A Day in the Life of a Forex Trader | 4am morning routine, trading US30, backtesting XAUUSD ⚜️

i'm looking at gold with this pattern formation 
in mind hey guys welcome and welcome back to   my channel so in today's video i'm going to be 
taking you through a day in my life as a forex   trader and how i'm able to stay productive and 
consistent as a trader without any further ado   please remember to hit the subscribe button and 
like this video if you do let's get right into it cause when he loves me i feel like i'm floating 
when he calls me chosen i feel like somebody   with purpose he changed he will always be my 
favorite form of love cause when he calls me   i feel like i'm floating when he calls me 
daughter i feel like somebody with purpose   he changed me i'm a new creation he will 
always be my favorite form of love that's why do do while i was going through the charts i just 
noticed that this pattern is starting to form   i know for a fact that i've seen this child pass 
information before with a correction like this   and then an impulsive move to meet at this 
point and then a really big impulsive move   down so this is what i'm expecting gold to 
do within the next couple of weeks within   the next couple of months so so i'll be 
looking at gold with this expectation and   because this region the one eight and the zero 
and the 0.5 is is to me a magic zone between 0.786   and 0.05 i really look at what happens in this 
region so this happens to pull down and pull up   to this point i'm ahead i'm expecting gold to sell 
down beyond this beyond this psychological level   so i'm expecting gold to pull up to this point 
i already have it in a cell limit i'm expecting   gold to retest the 0.27 and then drop down so 
once it drops down from here guys i'm looking   to buy gold i'm looking to stay in gold up and 
ride gold to this point i hope it doesn't take   too long to form if not i'm looking at a long 
swing train so now i have this pattern in memory   so talking about love hate's relationship with us 
30 it took a number of us 30 trades last week and   and i got taken out for most of the trades on us 
30 so there must be a problem with my entries when   it comes to us 30.

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I'm doing my best to work on it 
and i'm hoping for the best results but at least i   have noticed that and i'm willing to work on it so 
i'm doing my best to kind of narrow down my pairs   the forex pairs that i trade to make sure that 
i'm not watching too many pairs to like confuse   my site but i'm really looking at usd czar the 
swiss franc versus the japanese yen really really   closely us 30 and i are on a very very bad note 
at this point i keep getting wicked out of trades   maybe my entry points are not the best 
when it comes to us 30 so i'm going to   i've been back testing us 30 and i i really want 
to make sure that i've got that on lock down   for these past couple of weeks i've been looking 
to trade prayers that i'm not comfortable with   and nasdaq is one of those pairs so remember 
within this week i got a tree i got a perfect   entry i got all my confluences and 12 hours 
of week rejections and i wanted to enter into   that trade on nasdaq and this was my first time 
trading nasdaq i searched my mt4 up i deleted   it re-downloaded it and i still couldn't find 
nasdaq so i don't know if this happens to you   guys as well but if it does let me know in the 
comment section down below but i know i should   have checked before you know so i just left 
the trade to like future tests and it ended   up getting into my direction hidden tp and it was 
a really good trade so i've noticed that if nasdaq   is moving like nasdaq respects itself it 
seems to move in a consistent way so far   is for instance if it's in an uptrend nasdaq is 
in an uptrend if it's in a downtrend nasdaq is in   a downtrend and if nasdaq is consolidating y'all 
forget about it but then within this consolidation   you can definitely find trades like small trades 
that are going to fetch you some good risk to   reward i just have to hurry up and go into town 
to get some groceries for myself and other things   that i need around the house i'm hoping that the 
day goes as well as i'm planning the weather looks   a bit gloomy i'm going to go outside i really want 
to take a walk then i also have to go to the bank   before i go get the groceries i'm having a 
couple of issues with my transfers so far   i called the bank india they keep telling me i 
have to come to the bank to get that sorted for   me i don't know why it's just a small issue i 
ordered some food and they just delivered it so   i'm going to eat that and continue back testing 
and then i'm going to quickly get ready to leave i just finished my weekly forecast for the 
upcoming week doing so i'm going to do a little   journaling right now to note down my thoughts 
i did that on rough drafts during the week so   i'm just going to put everything together in 
my um journal and it's on here i have it in my   um i can't feel further away

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