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Hi, in today's video, we will talk about Teespring. In Teespring, what you do and how you can earn by using Teespring. I will explain everything in detail in this video and ways to promote it. Watch the complete video so you understand it. So Search Teespring in Google as you open the Teespring website. You will get an interface like this. You simply create an account. It's not difficult to create an account here. This website is a print-on-demand website. The design you are watching here, For example, I open this design. This is a t-shirt mockup someone had added design here. For example, I purchase this design from here. This t-shirt is not available. But as I purchase this design. So Teespring will manufacture it and deliver it to me.

So these are just designed physically; these shirts don't exist. As you purchase here, this website will print the order and deliver it to your home or customer. I hope you understand how print-on-demand websites were. There are a lot of websites like Teespring. But we will use Teespring. Because the withdrawal method here is easy, through Paynooer, you can take your payments. How will you earn from here? Basically, you will create the design. And list it on this website, and when a sale comes, you will receive the commission in your Payoneer. I will tell you about the further process. If you're new to this channel and interested in freelancing, subscribe to my channel. Because I bring videos like this for you.

Create an account on this website by clicking Get started. Or log in and create an account. Provide your name, email, and password. And you can easily create an account. I will also tell you about account creation. We will use temporary email because this is just a tutorial. Add Name, Email, Password, fill the captcha and click sign up. After clicking signup writes your store name. I put the design perfectly. Let's continue; now which of the following describes you. You could select it by yourself. But for now, I skip the step. You could add social media account here too.

You can see we have created an account here. All products you see here, you could create designs on them. For example, I come to apparel. Let's design this t-shirt. You could see mockups of t-shirts. We just have to paste the design we created. And we can set it easily in our store. As you see, In color, option four colors are available. Mostly black and dark colors are sold more here. So go for the dark colors. So here you think about what to design that will sell. Means you are confused about designing. For that, the simple way I tell you is to go on Etsy. As you open Etsy, the interface will look like this. A lot of people sell print-on-demand products here. If you search for shirts, You can see a lot of designs appear. Custom text is also there.

They are doing print-on-demand work. You can see people add their designs here. We can see the designs that we could create easily. As you can see, this product has 9k sales and 1165 reviews. Only 5-10 percent of people give reviews. This is a simple text design. You must be thinking could I copy the design or not? I will tell you some important things about this if you want to use this design and font. Then you might face some problems if you change the design and font. You could copy this T-shirt. Now I will give you an example of whether people are selling these things or not. I copied the title and searched here. Here you can see that different sellers are copying, but their text and font are totally different. So you can also do this. Now I will tell you how you find simple T-shirt designs. For example, I search doctor's shirt here.

You can see different designs. You can copy and make these designs using Canva or Photoshop. By using Canva Pro, you could easily download it in PNG format. With Photoshop, you can also make it very easily. These two t-shirts I'm showing you. They will only change the design, but the text they use is the same. If I want to make and sell this design in different fonts. Ho could I do that? I will tell you that way. In photoshop, I put the width to 11 and the height to 17 inches. After that, I select the resolution to 300 and choose transparent background. Because we have to paste it into the mockup. That's why we have to export transparent background. As I clicked on create, I got the size for design. And here, I will create the design if you want some colors on it.

You can add a layer to it. Or you can add a solid color to this layer as well. I suggest creating another layer and adding a solid color to it. Now I will write text here. In a black color t-shirt, the light color will be attractive. So I use the same thing. Here I will also tell you ways to promote it for free. As in the teespring store, your product will list. So teespring has its own traffic customer could directly come and purchase. But if you want free traffic through social media platforms, I will teach you. "I forgot to tell you this t-shirt has a base price." A little amount that teespring will keep. This T-shirt price was $26.99, and the profit I got after it sells is $10. $16.99 is the Base Price If I put the price to $20. After-sale the profit I got is $4. In the USA, mostly t-shirts are sold for between $25-30. I select the price of $24.99. The profit I got after a sale is $8.

That is very good If I am promoting products for free. Let's make a design now. The design we select is the doctor in the making. Add text and put white color so it will be visible. The font I use is Railway; let's set it. And change the font to stylish. We change the font; you can change the size as well. Now you can see I created a simple design. In this T-shirt, you can see this seller had done 84 sales and 13 shop views. This is a simple t-shirt, and you can easily create them.

Now I will tell you how to do the rest of work. Here's the unique design I created. You can change the font and make it an attractive design. I like this design and export it in png format. So we can use it. You could also change the color so it will become attractive. We will go with this color, click on save and click png and save it in a large file. Because Low-quality design will not seem good here. Now click add image and add that image we save. As you see, we uploaded the design here that we created.


On Black color, our design looks attractive. We can also make changes our design. Our design looks attractive. You create designs like this too. Place the design in that position where others place it. As you continue, you have different products. You can place your design on all of these products. As you see socks, bags, T-shirts, and hoddies etc. As I click hoddie and click on black design. My profit on the hoodie is $15.22, and the hoodie will sell for $50. You can also edit it. I change the sale price to $44.99. We continue it, and these two design I selected is added here. You can also go for accessories. You could add designs on mugs, phone covers, and different things. Now Continue it, and here you want to write the design title. I have written doctor in the making t-shirt. You can see the description here. You could do a little changing and add it. Don't copy and paste it.

Your Url will be like this. You can change it. I write doctor in the making. It's written that the URL is already in use. And here, we can add our store name or just add 1, and it's done
URL is created. You can also change the visibility. We will make it public. As we change the visibilty to public. This product will list in your Teespring store. You can also order a sample here. But we will not need it. As you see, our hoodie and t-shirt are added here. The design is attractive customers can purchase your t-shirt in any size from here.

They can read product details and return policies. If your product is not good, customers can report it also. So create good, Attractive designs. On the Home page, click store, and you can change your store name. Open store editor here; you could design the header, edit the navigation bar, and add anything you want. You can add or delete products from here.

If you want to view the store. Click view store. This is how your store will appear. If you want to open somewhere else. As I open my store here. You could add a custom domain. You can research from here. If you already had purchased. You can attach the domain from here. Now I will tell you how you can do earning anywhere else than teespring. For example, you could use the Pinterest platform. It's good for this type of t-shirt. One thing I want to tell you. You don't have to rely on one product. Create multiple products. It only takes 5 min to create one text design.

Here are a lot of ideas you could copy and make a design with your text. Select a t-shirt which keywords people search on Pinterest or Etsy. Etsy is not available in Pakistan. You have to register a company to work on it. But Pinterest is available. You could promote your teespring t-shirts for free. You will face no problem. This t-shirt I made is for the doctor. If, for example, I have a doctor in my relatives and I will gift this t shirt to them. Or a doctor itself can also purchase this t-shirt. You have to target your audience in your mind when you are designing. If you make a product with no audience, it will not be sold. So here on Pinterest, I search Doctor shirts, and I see many designs appear. People took the idea of products from here. If they get what they want, they could simply purchase from here. Here are a lot of product-related doctors, like this one.

I searched for PhD shirts, and you see these designs were related to PhD students. Here you could take ideas and crate your Teespring shirts. You can also take ideas from Etsy. For selling, you can list your t-shirts here. Design 10-20 products daily and list them here on Pinterest. Pinterest traffic is from the USA, Canada, and Australia. You get free traffic on Pinterest.

Start listing your products on Pinterest. Create a Pinterest account, make a board and add your pins to it. Pinterest has high traffic here; you can see. I worked two years before on this account and left. Even so, I got impressions and clicks. I receive sales on my teespring products from here. When I was focused and working here, my traffic was millions from one Pinterest account. And I got sales on my affiliate products, teespring products, etc. That's why I recommend you printerest you get free traffic from there. You could advertise these products through paid advertisement too.

And mostly people advertise through paid advertisement. As you see the Url of your t-shirt. When you have to advertise or promote, you will copy it and attach it with your pin. On Instagram or Facebook, you could add these designs. You can also upload on Tumblr. There are a lot of social media platforms where you could add and get free sales. But for it, you have to upload design 10-15 designs daily. Creating designs is not difficult. Just create simple text designs. In this analytic section, you can see how many people have viewed your product. As I viewed my product 3 times, that's why three views are showing. On a daily basis, you can see how much traffic you have received. And when any product is sold, the profit you can see here. Free methods only work when you're consistent. Make and upload 10-15 products daily. It will not take much time. And you get earning from teespring, and the earning you get is passive income. You only upload the design once, and you get the profit when you get a sale. If you found this video intersting like it and subscribe to my channel.

Also, share it with your friends who are struggling with online earning. In the previous videos, I shared with you seven videos in which I taught you a skill that people are earning. That video link will be in the description. We will meet in the following video till then. Good Bye..

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