with Affiliate marketing now before we Continue with this video If you want to Get daily updates on how you can make Money online with affiliate marketing And online don't forget to subscribe to The channel turn that Bell notification On so you get notified every time I post One of these brand new videos so you can Be one of the first to implement this And make money online and if you haven't Already make sure you go down the bottom Guys and grab my free affiliate Marketing guide I talk a lot about how I Make money online with affiliate Marketing in that guide it's absolutely Yours to have 100 for free so once you Have signed up to canva what you need to Do after you've created your free Account you can see here that on canvas Home page if you scroll all the way down To the bottom you can see here that they Have an affiliate program so once you Got your own canva account then what you Want to do is you want to create your Affiliate program you're going to need Canva to be able to show people how to Use these very simple tutorials how to Do these simple tutorials then you want To make sure that you've got the Affiliate program so what you want to do Is you want to click onto this what's Going to happen from there is it's going To bring you over to a page that looks

Like this and as you can see it says Earn money with canva Pro now people Once they sign up to canva even if it's For the free account they are cooking so If they do sign up within a certain Period of time believe it's 30 days and They sign up you're still going to earn That affiliate marketing commission and The best part is it's reoccurring Meaning you're going to be earning money Every single month this is the best part The good thing about canvas when people Sign up for their business it's a sticky Customer they're going to be around for A very long time to come so you can see Here the first thing you want to do is Register as an affiliate then you want To promote then you can start earning so If you scroll down what you need to do From here if you come over here you want To click on to join out to become an Affiliate once you click onto this it's Going to bring you over to this page now As you can see welcome partner this is Where you are going to create your Partnership with canvas so you can start Promoting it as an affiliate to make Money online so what you want to do as You can see you want a complete Application for canva Pro affiliate Program guys this literally took me five Minutes to create all you need to do is Come over here complete your details you Can put in your email address obviously

Scroll down create your username put in Your comfort company information if you Have it now as you can see you can put In your company website if you have one If you don't that's fine put in the Country that you're in once you scroll Down you can see promotional information The good thing about this is if you Click onto this you can tell people you Can tell this platform how you plan to Promote it you can see here you can just Do social media influencer if you've got Let's say a website or if you've got a Social media Network you can select Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Tick Tock so many Different social media platforms that You can select okay very very simple and Once you click onto it you just need to Put in that domain of that profile okay I think I believe I use tick tock I Didn't even use YouTube okay and I got Approved straight away and when you Scroll down as you can see all you need To do is click on to sign up once you Sign up you can see here that this is How you are going to get paid or how Much you can potentially make I'll show You that in a second I'll explain it now People can sign up absolutely for free If they upgrade later then you're going To start earning that monthly Reoccurring commission you can You can Pro costs 164. this is

Australian dollars every single year People can choose to use this monthly Now canva Pro pretty much gives you Everything you need on canva it's 17.99 Australian per month this is a really Good price for what you get this is for One person only now as you can see canva For teams so businesses can also sign up It's only 20 or almost twenty one Dollars a month okay this is why this is So appealing and you can see everything That they get so you can do yearly or They can do monthly now when it comes to How much you can potentially earn you Can see here that subscription charges You can earn anything from 15 to 80 Depending on what people sign up to when You're promoting canva but even 15 Recurring commissions every single month Can seriously add up to you earning a Lot of money online with canva so now That you've signed and up and you know Exactly how much money you can Potentially make what happens is when You're in your back office this is where You are going to get your link okay so Once you sign up you come over here guys And this is where this is the link that You're going to copy and paste in order To make money online with this now what I did is I changed the back end of this To get canva now so quite simply all you Will do is you would copy this link okay And this is how you're going to start

Promoting it but how are you going to Make money with affiliate marketing Promoting canva I'm going to show you Three different ways that you can get Started with this today the first way is With Tick Tock and that is creating very Very simple tutorials using your mobile Phone and then placing the link inside The bio of your tiktok profile and then You can absolutely start crushing it Because people are going to click onto Your bio let me show you an example of People that are doing this the first Thing I put was canva tutorial if we Click onto this account here you can see That this guy has 54 700 followers he Only started at the end of December and Basically what he does as you can see is He creates different types of canva Tutorials and hacks very very simple Ones and a lot of people are asking him Questions and as you can see his videos Get thousands of views and hundreds of Thousands of views for the very very Simple tutorials that he's creating and He's not even posting every single day I Believe he's posting like every few days Sometimes every single week he's had Over 174 000 likes now when you click Onto this you can see that this is going To take you over to his beacons account This is like a link tree profile you can Actually create this on canva as well if I was him I'd be creating this on canva

Because he should be promoting canva but In saying that you can see there's a 30-day Instagram post that he's got to Be that he's promoting he's got try Canva 4 Pro 14 days for free and then He's got a couple of other things that He is promoting but basically what Happens is is he screen records over his Computer using his phone showing people Very very quickly if I click onto this Pause this because I'll get rid of the Sound and basically what he's doing is He's showing people how to for example With this one over here how to create a YouTube intro and then he goes over and He just talks over the top of it he Doesn't even show his face a majority of His videos and these videos are getting Thousands of views so all you need to do Is something pretty much exactly the Same that he's doing and have your link Over here inside the bio of tick tock With Tick Tock you do need 1 000 Followers but as you can see you can Very very quickly get your followers This is the first account that does this The second account that does this is This one over here I'm not sure how to Pronounce his name his digital marketer As you scroll down you can see that he's Doing canva hacks another one over here Canva hacks and as you scroll down look At this secret canva font secret canva Font easy templates you should use on

Instagram using canva and this guy as You can see is getting thousands of Views now this person does show his face You definitely don't need to show your Face you can do this without doing that And if you click onto this link over Here you can see here what this is Taking is to is to his resources and When you scroll down you can see free Canva Pro trial secret canva phones and When it happens is if you click onto any Of these and you sign up he's going to Make money from his affiliate marketing Link that he's using from canva so if You come over here guys and you type in Canva hacks you can see other people That are doing this and as you scroll Down you can see I mean the two accounts That I showed you aren't only two that Are doing this there are other people Doing this I mean look at this four Million views on this video 1.4 million Views in this video 583 000 views on this video and if we click On gone to this one over here as an Example Canva hacks you because I was gonna Pause this get rid of the sound and this Video has had hundreds of thousands of Views 1.4 million views okay and you can See there's just very simple videos of People showing you different things that You can do on canva and the best part About these videos is they're literally

Like 29 seconds long just quite simply Recording whatever you want to show People how to do on canva and you can Learn this very very quickly so the First thing that you want to do is come Over to tick tock and create a profile For your soft credit account for Yourself call a canvas something canva Hacks canva tutorials 101 whatever it Might be you can use something along the Lines of design because obviously we Know everything you do on canva is Design you can do editing video whatever It might be whatever you want to Specialize in or canva in general so Create yourself a tick tock account Start putting up content get those 1000 Followers and then insert your affiliate Marketing link inside your bio now That's the first way that you want to do It the second way that you can do it Guys is to quite simply now start Creating canva tutorials on YouTube These videos get millions of views there Are people creating content about canva Now these videos are a little bit longer Some people are creating really long Videos over an hour long but majority of The people are within that 10 to 12 Minute range sometimes sometimes even a Lot less if you can do this with five Minutes that's fine showing people Specifically how to do certain things on Canva you can absolutely crush it like

This person over here is called design With canva 33 000 views only a few Months ago 40 000 views 69 000 views 1.4 Million views 1.5 million views and you Can see these people absolutely crushing And if you click onto any one of these Videos and you scroll down you can see That people have their link to canva on Here and anybody that clicks onto it It's going to take them over to their Affiliate link if they purchase you're Going to make money with affiliate Marketing and canva guys people are Crushing it with this this person over Here shows his face there's another Person over here that creates these Videos and they don't show their face at All and as you can see they all have Their links over to canva the other Thing that you can do with YouTube guys Is you can quite simply type in canva Hit enter and there is as you can see a Canva YouTube channel you can very Simply come over to this Channel and you Can take a look at the content that Canva is creating and having a look at Which one of their videos has the most Views this is going to give you great Insight into what people are looking for When it comes to canva and you can Create very simple tutorials you can see Some of these are 19 seconds long 39 Seconds long 31 seconds long one minute Long and you can replicate a lot of this

Content don't copy it but just show People how to do this with canva place Your affiliate Link in the description Of your video video and you can Absolutely crush it with affiliate Marketing and canva now the third way That I highly recommend that you start Doing this I just showed you how to Create this content or what people are Doing on Tick Tock with these very very Simple videos what I'll be doing from There is uploading these videos on to YouTube as YouTube shorts because I'm Not seeing so many people doing this if I type in something like let's just type In canvas shorts tutorial let's see if This works this should pick up some of The videos that people are creating so Here they are so here's one two months Ago 6.3 000 views 25 000 views 13 000 of you so a lot of These channels have actually started Doing 24 000 views and what this is Going to do is it's going to show people Very quickly as they're scrolling Through the feed and if they find your Channel useful they're going to go over To your long form content they're also Going to be showing your long form Content as well okay so you can see that People have started doing it not as much As I thought they would be doing but you Could absolutely do this yourself and Start crushing it and driving traffic to

Your main Channel where you're going to Have your affiliate marketing link That's going to drive people back to Your canva affiliate subscription and This is how you're going to start to Make hundreds of dollars a month slowly Once your Tick Tock profile grows Potentially once your YouTube channel Grows guys you can also do this if you Wanted to with Instagram reels you can Also do this with Pinterest you already Have the content created for tick tock Grab that file upload it to YouTube Shorts upload it to Pinterest upload it To your Instagram reels grab your Affiliate link pop it in there you'll be Surprised with how much people will be Signing up and once they sign up they Become sticky customers because people Will use it for Instagram they'll use it For tick tock they use it for YouTube They'll use their for Pinterest you can Absolutely crush it with affiliate Marketing using canva and you don't even Need any money to start and you don't Even need a lot of skills just take a Look at what these guys are doing and You can start crushing it with affiliate Marketing now if you haven't done so Already go down the bottom and grab my Free affiliate marketing guide it's Yours to keep I'll show you other ways That you can make money online with Affiliate marketing exactly what I do to

Make well over six figures with Affiliate marketing every single year It's yours to keep it's 100 for free Just wanted to give something back to You all ask in return is that you smash That like button in appreciation if you Guys want to know another way that I've Made hundreds of thousands of dollars Online with affiliate marketing click Onto this video over here right now you Don't need a website you don't need any Skills or any followers to get started You will absolutely love it I'll see you On this video until next time take care Of yourselves and goodbye

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