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So as you can see from yesterday I Already started doing about 600 to 500 a Day in affiliate commissions and Incomplete autopilot I'm going to show You exactly how you can do the same Using this brand new tool that we never Talked about before we're gonna walk you Through the entire process step by step And show you exactly how this works and Exactly how you can set this up for Completely free and from anywhere in the World to earn passive income from the Comfort of your home so if that sounds Good enough then make sure to drop a Like to this video so we can get to 1 000 likes as soon as possible and with All of that being said and done let us Actually begin with a full breakdown Just a quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for Money you can check their accounts they Don't have a verification badge they Don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay

Safe and report them all so you see the Website I'm talking about here is called Love PDFs it's literally I love pdf.com And this is a tool that will allow you To edit PDF it will allow you to turn PDF into PowerPoint it's basically like Everything related to PDF that you can Think of it's here it's all in one tool For PDFs that's why it's called I love PDF so someone that was really Passionate about PDFs made this and they Made it accessible to everyone because It's absolutely free we're gonna use it To edit PDF so we're going to click on Edit PDF and you're going to be Uploading PDF files here to make money But in order to first of all get paid You need to sign up to this platform Where you can actually collect the Earnings the platform is called a Warrior plus the platform we're Currently doing about 600 to 500 a day And a warrior plus is a platform where You can find a lot of different that Make money online related software make Money online related offers to promote As an affiliate and earn a commission Whenever someone buys that through your Link so you want to go to the offers Affiliate offers a section over here and There you can find all of these Different offers to promote as an Affiliate as you can see for example This one has an average conversion rate

Of 75 percent which is extremely high And they've gotten over 50 000 sales for This one single product or for example This one has over 14 conversion rate 1000 sales and the average price is Around twenty one dollars it's really Which is really cool so what you want to Do is you want to find different Software to help people to make money Online and if I go up here and I go to All approved offers that I'm promoting So if I go to approved only you're going To be able to see that those offers are Mostly related to making money online so For example this Google Play Hard make Money online offer pays me around forty Dollars for sale a conversion 86 percent Of their 25 000 sales so if they open up This offer over here we're gonna be able To preview the sales page and if you Like the sales page you like the product That you want to promote then you're Going to be able to request to promote That offer and grab your affiliate link Which is going to look something like This so you're basically promoting make Money online offers from Warrior plus Now the next step that you got to Complete is you want to go over to free Plr downloads.com and plr stands for Private label rights which means that These books that are listed in Freeportdownloads.com give you full Rights to do whatever you want with them

Whether that's to sell them whether to Give them away for free or whether you Just want to make some changes and make Yourself an author of one of these books So on the left side you can select the Category which that book is going to be In you can go with make money online you Can go with internet marketing you can Go with business something that's Related to those offers that we're Promoting so now I can for example grab This how to succeed in affiliate Marketing book and then I can just Scroll down and click on download to Download this book to my computer so the PDF file this full book is going to be Onto my computer and I have Fuller Rights as you can see license license is Master resale rights so I can pretty Much even resell this if I want this so What you want to do next is you just Want to recreate the cover if this is The cover for this book How To Succeed In affiliate marketing we're just gonna Recreate something simply with canva Candle is an absolutely free tool I just Went over to the search bar and search For book cover templates and that gave Me all of these different templates that I I can choose from so I'm pretty much Just go with I'm gonna go with something Basic like for example this one over Here and I'm gonna click on customize This template and then we can start

Working on it so I'm going to remove This I'm going to upload a different Design so I'm just going to go to the Elements section and I'm going to type In something related to money or Business and let's see if I can find Something that might look cool like for Example this one and I'm gonna place it Here and then we can also change colors Of these blocks to for example green so It's more related to money and I'm going To type in for example affiliate Marketing business guide and then you Can customize of course the fonts the Colors and everything you can play Around and you can write a brief Description of what this book is all About and for that you can just go back Here and you can even copy the page and Copy and paste this description and then You can just paste it here and then you Can even make yourself the author of the Book so I can pretty much just type in Dave Nick is the author of this book and Then click on share and download that Cover design onto your computer as a PNG File now once that is onto your computer You simply want to go back to I love PDF And click on select a PDF file and then You just want to upload your ebook you Want to open up that zip folder and then You want to upload a PDF document and You can pretty much remove this design And you can upload your own cover design

I'm going to show you how to do that Later on but most importantly in this Book you simply want to insert your call To action for the offer that you're Promoting from Warrior plus so I'm going To say click here to for a complete Affiliate marketing training to learn How to make 100 a day because that's What a product that I'm promoting is all About and then you want to insert a link To that Warrior Plus offer so that when Someone clicks on this they're Redirected to your affiliate link so you Can maximize your result now you can Just click on edit PDF and now you can Just download it to your computer with All of those different ctas so you Basically want to add pretty much the Same CTA in on every single page so that Whenever someone is reading that book About business or affiliate marketing in This case they will see your call to Action click on it and they're going to Be redirected to your affiliate link From Warrior plus and you're gonna earn A commission if they buy that product Through your link so now you just need Traffic for that book so you just need To start sharing the traffic this book With as many people as possible in one Of the easiest ways to do that while Making money on top of all of that is to Just go over to Amazon Kindle because You can see the people are selling their

Ebooks for like 10 15 17 11 and they're Getting tens of thousands of sales like For example this person got 82 000 sales For this book of eleven dollars so this Person made almost a hundred thousand Dollars selling this one single design Sending selling this one single Digital Book and you can pretty much just upload It once and because it's a digital Product people can just buy it and Download it instantly without you having To deliver without you having to do the Shipping and without you having to worry About the inventory or any hard stuff You just upload that digital product in One and to start selling on Amazon Kindle you just want to go to Kdp.amazon.com which is Amazon Kindle Direct publishing and you can start Getting sales from all around the world And you can start publishing your books In literally less than 72 hours you can Make more money as you can see earn up 70 royalty on sales customers pretty Much all around the world so you just Want to sign up for Amazon KDP and you Want to start publishing those books Over there so that not only can you make Money by selling those books but also When someone buys one of the books that You've uploaded they can see the call to Action inside of the book to purchase an Additional product earning you more Money so that's it for this quick

Tutorial I really hope you got some Value out of this video and if you did Make sure to drop a like down below and I will see in some of the next ones Thank you

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