15 Highest-Paying Freelance Jobs (In Demand Skills 2022 & Beyond!)

In this video, you will discover   the 15 highest paying independent freelance jobs, 
according to a report recently released by Upwork.   Now freelancing is a great option if 
you're looking to set your own hours,   work from anywhere you want to or pick up 
projects that interest you the most.
  That's why it's no surprise, then, that countless 
professionals are switching to freelancing   as more companies recognize all of the benefits   that are there as you engage independent 
professionals through freelance platforms   such as Upwork. Now, the good thing 
is that the market pay rates differ,   making it easy to find better paying freelance 
jobs to match your specific experience
  level by venturing into the world of freelancing. 
You can enjoy a lot of different benefits,   and these include the ability to have flexible 
hours. So if you're not a morning person,   you can take advantage of the flexibility that 
comes with controlling your work hours.
  As a freelancer, you get to juggle your personal 
and your work tasks much more conveniently.   You also get location flexibility.

laptop lifestyle makes it easy for you to   pick up your laptop and to work from different 
locations without undermining your ability to   get the job done correctly and on time.
And lastly, freelancing gives you the ability to   select the clients and the jobs that you want to 
work on. So being able to pick the projects that   match your skill set and your interest, the best 
will put you in the best position to succeed.
  Now, here's a quick note that the market rate 
data shared in this video is reflective of the   time of filming. And of course, it may vary from 
one project or freelancing platform to another.   But this information acts as a general guide 
on what you can expect from the market.
  These rates are based on real statistics 
from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and   average rates earned on Upwork.

Now with 
that out of the way, let's jump right into   the 15 highest paying freelance jobs whether 
you're a tech expert designer writer.
  There's countless projects for freelancing 
professionals, and with so many categories   of jobs to choose from. There's no reason you 
won't be able to find something that matches   your specific skill set and personality 
type the best. Some of the best paying   freelance jobs include number one.
Being a copywriter, the copywriting field   is one of the most viable options for 
freelancers. As a freelance copywriter,   you may compose email newsletters, advertising 
copy emails, ebooks, articles, blogs and other   types of polished content that grabs readers 
attention and helps drive traffic and sales.
  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 
the copywriting field is likely to grow 9% between   2020 and 2030. And although the statistics 
show that roughly 15,400 job openings   become available to writers in the United States 
each year, this figure is undoubtedly much higher   for freelancers, considering that you can work 
with clients from various parts of the

On average, copywriters working 
on freelance writing jobs via Upwork earn   between 19 and $45 per hour. Now let's get on 
to number two, which is being a web designer.   Web designers help clients create websites 
that suit their specific requirements.
  The role of a web designer might also encompass 
updating companies existing websites and keeping   them maintained. This industry is ideal for 
anyone with creative and technical know how   who can create high quality web pages 
and other website features.
  And another good thing about this is 
that there are tons of drag and drop   online website builders, which can help you 
get started as a web designer.

This will also   help you handle more advanced projects because 
you may need to start to develop some skills,   such as specific programing languages such as 
JavaScript, Python or skill and proficiency
  and relevant software programs. But not 
every project starts as an advanced one,   and even those drag and drop website builders are 
a great start. Now, depending on your experience   level, it's possible to earn between 15 and 
$30 per hour or more on platforms like Upwork,   and with job opportunities in this 
field likely to grow 13% by 2030
  You'll be in high demand as a web designer. Now 
onto the third highest paying freelance job,   which is being a digital marketing consultant. 
As a freelance digital marketing consultant,   you'll help businesses improve their 
online visibility and lead generation   to overall increase their sales.
You can achieve those objectives through   a lot of different activities, such as 
search engine optimization, email marketing,   social media, marketing, content marketing 
and online advertisements.

In addition,   clients can tap into your specific expertize 
to solve specific digital marketing problems   and challenges that they are facing.
In return, you can expect excellent pay rates.   In fact, hourly rates for digital marketers 
on Upwork ranged between 15 and $45 per hour,   depending on various factors. Now onto 
the fourth highest paying freelance job,   which is social media management.
Social media is a lucrative way for businesses   to promote products and services directly to 
their target audience. Social. Media managers   helps brands formulate and implement marketing 
strategies to enhance lead generation and brand   awareness. As a freelancer, you can work 
with several brands at any given time,   helping to improve communication techniques 
on various social media platforms.
  In most cases, clients will expect you to 
provide expert advice about content generation   and targeting.

So you'll need to demonstrate a 
savviness with different social media channels. On   average, you can expect to command a pay rate of 
$14 to $35 an hour via freelance platforms.
  As a social media manager now on to number 
five, which is being a copy editor, editors   play a very important role in the editorial 
process by reviewing and revising written   text to ensure that they meet the specific 
guidelines of the client, so they check for   various aspects such as syntax, punctuation, 
flow, style, and they also verify facts
  The editorial process is vital to producing 
high quality content. So if you've got a knack   for identifying grammar or other issues, you 
can explore opportunities in this field as a   freelancer.

Average pay rates for copywriting 
editors range between 20 and $40 an hour,   depending on your experience 
and other factors.
  Now for number six, web developer web 
developers use their advanced programing skills   to develop the code that determines how websites 
function. This is a very lucrative freelance job,   but it does require professionals 
with experience in either front end   or back end web development or both, which 
is known as full stack development.
  Front end web developers concentrate on the 
design and visual aspects of a website. While   backend specialists focus on the behind the 
scenes components or administrative areas of   a website that aren't necessarily visible to 
the front end users. Now, the best part about   working as a self-employed web developer is 
that you can earn between 15 and $30 per
  hour or more. According to average 
rates earned on Upwork. In addition,   job opportunities in the web development field are 
likely to grow 13% by 2030. Now on to number seven   being a media buyer. Media buyers help businesses 
determine the ideal ad placement to suit their   specific budget and their targeting needs.
Placement options might include physical print,   digital and broadcast advertisements. Now, 
depending on the client's requirements,   a media buyer's role and responsibilities may 
also include managing social media ad campaigns,   as well as handling large, midsize 
and small size companies.
  Rates that they are getting based on 
where they are advertising media buying   professionals typically charge between 50 
and $200 per hour, which is a massive amount,   but that's because of all those connections that 
they've built so they can get better rates.
  Now, according to the BLS, job opportunities for 
advertisement agents are expected to grow 3% by   2030.

This trend represents opportunities 
to venture into this field as a freelancer   because it's such a high paying job. Now on to 
number eight, which is being a photographer.
  Photography is a popular field that 
requires high levels of creativity   and technical expertize to produce high quality 
images for companies and individuals alike. As   a freelance photographer, you can earn 
a living by capturing images of events,   physical products, places and people.
Clients are willing to pay if you can capture   images that tell a captivating story. Whether 
you're interested in working as a photographer,   as a full time thing or as a side hustle, you can 
find high paying photography jobs on Upwork.
  Now, the job outlook data, which was published 
by the BLS, shows that the photography job   opportunities will likely continue to increase 
by 17% by 2030.

When it comes to average hourly   rates for photography projects, you can 
expect between $40 and $100 per hour.
  Now on to number nine Data Analyst As a 
freelance data analyst, you can help clients   analyze specific pieces of data involving 
historical transactions or events. So you   will play a critical role in uncovering the 
key trends and customer behavior patterns   based on all of the data that they provide.
Now, businesses of varying sizes count on data   analysts to predict future trends more accurately. 
Your role is to tap into big data collected from   various operational sources and then analyze it. 
Now, the average hourly rate for data analysts via   Upwork hovers between 20 and $50 per hour.
Now, although many data analysts do work full time   and companies of varying sizes, you can actually 
earn a very steady supply of well-paid projects   using freelance platforms.

pexels photo 4560060

Now on to number ten. 
Being a business consultant, a business consultant   helps clients gain an in-depth understanding 
of specific operational matters.
  Now, in many cases, the professional plays 
an active role in solving complex business   challenges. Companies hire consultants to 
seek advice on practical ways that they can   improve their day to day operations or their 
profitability. Now the consultant. A business   hires is one that usually specializes 
in one or more of the following areas,   including marketing, finance or human
resources. As a freelance consultant,   you can work with multiple entrepreneurs at any 
given time, allowing you to truly maximize your   income.

In fact, the average hourly rate for 
business consultants ranges between $28 an hour,   all the way up to $98 an hour, depending, 
of course, on your skill level and   the scope of the project.
Now on to number eleven. That's   being a programmer. Programmers play an 
important role in today's digital world   by writing code that controls the features and 
functions of computer and mobile applications.   In addition, they keep the systems running 
smoothly in the background by handling the   maintenance routines and the troubleshooting 
and technical issues that arise.
  Tech professionals with advanced programing 
skills typically how businesses handle software   and web development.

In addition, they keep 
systems running smoothly by handling maintenance   routines and troubleshooting technical issues 
that arise. Tech professionals with advanced   programing skills typically help businesses 
handle software and web development.
  Now, on average, programing jobs 
pay between 15 and $30 per hour.   Now on to number twelve. Being a videographer, 
videography is similar to photography, but this   involves capturing events and editing the 
videos to ensure a quality presentation.   A combination of filming and video editing 
skills is vital to succeed in this field,   but you can operate as a
solo freelancer, or you can   collaborate with other professionals to 
get the job done efficiently and correctly.   Some examples of event editing that requires 
professional videography include services such   as weddings, corporate seminars and parties, and 
there is also a rising demand for videographers   to help produce content just like this.
YouTube and Online Advertisement Content Now   you can market your videographer skills on 
Upwork to keep a steady stream of high paying   video orthography projects. The average salary for 
videographers on Upwork actually hovers between 15   and $30 per hour, with, of course, the top 
earners earning much more than that.
  And now on to number 13 accounting and 
accounting professional performers record   keeping of a business's finances and may help 
interpret the records.

Accounts play an integral   role in ensuring the accuracy of all financial 
records for reporting and tax purposes.
  Companies rely on accountants to provide 
accurate and well-presented financial information   to help them make informed decisions about 
their business operations. So that's why   proper record keeping processes make it easier 
to analyze profits and losses more effectively.   Additional duties may include preparing 
invoices, determining payroll requirements.
  Collaborating with auditors. If that is something 
that happens and analyzing operating budgets,   if you're ready to kick start your freelance 
career as an accountant, you can find an   extensive list of high paying accountant projects 
on Upwork. On average, these projects pay hourly   between twelve and $32 an hour, depending on 
your skill set and other factors, and I
  see a lot of accounting jobs on Upwork 
every single day.

Now on to number 14.   Virtual assistant clients hire virtual assistants 
to perform various administrative tasks such as   data entry, calendar organization and managing 
email communications of their clients.
  Now, these types of professionals may also 
run errands or do certain tasks online,   such as making restaurant reservations, 
scheduling medical appointments   and making purchases for the company that they're 
working for. Now, these services enable the busy   clients to particularly focus on what they do 
best, which is their day to day operations.
  Most virtual assistants handle tasks directly 
with the client and on freelancing platforms.   As a virtual assistant, you can 
earn between $12 and $20 per hour,   performing a wide range of administrative tasks 
and different duties to clients on Upwork.
  Typically, your experience will determine 
the type of projects available to you, but   that is going to be something that a lot of 
people can do because being a virtual assistant   is something you can start out 
with no experience at all.
  And last but not least, No. 15 public relations 
manager Public relations, also known as PR   managers, help companies develop effective 
PR strategies that promote a positive image   of an organization. So regular duties may include 
crafting well-polished press releases and building   relationships with key media contacts and managing 
any crises or controversies that arise.
  Companies in various sectors require the services 
of an experienced PR professional to improve   their overall public communications via several 
channels, including the social media aspect of it,   as well as all of the other digital and print 

Experience and qualifications in   media and online marketing and other related 
fields are critical to success here.
  But you can qualify for the highest paying. 
Freelancing projects. Once you've started   to gain a considerable amount of experience 
handling challenging PR campaigns in the past.   Public relations consultancy work pays anywhere 
between 50 and $100 per hour, and analysts   predict that this job opportunity for public 
relation managers will grow 13% by 2030.
  So you may be asking yourself what is 
the best freelance job for beginners?   Well, in my opinion, an in-depth knowledge 
of anything related to digital marketing,   SEO and copywriting can prove beneficial for 
beginners involved in several fields, such as the   public relations, which we just went over editing, 
web design and social media management.
  These skills can help make a positive 
impression on potential clients.   Some benefits of familiarizing yourself with these 
topics will help you grow your career faster and   give you the ability to cross leveraged digital 
marketing media channels.

In turn, you can offer   more comprehensive services to your clients, and 
that can help you start to stack all of the
  value that you're offering. Echo Boost content 
visibility across the internet So when it comes   to web design, it's critical to integrate SEO 
elements that allow search engines to crawl and   index websites more efficiently. By doing so, 
you provide a high quality service to clients   looking to maximize the visibility 
of all of their content.
  Bottom line is whether you're just starting out 
as an independent professional or you're already   a seasoned freelancer. You can access higher 
paying jobs by choosing the right freelancing job   along with the best freelancing platform. 
Now, Opera provides access to a wide range   of jobs for independent professionals posted 
by clients from all around the world.
  There are projects for graphic designers, 
software development specialists,   freelance writers, online marketing experts 
and much more.

If you are ready to grow your   freelancing career and take the next step. Start 
by browsing job listings on Upwork. You can   also watch my other videos on my channel.
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