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Making money online and traveling the World sounds pretty amazing but can you Make money online without actually doing The work yourself well inside of this Tutorial I will show you exactly how to Use this brand new absolutely free AI Bot called the Chatterjee PT to create Valuable work which you can then Monetize in two different ways and make Passive income online as a complete Beginner and this is something that for Some reason and no one is talking about But it's actually one of the best ways That you can utilize this for a bot to Make money online so if that sounds good Enough then drop a like down below and Let us jump straight into the Step-by-step tutorial so the very first Thing is to obviously open up open up This AI bot called the chat the GPT That's actually going to do the work for You so you want to go over to chat and this is the AI Bot which you can use because you can Speak to him because you can do a lot of Different things he can literally be Your virtual assistant you can ask them To write a song about you like if you Literally go to the search bar you can Type in write a song about Dave Nick and Money you'll be able to see this AI bot Is going to write a verse and he's going To write a rap song about me and money Like it's a crazy AI bot that can do a

Lot of different things now inside of This video we are not going to be using This mod to write us different songs Even though it is a fire but we're gonna Use it to create valuable work which we Can then monetize and actually build a Profitable passive income business so What you want to do is you want to go to The to go to the bar go to the search Bar and don't ask him any random Questions but ask him to write a book For you so what you can do is you can Ask him to write an ebook and that ebook Can literally be about anything he can Write an e-book he can write a fairy Tale or your brand new one that has Never even existed before he can write An ebook about to find ways to grow on Instagram you can write an ebook about 10 ways to lose weight fast you can Write an ebook about 25 different online Businesses like you can write an ebook In literally any topic so I'm going to Ask him to write an ebook called 25 Tasty Recipes for weight loss let's say For example every chapter should talk About a different tasty but healthy food Recipe for weight loss and if I ask him To do that you will be able to see that He's instantly gonna start writing an Entire ebook for me we have the chapter Number one avocado and Actos then Instructions like it's gonna start Writing a detailed ebook in this case

About 25 Tasty Recipes for weight loss And I can actually use this because it's 100 unique content and I can monetize That in many different ways now while He's writing an ebook we are going to Proceed to the step number two which is To actually start turning this into an Actual ebook from which you can make Money online so what you can do is you Can just go over to which is An absolutely free tool and then you Want to go to the search bar and you Want to type in ebook and that's going To give you like different templates Which you can choose from so I'm gonna Go with this template over here I'm Going to customize this template and we Can like just change the background Image and instead of 25 I will just type In 20 instead of 10 I'm going to type in 25 and then I will type in Dave Nick Like I'm the author of this book because It's 100 plagiarism free text that this AI bot is generating right now as you Can see we're already on chapter number Five so it's gonna continue to do that But I'm gonna go back 125 easy or Healthy recipes and then I can change The fonts I can change colors I can Change all of those different things now This is only the cover for this for this Book but if I want to add different Chapters and contents I can just add This as a new page and as you can see we

Have confidence here and then I can add This as a chapter number one and I can Add this as a page number one and then I Can just go back and pretty much just Take all these chapters and I can copy The chapter number one avocado and Actos I'm gonna copy that and I'm gonna paste It here as the chapter number one Avocado and Actos and then instead of This image I can go to the photo section On the left side go to and type in Avocado and egg toast and I'm gonna find Some nice image for example this one and I'm gonna replace the one that was Already there so I'm basically just Gonna drag and drop this image and here We have the first chapter I can change The ingredients which I can find here so These are the ingredients I will Literally just copy and paste them and I Can also add the instructions below that And that's how I can literally create a Full ebook around this text that was General rated for me so we have the Ingredients here and then on the next Page I can add the instructions and so On and so forth and pretty much just Like that I will have a cover for my Book I will have the content and content Written for me and then on top of all of That not only can you make money off of This ebook just by itself and but you Can also add your own affiliate links Inside of the book so what you can do is

Whatever your book is about whether it's About football whether it's about weight Loss whether it's about business whether It's about crypto whether it's about Cooking whether it's about gaming and Fishing whatever that might be you just Go to ClickBank and you search for Relevant products which you can promote In that Niche so in this case I can go To cooking and food and wine or weight Loss and fitness and I can find products That help people in those categories in This case it can be a fat burning Kitchen 101 anti-aging foods and I can Promote this product you can earn 30 Dollars per sale that is generated Through my link so I can just click on Promote enter my nickname account over Here click and create a whole link and That's going to give me my special Affiliate link which I can include in my Ebook so what I can do is I can just Create a call to action on each and Every single one of these pages so I'm Gonna add a call to action let's say Here and I can say click here for the Best way if you lose weight fast for Example and if someone is reading this Book about healthy recipes to lose Weight fast it's probably something that They're interested in so while they're Going through these recipes and reading And learning about them they might say This quality action and be like okay I

Do want to learn and you want to see What is actually the best way to do it So they click on this and then you Actually earn additional income from the Sales generated through your affiliate Link and you can attach your affiliate Link to the PDF document which you can Download by clicking on the share button And then you can go download it as a PDF So you want to download a PDF standard All different pages and just download to Your computer now that's how you create An ebook and then Additionally Optionally you can add an affiliate link Inside of the book so you can maximize Your results and earn more money off of The book but to actually get sales what You want to do is you want to go to Amazon Kindle Amazon is a trillion Dollar company that is being visited by Millions of people every single day and People who list their eBooks on here Have a chance to get thousands of sales Just from Amazon itself well because Literally people can organically find Those books on Amazon and the more of Them that you list on Amazon the higher Chances of getting some sales you will Have and you can see for example this Person was selling this book for 12 Dollars and has gotten over 30 000 Reviews not every single person will Ever abuse it means they got in a lot More than these the sales so they've got

A lot more than 30 000 sales at the Price of twelve dollars if you do the Math this person makes made hundreds of Thousands of dollars by uploading a Single file a single PDF file if you Think about it like you literally just Upload the PDF file once it stays on Amazon forever and whenever someone buys It you just earn a commission you earn Money from Amazon Plus if you have an Affiliate program a product inside of The book that you're promoting then You're earn even more money off of it And to publish your own book on Amazon All you gotta do is go to And as you can see this is Self-publishing ebooks and paperbacks For free with Kindle the right Publishing and you can literally reach Millions of readers on Amazon get a Market fast so you literally don't need An audience for this you can just Publish your book and get to a rich Millions of people across the world so You can make more money earn up to 70 Royalty on sales to customers in the US Canada UK Germany India France Italy Spain Japan Brazil Mexico Australia and More so it's pretty much available Worldwide what you want to do is you Want to create an account and you want To start publishing your books which You're literally getting generated for You using chatted GPT the reason it only

Generated only five chapters is because They left but you got to stay on the Same page and it's gonna you can Actually write a book that's like gonna Be 25 chapters or 10 chapters or eight Chapters whatever you tell him to do He's gonna write he's gonna do that for You so you can then just use this 100 Unique work third made into an actual Nice looking ebook and then just listed On Amazon where it's gonna stay there Forever potentially earning you passive Income for a very long time to come so There goes an easy idea to make passive Income online without actually doing the Work yourself just by using chat GPT AI Bot if you got some value out of this Video make sure to drop a like down Below and I will see you next time Foreign

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