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For some reason nobody's talking about This but this is a brand new way to use This Google app combined with some free AI Bots that just launched in order to Make money online without having to sell Anything without having your own product A service a website or anything like That and it's all pretty much done for You because these AI tools and AI Bots That no one is talking about will Actually do all of the work for you so If that sounds good enough you enough Exciting make sure to drop a like down Below and let's begin with a full of Breakdown just a quick disclaimer here If someone replies to your comment like This claiming they're me just know it's A scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't Have Telegram and I would never tax you For money you can track their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so very first Google app that we're going to be using Is Google translate this is obviously an App that will translate different

Languages for example Spanish to English English to Spanish Spanish to French or Italian like you can select any language And you can translate that into whatever Language you prefer so if you're typing For example hello in English you see That we say hola in Spanish so that's Pretty much how you can use Google to Translate but we're going to come back Later on to Google Translate what do you Want to do next is you want to go over To mixer this is already I'm Going to leave a link to it in the Description description box down below But basically this is a tool an AI tool That will generate an entire brand and Startup from just one single sentence so You can just click on get started for Free you can enter your prompt over here Whatever you have on your mind you can Turn it into an actual website with logo With a name with everything with just One sentence and one click of a button So literally does all of the work for You now we're going to use it to create A website in a different language but Before we come back what you want to do Next is you want to find some offer to Promote and one of the easiest ways to Get around this is to go to CPA grip Which is a CPA network with thousands of Different CPA offers to promote where You can find offers that will pay you When someone couldn't Blitz and a

Certain action which in most of the Cases is just them submitting an email Address so you just want to log in go to Offer tools and select a different Language for example Spanish or French Or Italian and that's going to show you All of these different giveaways that You can promote so for example this is a 100 Burger King giveaway where someone Has a chance to win a hundred dollars Give card but by just submitting their Email address and I'm gonna be paid one Dollar per email collected as long as They're coming from Spain in this case So we can of course translate this and See what it is all about using Google Translate but I'm pretty much sure that It's a a 100 giveaway as you can see Spend 100 at Burger King so basically They're giving you 100 or 100 euros to Spend at Burger King it's a giveaway That someone can win so what you can do Then is just ask you can ask Google Translate to create a prompt for you in Spanish so in this case it said free 100 Euros Burger King giveaway and I'm gonna Copy that in Spanish and I'm gonna go Back to mixo and I'm gonna paste that Here and I'm gonna click on generate Aside so now it will generate a website In Spanish which promotes this giveaway And I'm gonna use that so they're Basically gonna build an entire brand For me which is going to be in Spanish

Or any language you can think of maybe That's gonna be in Italian maybe that's Gonna be in French it doesn't really Matter you just need a front page for That offer which you found on CPA grip And you just want to make sure that it's In the same language so if the offer is In French you obviously want to build a Website in France so as you can see it's Adding the final touches and we have the Entire website generated over here it Didn't load the images yet but I can Just either click on generate another or Save and customize in case I don't like This one so we have an entire website You can of course see what this is all About so let's let's copy this and let's See what the call to action is if it's Something that's relatable or not Participate in our free raffle to win 100 euros at Burger King so this is Actually a perfect goal to action made Completely by AI so I can click on Save And customize and as you can see we can Customize all the colors but I'm just Going to continue with this I'm going to Publish this type of website and I'm Gonna get my mixer link I'm not going to Use any custom domains or whatsoever Because for that you have to pay this is A free account you don't actually have To spend any money but you will not have A custom domain or anything like that But it's still going to be absolutely

Free and you will still have your Website to use so we're gonna have our Link over here which we can copy and I'm Gonna copy that and I'm gonna open up The website to see what it's all about And this is how my web website looks it Didn't load the images for some reason But for you it should hopefully load Images here and here and so on and then When someone enters their email address Here so at the enter for example my Email address here and they click on Join our wait list to win the 100 euros If we go back and we go back to the Dashboard we go to site dashboard you Will be able to see that our recent Subscribers have been added over here so When someone submits their email address I'm gonna see that email here so now I Can download all the subscribers and I Can put them in some autoresponder and Then just send them that email and Include that that referral link from CPA Grip and give them that giveaway that They're they're looking for so now we're Just going to start driving traffic to This website over here and what you want To do before that is you want to go open Up this tool called mid Journey over the you want to click on join The beta and you want to join their Discord server where you can generate Images from just whatever from a prompt For whatever is on your mind you can

Turn that into an actual image that Looks super high quality and it's Original content so here I've generated A cute cat out of wearing medieval Clothing and here it is the the AI Created this image for me 100 original Image so now I can join one of these Rooms so Join one of these rooms and Then you can perhaps go here and you can Enter the Imagine prompt and perhaps I Can go with excited rich guy with money Flying around him ultra realistic and Extreme details and now I'm gonna click On this and it's going to start Generating that image form it's going to Start working on creating that image for Me so we're gonna wait for that and They're actually going to generate a Couple of different examples and because This is not really user friendly you Will have to constantly look for your Prompt because there's other people in The chat as well so you don't want to Lose yourself here we have it Highlighted in yellow and that's how you Can track if it's you're not currently The percentage is 31 which is pretty Cool so now it's generating this and I Will select which one I like once it Finishes it's 62 percent it's not done Yet it's almost done and once it Completes I will select which one of These I like the most and I will use Them so now I gotta scroll to find it so

I can perhaps use I'll take a look at Which one I like the most I personally Like this one the most the last one so I Will upscale the u4 so that's the last One the number four and now it's gonna Upscale that it's gonna make it bigger And higher quality so it's gonna work Even more on this design which because It's my favorite so it's going to make It even better I will just wait for it To start and once it does I can then Download that design to my computer of Course you can also create something That's more related to the giveaway that You're promoting I could have also Generated something related to Burger King and money or maybe just have a Burger with a lot of money or whatever Something that's gonna grab attention And something that's actually related to The offer that you are promoting in this Case it was just a quick prompt just to Show you how this actually works but you Can once again just enter slash imagine And then for example a burger with a lot Of money ultra realistic extreme details And stuff like that and so here it is Now I can use this this image I can Download this to my computer and then Just go over to which is a Free graphic design tool click on custom Size 1080 by 1080 and upload that design From mid journey and upload it to canva Make sure to upscale it through the

Entire design and you can add a call to Action above it so what I'm going to do Is I'm pretty much just going to say Free so I'll go back to Google translate I want to see how to say that in Spanish And this is how you say it so I'm gonna Copy that and I'm gonna add that call to Action here or just a a quick text which Says that this is actually free I'm Going to add some effects to make sure To make sure that this stands out so Something along the lines of this and I'm going to download my design with one Press of a button I will have this Design onto my computer 100 unique Design that now I can use and as you can See it does look super high quality even Though it was generated by AI so now What you want to do is you want to go Over to two different platforms so very First one is called Pinterest you can go To which is a platform That has hundreds of millions of visits Every single month and you can get a lot Of free traffic even if you don't have Any followers so you can just click on Create create a pin then create a brand New board which is only going to be in In this case in Spanish and I can enter Just Gratis for free and then we can Upload that design and I can pretty much Copy my landing page generated by mix so I'm going to paste the destination link Over here and I'm gonna go back and I'm

Gonna copy this or copy some of these Call to actions for example this one put It in the description then go back and Maybe just use the use the title from The CPA grip offer so I'm going to go Back to CPA grip I'm going to copy that Because it's most likely going to Perform the best and I'm gonna paste That title here and I'm gonna publish This to Pinterest where it can be seen By thousands of people who maybe speak Spanish or that language they're gonna See this design and they're going to Click on this go to the website and sign Up for their giveaway I'm also going to Have their emails and once I build my Email subscriber list I can send them More giveaways in the future and that Way build a sustainable passive income Machine for myself so this is the first Option you can you can send that on Pinch you can share that on Pinterest And another website where you can share This is to just go over to Facebook and Search for giveaways in Spanish for Example you can search for those Giveaway grips which sometimes have Hundreds or thousands of members and you Can start joining those groups and you Can start sharing those designs and Start sharing your link over there Because if they're if they joined the Group which is related to giveaways in The language they're most likely going

To sign up for your giveaway as well and You're also sharing a unique post so you Are providing some value and it will Grab some attention when they see that Type of design which looks pretty cool

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